Trek Launch in Squamish, BC, Canada, June 2016

2017 Trek Remedy and Fuel EX Launch and First Ride

Proper ride testing in Squamish

“We rode twice a day, about 3 hours each time. It was like a training camp. It was awesome.”

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Bernard Kerr is an Animal

Buckle Up

If you like rowdy trail bike rallying of the highest order – and general balls out two-wheeled performance – watch this right away…

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Freesole Saves Me Money

Fix Your Expensive Gear

“I’m not saying that people of Scottish heritage* are miserly penny-pinching skinflints…”

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Matt Macduff’s Loop Of Doom

Take Two?

“Built in a month at the Garden Route Trail Park in South Africa, the gigantic structure rises up to 40 ft. in the sky…”

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Wade and Rémy Shred The Shore

Reach for your bike...

Wade and Rémy bring speed and style to the dank trails of the North Shore – and Remy gets acquainted with a tree…

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Bike Park BroMo

Ben Wallace Slays Whistler

Having grown up in the Whistler Bike Park and Inspired by Stevie Smith – 15-year old Ben Wallace is part of the next generation of B.C. DH Rippers…

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HTF Do I Teach Mountain Biking at University?

Ask Uncle Dave

“At first I thought this was a joke, but I confirmed with the sender that he’s not making this up and this is an actual honest-to-goodness problem…”

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NSMB 2016 High Above Cascadia Dave Smith_thumb

Reviewed: High Above Cascadia Hip Pack

Handmade in Bellingham

Handmade in Bellingham and ready to grace your backside (not your fanny – that’s a front bum).

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Care for your RockShox DebonAir

Maintenance and an Easy Fix

RockShox’ DebonAir air can changed how a lot of riders thought about air shocks – but many have had a frustrating but easy to remedy issue…

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Under the Radar Thumb

Flying Under the Radar

A Stealthy Jump Assassin

Daniel Fleury flies under the radar. He may not have a massive Instagram following or tons of groupies, but his riding speaks for itself.

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Tasmania Thumb

TMac and Hans Rey Tear Up Tasmania’s Twisted Trails

Purpose-Built Perfection

Endless ribbons of smooth singletrack await those willing to make the journey down under to the Blue Derby trail network…

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Nick Pescetto Thumb

Having a Blast in Bali with Nick Pescetto

Sun, Surf, and Shredding

Sun’s out gun’s out is the rule of the day when you’re in the tropics…

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Rampage Goes Raw For 2016

New Site, Fewer Built Features

Rampage is swinging back towards its gritty roots and away from pre-packaged lines and billboard stunts…

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Cliff Gap Thumb

Aaron Chase Sends a Mind-Destroying Cliff Gap

100' From Top to Bottom

There’s no room for error as Aaron Chase shows he’s still got what it takes to make it in this business…

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Vaea Verbeeck Joins Rocky Mountain’s Fast Family

A Speedy Addition to the Race Roster

I’ve always wanted to be the best at every sport, but they just weren’t for me. At 16 I borrowed a downhill bike at Bromont, and I’ve been hooked ever since…

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Vintage Fails

Don't Laugh

Imagine racing downhill without disc brakes, modern suspension or any common sense at all – that’s what we have here…

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#longlivechainsaw_chainstayDecal_thumb copy

#longlivechainsaw Stickers are Here

Run those chainsaws dry

Get your #longlivechainsaw stickers now in the NSMB store. All proceeds will go towards the Steve Smith Legacy Fund.

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Super Ultimate Recovery Salmon

Delish fish for post ride bliss

“It tastes great with your beer of choice, you can make it using mountain bike tools you and it tastes great with the beer of your choice…”

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Devil's Racetrack Thumb

Ripping On the Devil’s Racetrack

The Unholy Lovechild of 4-Cross and Freeride

Unholy berms and rock gardens the size of the river Styx make for a truly monstrous trail…

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Max Your Days

Suck The Solstice Dry!

“Imagine the summer day to end all summer days – a supercharged stretch of time where everything is too perfect…”

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Lower Hangover in Sedona

Nate Hills POV

Lots of no fall zones here but also several spots where you can’t even stop or put a foot down – but you’ll still want to ride it…

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Excessive Celebration?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Dual slalom was my best event – as long as the jumps were no more than knee high I could compete with the best of them…”

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2016_NSMB Edition Loam Ranger_3_thumb

2016 NSMB Loam Ranger

NSMB + Race Face Plaid = Your new jacket

The 2016 Loam Ranger plaid flannels are in stock in our store. What else will you use to stash that bourbon?

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Toyota_Dream Ride Revelstoke_thumb

Toyota Dream Ride: Revelstoke

Road Trip of a Lifetime

Three days riding some of BC’s best trails with your buddies and Vanderham and your own Tacoma to drive? We’d call that a Dream Ride.

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Crankbrothers Highline Dropper : First Look

Until death do us part

“Removing the post from my bike or changing a cable takes way less time than any other dropper I’ve used…”

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RAW DH Slopfest at Crankworx Les Gets

More Mud than a Pig Sty

There aren’t spike tires deep enough to deal with these conditions…

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Brendog Champéry Thumb

Brendog Crushing it at Champéry

Peanut Butter Powerslides

There isn’t a corner out there sloppy enough to halt the Brendan Fairclough express…

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2016 Kona Honzo CARBON!

Trail DL First Impressions

The Honzo has been ahead of its time in many ways – and now the popular 29er hardtail catches up in the materials race…

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Oakley EV Zero Eyewear

24 Grams of Clarity

“Rimless optics make you look like an extra from a 90s sci-fi flick, or worse, like a triathlete, but they work very well…”

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Roost Thumb

Home to Roost

Innes Graham is a Golfing Gearhead

Turns out there’s more than one way to link up your local course’s holes…

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