Brendan Howey: No Mistakes

A New Video From Matt Dennison

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February 6th, 2014

After living on the North Shore for a year, Brendan Howey has moved to the Sunshine Coast. On the Coast, Howey will partake in the following activities:

1. Ride his bike
2. Build trails
3. Hang out with the Coastal Crew 24/7
4. Spend too much on ferry fees

Between packing boxes for his big move, NSMB resident videographer Matt Dennison took the opportunity to shoot Howey on the Shore before he departed. In this video, Howey demonstrates his impeccable riding skills and ability to never make a mistake.

Wow! Absolutely flawless riding! Never caught a single blunder!


  • danielshaw

    Thanks Paul!

  • Jerry-Rig

    Top notch!

  • stephenmatthews

    Fantastic intro, and always great riding. I’ll be giving you a call next time I’m on the Coast, Brendan.

  • KazYamamura

    So good

  • trialsrookie

    Mad video. Like it a lot! But I’m wondering for quite some time now if it is the shiznit these days to ride sans gloves? Ultra wide bars and no gloves. Even in the snow … really?

    • Ozibatla

      Gloves are for pussies

    • Matt D

      Honestly, we didn’t expect snow. Snow was a total surprise.

      Other than that…I have no idea about the whole no glove thing.

      • trialsrookie

        Maybe I’m just too focused on that, for whatever reason 🙂 In most recent bike movies, starting from Where The Trail Ends to total amateur films it always seems that most riders prefer to leave their gloves at home…

  • scottsecco

    Great work guys!

    #boom #crushing #VOD

  • Ozibatla

    Manual was badass

  • Trailblazernc

    Awesome video Matt, excellent camera work. Your videos are always badass