Chris DeKerf – Mini Doc

Vancouver Hand-Built Master

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January 2nd, 2014

Chris DeKerf has built in the range of 5000-6000 bike frames. 25 years and he’s still at it.

After watching that, who wouldn’t want one of Chris’ bikes in their collection?

  • Tuskaloosa

    what a joy to watch… keep going Chris

  • Nanaman


  • Papa Kern

    Many years ago I was lucky enough to have a DeKerf frame (Team SL). My only regret (and it’s a big one) is having sold it.

  • hampstead_bandit

    great video and interesting to see a guy with such solid heritage at work

    one question? How have custom builders like DeKerf reacted to (and provided for) the ongoing mess that is the change in wheel sizes in the mountain bike world…

    • morgman

      Dekerf is building Chromag’s Surface 29er frames. Truelove still does the 26″ and 650B ones. As with many of the hand built guys, Dekerf probably built a 650 a decade ago – and I suspect he’d build to order for anybody who asked.

  • heckler

    any size wheels you want, but you’ll pay for it. hoe-lee.

  • satn

    Exquisite! I am fortunate to have owned 3 Dekerf built bikes.