Claudio’s Preview with Gracia!

DH World Championships 2016!

“Hey – don’t pedal there!” Can Claudio can’t keep up with 3-2-1 banana…

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Cementing a Legacy with Just One Run

Brandon Semenuk Conquers Joyride

“Beneath the logos and behind the goggles, these riders deal with the pressure of competition in a sport that punishes the smallest mistakes with broken bones…”

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Caleb Holonko: Return Of The Shore

What Were You Hucking At 17?

Though only 17 years old, North Shore freerider Caleb Holonko rides with the prowess of someone much older…

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Why are MTB Riders Such Critical Pricks?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Why are MTB riders such critical pricks, and why, given that fact, are they also so sensitive to criticism…”

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Ludo May on the run

If you can Dodge a Potato...

Ludo May shreds the trails around Verbier while being chased down by a potato gun wielding bandit.

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Midnight Singletrack: Matt Hunter in Alaska

Trail Hunter

Somehow a chance meeting at the Mexican border lead to a monumental Alaskan midnight sun adventure…

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A Line on a Cross Bike?

Yoann Barelli Rules It

Yoann is no stranger to cross training – and this time he takes his drop bars and skinny tires to A Line to see what happens…

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Red Bull Rampage’s Best Tricks

Going Big in Utah

All the best mind-bending action from a decade of Rampage…

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Behind The Scenes – Laurence CE’s 2015 Deep Summer Slideshow

Fire, Water, Air and Night

See the process behind the People’s Choice Deep Summer slideshow as seen by Matt Dennison…

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Nick Tingren: Shore Style

Shore Shredding On A Hardtail

How much rear suspension is ideal for shore riding? For North Shore local Nick Tingren, it’s none.

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Hoff Fest POV

Boost, Flip, Remove Hands from Bars

Behind the bars perspective at the Hoff Fest, hosted by Kurt Sorge up at Retallack lodge.

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Run For The Hills However You Can

Weekend Warmup

Stake your claim for the weekend, before it’s all gone…

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Dirt-Orange Hijinx

This team is Loooooose

The Dirt-Orange team are having fun. Hand drag wheelies, sport jackets for the track walk, and a

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Hope Tech 3 E4 Brakes Reviewed

Words - Seb Kemp and Jon Harris

“The intricately machined brake levers – while reminiscent of a robot’s armpit – fall nicely to the finger…”

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Drew Bezanson: Uncontainable

A Quest for Fear

What happens when you want to ride jumps so massive, they simply don’t exist?

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Lovers’ Laps: Hailey Elise + Ollie Jones

Less Bromance More Romance

Hailey Elise and Ollie Jones go for a quickie in the woods (with Matt Dennison!)

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Party with the DH Bike

Exploding Berms

What if you set a bunch of fast guys loose and tell them to worry about having fun instead of going fast?

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27.5 or 27.5 Plus – Which is Faster?

Is Bigger Better?

Neil takes identical bikes, aside from wheels and tires, and identical track and conditions – to see which if faster…

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Should I Ride Alone?

Ask Uncle Dave

“If you put a lot of energy into creating fantastical worst case scenarios, it’s possible to talk yourself into/out of just about anything…”

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2016 Cane Creek DB COIL Climb Switch

Ridden and Reviewed

“I have been praying to the gods of cycling that Cane Creek would build a shock with the DH cred of the DB Coil, with the Climb Switch function…”

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Semenuk’s Nasty Overshoot in Utah

Cheating Death

In case you had any thoughts that Brandon Semenuk might actually be mortal – look what happens when he misses big…

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Val di Sole Finals Highlights

Blood, Sweat and Gwin

Red Bull brings you the highlights from one of the most demanding World Cup DH courses of the year.

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Aaron Gwin Interview with Steve Jones

Only To Win

Steve Jones talks about Greg Minnaar and looks into Gwin’s approach to racing for the overall…

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Wyn TV – Val Di Sole Finals 2015

Never Puke in Helmet

Wyn breaks the news to Brendan Fairclough about his near miss top ten overall and figures out Aaron Gwin…

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Dusty Big Bike Action at Silver Star

Riding with the Deity Crew

The fastest, loosest steepest thing you’ll watch all day…

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Hoff FEST Course Preview

Going Big in BC

“It’s like the girl that got away, and there she is. Now let’s see what happens…”

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Val di Sole 2015 – Race Results and Overall Standings


Full results from Val di Sole and the overall standings for the 2015 World Cup series.

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Peaty Gets Ladder Bridged

A great compilation by Moritz Zimmerman that captures Peaty’s ladder bridge and plenty of great action…

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Val di Sole 2015 – Qualifying Results

Racking and Stacking for Saturday

It’s going to be another close one if these numbers are anything to go by…

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Val Di Sole 2015 – Practice Highlights

Gwin Will Charge

Aaron Gwin has enough points to take the overall – but not enough to take it easy – so he’s going to charge it…

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