FOX Shox 2015: New 36, Updated 32 and 34, Stealth Graphics

Fox Forks Get a Revamp

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April 8th, 2014

FOX is celebrating its 40th anniversary since Bob Fox started redefining ride dynamics in the motocross world in 1974. Our entire fork lineup has received attention, with significant updates being made to the 32 and 34 models and a completely redesigned 36 series—some of the most exciting product offerings we’ve ever introduced. FOX will also be offering special edition stealth black forks and heritage graphic kits that will fit any FOX fork or shock.

Fox 40 years

A little Fox Shox heritage for you.


In 1974, Bob set out on a quest to build a better motocross suspension. His approach was to work with top athletes at the racetrack to help them improve.

Our current-day Racing Applications Development (RAD) program continues to work with athletes at the top of their game on some of the most demanding terrain around the world.

Several key developments from the RAD program have been used in the 2015 product line. New compression tunes, redesigned damper seals, and lubrication oil all add up to performance improvements.

• 32 & 34 forks have updated damping tunes for better small bump compliance and traction
• 32 & 34 Factory models offer on-the-fly CTD damping adjustment and 7-click Trail mode fine tuning
• 32 & 34 & 36 forks feature a redesigned seal head architecture that virtually eliminates breakaway force
• 32, 34, 36, & 40 use an advanced lubrication oil that integrates Molybdenum from the Kashima Coat formula


The model year 2015 36 offers rigidity and improved traction for all-mountain riding and enduro racing in a new lighter chassis. Also of note is its updated geometry, new convertible thru-axle design that works both with 15mm and 20mm, purpose-built RC2 damper, and redesigned air spring system that equalizes rider weight for increased traction.

The much-loved 36 returns revamped, lightened and available for all three wheel sizes.

• Lighter: half-pound weight savings over its predecessor (starting at 4.19lbs/1901g)
• 36-specific RC2 damper: redesigned valve system provides better small bump compliance, reduced friction, better traction, and wider tuning range
• Redesigned air spring system: equalizes rider weight for increased traction
• Convertible thru-axle design: works with 15mm and 20mm axles

Pick your axle size. The 36 will come ready to accommodate both 15 and 20mm axles with a secure four-bolt pinch.


Heritage Fork & Shock Decal Kits
Reminiscent to the first motocross decals these heritage graphics come in an array of colors.
• Works with any fork or shock regardless of model or year
• Each set includes decals for FOX fork and FOX shock
• Available in red, blue, white, green, and tennis ball yellow

How about a stealth edition? This is a 34 Float Fit RC2 275 160. Got that? Or 650b 160mm if you prefer.

Stealth FLOAT Forks
For a limited time, FOX is offering three blacked out FLOAT fork models with stealth black decals and black anodized knobs.
• 32 29”/100mm CTD w/Trail Adjust
• 34 27.5”/160mm CTD w/Trail Adjust
• 40 26”/203mm RC2

Could one of these be your next fork? If not what shall it be?

  • asin

    A Fox 36 RC2 for 29ers with a 20mm through-axle. Right on! Fox is back on the menu.
    No mention of the travel options for the 36…

  • Matt Savage

    Yeah, travel options, as in can the 36’s still be lowered to other travel lengths?

  • Henry Chinaski

    Pricing and availability?

  • Rob Stead

    So, the pic caption says, “This is a 34 Float Fit RC2 275 160. Got that? Or 650b 160mm if you prefer.” but the 34 Float RC2 configuration isn’t listed as being available. Can we get confirmation that the RC2 damper is going to be offered in the 34 chassis?

  • The 36rc2 fork can be made to work from 180mm to 160mm…. 34mm, who cares.

  • Rhys Dowsett

    Does anyone know if internals of 2014 model 34’s are upgradable?