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Should I Bribe My Wife With Cake?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Since then, I’ve been bribing her with cake on increasingly difficult climbing tasks, cleaning them every time…”

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Find Me a Job to Pay for Sweet Bikes

Ask Uncle Dave

“Not child labour bad – more like privileged child with a distorted worldview having his dreams crushed kind of bad…”

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Chill vibes from Della Creek

Good times, great riding

“…Spring is coming on hard in BC and that means road trip time. Good vibes all around in this little beauty from Della Creek.”

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Uncle Dave – Commencal Frame Winner!

Awesome Winning Question

“I can hold my breath underwater for four hours, chew a shark’s head off with my bare teeth, put a bullet through a gnat’s ass at two miles…”

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I Broke My Face and My Balls Left Me

Ask Uncle Dave

“I debated how to answer this question. Earnestly? Sarcastically? Satirically? I finally decided on Scholarly…”

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SRAM XX1 & X01 Eagle 12spd!

10-50t 12spd is here

SRAM continues to own the 1x arms race upping both cogs and teeth and making Japanese engineers angry…

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MEC Dirt Search

Spreading the stoke

MEC Dirt Search is a Canada-wide contest that awards $10,000 each towards trailbuilding to one group in the East and one in the West.

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50 Tooth Cogs? Oval Rings? WTF?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Nobody really gives a shit that you don’t like the thing that you have no firsthand experience with…”

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Secret Trails, Math, and Night Riding

Ask Uncle Dave

“It can be proven mathematically that the awesomeness of various things (beer, music, mountain bike trails) is directly proportional to its exclusivity.”

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McGazza’s Amazing Trail Dog

Kelly McGarry's Whippet named Tui

“Upon consulting those closest to him we decided that it was best to release this edit both as a fitting tribute to a great person and as a reminder to enjoy the ride of life.”

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I Broke My Ribs – Again

Ask Uncle Dave

Do you know how to crash? Why can’t you sell your old bike for good money? How cool can a 44 year old really be? Uncle Dave takes on all questions…

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Why Would Anyone Ride a Mountain Bike?

Ask Uncle Dave

“It’s expensive, there are lots of other sports that are just as fun, and hikers are pricks. Sell it to me…”

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Why Aren’t Mountain Bikers Ambiturners?

Ask Uncle Dave

“If I were you, I’d treat it like it is masturbation – whatever feels right is probably the correct way to be doing things…”

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Dudes Insult My Old Bike

What Should I Do?

“Send them back home to their trophy wives and stainless steel appliances in sadness and shame…”

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Colorado Trail Reunion

One Of The Many

“The old mule and horse paths have transformed into the most perfectly pitched, 18-inch-wide flowy singletrack that fluently contours the topography…”

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