Cross Country Shredding in Squamish

Earn all the turns

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July 25th, 2013

Fraser Newton tackles some long climbs and big descents in Squamish on the XC bike. From the looks of things, four inches of travel is all he needs to get rad.

Anyone else itching to get out for a big climb this weekend?

  • Paul Snyder

    Yup. Will be doing so in Norway.

  • backalleybandit

    What trails are these?

  • rome

    hmmm…looks like a trek remedy with more than four inches of travel

    • rome

      just saying…

  • cunningstunts

    wow, some big high consequence riding there when he starts heading down. serious chops and serious balls.

  • clarkee

    must find way of earning a living in Squamish…

  • Boozy the Clown

    He rides up, he rides down, and then he rides back up again to get more down. No “cutties”, no skids, no blasted loam……so phucking refreshing to see this vid!

    • vhdh

      @boozy the clown: you’re damn right. no frills, no skids, just good legs, good lungs and balls. that’s what mtb is all about

  • TheSpangler

    Sick video! That rock roll to the down bridge looks gnarly!

  • TooSteep

    Anyone know the smooth xc trail names?