How To Fix a Flat with Lance Armstrong

Lance Behind the Mechanic's Bench

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April 16th, 2014

This is great. Lance Armstrong makes his triumphant return to the cycling industry as a mechanic.

Putting the strongarm in Armstrong since 2014…

  • name

    that WAS great. i mean, shoot, boy can change a tire!

  • ray

    everyone deserves a second chance. even lance…

  • dorse

    Say what you want Lance is the greatest rider North America has ever produced

    • Bugatti Bugatti

      Greg LeMond does not approve this message.

  • Zach22

    Ha Lance actually didn’t know how to change flats for most of his time as a pro. He flatted in one of his mtb races and rode the last 8 miles on a flat rear.

    • TimSchmidt


  • Jim

    that little black thing can be used as a presta adapter in a pinch. Don’t throw it away.

  • Hoyt

    Lance tried to destroy the lives of everyone who attempted to tell the truth about him. He absolutely does not deserve a second chance.

    • TimSchmidt

      This is a video showing Lance Armstrong fixing a flat tire.

      It’s not a video about doping, EPO, USADA, UCI, Floyd, Tyler, USPS, Bruyneel, cancer or bicycle racing.

  • Vik Approved

    Lance is a cheater, liar and bully. He’s destroyed many lives and deserves nothing but our scorn.

  • dorse

    Good thing I watched. I had to change a flat today.
    Vik don’t forget hypocrite. Like the rest of society taking the same drugs athletes get busted for. Every other rider in those races that had a chance of good performances were also taking EPO. The slower times of subsequent races proves this. Why didn’t they give his victories to the next in line? The answer is because they were all doping. All those, that were doing well anyway. I think it would be better to level the field and let every one take what they want under the supervision of doctors. Riders are still doing what they can to win. Like blood doping. Do you remember the rider that poisoned him self because he left his blood in the kitchen fridge and it went bad. Better to have it all above board so every one has the same chance. Safer too.
    One could make the argument that drug prohibition is standing in the way of evolution. LoL

  • Ace

    Lance was just the FALL GUY… He has mad so many people money don’t get it twisted.. Do we really want to sit here and think that he was the only one. Most of his issues stem from Haters on the team that wanted to spot lite. HE STILL THE SHIT IN MY BOOK!

    • Hoyt

      Lance was not the fall guy. Just about everyone who won a race in the late 90s through the 2000s was doping. Just about everyone lied about it too. The difference between Lance and everyone else was that not only did Lance lie about doping (which everyone else did as well), but he then ATTACKED the person who made the accusation (or even just asked the question) and tried to DESTROY their lives. There’s a big difference there.

    • Scott Meilyk

      See the other comment. Lance IS sh-t, not “the” sh-t.

  • TimSchmidt
  • bert

    Just watched “The Armstrong Lie” last night. Great doco. Weird that he is doing this kind of stuff now.


    Will you people lighten up…..geez what is done iis done…. i don’t condone what he did….but i have moved on….maybe you guys should move on also lol