Fourtitude: Rocky Mountain Going OFF

Banger City with Rocky

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May 23rd, 2013

Great video and photos from Rocky here. Enjoyable riding from the dream team.

Rocky Mountain’s riders are a diverse bunch, and we take pride in that. Our Altitude platform is equally diverse, so with this Fourtitude video we set out to explore what four very different riders could bring to the Altitude 790 MSL.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 650B 27.5

Garmin strapped on for that BC Ferries Georgia Strait KOM.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 650B 27.5

Ride 9 PRO setup: Beast Mode, Vanderham Mode, and neutral progressive.

Wade Simmons, Andreas Hestler, Thomas Vanderham and Geoff Gulevich all ride the 5.18 lb Altitude 790 MSL frame in the video. The Ride-9 system allows them to set their geometry and suspension rates up in a variety of ways. Wade runs it slackest; Thomas runs it in slacker & progressive (forward & down, aka “Vanderham Mode”); both Dre & Gully run the bike neutral & progressive (furthest down).

Rocky Mountain Altitude 650B 27.5

Rocky’s in the black with Ride 9.

Wade wanted to showcase the kind of “steep & deep” technical riding that he enjoys on a daily basis. These natural steeps lurk on Vancouver’s North Shore, but rarely see bikes that aren’t full travel downhill rigs. We’re pretty sure the Godfather would be stylish on an old 10-speed too, but it’s always humbling to see him bring flow to the burliest lines.

Andreas “Dre” Hestler is an Olympian and has plenty of experience racing TransAlp and Enduro events, so it’s no surprise that he coaxes blistering speed out of the Altitude. For Fourtitude he took it to Squamish, where he gunned for some Personal Bests on one of the nicest trail networks around.

Thomas Vanderham likes to take each new bike to Kamloops – a landscape he knows and loves, and the Altitude was no exception. For its maiden voyage he took it out for some true trail blasting, from corner slashing to his patented whips.

Geoff Gulevich is better known for his slopestyle riding, but he was excited to bring his playful approach to the Altitude. He decided to shoot his section on a short road trip through Oregon, where he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 650B 27.5

Wade on the Shore.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 650B 27.5

Dre has left a wake of top times across the Shore’s trails…

Rocky Mountain Altitude 650B 27.5

Gully with both wheels on the ground for a few seconds.

That was RAD!

  • Oldfart

    OK that free pumping (pump style?) was brilliant.

  • reegs

    Very humbling watching Wade shred lines that my 8 inch travel bike and I have looked at then walked around a number of times….on a AM bike…in the wet ….with a little bit of snow…

  • pete

    Nice work, Rocky boys.

  • DC

    That got me pretty stoked. Anyone know what trail that is in Squamish?

  • boot

    Woah, nutty skills on a little bike, the Cherry Bomb! Man, where Wade wrecked it’s about 7 feet to flat, that musta hurt bro. Someone has since filled in the big hole at the bottom of the rock roll, it’s good to go again.

  • counterpoint

    Somebody knows how to market bikes…! Ahead of the curve.

  • clarklewis

    pseudosuga?! good grief dre.

  • Mic

    This was one great edit, fun to watch – and some seriously, awesomely mad skills on a bike.

  • Hepcat

    For as many years as I’ve been riding I’ve irrationally lusted after what ever model of bike Wade Simmons is on…and here we go again. The smoothness just goes right into my brain!