Germany Thumb

Erik Irmisch Gets Wild in Germany

Teutonic Terror on Two Wheels

Irmisch roosts and hucks his way through the Ruhrpott area in Western Germany aboard his mighty Tues.

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Aggy Galena Thumb

Digging for Galena – The Story of Texas Peak

Graham Agassiz Hits Paydirt

“Over a century ago, pioneers carved deep into the mountains surrounding Retallack Lodge, risking ruin in exchange for an ore rich in silver, zinc and lead. They were Digging for Galena.”

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Jeffsy Thumb

Aaron Gwin Gets Sendy on the 27 Jeffsy

Size Doesn't Matter

One of the fastest riders around puts YT’s new Jeffsy through the ringer on a first date.

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Beaconventure thumb

Ratboy and Loosedog’s Grand Beaconventure

A 50to01 x Fabric CoLab

“We’re gonna ride up a beautiful mountain in Wales, and once we have located the summit, we shall cycle there.”

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Brannigan Thumb

George Brannigan is Wild in Queenstown

Dancing in the Dust

Dirt is the new snow for anyone in Queenstown, and Brannigan knows how to make the most of it.

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Rate Curves and Sag Explained

How to decode a rate curve chart

Understand more about your mountain bike’s suspension: leverage ratios, progressivity, rate curves and sag.

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Intense Factory Racing Thumb

Intense Factory Racing is GO

Hazing the Newbies

Nothing says “welcome to the team” like a casual kidnapping and skydive…

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Revolution Bike Park Thumb

50to01 x Revolution Bike Park

The Signature Line

The 50to01 crew have been hard at work dialling in their line at Revolution Bike Park, and it’s almost ready. Almost.

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Line of the Year Thumb

Steve Storey’s GoPro Line of the Year

It's Mountain Bike Time

In the end, there can only be one line of the year…

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Salt Lake City Thumb

Mitch Ropelato Shreds Salt Lake City

Utah's Finest Urban Freeride

Ropelato takes a cue from the early 2000s and brings his skills to the streets…

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Snoop Watches MTB POV

Jaws Crazy Line

Snoop and friends watch a POV with Jaws in this episode of SnoopaVision “also known as things you won’t see black people doin…” according to Snoop…

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Royal Fest Highlights!

Usual Suspects, Usual Antics

“A 50 acre motocross paradise in the South of France where Nico Vink spent the last couple of years building and perfecting two big jump lines…”

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Out of the Box Thumb

Connor Fearon – Out of the Box

Breaking Away From the Usual

“All too often we can get sucked into the same old habits. Same trails, same bike, same everything. Sometimes you’ve got to get out of the box…”

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First Flip Decade on 26

How Is This Possible?

The decade, where the rider rotates around the bike while holding bars, is rarely seen in mountain biking let alone upside down…

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Richie Rude Gets Angry

Casually smashing Strava times in Squamish

“Photos and videos…don’t really do justice to witnessing him riding in person – he’s a warlock on a bike.” Scott Secco

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