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RAW from Lenzerheide World Cup

Swiss for RAD

The tape is set wide so there are lots of lines and they are fast, rocky and nasty…

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Martyn Rides – Paralysis Be Damned!

Pure Inspiration

“My injury level is T7 so from here down I can’t feel or move anything…”

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Rémy Didn’t Hold Back This Time!

Sped Up - By Rémy

When his conservative runs look like someone pressed fast forward – you should probably see this…

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Lenzerheide Primer and Overall Standings

Sam Hill Returns

Gwin looks amazing but there are 1000 points still up for grabs with four races left which means it’s anybody’s season to win…

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Claudio Preview from Lenzerheide, Switzerland

"That was not a good choice"

“I win, I win, I win!” Claudio gets more enthusiastic than usual if you can believe it…

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Gateway Drugs For Kids

Words - Seb Kemp

Seb wonders if a hit of mountain biking is too expensive when compared to other pursuits for kids…

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Who Will Dominate This World Champ’s Track?

Pol Romero

Pol’s loose bow-legged style seems well-suited to the dusty, rocky goodness in Andorra…

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When Your Buddy Trashes The Trail

Ask Uncle Dave

“Since then my friend has locked up his back brake and tried to wreck every corner he goes into…”

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Skinny Riders’ Paradise

The Skinny Lives On

The venerable skinny has lost favour in mountain biking – but the feature lives on in England…

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Bas: Scrubbing Silver Star Clean

Bas Van Steenbergen!

Bas does things to the terrain at Silver Star that few thought possible – and for most of us they aren’t possible…

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Making the Impossible Look Easy

Jeff Kendall-Weed

Jeff Kendall-Weed gives us a little tour of some ridiculously fun looking trails in Washington State – mostly on one wheel or the other…

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Kootenay Style Boosting

Sorge Shredding on Polygon

Kurt Sorge show his usual flair and insane amplitude on bikes from Polygon – his new sponsor…

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Urban DH Gets Even Crazier: Rémy

Rémy Métailler in Valparaiso

Narrow lanes, elevated platforms, parked cars and off camber stairs make this one nasty course…

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You Can’t Do That in a Porsche

The Midlife Cyclist

“When your buttoned-down cousin the engineer decides his first motorcycle should be a Harley, things are about to get interesting…”

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Aaron Gwin Chained Up

Extra Horses

“Am I the best rider in the world? I’d say yeah – for right now just based on standings…”

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