Et tu, Bruté?

Wallpaper Wednesday

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January 23rd, 2013

Sometimes you go for a trip back in the archives and you come out with gold.

NSMB Wallpaper Wednesday North Shore Cypress Freeride Cam McRae Jerry Willows

Jerry Willows hits the gap known as Brutus on Cypress for Cam McRae’s lens in 2006.

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Ever hit the Brutus gap? Or just puckered at the top of it?

  • IFO

    that move was huge back then..

    you know what ?

    its still HUGE today..

    awesome pic to boot, Cam.. well played sir.

  • Knapton

    still have that poster on my wall in my room

  • RossputiN

    There’s a GoPro video of Matt J hitting that somewhere. When I saw the vid, I thought “huh, doesn’t look THAT big…” then I saw the still shot. Wow.

    • Mordax

      It’s rather large to stand on top of as well…

  • The Don

    Man this guy can ride! Great shot!

  • PeTer

    excellent pic!

  • PeTer


  • stephenmatthews

    Nice airtime Jerry! Mikey Brothers and I went off this on my first and only Cypress shuttle of the year! Sex Girl – Tall Cans – Brutus. It’s run in is a little suspect…right turn covered in ferns, rolling rock lip…the learnings of the shore continue.

  • cam

    I gave Morgman the original as well, but he chose this photochopped version. The original has Ryan Berrecloth standing up top to get a feel for what he had to do.