Monster Trains and First Tricks at Loosefest 2016

All Aboard!

Day two action from the universal epicenter of insane riding…

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Tickling Treetops Thumb

Tickling Treetops With Skinny Tires

Not Your Typical Forest Ride

The sky is the limit for Aurélien Fontenoy as he teeters and sways high in the canopy…

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Aaron Gwin Destroys US Champs

Ten Seconds?

With Aaron Gwin in the field everyone else is just racing for second at US Nationals…

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Vantastic Road Trip Thumb

A Vantastic Trip Through the Okanagan

Leaving the Home Turf for Something Incredible

Break through the FOMO barrier and explore a different side of BC’s riding scene with the Free Radicals…

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Slopestyle Throwdown Thumb

Slopestyle Throwdown on the Big Bike

William Robert is an Animal

It’s all big moves, massive jumps and one tough-as-hell rider on his DH sled.

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Best Self-Edit Ever

Bryn Atkinson

Usually self-filmed videos are limited by the skill of the rider – but Bryn doesn’t seem limited in any way here…

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10-Year Old Kenzie Nevard

Already Shredly

Solid riding from this talented young lad – but his skills may bring you down some…

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Loosefest 2016 Thumb

Loosefest 2016: The Warmup

Witness the Litness

The FEST series continues to roll on with an endless stream of mind-blowing gnar. And this is only the warmup.

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Shoot Squamish w/Reuben Krabbe

Stephen Matthews & Sid Slotegraaf

Reuben Krabbe is beginning to travel light on photo shoots so he can stay with the riders and capture the action authentically…

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Organic Growth 1.0 – The Coastal Crew


“Life moves fast so don’t force it. Let things flow, and do what feels right. Not because someone else wants it, but because you want it…”

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Fringe of the Rockies Thumb

Full Exposure on the Fringe of the Rockies

Blackrock Mountain Takes No Prisoners

“I went home one summer and it clicked that I needed to be in the alpine, because it reminded me of going home…”

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Ferocious Trail Shredding


Trail destruction from Gee Atherton, Rachel Atherton, Cam McCaul, R-Dogg, Casey Brown and Andrew Shandro to get your weekend started right…

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Phil Atwill Thumb

Phil Atwill is the King of Drift

Sideways and Boosted Through Everything

Who needs demolition crews when Atwill is a one-man trail destruction machine?

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Shore Play w/Remi Gauvin

Dumbed UP?

“Originally from Vancouver Island, Remi has a DH racing background and gets loose-as on trail bikes…”

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Kayakers Thumb

Rémy Metailler Gapping Some Kayakers

Getting it Done with Sherpas Cinema

One wrong move and you’ll wish he was wearing a lifejacket…

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