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Sealskinz Waterproof Socks

Common Sense Socks?

Can you pedal through monsoon season without your toes shrivelling and becoming numb…?

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100% Accuri Goggles: Reviewed

More Colours Than a Rainbow

Lately I have been riding with the 100% Accuri goggles, and I have yet to chirp about fog while wearing them…

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Mavic Stratos H20 Short: Reviewed

A near perfect

Staying dry meant being warmer, obviously, but also far more comfortable. Cold, wet chamois is more miserable than a cat in the bath.

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Alpinestars All Mountain Jacket

A Wet Weather Solution

A form-fitting top layer for when the weather turns nasty…

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Kali Avita PC & Maraka XC

Two helmets. One smart ass.

If they suit your aesthetic style, fit you right and you think my ideas about helmet straps are stupid, well my friend, you’ve got yourself a nice helmet.

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Long Sleeve A/M Jersey & Soft Shell A/M Short

We all pinch our pennies – and let them fly – in different ways.

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Leatt Products for 2015

New products from the neck brace pioneers.

After making a name with neck protection Leatt wants to protect other parts of you and carry your gear and water.

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Fresh Goods from 661

Protection In All Shapes and Sizes

Everything from magnets and boas to metallic paint jobs…

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NW Thumb

Northwave Scorpius SRS Reviewed

Stiff and Breezy

“I remember noticing a rider’s shoe, which featured a flap covering the laces, and thinking it looked pretty cool – a moment before realizing that his other shoe was a different color. Until seeing those shoes again…I assumed the guy was a weirdo…”

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Thumb VXI

Five Ten Impact VXi

A Lightweight Pedal Lamprey

“How do you improve on the shoe that made you the go-to for flat pedal lovers the world over?” 

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MET Parabellum Helmet: Reviewed

Breezy in Blue

“Minimal padding, but just as comfortable as any other helmet. It felt like I was wearing nothing at all…”

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Urge SupAcross Helmet: Reviewed

Off-Beat Brain Protection

“Upholding the proud Urge Bike Products tradition of looking like subtle extraterrestrial raverboy headgear…”

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Ryders Shore Goggles: Reviewed

Double the Lens, Double the Fun

A fog-free solution for the super sweaty riders among us…

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Easton, Giro, E13 Goods

Furnace Bike

New flat pedal shoes, guidance from Steve Peat, carbon trail wheels and other goodness from Interbike 2012

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Sombrio Vapor Jacket: Reviewed

Versatile Cold Weather Jacket

A bit more room in the fit to comfortably accommodate a mid-layer, but rarely has to be worn with more than a base layer…

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