Enduro World Series Video Analysis

Overlays and Comparisons

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February 4th, 2014

Morrocco Media’s World Cup DH analysis was pretty impressive last fall. This video focuses on a single corner at the Enduro World Series with some of the top riders: Lau, Clementz, Barel, Nicol, and Gracia…

While possibly not quite as interesting as the DH analysis, this is still a very cool way to look at sections of race courses.

  • boomforeal

    nico had a disapointing campaign in the ews inaugural season. it seemed like he was rounding into form by the end of the summer, and was crushing the field in finale, but a substantial time penalty put him out of the running even there. with little international recognition to date and riding for a brand not well known in north america, he’s got the potential to really surprise people this year if his early season form is good and his euro-style translates well to new world venues

  • boomforeal

    gotta say though, with the long trails and multiple segments featured in enduro racing, such detailed analysis of a single corner seems a bit goofy

  • pete

    But an interesting breakdown, nonetheless. One of the greatest challenges for the popularization of the EWS is that broadcasting the races (live or on delay) is logistically almost impossible. Sure, this kind of thing could be used on a longer section (I’m sure they will) as in a DH, but it was still enlightening to see how much time one guy can put into the others on one seemingly insignificant section.

  • morgman

    I think part of the reason this video wasn’t as good as the last ones is because they were using footage that someone else shot (tri-ride), so it wasn’t initially intended as a showcase piece. It’s definitely more tangible when you can recognize a section that you watched 80 people ride in a webcast. Will endure ever get to that point? It’d be really tough…

  • boomforeal

    i didn’t mean to pan the video. it is a goofy idea, but i enjoyed it. interesting watching the variations in comfort and technique between several superskilled riders. there’s an old earthed video from maybe 4 years back, where you see two dozen pro dh riders crash on the same super steep, off camber sloppy corner, all in a row. then steve peat comes along, slows down a touch and finds the perfect line… then sam hill comes along and rips it like it ain’t no thing. astounding to watch

  • morgman

    All to a nice mellow soundtrack amirite??

  • boomforeal

    you know it

    here it is:

    champery, natch! not quite as i remembered but worth a watch. so much tomahawking