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Bike Companies Killed the Fat Bike

Words - Pete Roggeman

“…there is a late night burrito’s worth of hot sauce in my chamois, and two more fat bike edits in the past week have made the burning worse.”

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Zen and the Art of Father Son Road Trips

Adrenaline Zen

Can a riding trip to B.C. Bike Parks replace the father/son fishing trip?

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Fixing MTB in 2015

Words - Dave Tolnai. Plus Cam + Pete.

We all know what’s wrong with MTB don’t we? Dave has figured out how to patch up our sport…

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RCMP Arrest Trail Saboteur

64-Year Old Woman Arrested

Acting on information provided by two local riders, RCMP have made an arrest relating to trail sabotage on Mt. Fromme…

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Multi-Sport Days

Words and Photos by Ollie Jones & co.

“Multisport days are very rewarding but far from easy. Every second counts from that first alarm clock until the last light falling behind the peaks.”

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best of thumb

Kaz Yamamura: Best of 2014

January to December in Photos

Kaz goes through his favourite photos from 2014 in slideshow format.

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Sea to Sky Bike Check: Dylan Sheffer

More Bikes More Action

Kaz Yamamura meets up with Dylan Sheffer for more biking action.

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Whatcha Packin’?

What's in that Bag, Mister?

No matter how you roll, we can all agree that proper preparation prevents piss poor packing performance.

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The Ten Laws Of Loam

How to Keep Secret Trails Secret

You ride secret trails? How dare you! It’s a renegade world with few apparent rules, but even renegades have a code of conduct…

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Make Like Magellan – 8 Reasons to Travel to Ride

Words - Cam McRae

“These are the reasons for you. You’ll need different reasons for your spouse…”

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Le Terroir – A Trans Provence Photo Essay

Like a Bike Race - Only Better

“Some of the routes were made by the Romans, others pass Second World War bunkers…”

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Hey Neighbour – Cam McRae

Words - Seb Kemp

A long time Vancouver resident, Cam began mountain biking on the Shore—but as he says in the video, it was a baptism of fire and it took a while for him to feel comfortable here.

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Iconic: A Kitsbow Video

Out for a Rip - in Work Clothes

“…it is a great visual story of a fun looking ride all over San Francisco.”

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Yeti Tribe: Elk Mountains

Ridin' High in CO

“Some would call it fall, but nature is fickle here — often the warm days of summer push up against the sting of winter.”

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Just Say Hi

Words - Pete Chambers

“Our order doesn’t have a secret handshake, a gang sign or even common colours…”

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