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The Pace of Change in MTB

The Industry Speaks

We asked 8 industry insiders one question: Will the pace of change in MTB parts and standards remain constant, increase or slow down?

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3 Things I Hate About You (Bike Industry)

Industry Insiders Dish

“Please! I get it, we want to make stuff better, but does it have to be literally every 9-months…”

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What Do You Hate in the MTB Industry?

What's Not To Like?

“Since we work in a business that is overrun with marketing, it’s refreshing to hear the unvarnished truth.

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Retire The Bike or the Girlfriend?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Now my girlfriend wants me to sell my bikes, skis, and “extreme toys” and take better care of myself…”

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Trail Dog Named Flow thumb 2

A Trail Dog named Flow

Four legs and a giant tongue

Who doesn’t love trail dogs? This vid is full of awesome close ups of a dog named Flow.

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Ride Crappy Trails

That Trail You Hate

You know those trails you hate? The ones that frustrate you and make feel like a triathlete going off road for the first time?

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Worst Groomsmaid Ever

Ask Uncle Dave

I’m in the wedding party and I have some obligations, but it seems like everything has been scheduled to prevent mountain biking…

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I Keep Crashing – Help Me!

Ask Uncle Dave

“…if you’re pretty happy sitting alone in your basement with your pants around your ankles, it’s time to retire your clown suit.”

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Are ‘Disabled’ People Who Ride E-Bikes Just Lazy?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Are these people really in need of electric assistant on trails? Seems like more pure lazy convenience as time goes by…”

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R.I.P. Chris ‘Monk Dawg’ Vasquez

Another Loss

“Chris Vasquez, known as Monk Dawg, was likely the most well-known mechanic on the World Cup circuit…”

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Defining /’epik/

"heroic or grand in scale or character"

“It rained a day or two beforehand, and trails are in great shape – hero dirt, with the occasional axle deep mudhole…”

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Mountain Biking’s Worst Enemy

The End Is Near!

The apocalyptic rhetoric heard online makes it seem like the trails on the North Shore are at an all time low…

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Dumbing Down Trails – Dumbing Up Bikes?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Thank goodness they aren’t trying to educate us on this stuff and are instead focussed on creating new acronyms…”

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Should I Get A Trail Dog?

Ask Uncle Dave

“The muddy mess that your dog creates in the back seat of your friend’s new Audi is the reason you no longer get invited over to their house…”

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Organic Growth 1.0 – The Coastal Crew


“Life moves fast so don’t force it. Let things flow, and do what feels right. Not because someone else wants it, but because you want it…”

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