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Tired of Tires and Trying(!) Tubeless

Dave's Worst

Our hero calls this “The Worst Uncle Dave Instalment” largely because it contains useful information…

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15 year thumb2

NSMB – Greatest Video Hits | Celebrating 15 Years Online

Matt Dennison's Favourite Moments

“It feels like we are just getting started. Maybe it’s the nature of the web, but despite being online for 15 years, I feel like we are still the new kids…”

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Santa Cruz Bikes: SOLD!

It will be Business as Usual

Are you going after Trek and Specialized?
“We’re not going after the big guys. We just want to keep making good bikes and watch The Syndicate try to win races.”

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Lenzerheide Primer and Overall Standings

Sam Hill Returns

Gwin looks amazing but there are 1000 points still up for grabs with four races left which means it’s anybody’s season to win…

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Gateway Drugs For Kids

Words - Seb Kemp

Seb wonders if a hit of mountain biking is too expensive when compared to other pursuits for kids…

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When Your Buddy Trashes The Trail

Ask Uncle Dave

“Since then my friend has locked up his back brake and tried to wreck every corner he goes into…”

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2016 Magura Goods

Rocking Out in Sedona

The German company with the Japanese sounding name continues to make precise, durable and elegant MTB components…

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You Can’t Do That in a Porsche

The Midlife Cyclist

“When your buttoned-down cousin the engineer decides his first motorcycle should be a Harley, things are about to get interesting…”

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The Four Idiots to Avoid

“I mean, the anal retentive, bike obsessive is one type of idiot – and he’s your type of idiot right now…”

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Tucker The Dog vs Jeff Part 2

"Good boy!"

Jeff and Tucker are back at it, and Tucker the dog looks faster than ever…

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Destroyed Bike Update: Air Canada Steps Up

Victory For MTB Travelers

Thousands of riders shared Jared’s story on social media and Air Canada finally took notice…

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When Air Canada Destroys Your Bike

Dragged Under a Truck?

It looks like Kelly McGarry borrowed Jared Walker’s bike for those 999 stairs in China,,,

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How Did Gwin Win With No Chain?

An Uncle Dave Special Report

Uncle Dave faces off against the entire internet in a battle of wits and logic – and Uncle Dave is the judge…

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Uncle Dave Disagrees about this Milennium

Ask Uncle Dave

“The most important product for the sport this millennium…neh ever!…is the advent of readily available…”

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Trading Up Socks For A Bike In 11 Steps

And Giving It To A Kid

“You remember the story of that guy that traded a paperclip for a house?”

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