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Dudes Insult My Old Bike

What Should I Do?

“Send them back home to their trophy wives and stainless steel appliances in sadness and shame…”

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Colorado Trail Reunion

One Of The Many

“The old mule and horse paths have transformed into the most perfectly pitched, 18-inch-wide flowy singletrack that fluently contours the topography…”

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Aysen, Patagonia, Hightower, 29er, SCB,

Santa Cruz Hightower

Released, Ridden, and Rallied in Patagonia

“…despite the very capable support crews with extensive first aid and a doctor riding along with us, we were still pretty much breaking in bikes and trails on the bottom of the world.”

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Must Get Better – Who To Ride With?

Ask Uncle Dave

“They will also kind of suck and the concentration of aging crappiness will just cause depression for the entire group…”

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OOPS! I Just Broke Your Bike

Ask Uncle Dave

“Your only recourse is to quietly bad-mouth him behind his back until everybody he has ever met knows that he is an uncouth cheapskate…”

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Skull Saboteur Sentencing Videos

The Evidence

Several of the videos, filmed by infrared camera and other means, showing Tina Kraal, her arrest etc…

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Tineke Kraal Sentenced in Sabotage Case

Sentence Suspended

Judge Milne cited mitigating factors like Mrs. Kraal’s health, her age and her expressions of regret and apology…

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Skull Saboteur to be Sentenced Jan. 21st

Ms. Tineke Kraal to appear

Ms Kraal faces a maximum sentence of $5000 and six months in jail – but it’s unlikely she’ll receive any jail time at all…

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Keyboard Warrior VS EnduroBro Stravadude

Ask Uncle Dave

“Of course the descenders were inconsiderate madmen and of course the climbers were busy-bodied fun killers…”

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Is Mountain Biking a Personality Disorder?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Oscar only gets let out of the basement a few times a day and when he does, well, he’s off like a roid-raging teenager…”

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BEST OF 2015 Cam’s Picks

Four Favourites

Some protection, a vessel for all seasons, somewhere to store and protect your gear on the road – and trail info for everyone…

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Best of 2015 – Jon’s Picks

Words - Jon Harris

Jon’s list involves places to ride, old buddies and fast new friends up and down the west coast – and some gear…

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Forget Marzocchi – What About the Maxxis Calendar?

Ask Uncle Dave

Are all men are secretly just hormonal teenagers who will stop thinking objectively once suitably distracted with a hint of boob…

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Kaz Yamamura’s Top 15 Of ’15

Kaz Yamamura's 15 Favourite Photos From 2015

Photographer Kaz Yamamura shares his personal favourite photos from 2015…

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100 Seconds With Mark Balcita

Quick 'N Dirty Whistler Shreddit

Kaz Yamamura and local style wizard Mark Balcita headed up the lifts earlier this year to shoot a quick and dirty Whistler video…

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