Mind the Gap: Episode 3

What does Graham Agassiz need brakes for, anyway?

James Doerfling, Cam McCaul and Graham Agassiz with a bit of big mountain riding in unfamiliar conditions.

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Introducing the Guide Ultimate

Fresh Stoppers from SRAM

Carbon levers, lighter rotors, and an improved bleed system…

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Ask Uncle Dave – Breaking Bikes

Pre-Production Issues

“Deny any problem, make no changes, continue to stress that this is the best product ever…”

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Steps to the Top: Brandon Semenuk

Hard Way to the Top

Getting to the top isn’t easy, staying there is even harder.

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Rotorua Enduro Stage 7: Josh Carlson POV

DH On Smaller Bikes

Josh Carlson shares his POV video of his run from the final stage of the EWS Round 1 in New Zealand.

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2015 Ibis Mojo HD3 Reviewed

Words - Pete Roggeman

For outright descending prowess it is not my first choice, however the Mojo HD3’s versatility makes it one of the best AM bikes available.

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Loic Bruni Crushes Rotorua DH

Three Secs On The Field

Rachel takes a narrow victory on the women’s side and some surprises for the men…

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Slopestyle Results and Vid Rotorua 2015

Cork 720s anyone?

Brett Rheeder takes the crown on a course that let the some riders show their best stuff – but confounded others…

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Weekend Warmup

Chuck Yeager Edition

Taking it to the limit in the most outrageous looking ways possible…

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Rotorua DH Dirt Flinging

Vital Raw

There’s something going on down in NZ that is producing some baller riding…

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Specialized Boomslang Pedal

Words - Seb Kemp

“On the first day alone I must have hit my pedals about one hundred times as I struggled to adapt…”

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Mountain Biking with Brendan Fairclough

Grip and Grin in Surrey

Fairclough heads back to the home trails for some good old fashioned bicycle riding…

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Cornering workshop at EWS Rotorua

Vital Raw

This corner confounded the amateurs but the pros made it look like child’s play…

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Should Riders Date Riders?

Jon Harris and Cam McRae

“Is it better to have two addicts in the same house? Is a hard core user compatible with someone more recreational…”

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Bryndamentals – Linking Corners

Bryn Atkinson Clinic

“I want to give you some insight into the way I like to ride and hopefully get you riding faster through similar turns…”

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Voices: Vertriders in the Karwendel

Don't Look Down

The Vertriders are pioneering the kind of No Fall Zone riding that is more common to skiing.

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Ask Uncle Dave #7

It's About Standards

“Nobody is forcing you to buy the new standard? If anybody ever says this to you, punch them right in the balls…”

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Henry Fitzgerald: Easy Rider


Local Shore downhill racer Henry Fitzgerald takes his all-mountain bike out for a spin.

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Hey Neighbour – Elladee Brown ft. Tara Llanes

First Female Freerider

“Back when mountain biking hadn’t even been elevated to Fringe, Elladee Brown was pretty much a teen idol.”

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Eliot Jackson – Queenstown

Raw From NZ

“Eliot Jackson left the California winter for the picturesque landscape of New Zealand to rip it apart…”

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Brett Tippie – Tower of Power

Rock Faces and Red Bull

Getting fully rowdy on some heinous rock gnar in Pemberton…

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Weekend Warmup

Long Play Edition

Think slow food, but for web edits…

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Downtime with Ratboy

Houseboats, Pitbikes, Trail Bikes and DH Bikes

Ratboy is back from his gnarly ankle injury from World Champs; and he’s ready to slay the first stop of the Downhill World Cup.

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Sombrio Luxury of Dirt

Sombrio is Back!

To celebrate their return, Sombrio are launching the #LuxuryofDirt promotion. Up for grabs is 4 days of guided riding with Big Mountain Adventures, and $1000 in Sombrio gear.

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7Mesh Revelation Jacket

Words - Pete Roggeman

The bar has been raised on technical outerwear for riders.

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Stacy Kohut – Whistler Routes of 99

4 Wheel Drift

Wild and raw riding from one of the fastest guys on 4 wheels…

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The Unifying Theory of Corners

Words - Seb Kemp

“You see, once you get around one corner you find there’s another one waiting for you.

And Another.”

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Paul Basagoitia Slaying it

A good reminder of just how good Paul Bas is – and always was – and one of the better short vids we’ve seen in some time.

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Sea To Sky Bike Check: Dean Tennant

Redefining Speed & Style

The third installment of Kaz Yamamura’s bike check series finds him taking the ferry to meet up with Dean Tennant…

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MTB Fighting for Life in Portland

Protest Ride Takes Place Today at 4 pm

Commissioner Amanda Fritz said: “We don’t have studies or findings…”

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