2014 Diamondback Mission Pro

Egad! The Colours!

Think of it as the evolution of the freeride bike with the addition of modern geometry for riding fast technical trails.

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Riding the Unrideable

Going Hoff Episode II

Kenny Smith, James Doerfling and Alex Pro join Kurt Sorge for the big mountain riding that looks more like skiing.

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Ride Two Wheels, and Call Me in the Morning

Riding to Battle Depression

“While mountain biking may not be listed as a clinical treatment, I can point to it and the massively positive impact it’s had on my life…”

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Life Behind Bars Ep. 4-6

Trading Bars for Reins

A little catch up on Life Behind Bars gives us Coast Gravity Park, Horses and some east coast action

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My BC Bike Race

An Unusual Love Story

“This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without my rifle, I am nothing.”

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Fizik M3 Uomo Shoes: Reviewed

Sweet Italian Kicks, Ragazzo

fi’zi:k are banging out beautiful handmade shoes that look and feel molto buono

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Nine Knights Highlights

Summer Camp for Freehuckers

The Knights ride the trails around Livigno and then get rowdy on the massive features

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Seven: The BC Bike Race Movie

The 2014 BC Bike Race starts Sunday

Two more sleeps until 500 single track hounds will get tested by some of BC’s best trails.

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Silver Star Bike Park Now Open

New Trails Unveiled

“I’ve ridden bike parks all over the world and can vouch for Silver Star being in the top two in Western Canada.” -Thomas Vanderham

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Easton Haven 35 Bar and Stem: Reviewed

Wider, Lighter, Shinier

The 35mm bar and stem market has been quietly growing over the past year, with no kittens being harmed…

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Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.38.54 PM

NICOLAI Argon FAT Pinion

Fatbikes going Fääzzt

Full pinner in the park on extra-wide tires…

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Enduro World Series: Round 3 Highlights

All Racing, No Filler

A tidy little summary for those who missed Round 3 of the EWS…

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Weekend Warmup

Places and Spaces Edition

We go hunting for unique zones and the top of the podium this week…

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Expresso Ride-Through with Andreas Hestler

A Full Rip on the North Shore Favourite

With BC Bike Race coming through town this weekend, we wanted to bring you a taste of the newly completed Expresso…

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Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.44.35 PM

Lars Sternberg Getting His Braaaap On

With Authentic Two-Stroke Brap-Over

This rivals Earth Based Kickouts for entertaining non-bike sound effects – and the riding is really good to boot…

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MET Parabellum Helmet: Reviewed

Breezy in Blue

“Minimal padding, but just as comfortable as any other helmet. It felt like I was wearing nothing at all…”

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10 Steps to the Best Bike Review (Ever!)

Hide The Sausage

“Always take the amount of times you actually rode the bike or distance you rode it and double it, no, screw it, quadruple it!”

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Urge SupAcross Helmet: Reviewed

Off-Beat Brain Protection

“Upholding the proud Urge Bike Products tradition of looking like subtle extraterrestrial raverboy headgear…”

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Santa Cruz Launches New Carbon Frames, Bars, and Grips

More Affordable Carbon

You can now get into a carbon-framed Santa Cruz for less money, and it might even come with a Pike…

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Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 9.09.05 AM

In The (Fitz) Zone

Fitzsimmons. The Original Zone.

New video from Whistler Mountain Bike Park, sure to get the blood pumping and to drive your desire to get up there…

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Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 8.37.53 AM

Horace and the Rough Stuff Fellowship

Great Visuals and a Historic Tale

Riding through the incredible landscapes of Iceland turns out to have more history than you might think…

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The Slow Lane

NSMB Team Rider Ollie Jones heads East for a Riding Adventure

Leaving Whistler is difficult at the worst of times, but two days after the bike park opens? That’s blasphemy.

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EVOC Bike Travel Bag

Rolling in Style

“Designed to swallow up anything from a wispy road racer to the burliest DH sled, it offers a good level of protection without sacrificing manoeuvrability or ease of use while at the terminal…”

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EWS thumb

Enduro World Series Valloire Day 2

White Hot Race Action

“Do you have a safe run, and go for a top three? Or do you go for the win because you’re in the lead?”

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Juliana Furtado Primeiro: Reviewed

A Women's Specific Trail Weapon

“I want the same benefits that my male friends get offered on their bikes, and we deserve nothing less…”

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OneUp Components Rad Cage

Perfecting Pulley Placement

Bringing the “snickityness” back to 1×10 dinner plate drivetrains everywhere…

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Full Results from EWS #3

Three Wins go for Naught

Justin Leov wins 3 but gets undone by stage 5 while Graves’ quietly takes the win

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Enduro World Series #3 from DirtTV

First Time Stage Winners

“It’s really good riding, it’s real, your heart rate’s on max, you’ve got arm pump and you’re playing through rock gardens at 50k an hour”

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Greg Minnaar: Interviewed in a Suit

Rock Star Life

Greg Minnaar talks about the focus of racing, why he is humble and more – wearing a suit

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Giro Cipher Full Face: Reviewed

A new contender in the big lid category

“…one of the best looking helmets I’ve seen, but I was glad to discover its beauty is not merely skin deep.”

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