A Dusty Rip Down Memory Lane

This *IS* Your Old Man's Mountain Biking

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March 11th, 2016

Ahh, the 90s. A simpler time when everyone had bars as skinny as Kate Moss and you could race both XC and DH on the same bike. Take a trip down memory lane and witness MTB in the Clinton era. Just prepare yourself for the sheer volume of sheer fabric. Yikes.

You could probably race some of those bikes in your local ‘cross series nowadays and not feel out of place.

  • walleater

    The only thing shitter than the bikes was the music! As a huge retro-nerd (with a (1996 Brodie Libido with an AMP fork, Ti bar, stem, Avid Ultimate levers etc literally hanging above my head as I type this….) I still can’t believe how much the geometry sucked back then. Still, we made the best of it! It’s good to look back though as it reminds us of how lucky we are now. I’m not sure I’d even ride that Brodie off a kerb / curb (the bit at the end of a pavement….sidewalk f*cking hell 😉 )

  • DJ

    these riders are awesome. they would embarrass most riders i know today with their chops.

  • MeVP

    There was some serious shredding going on with some seriously sketchy bikes! Remember how crappy everything was back then? Long stems, crazy narrow bars, horrible geometry, brakes that really didn’t work, wheels that always seems to taco, TERRIBLE tires, high seats. Respect to those riders, especially the guy on the Y-bike and there was one racer killing it through the tech. Love the shot near the end with some gratuitous purple ano! Glad bikes have improved, those days back then resulted in a lot of endos. But it was still fun!

  • qduffy

    Man…brings back memories. I think I saw a GT RTS in there too. I wrecked one of those on the shore about 15 years ago and had to take a near decade long break from mountain biking.

  • tiesta

    It used to be mountain biking was done one hiking trails because there were no meter wide biking trails. So people cut their bars down to fit between trees which on hiking trails were often shoulder width apart… hence shoulder width bars.