Trail Tales


All For One (By)

Single Ring For Everyone

Often the simplest solution is the best one, and that’s the case with Morgan’s most recent drivetrain project…

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Windham World Cup DH Quali Footage

Results Inside

Familiar names graze the top of the qualification results from round 6 of the World Cup DH in Windham.

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Milling Magic at Industry Nine

A Wondrous Workshop in the Woods

“Hiding within a nondescript industrial unit in Asheville in North Carolina is an engineering geek’s…”

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650b And The Luddites

Unlikely Bedfellows

How did this squarely grumpy group get stuffed into a 27.5” hole?

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Quiver Contentment

Two Bikes and He's Happy?

Once an unrepentant ‘bike tart’ Jon Harris has decided to settle down with a harem of two

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Ridden Hard and Put Away Wet

That Funny Feeling

When spring morphed into actual summer, not some Canadian knock off of a warm season, my son and my favourite guilty pleasure came along

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Sea to Sky Bike Check: Dylan Sheffer

More Bikes More Action

Kaz Yamamura meets up with Dylan Sheffer for more biking action.

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Have you given up?

The global bike obsolescence conspiracy has won and there’s not much anybody can do about it.

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My BC Bike Race

An Unusual Love Story

“This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without my rifle, I am nothing.”

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The Slow Lane

NSMB Team Rider Ollie Jones heads East for a Riding Adventure

Leaving Whistler is difficult at the worst of times, but two days after the bike park opens? That’s blasphemy.

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The Ten Laws Of Loam

How to Keep Secret Trails Secret

You ride secret trails? How dare you! It’s a renegade world with few apparent rules, but even renegades have a code of conduct…

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Father’s Play

My Father Gave Us Sticks

“Get up when you crash, try things that scare you, persevere in adverse conditions, go hard into climbs and corners, and always offer help to a fellow traveler…”

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Why I Love/Hate Racing

High Highs and Low Lows

“I frantically flip my bike over with a bubbling and hissing rear tire, my team now in fourth place and officially losing ground…”

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Trailing Off

Bike, Trailer, Trails. Simple.

Just you and the bike, turning pedals. Simple. And that’s the beauty of touring with a mountain bike and trailer to destination trails…

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Chilcotin Wanderings

The Familiar Unfamiliar

As mountain bikers we are products of our environment. The way you ride is shaped by the trails you ride…

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