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Hope Tech 3 E4 Brakes Reviewed

Words - Seb Kemp and Jon Harris

“The intricately machined brake levers – while reminiscent of a robot’s armpit – fall nicely to the finger…”

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Lovers’ Laps: Hailey Elise + Ollie Jones

Less Bromance More Romance

Hailey Elise and Ollie Jones go for a quickie in the woods (with Matt Dennison!)

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2016 Cane Creek DB COIL Climb Switch

Ridden and Reviewed

“I have been praying to the gods of cycling that Cane Creek would build a shock with the DH cred of the DB Coil, with the Climb Switch function…”

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Transition Suppressor (26 ain’t dead!)

Heirloom Wheels

“We couldn’t resist the allure of seeing if the fuss over the mid-size wheel has really been worth it…”

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2016 Giro Montaro

Giro's new premium AM helmet

Ever see a clipped-in lycra-clad leg-shaver with a post that reaches all the way to St. Peter go straight over the bars because they didn’t expect a root on their race course?

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Red Bull Joyride In 32 Photos

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Rained out and postponed, but Joyride would live to see another day…

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Deep Summer: The Live Audience Favourite

Could This Be the Winner?

Laurence Crossman-Emms knocks it out of the park with an amazing series of shots…

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The Star Spangled Boner

Cam Zink's YT Bikes

Cam Zink’s star spangled goodies and plastic slope bikes were scattered around Crankworx…

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The Sickest Edit Ever

Matt Dennison's 2015 Dirt Diaries

Can Norbs save MTB with the sickest edit ever?

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Uncle Dave’s Guide to Racing

Ask Uncle Dave

Dave will be happy to tell you what he thinks of racing – and about buying yourself back into mountain biking…

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2015 Crankworx Enduro: 14 Photos

Yeti Takes it Two Years Running

Josh Carlson was in a great position before puncturing, Justin Leov’s campaign was dislocated, and Richie Rude takes the win…

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One of Many – Della Creek Dog Fighting

Fighting For the Holeshot

Bikes brapping, tires sliding and friends hooting.

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The Weird Guy Who Rides Bikes

Ask Uncle Dave

“You realize that the people who made that lightweight piece of metal you careen down hills upon can hardly wash or feed themselves…”

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My Pedals Are Better Than Your Pedals

Forsaken Flat Pedals

Choose a wheel size, or a pedal, and be a dick about it.

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Uncle Dave Eats (27.5 +) Crow

Scott's 2016 27.5+ Bikes Ridden

“I can almost guarantee that 2-3 years down the line, your bike is going to look more like these bikes than the one you are currently riding…”

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