Chromag: Collectors

Hardtails in the Coastal Goods

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March 4th, 2013

Ah yes, just an ideal weekend day with the Chromag boys…

  • boomforeal

    so much win

  • stephenmatthews

    This video is just awesome, great vibe and great people.

  • satn


  • PinkRobe

    Awesome! I still have my AMP fork…

  • boomforeal

    so i’ve watched this 10 times and just realized… while they’re pedaling and traversing the three riders are switching up the order… but once gravity kicks in skogland is basically like “i got this guys,” takes pole positions and leads them home. is it the 26″ wheels? the nat’l dh chops? or the beer and sauna waiting at the end of the trail?

  • clarklewis

    yeah boys!

  • morgman

    Upon third watching, I still approve!

  • FlipFantasia

    very nice! friday rides out of Mitchell’s place are always killer!

  • Atomic-Rob

    Excellent video all around! Love the old bikes at the beginning too, lotsa memories.