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Chromag Primer 27+ Review

Reviewed in 27.5" Plus version

Going back to a hardtail – even one with progressive geometry like the Primer – required patience. The payoff was well worth it.

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Tom Ritchey visits the Bicycle Academy

Old Skool Meets New School

A collaboration between the legends of the framebuilding world and the new wave of framebuilders creating the future of bicycle making.

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OWN FR-01 Shoe Review

You've Never Seen Shoes Like These

“…if you do finish a ride with super wet shoes, you can just slide off the outer shoes and drive home in the liners.”

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Cedric Gracia Race Run Voice Over

Follow along inside Cedric's brain

Cedric Gracia treats us to an entertaining voice-over from his brilliant race run at the Megavalanche Reunion Island from late 2016.

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Best of 2016 – Pete’s List

Fresh perspective + good design

From bikes that defy their category to jackets that deliver and a electronic shifting, Pete’s Best of 2016 choices ran the gamut this year.

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Dear Santa – Pete’s List

Covered from head (with a flask) to toe

A well-rounded Christmas haul that covers the bases, from a good book, to MTB skills, to dressing up your #flaskfriday. And a bike.

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Beyond the Bike: Anne-Caroline Chausson

The Greatest Rider of All Time?

While there are many great riders, and other world champions, there are very few legends, and only one Anne-Caroline.

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Pinion Gearbox Drivetrains

Six hamsters arm-wrestling in your BB

Their catalog is so precise that the pages can be used to cut limes. My margarita tastes great, by the way.

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Devincis in the Desert for 2017

3 Bikes

The Hendrix has become the Marshall, the Kobain is new, and the Django comes in two wheel sizes but neither is plus…

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NSMB at Interbike 2016

What do you want to see?

We have our own ideas, but yours are usually better. Talk to us!

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Giro Switchblade Redux

It's back!

The new Giro Switchblade shares a name and a removable chin bar with its predecessor, but everything else – including its intended use – is different.

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EWS Whistler Results

Melamed narrowly misses the win, Rude Repeats

Jesse Melamed just misses, Rude repeats as EWS Whistler champ. Carlson finds redemption, while Brown and Miller finish 3rd and 4th.

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2017 Specialized Enduro

Ridden on the Sunshine Coast

Three days of riding the new Enduro and soaking in the riding culture on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

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2017 Giant Trance

Ridden in the Chilcotin Backcountry

For the launch of the 2017 Giant Trance, we headed to the pristine, remote wilderness of the Southern Chilcotins.

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Giro Head to Toe

From Dome to Digits

When the Truant jersey is in the laundry, it makes me do laundry more often. That’s a lie – I just wear it, even if it smells.

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