Mason Mashon in Pemberton

Suns Out Guns Out

August 25th, 2013

This is what happens when you take Mason Mashon into the bush with a shotgun.

Ooh! Yeah! Baaaaaaby!

Team NSMB: Wild n’ Out

NSMB Team Getting Wild in the BC Interior

Photos by Morgan Taylor
August 13th, 2013

One of the best things about long weekends is taking a day off on the weekend before. Double long weekend. Win. That’s exactly what Team NSMB did on the last weekend in July. Our mission? To check out some new trails, hang out at the beach, and drink some beers. We loaded up the two Team Tacomas with DH bikes, sandals, and a whole lotta beer, and headed up the Trans-Canada Highway. Wild ‘n Out in the BC interior.

We started off in Salmon Arm, and with the help of Dylan Sherrard were pleasantly surprised by the trails at Rubberhead. Super fun sidehill traverses and steep dusty chutes, all shuttle access and NOT bombed out. It’s enough of a revelation for Shore riders to find fresh trails, but a post-ride swim in Shuswap Lake right at the bottom of the trails confirmed we were definitely in vacation mode.


Two Tacomas full of DH bikes and we’re the only ones on the mountain…

Next we headed farther up the Trans-Canada to Revelstoke. We were greeted by local pro photographer Bruno Long, who had a bunch of local spots in mind to shoot with us, as well as local pro rider Lorraine Blancher. The momentum that had started in the Shuswap kept on rolling and the boys sent it for the lenses – until someone put a thumb through a ladder bridge. We woke up with one more shuttle driver and still a lot of stoke to go around, and had an epic day in the Blanket Creek area.


Mason and Mark letting you know just how they feel about getting steep and deep in Revy.

It’s not the easiest thing to line up the schedules of ten busy guys, local knowledge, accommodation, and so on. We’ve got a lot of people to thank for making this bonus long weekend extra-awesome and we’ll get to that in the photo stories – but as of now we think you’ll agree that it was mission: accomplished.

Are you wild n’ out this summer?

This Is Not An Enduro Ride

It's Really Just Mountain Biking

Words by Paul Stevens Photos by Mason Mashon
August 6th, 2013

On after work shop rides, it is not uncommon to rant about certain experiences or customers from the day. On one such ride recently, somebody dropped the “E” word as we left the shop, which provided some good fuel for the rest of the evening. The subject of the ranting? The “enduro rider”. Now I am not talking about Jerome Clementz et al here, hence the quotation marks. I am talking about the guy who thinks he is an “enduro rider”. In breaking news, enduro is not a new sub-category of riding, any more than “all-mountain” (or all-marketing as it should have been called) was when that became the buzz term.

Paul Stevens, NSMB Team, Mason Mashon Photo, Arbutus Routes, Enduro, race, mountain bike

Shaun Fry leads the ride out of the shop and into the rocks, as the ranting commences.

Sure, enduro is a new and rapidly developing style of racing, and don’t get me wrong, it is great for the sport of mountain biking (with the exception of goggles paired with an XC helmet, but that’s another story). It is a super fun race format, tests a plethora of skills and fitness, and enduro racing has helped with the development of some exceptional bikes, which ultimately we all get to benefit from.

Paul Stevens, NSMB Team, Mason Mashon Photo, Arbutus Routes, Enduro, race, mountain bike

Going for an enduro ride on my enduro bike. Wait, haven’t I been doing this for years?

However, if you buy a 160mm carbon 650b XX1 specced bike next year (don’t worry, unless you want Specialized, your favourite brand will have one), and take it out on the trails, this does not mean that you are going for an “enduro ride”. And unless you are being timed on the downhill stages, and this is your race bike, it is not your “enduro bike”. Claiming enduro as a new category of riding (not racing) is, as Stephen Matthews so eloquently puts it, like playing baseball and calling it shmaseball. Riding up hills and racing your friends back down again is nothing new. It has been happening since mountain bikes had derailleurs bolted on to them.

Paul Stevens, NSMB Team, Mason Mashon Photo, Arbutus Routes, Enduro, race, mountain bike

Matt Delany leading the Arbutus Routes enduro train.

Paul Stevens, NSMB Team, Mason Mashon Photo, Arbutus Routes, Enduro, race, mountain bike

“Hot on your heels” Enduro winner Leonie Picton knows a thing or two about riding and racing bikes.

At Arbutus Routes there is a slight irony with the “enduro riding” buzz, as the majority of the staff are actually strong enduro racers, but after work, we don’t go “enduro riding”, we just go mountain biking, like we have been doing for years! Either way, we are happy to pedal past the guys on their “enduro ride” putting their goggles over their XC helmet at the top of the descent. After all, without them, what would we talk about on our shop rides?!

Paul Stevens, NSMB Team, Mason Mashon Photo, Arbutus Routes, Enduro, race, mountain bike

Luke Garside slaying an enduro turn.

Paul Stevens, NSMB Team, Mason Mashon Photo, Arbutus Routes, Enduro, race, mountain bike

This enduro riding thing feels a lot like mountain biking.

Do you like to pedal up hills with your friends and ride fast going downhill? You might just be experiencing enduro riding!

Refitting Expresso with Digger and MEC Trail Crews with Video from Matt Dennison

Words by Morgan Taylor
July 22nd, 2013

When the NSMBA introduced the TAP program back in 2011, the wheels were already in motion on the revitalization of Expresso on Mt. Fromme. Through the MEC Trail Fund in years past, had helped line Digger up with projects on King of the Shore, Ladies Only, Big Stupid, and Lower Ladies. The veteran builder was thirsty for yet another marquee project and Expresso was a prime candidate for a Digger-ization.

In 2012 we broke ground on Expresso – and it was a project of such large scope that Digger couldn’t do it alone as he had with the other trails supported by the MEC Trail Fund. Fortunately the TAP program expanded to include Fromme, and we were able to put not one, but two trail crews to work. Six trail days from our / RockShox crew and another six from the folks at MEC.

Many hands made light work and Digger’s vision became reality fifty to a hundred metres at a time. Now in our second year of a double TAP adoption, a ribbon of gold stretches most of the way from Mountain Highway down to the Baden Powell Trail.

The work we’ve put in is nothing short of amazing. The highly eroded, expert only original line now has a more intermediate-friendly parallel that’s fun for everyone. Not to toot our own horns too much here, but if you haven’t been up to see the new work, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Care for a shot of Expresso?

Mark Weir – Video Interview

You Don't Know Mark

July 19th, 2013

Mark Weir is one of the most compelling characters in mountain biking. This short vid from our friends at bike mag gives some great insight into what makes him tick. With Dan Barham on the cameras and Seb Kemp and Vernon Felton asking the questions you know it’s going to be solid.

Many of us who ride bikes use it as therapy – but Mark takes it to the next level. Feel free to add your two bits below.

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