New Life for old XX1 or XO1 Cassettes

Wolftooth GCX Cog

XX1 and XO1 cassettes are pricy but long lasting – aside from the largest cog. Now you can replace the 42 and get more rides for your money…

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Scotland Thumb

Raw Riding on the Edge of Scotland

Wet Weather Gear Required

It’s a soaking-wet slidefest on the Scottish border with Sam Stanfield as he tackles the Lone Wolf and New Wolf trails…

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Klunk Funk Thumb

Gettin’ Funky with the Klunk

A Coaster Brake Calamity

Zero suspension and a questionable brake make for some funky riding…

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Drops to Flat on Free Lunch

Follow Cam POV

Or maybe those are dorps to falt? Either way this is another unbelievable looking trail from Noah Sears and Nate Hills in Grand Junction…

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Rampage 2016 POV Mania

The Thrill of Victory and...

Some of the best bits of Rampage with a POV view – which may induce sweaty palms and nightmares…

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Inside the 2017 RockShox Super Deluxe

Next Level

The RockShox Monarch Debonair rear shock set a new standard for air sprung dampers – but it had a couple of issues – the Deluxe and Super Deluxe sets out to solve them…

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Granite State Thumb

Raw Riding in the Granite State

Roots and Rock Faces Galore

It’s peak fall in New England, which means the loam is ripe, and the trails are all-time…

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Fabric XL Grips, Scoop Saddle, & Cageless Bottle

Great long single clamp grips, good long-railed saddle, & Cageless water bottle...

Reviewing the great Fabric XL grips, the good Scoop saddle and their “Revolutionary” Cageless water bottle.

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Activities to Preserve Sanity When You Can’t Ride

Ask Uncle Dave

My wife has compared me to our dog in the sense that I need some sort of activity every day or I get all fidgety, at least I hope that’s what she meant…

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11 yr Old Rails Old School and New

Beyond His Years

Rossland has some of the B.C.’s best trail variety and Bodhi Kuhn shows he can ride skinnies like old guys and jumps like his generation…

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DH Crash Compilation

Big Bike Smackdowns

Some we’ve seen before but lots of nastiness we’ve never laid eyes on to remind you to play it safe on your big bike…

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2017 Intense Primer Pro

First Impressions

This ultra-light trail slasher swaps between 115 and 130mm of travel with VPP suspension, 29″ wheels and lots of pretty carbon…

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Say what thumb

Say What??? Misheard at Rampage

IFHT Strikes Again

What everyone was *really* saying at Red Bull Rampage this year…

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World First Thumb

World First: Backflip to Manual to Frontflip

26" Ain't Dead Yet

Chalk up another fresh new combo in the MTB world. What will they think of next?

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Norbs Thumb

Norbs Keeps Things Simple on the Sunshine Coast

That Hometown Action

Join Kyle Norbraten as he takes it back to loam blasting basics on his adopted hometown trails…

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Jibbing Thumb

Jibbing Trees and Boosting Booters

50/01 Strikes Again

The most unconventional riding you’re likely to see all week…

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World's First!

It’s not easy to predict the future, to decipher which ideas will shift the earth’s axis and which will fade into the closeouts bin – but this time we have some clues…

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No Return Thumb

The Line of No Return

Hello Vertigo

Forget no-fall zone. This is a no-fall trail.

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Mega Train Thumb

Sending the Mega Train in Taxco

Freeride Express

For Sam Pilgrim, it’s not about how fast one can get down the course, it’s how one looks while you’re doing it…

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2017 Trek Slash 9.9 First Impressions

Big-Wheeled Bruiser

“Sporting 160mm travel front & 150mm rear, and a 65° head angle, this is one of the most aggressive 29’ers on the market…”

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Sam Hill – Flat Pedal Thunder

Enduro Medals

Sam Hill’s new career is off to a great start with a win, two seconds and he’s never been out of the top ten – no surprise…

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Ozarks Thumb

Ozarks Fall Shredding with R-Dog

Like a Leaf on the Wind

It’s a little bit of everything for R-Dog as he gets zesty in the pre-winter light…

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50 Ways to Leave your Bicycle

50 Ways to Leave your Bicycle

How To Crash Your Bike

“I have this hope that identifying crash mechanisms and codifying them might keep me safe – but I have no idea if this is true…”

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Sterling Lorence At Work

Snapshot from Freehub Mag

Sterling Lorence talks about his work and then gets down to business shooting with Thomas Vanderham on Boogie Nights…

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Fix It Sticks Replaceable (Updated)

Trick Modular T-Handles

Simpler than a folding multi-tool, superior leverage, huge degree of individual customization, and constructed to last forever.

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Stuck in an Echo Chamber

Uncle Dave Tackles Trump & Hillary

“I waded through pictures of myself peppered with insane hashtags and dog whistles, and I actually started to feel a bit sad…”

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Reynolds Blacklabel Wheels: Teardown & Winterization (Updated)

Industry Nine Hubs Vs. Winter

“Here in North Vancouver I have the luxury of access to year round riding allowing me to maintain my sanity and ruin my bicycle…”

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Finn Iles – Downhill Taxco 2016

A Terrifying Descent

Finn Iles lays down a scorcher on this terrifying course that begins with two blind drops, plus the winning run and results…

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Rob Warner Foxhunt Thumb

Red Bull Foxhunt POV With Rob Warner

Colourful Commentary and Sketchy Lines

“I nearly killed a bloke at the top, but I apologised heavily…”

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hardtail action

Full-Tilt Hardtail Action from Gaetan Vigé

Commençal Makes a Pinner

Maximum fun without worrying about blown bearings, over-saggy shocks, or weird chain growth…

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