Fuzzbox – Tyler McCaul

Tmac Going Off

Get into overdrive with Tyler McCaul as he maximizes every last drop of California moisture…

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NSMBA Legacy Fund

Trails For All, Trails Forever

There’s no better time to give – the first $15,000 raised will be matched dollar for dollar!

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Riding is Not the New Golf

Words - Pete Roggeman

“…let’s just dispense with the comparison between a good ol’ muddy shred fest and 9 or 18 holes. It isn’t the same, by far.”

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with David "G-RÄF" Graf

What kind of heat does a BMXer take from that community for switching over to fat biking?

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Civic Elections 2014: Craig Cameron

Guiding your vote towards friends of MTB

The MTB lobby has become increasingly influential over the last decade on the North Shore. We have info for you about several candidates who support the trails and riders.

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Reader’s Rides: Brooklyn TMX

Words - Perry Schebel

“In these days of nearly homogeneously good bikes, there are few surprises to be had; the olden days of dodgy experimentalism are probably best left behind, but I sometimes miss the mad science projects…”

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RockyMounts Brass Knuckles

Words - Jon Harris

“Next to dropping into a nasty chute that you’ve never ridden before, the most nerve wracking thing for a mountain biker is trusting a bike rack…”

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Civic elections 2014: Mathew Bond

Exposing MTB's political friends on the Shore

If you ride on the North Shore, you’re probably aware of past challenges. Let’s ensure the future health of the trails we all love so much.

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Robbie Maddison’s Drop In

Full screen, volume up!

What’s the Out x Down for a MX bike off a ski jump?

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Trailway to Heaven

Finger Lakes Freeride Madness

Never-ending skinnies and jumps on the East coast…

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Weekend Warmup

Banger Reel Edition

Brash, bold, and at the top of their game…

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Trail Riding with Jason Lucas

Video - Kaz Yamamura

Kaz Yamamura sets his camera to “video” and films with Jason Lucas.

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Ritchey WCS Trail Bar and Stem

Words - Jon Harris

“Your eyes are not deceiving you…what you see in the photographs is a Ritchey bar and stem setup that is suitable for getting rad on.”

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Long Term Review: Santa Cruz Nomad

Gettin' Down with the Bubble Gum Bomber

“…few of them can claim the Nomad’s superlative descending and confident pedaling in such refined, well thought-out package.”

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Gore Fusion 2.0 Jacket

Words - Jon Harris

The enjoyment factor of a winter ride can go from narcotic to nonexistent very quickly if you are cold and wet.

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Into the Dirt: Namibia

Not Your Typical Riding Destination

It’s a little bit like Utah, but the wildlife is a bit more “exotic…”

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Colorado Trail. I’m Part of the Tribe.

500 Miles of Adventure

“This past summer a group of Colorado based Yeti Ambassadors set out to give (the Colorado Trail) a go for themselves.”

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Dean Tennant: Island In The Sun

Dust, Sunset and AM Bikes

Awesome all-mountain shredding with Dunbar Cycles’ Dean Tennant from Berkowitz and Secco.

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Mavic Notch Helmet

Words - Jon Harris

“…I am guessing that the banana was appreciative of the yellow hue of my new bone dome.”

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Ludo and His Bike: Episode 2

He's All Lit Up

Riding and pyrotechnics, together at last. Ludo hits on a few themes: stealing time in Enduro races, night riding, and…Fireworks!

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Casey Brown – Beyond the Bike

Following Dreams

Casey rips trail and talks about the moment she decided to follow her dreams…

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Haibike Xduro AMT 27.5 E-Bike Review

Words - Cam McRae

We have done the unthinkable and tested a pedal-assist electic bike – but that doesn’t mean they get our stamp of approval…

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Loosefest from the Air

Big Enough for Moto

A drone’s view of the huge senders at Loosefest – so huge that a moto rider dropped in along with Andreu, Sorge, Vink…

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Spiderworx: Riding in Surrey, UK

Spiders Galore

“Anyone who’s ridden any or all of Pitch, Holmbury and Leith Hills at the end of British summer and has ended up with an eyeful or mouthfull of Spiders will know exactly why…”

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2015 Norco Range 7.1: Intern Bike Review

Words - Kaz Yamamura

“The Norco Range is an affordable, do-it-all bike that will please everyone from weekend enduro racers to trail and AM riders…”

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POC Index Flow Glove

Words - Pete Roggeman

“Like all things POC, the Index Flow follows a simple design aesthetic which is the furthest thing from moto-inspired…”

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Two Lads From Wigan

Two Minutes of Shred

Apparently Wigan (near Manchester) isn’t known for mountain bikers but these two break that mould…

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Shimano M200 MTB Shoe

Words - Pete Roggeman

Shimano’s top AM shoe for 2015 pedals firmly, protects capably, and fits well from the very first ride.

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Weekend Warmup

Legendary Locations Edition

Sometimes the place makes the space. And the space is rad….

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Death To Enduro

Killing Bikes At Silver Star

“I’d like to see Jared Graves table over these dudes while simultaneously changing their soundtrack to One Direction…”

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