Enduro World Series Photo Exclusive

More Shots from Stage 5

Photos by Kaz Yamamura. Posted by
August 12th, 2013

Australian Jared Graves was fastest on a very long day of racing in Whistler for Enduro World Series #4, Anne Caroline Chausson from France taking the women’s race. Kaz Yamamura headed up to Top of the World to catch the Stage 5 action; enjoy the photos below.


Black Tusk looms across the valley from Whistler peak’s Top of the World trail. Racers descended from the peak twice in the day’s riding.


Graves took second place Jerome Clementz by only 12 seconds over almost an hour of racing.. The winning bike? A Yeti SB66 with a Fox 34 up front.


Anne Caroline Chausson’s time of 55:24 bettered Tracy Moseley by over a minute.


Cedric Gracia looking garish as ever, 12th overall, 2:40 off pace.


Local Tyler Morland, SRAM’s MTB PR and Media Manager, in for a solid 18th. Fork looking pretty small there, anyone have guesses as to the setup?


Nicolas Quere on a very pink Commencal in 19th.


Whistler-based Dylan Wolsky of the Nomads took 26th. Teammate Chris Johnston in 8th, less than 30 seconds off Graves.


Iago Garay from Spain.


American Spencer Paxson on Kona.


Fabien Barel was issued a 5 minute penalty for shuttling in practice, turning what would have been a 3rd place effort into 49th.


On and on down the hill…


And off to the next event here at Crankworx!

Good run for Graves, and great to see the event go off so successfully here in Whistler. What are your thoughts on Fabien’s penalty?

  • ibeaver

    shady penalty… chris ball should have said in one simple sentence ” uncle fab took his car to the start of a stage on practice day, and this is not allowed” instead he talked blah blah to confuse everyone.
    practice… if it was a rule, it should have been in capitals somewhere on a front page of rules… NO CARS TO STAGES ON PRACTICE DAY OR RACE DAY. That was clear or? Looks like I should take over…

    • The Hairy Spaniard

      I was in the same riders meeting as Fabien and it was said, explicitly, no shuttling of any time, if you’re not staying in the village, drive to the village and ride from here. He heard it, he was siting a meter from me, its his fault.

  • boomforeal

    morland looks to be running a 2014 sworks enduro. why would the fork be anything but a pike? jerry’s going to chime in any second to tell us that the fork only looks small because of an optical illusion stemming from the front wheel being further away from the camera…

  • cunningstunts

    The winning bike? A Yeti SB66 with a Fox 34 up front.

    doesn’t a rider win the race, not a bike? and if we’re going to go into which fork won, isn’t it equally imperative to know if carbon or aluminum won the race, or is that immaterial?

  • cunningstunts

    which tires won?

    • morgman

      If we can find Graves’ bike around the village we’ll let you know 😉

    • boomforeal

      Maxxis Minion 2.5 EXO (ghetto/split tube tubeless) @ 27psi F/30psi R

  • Brother Lu

    Kaz takes some awesome shots! Nice work.

  • robnow

    Hairy Spaniard, was that Friday’s or Saturday’s Meeting? We saw him in the Saturday meeting and assumed he skipped his proper Friday Pro meeting to ride. Is it in the rules that he needed to be at Friday’s meeting? I assume so. There was probably lots of people that drove to Function/Cheekamus or Alpine to start their pre-rides on Friday until it was made clear at the meetings. I think it was totally unfair the penalty…

    Unless he attended Friday’s meeting, if so then carry on!

    • The Hairy Spaniard

      That was at Saturday’s I assumed that was also the day he was ‘caught’. If not shame on me! Then yes, it really should have been in the racer book.

  • barnz0rz

    You know what…. if they didn’t want any shuttling, they should have put it in the race book from the beginning. Fab should have been at his meeting, or his manager should have been there to get any info for him. That’s what you do when your pro.

    I’ll say it, I drove a retrival to Function for training on Stage 1 and 2 and I drove to the bottom at Alpine and rode up from there on Friday. Why? Cause they didn’t tell us we couldn’t until Saturday. And if anyone else drove up on Friday, what would have stopped them from parking in Function and riding Pura Vida for a training run? It was on the way into town. Anyone what to get me DQ’ed for it now, go for it, my 48th place finish I’m sure had a huge impact on your placing.

    To be honest, I was a bit put off by their whole “spirit of enduro” talk during the riders meeting. I always thought the whole spirit of enduro was that it was a race format that was more like the average day of riding with your friends… and not “if you see someone braking our rules, take a pic and send it to us so we can bust them”

    It’s a good thing that the vibe of the race, especially in the master’s class I was in, made up for that. It was a pretty awesome day, the biggest day of riding of my life and something I will never forget.

  • FlipFantasia

    Amateur racing was pretty tight too, shame no coverage of that, anywhere….I get that the media is all rahrah pros, but it would be nice to see a bit of coverage of the ams, they raced hard too.

    • morgman

      How about a race report from an amateur? I know a guy who podiumed the Masters race…