Trail Tales


Spoiled like a Hilton Grandchild

Onine Aholes

Here on the North Shore we’ve got so many trails that we can afford to bitch and complain about new ones being built…

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What’s with Bikes and Effing Triangles?

Triangles and Bike Packing?

“You’re talking about a tremendously boring subset of a sport that nobody really cares about…”

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What Makes a Bike ‘Rideable’ to a Reviewer?

Ask Uncle Dave

“I hate dealing with the binary gear nerds who come pouring out of the bowels of the bulletin boards…”

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Skull Saboteur Pleads Guilty

Entering Sentencing Phase

“A video was shown to persuade the Judge that viewing the trails first hand, to understand the danger posed by the placement of debris, was vital…”

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Vanderham at Coast Gravity Park

Thomas and the Coastal Crew

Join Thomas on a trip to the Coast Gravity Park to ride with Dylan Dunkerton and the Coastal Crew…

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WTF is a Plus Bike?

And Why Would You Want One?

A google search may lead you to believe that a Plus bike is one suitable for obese riders, but we’re talking about something different…

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Do Riders Deserve Booby Traps?

Ask Uncle Dave

“None of these fork shaped objects should make it to market and the Product Managers at fault should be shipped back to the Quiznos they came from…”

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Surfing Dirt In Bali

Take Us There!

The Ion team heads to Bali to surf the dirt and shred volcanoes.

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Brown Pow Falling From the Sky

Dirt Blizzard Seg From UnReal

Forecast calls for a Dirt Blizzard from UnReal Movie – and Vanderham, Ian Morrison and Finn Iles are getting the freshies…

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Does Sponsoring Aaron Gwin Pay Off?

Ask Uncle Dave

“As far as I can tell, there is zero financial logic behind anything remotely related to bikes…”

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Dirty In Downieville: The new Santa Cruz Bronson and 5010

Words - Seb Kemp

“There’s always been the feeling that a few little changes could have elevated their bikes from market leaders to absolute dominators…”

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The Horrors of Capitalism

Ask Uncle Dave

“Eventually, we all give in. Even the “26 for life” crowd is going to need a new bike at some point…”

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Reynolds and Garay Tear Apart British Trails

A Freerider And An Enduro Racer

Freerider Sam Reynolds and enduro racer Iago Garay tackle some British flow, then a massive hip and step-up.

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Caleb Holonko: Return Of The Shore

What Were You Hucking At 17?

Though only 17 years old, North Shore freerider Caleb Holonko rides with the prowess of someone much older…

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Why are MTB Riders Such Critical Pricks?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Why are MTB riders such critical pricks, and why, given that fact, are they also so sensitive to criticism…”

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