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Northwave Scorpius SRS Reviewed

Stiff and Breezy

“I remember noticing a rider’s shoe, which featured a flap covering the laces, and thinking it looked pretty cool – a moment before realizing that his other shoe was a different color. Until seeing those shoes again…I assumed the guy was a weirdo…”

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UNREAL Frontflip

The Biggest Ever?

A taste of things to come from Anthill Films and Teton Gravity Research…

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RaceFace Atlas Pedals: Reviewed

Pedalphile Alert

Pedals that grip, pedals that spin.

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Quiver Contentment

Two Bikes and He's Happy?

Once an unrepentant ‘bike tart’ Jon Harris has decided to settle down with a harem of two

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Matt Hunter and Dan Milner: Adventures in Afghanistan

A How-To for the Curious Tourist

Everything you need to know about travelling through one of the most rugged and beautiful places on Earth…

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Dakine Enduro Hip Pack: Defended

Not just for Rollerblading anymore

At first I wanted to make it rain with insults, but I decided to bite my tongue …then Dakine sent us one and I was no longer able to stay on the sidelines.

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Obscene Speeds – Brendan Fairclough

The Rowdiest Style

Brendan brings you his signature brand of rowdy to Schladming on the new Gambler 710 from Scott.

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Jack Fogelquist: Welcome to the Darkside

May the force be with you.

Fogel tears apart his local trails on the new Banshee Darkside

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Mavic Crossmax XL Pedals

Pedals that go Thunk

The spring builds resistance up to the point of release, making it very clear to the rider when the cleat will release…

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Expresso Thumb

A Finished Expresso

Dawn of a New Era

Construction is finally complete on a new Shore classic…

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Wonder Woman dropping in on Billy Epic.  Everything about this photo is amazing.

Wonder Woman 2014

Rad, Raunchy Racing

“Racing should be fun…how could it not be when you have firemen hosing you off in between stations and half naked men cheering you on along the course?”

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2014 Kona Process

Process or Prawcess?

“It’s encouraged me to go a little faster, kept me in the cockpit when faster tried to get me in trouble…”

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Weekend Warmup

Highlight Reel Edition

Just like ESPN, only with the sports you really want to watch. Poker, we’re looking at you…

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2015 Shimano Enduro shoes

Three new models and a hydration pack aimed at aggressive trail and enduro riders

Shimano’s trail shoes get a serious update including the introduction of TORBAL (not a German balancing game). Also, the Unzen 4 Enduro pack.

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Beyond the Bike Episode 3: Mike Hopkins

Mike and Jasper revisit the classic Life Cycles zones.

Dirt TV is back for another Beyond the Bike episode.

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The Crow Stance for Mountain Biking

Improve Wrist Mobility and Forearm Strength

James Wilson is back with another bodyweight exercise to help with strength and flexibility on the bike…

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Yeti SB5c Previewed and Ridden

They're up to some pretty wild shit down in Colorado

“…my mistakes were compounding and I was about to have my control bankrupted, but I stubbornly smashed a few holes and rocks, and came out the other side with credit intact.”

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Ridden Hard and Put Away Wet

That Funny Feeling

When spring morphed into actual summer, not some Canadian knock off of a warm season, my son and my favourite guilty pleasure came along

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Shimano SH-XC70 Shoes: Reviewed

Shimano's XC shoes get lean and mean

Some of us at NSMB have been riding clipped in forever. Others switched to flats due to the constant terror of riding in the era of “build it high, build it skinny, build it siiiiiick”

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Garbo zone thumb

Whistler Mountain Bike Park Video #4

In the Zone: Garbo

This is Garbanzo Zone. The big brother of Fitz zone. Higher, steeper and more rugged than its predecessor.

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The Process 167 in all its 26" wheeled glory. Yes, you read that right. 26" isn't dead yet.

Kona 2015 Bikes Sneak Peek

Taking a Look at the Future

Have a gander behind the curtain and see what Kona has in store for next season…

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Trail Bike Magic

The best 100 seconds of your day.

Jeff Kendall-Weed’s riding is defined by his creative line choice, massive airs, insane control, and ability to have fun on his Ibis trail bike

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Sea to Sky Bike Check: Dylan Sheffer

More Bikes More Action

Kaz Yamamura meets up with Dylan Sheffer for more biking action.

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Highlights from La Thuile

From DirtTV

Real alpine weather makes things interesting and several riders fight it out for the overall on the men’s side

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2015 Specialized Henge Expert Saddle: Reviewed

Updating a Favourite

Given the chance on an updated Henge, my hand shot up like a giddy overachiever in the front row of a grade school classroom…

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Specialized 2FO Shoes

Cleats and Flats for Getting Burly

Job one was to cook up some special rubber. Specialized enlisted Wolfgang Arenz, the mix maaster for Specialized tires, to conjure up his black gold…

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2015 Specialized Enduro 650b and 29

Mid Wheels Are In Play

The Enduro goes 650 by stealing the front triangle of the 26″ version – but does it ride like a Frankenbike?

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EWS Round 4 La Thuile Final Results

Oton, Moseley on the top step

After well over an hour of total race time, the results are in from EWS Round 4 in La Thuile.

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EWS Round 4 La Thuile Day 1 Video: Dirt TV

It's anybody's race in La Thuile after Day 1

With some of the usual suspects still recovering from injury on the men’s side, the old guard and young chargers are battling it out, with new names taking stage wins in many rounds.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.59.14 PM

Enduro World Series: La Thuile Results Day 1

The Halfway Point

We’ve got the top 9 finishing results for both men and women after the first day of racing…

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