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Ask Uncle Dave – E-Road Rage

Is it Me Uncle Dave?

“Like a George W. Bush era terrorist, they hate your freedom. Really, you’re just asking for it…”

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Trail Diaries from the Andes Pacifico

Words - Chris Johnston

Battling demons, 46 degree heat and Chile’s infamous ‘Anti-Grip dirt, Chris Johnston climbs the podium…

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Bad Break-Ups

Words - Cam McRae

Should mountain biking embrace a public high five when athletes move on – or pretend the relationship never happened…

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Packing with the Nomads

Packing For Chile

Day one of Andes Pacifico is done (results inside) but before they left Chris and Dylan gave us a look at their preparation….

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A Hard Line Against Sabotage

Loam Ranger Takes Hard Line

“A signal needs to be sent to those who wish to create their own laws, and to enforce them with fear and vandalism…”

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Fat Bikes ARE Mountain Bikes

Words - Adrian Montgomery

“The fact is, we’ve been fat biking since the early days on Mt Tam, on 26 x 2.125 instead of 26 x 4.8…”

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Rider and Hiker Altercation on Fromme


24-year old woman claims she was assaulted twice by older woman this week while riding on Mount Fromme…

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The Saboteur’s Husband

Words - Cam McRae

An email has been unearthed that suggests that Ronald Kraal, husband of the woman arrested for trail vandalism, also engaged in trail sabotage…

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Bike Companies Killed the Fat Bike

Words - Pete Roggeman

“…there is a late night burrito’s worth of hot sauce in my chamois, and two more fat bike edits in the past week have made the burning worse.”

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Zen and the Art of Father Son Road Trips

Adrenaline Zen

Can a riding trip to B.C. Bike Parks replace the father/son fishing trip?

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Fixing MTB in 2015

Words - Dave Tolnai. Plus Cam + Pete.

We all know what’s wrong with MTB don’t we? Dave has figured out how to patch up our sport…

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RCMP Arrest Trail Saboteur

64-Year Old Woman Arrested

Acting on information provided by two local riders, RCMP have made an arrest relating to trail sabotage on Mt. Fromme…

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Multi-Sport Days

Words and Photos by Ollie Jones & co.

“Multisport days are very rewarding but far from easy. Every second counts from that first alarm clock until the last light falling behind the peaks.”

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best of thumb

Kaz Yamamura: Best of 2014

January to December in Photos

Kaz goes through his favourite photos from 2014 in slideshow format.

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Sea to Sky Bike Check: Dylan Sheffer

More Bikes More Action

Kaz Yamamura meets up with Dylan Sheffer for more biking action.

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