Claimed: Most Dangerous MTB Trail in the World

Not Our Claim

We know this is in France but where exactly is less clear – but palms may sweat watching this…

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Minnaar and Ratboy in Leogang

Bryceland Returns to Form, Minnaar isn't done yet

“…Josh had treatment all week and made huge strides in order to ride, let alone pin it on his way to a top ten run.”

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Uncle Dave Disagrees about this Milennium

Ask Uncle Dave

“The most important product for the sport this millennium…neh ever!…is the advent of readily available…”

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Leogang 2015 Highlights!

How Did Gwin Win?

How did the only guy in the field with no chain beat all comers?

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Yoann Barelli Writing Love Notes

Romantic Dirt Surfing

Yoann Barelli takes a detour on his way home from the EWS in Scotland to ride the shores of Lake Salagou in the south of France…

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Trading Up Socks For A Bike In 11 Steps

And Giving It To A Kid

“You remember the story of that guy that traded a paperclip for a house?”

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RAW from Leogang 2015

Vital RAW

Raw footage gives a great perspective on the lunacy of riding this terrain like these crazy mofos…

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Chainless! Aaron Gwin’s Winning Run

Looking For HIs Chain

In what has to be one of the most remarkable victories in World Cup Downhill – Aaron Gwin wins WITH NO CHAIN…

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Leogang World Cup DH Results


The final results from Austria, with a few amazing twists and surprises…

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Leogang World Cup DH Replay 2015

Buckle Up!

Rob Warner and Claudio Caluori bring you the action from Leogang on a course that has been changing every day…

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Leogang Practice Highlights

The new Leogang has teeth.

Following the biblical rainstorm that hit Leogang on Thursday afternoon, the World Cup track was in surprisingly good condition come Friday morning’s practice session.

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Leogang World Cup DH Qualifying Results

Setting the Stage for Sunday

The places are set for tomorrow’s race in Austria…

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Rémy Gives the best Helmet Cam

Rémy Métailler Racing Whistler Bike Park

Rémy Métailler has a problem with his helmet cam vids – everyone thinks they’ve been sped up…

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Ratboy Leogang Practice Helmet Cam

Go Ratboy!

If you aren’t hoping Josh gets back on the podium you may be racing against him…

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Sorting Through The Wreckage

Weekend Warmup

Spills, thrills and more than one abandoned building to play around in…

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Rock Shox Tuning Camp

Getting nerdy about suspension isn't hard

Dive under the hood of your Pike or Monarch Plus and your suspension will work harder for you.

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Reviewed: Transition Ripcord

Words - Omar Bhimji

“New moves are gobbled up on sight, and on more than one occasion he has brashly ridden into situations I felt were above his skill level…”

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Claudio Tries to Pass Minnaar…

Leogang Course Preview

Claudio goes down thinking he might have an ace in the hole over Greg and it doesn’t go well…

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Worst Crash Ever on Crank It Up?

Huge OTB From 'Goofing Around'

“My friends and I were goofing around, passing each other, and riding way too fast in slow sections of the trail…”

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Are Fat Bikes Fun to Ride? Even for the Beardless?

Neil Donoghue Adds Facial Hair

Neil Donoghue tries to answer the question some people want answered by laying down fat rubber…

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School’s In for Summer

Steps to the Top: Luca Shaw

“While his classmates were preparing for their last day as high school seniors, Luca was in Leogang, Austria, getting ready for the third UCI Downhill World Cup of 2015.”

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Crashing Like A Girl

Hailey Elise is Trail Bound

“From the time my feet touch the pedals to placing my bike in the back of the truck, I am lost in the moment…”

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The 10th Red Bull Rampage!

Rampage Returns Oct. 17th

Can Andreu defend his title? The best MTB contest ever returns!

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Get Your Klunk On at the Bike Park

No Suspension? No Problem

Dialed trails and a fresh dusting of snow make for an all-out klunkfest…

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What Happens When A Kid Gets a Real Bike?

World's Best Kids' Bikes?

It seems that all the best young rippers in B.C. have been signed to ride for Spawn Cycles…

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Should You Say “Go” or Should you say “No?”

Words - Cam McRae

“Everyone else rode it and there were a couple of non-fatal mishaps (tree strike by Ryan!), but I was okay to take the squid line…”

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Winning w/ The Syndicate

Behind the scenes with the World's Best (not a Trade) Team

Behind the scenes as Peat goes to rehab, Minnaar and Rat Boy hit Andorra for some ‘cheeky worlds practice’, and Minnaar’s big win at Ft. Bill.

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Rap Battle: Camper vs. Glamper

I Got Coolers Coolin' My Coolers

IFHT brings us the ultimate showdown between the “over-prepared” and the “under-prepared” outdoorsman.

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Why Are Roadies Such {expletive deleted}?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Plus, isn’t it kinda rude?… I mean if some (expletive deleted) tailgates me in my car, I don’t like it…”

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Vital RAW: World Cup Cases

Fort William Practice

The race may be over but the fun of RAW never stops.

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