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One gear, all-terrain, 72 hour party

Single Speed CX Worlds

“Cheating wasn’t really considered cheating, it was seen more like entertaining performance art…”

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Fat, Fashion and F*cking Wheel Size

Ask Uncle Dave

“The point is, we’ve always looked pretty stupid riding our bikes…Dress up like your favourite dirt jumping from and maybe some of whatever-the-hell-that-takes will rub off on you.”

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142 Miles from Monday

Finding Wisdom on the Kokopelli Trail

“The chance of failure is awesome and I love embarking on things where I might fail…”

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Surviving Peru At Altitude

Words - Cam McRae

“He didn’t mention much about the challenges of altitude sickness and acclimatization during his pitch; that came after we’d paid for our plane tickets…”

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The 650b Conspiracy

Ask Uncle Dave

“Everybody knows that plus bikes are the new “massive bike industry conspiracy” and 650b was only created to pave the way for its introduction. Please put more effort into staying current…”

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The Chilcotins Claim Another Cherry

Words - Omar Bhimji

“To a junior mechanic, high on bikes but resigned to wasting his summer chasing extra shifts to save money for college, it sounded like heaven.”

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Are You Judging Me?

Ask Uncle Dave

“It leaves me wishing that we were capable of conversing with one another without having to talk about the expensive shit dangling between our legs.”

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Epic in Ethiopia

“I will have a first aid kit and a satellite phone. In case of a life-threatening injury – but keep in mind that the heli-service is based in Addis Ababa…”

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I’m a Dad Now – Should I Sell My Bike?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Not sure if you’re Dad Dave in addition to Uncle Dave, but if not, I’m sure you’ve had riding buddies that are now fathers…”

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In The Know: Yoann Barelli

Speed And Precision

What does it take to be a top 10 contender in the Enduro World Series? Yoann Barelli shreds the west coast trails of BC on a 6″ bike harder than most people on an 8″ bike…

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The Smallest Biggest Bike Company in the World

Rolling with Kona

“Those employees add layers and polish to the culture the owners molded from frame jigs and late nights and cheap whiskey. And so it is with Kona.”

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Riding The Burn – Coastal Crew

What They Do Best!

‘423 hectares of torched forest presented an opportunity we couldn’t pass up, it was time to take out the tools and load up the camera gear…’

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Ryan Howard – Post Rampage Interview

Humble and Hectic

“I’m not the most competitive person – as long as I’m happy with my riding, I could care less what my score is…”

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I Don’t Want to Talk Rampage – Ask Uncle Dave

Words - Dave Tolnai

“There is almost no point in talking about this any longer because we’ve entered the domain of bad teenage drama…”

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Semenuk’s Post Rampage Interview

People's Champ Reflects

A candid and insightful interview with the people’s champ on judging, peformance and who should have scored higher than Aggy and Sorge…

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