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Loic Bruni Crushes Rotorua DH

Three Secs On The Field

Rachel takes a narrow victory on the women’s side and some surprises for the men…

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Slopestyle Results and Vid Rotorua 2015

Cork 720s anyone?

Brett Rheeder takes the crown on a course that let the some riders show their best stuff – but confounded others…

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Rotorua DH Dirt Flinging

Vital Raw

There’s something going on down in NZ that is producing some baller riding…

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Should Riders Date Riders?

Jon Harris and Cam McRae

“Is it better to have two addicts in the same house? Is a hard core user compatible with someone more recreational…”

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Bryndamentals – Linking Corners

Bryn Atkinson Clinic

“I want to give you some insight into the way I like to ride and hopefully get you riding faster through similar turns…”

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Ask Uncle Dave #7

It's About Standards

“Nobody is forcing you to buy the new standard? If anybody ever says this to you, punch them right in the balls…”

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Eliot Jackson – Queenstown

Raw From NZ

“Eliot Jackson left the California winter for the picturesque landscape of New Zealand to rip it apart…”

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Hey Neighbour – Seb Kemp

Who The Hell is Seb Kemp?

“These are the things Seb does; writing, building, teaching, filmmaking. But they are not who Seb is…”

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Duck ‘N Weave


Simon and Brodie tear down Duck ‘N Weave in the Adelaide hills – reminding us what high summer is like…

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How To Ride Steeps

Going Down?

Are steeps your nemesis? Neil Donoghue and Marc Beaumont have some tips (pro tips even!) to get your steep on…

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Dream Yard 2 – Pat Casey


Is a front flip still a front flip if you are going backwards when you do it…

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Chumba Rastro 27.5 – Long Term Review

Real Steel

A hardtail will force you to keep your lazy line choices in check, and is, in my opinion, a whole lot of fun…

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Stevie Smith and Connor Fearon

Ripping Van Isle

Stevie shows Connor Fearon some of his home turf trails…

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Your Brain on Riding

Words - Cam McRae

“On those days I begin dreaming about going pro mid ride, imagining a Red Bull sponsorship…”

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Ask Uncle Dave – Bring It

Dave is Disappointed

Wear some kind of strange piece of clothing and then pretend that you’re from Eastern Europe…

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