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Stumpjumper 6Fattie Comp Carbon – PLUSSSSS!

Don't be Plus Shaming

The 6Fattie Comp Carbon pairs a modest spec with a carbon main frame and an aluminum swingarm – but don’t tell anyone how much fun it is…

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What Makes a Bike ‘Rideable’ to a Reviewer?

Ask Uncle Dave

“I hate dealing with the binary gear nerds who come pouring out of the bowels of the bulletin boards…”

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2016 Intense M16 Carbon

History Goes Carbon

The most American bike company made some noise at Interbike with their carbon version of the M16…

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2016 27.5+ Devinci Hendrix

Canadians Go Plus-Sized

Devinci has unveiled their new 27.5 plus bike, the Devinci Hendrix RS, and it seems to be stirring up commotion all along the watchtower…

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2016 Transition Patrol Carbon

A Slimmer Transition

A new frame material didn’t mean going back to the drawing board completely for the Patrol – because they figured they nailed it the first time…

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WTF is a Plus Bike?

And Why Would You Want One?

A google search may lead you to believe that a Plus bike is one suitable for obese riders, but we’re talking about something different…

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Do Riders Deserve Booby Traps?

Ask Uncle Dave

“None of these fork shaped objects should make it to market and the Product Managers at fault should be shipped back to the Quiznos they came from…”

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650B Wheels Are Evil

2016 Evil Insurgent

The 27.5″ wheeled 2016 Evil Insurgent made it’s appearance at Interbike…

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2016 Commencal Supreme DH V4 – Ridden in Andorra

Words - Jon Harris

“One of my testes makes a run for my throat as it connects hard with the saddle…”

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Brazed And Butted: Marin Pine Mountain 2

Exposing Brass And Dropping Jaws

A raw steel frame that exposes the brass-brazed details mated with 27.5 Plus wheels and spec aimed at performance make this a seductive package…

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2016 Kona Process 134 Supreme – First Impressions

Words - Andrew Major

For 2016 the Kona Process 134 gets dressed up pretty with a sweet parts kit and noisy hubs…

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Dirty In Downieville: The new Santa Cruz Bronson and 5010

Words - Seb Kemp

“There’s always been the feeling that a few little changes could have elevated their bikes from market leaders to absolute dominators…”

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First Impressions: Norco Aurum Carbon 7.1

Words - Seb Kemp

“Crafting an opening line is vitally important because if I can’t enchant and lure you, the reader…”

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The Horrors of Capitalism

Ask Uncle Dave

“Eventually, we all give in. Even the “26 for life” crowd is going to need a new bike at some point…”

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Transition Suppressor (26 ain’t dead!)

Heirloom Wheels

“We couldn’t resist the allure of seeing if the fuss over the mid-size wheel has really been worth it…”

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