Trail Tales


Lenzerheide Primer and Overall Standings

Sam Hill Returns

Gwin looks amazing but there are 1000 points still up for grabs with four races left which means it’s anybody’s season to win…

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Gateway Drugs For Kids

Words - Seb Kemp

Seb wonders if a hit of mountain biking is too expensive when compared to other pursuits for kids…

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When Your Buddy Trashes The Trail

Ask Uncle Dave

“Since then my friend has locked up his back brake and tried to wreck every corner he goes into…”

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You Can’t Do That in a Porsche

The Midlife Cyclist

“When your buttoned-down cousin the engineer decides his first motorcycle should be a Harley, things are about to get interesting…”

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The Four Idiots to Avoid

“I mean, the anal retentive, bike obsessive is one type of idiot – and he’s your type of idiot right now…”

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Destroyed Bike Update: Air Canada Steps Up

Victory For MTB Travelers

Thousands of riders shared Jared’s story on social media and Air Canada finally took notice…

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How Did Gwin Win With No Chain?

An Uncle Dave Special Report

Uncle Dave faces off against the entire internet in a battle of wits and logic – and Uncle Dave is the judge…

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Uncle Dave Disagrees about this Milennium

Ask Uncle Dave

“The most important product for the sport this millennium…neh ever!…is the advent of readily available…”

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Crashing Like A Girl

Hailey Elise is Trail Bound

“From the time my feet touch the pedals to placing my bike in the back of the truck, I am lost in the moment…”

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Should You Say “Go” or Should you say “No?”

Words - Cam McRae

“Everyone else rode it and there were a couple of non-fatal mishaps (tree strike by Ryan!), but I was okay to take the squid line…”

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Why Are Roadies Such {expletive deleted}?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Plus, isn’t it kinda rude?… I mean if some (expletive deleted) tailgates me in my car, I don’t like it…”

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Ridden Ladies Only Lately?

Trail Day Sunday! along with Toyota B.C. is taking on restoring a North Shore classic – with help from Digger…

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Will Baby Boomers Kill MTB?

Words - Seb Kemp

They say disco died when everyone’s parents started boogeying down to the Village People and now they want mountain bikes…

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Living Like Mark Weir in Marin…

Words - Jon Harris

What’s it like to live like Mark Weir, with pump track races, private DH tracks and RC cars of every description…

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Complaining About Trail Work

Words - Cam McRae

Bitching about the work others do on the trails you ride is definitely biting the hand that feeds you – but shouldn’t some feedback be fair game?

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