Deathgrip Thumb

Deathgrip – First Look

Fairclough and Porter on a Tear

Something big from two of the biggest names in riding and film is just around the corner…

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Hi & Lo Spd Damping – Tuesday Tune

Attn Suspension Geeks

Understand how high and low speed damping function and how to set them up for maxium radness and speed on your bike…

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Blackspire Snaggletooth, Badger, and Crusher

The Beaver brand's new Cranks, Ring, & Bash Taco

Blackspire makes rings, pedals, and bash guards in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Meet Badger, Crusher, & Snaggletooth.

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Uncle Dave Succumbs to the Nog

Ask Uncle Dave

Uncle Dave is here to cheer you up – by making you feel better about your 2016 – but at least he’s still keen on sharing music…

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161 Seconds with Jeff Kendall-Weed

A Day in Telluride

JKW seems to have more fun on two wheels than almost anyone – he plays and explores and bounces and launches and manuals like a 12-year old with a new bike…

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Peaty and Ken Block

Gripping the Oh Sh!t Handle!

Peaty gets some drifting lessons and then gives Ken Block some DH lessons – but they both get schooled on the water by Ken’s wife…

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James Doerfling – Ohhh Mamma!

Exposure and Originality Points!

James names this line part way down when things get a little hairy – but the whole thing would make most of us slither away in fear…

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Ryders antiFOG Eyewear Tested (Updated)

I can see clearly now that the rain is here

Fogged up lenses are the enemy of riders who saddle up in the cold and rainy season, but riding without eyewear isn’t a winning approach either…

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Endless Summer Thumb

Conor MacFarlane – Endless Summer

Every Season is Warden Season

Conor MacFarlane escapes the cold winters of New Zealand for some summer time shredding aboard his Knolly rig…

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Door Thumb

Out The Door

A Journey to the Ordinary

You don’t have to go halfway around the world to find something new…

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Bartlett Wash Thumb

Infinite Lines in Bartlett Wash

Choose Your Adventure with Nate Hills

It’s nature’s own skatepark just 20 miles north of Moab. Prime pickings for some classic freeride moves.

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Remy Metailler Thumb

22 Days to Rampage with Rémy Métailler

Preparation is Key

There’s a whole lot of blood, sweat and effort that goes into just one run at the big show…

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Cyclocross Thumb

Josh Bryceland: Pro Cyclocross Racer

Getting Weird At SSCXW

All bets are off for Ratboy as he tries his luck at one of the strangest races known to cyclists…

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14 Stitches… In the Pecker

My Lord!

Josh ‘Loose Dog’ Lewis had an innocuous looking crash but somehow he managed to tear himself where you never want to tear yourself…

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Bend – The Ultimate MTB Town?

Bikes and Beer in Bend

” The number of professional athletes (and not just bikers) who call Bend home is a testimony to the town’s draw…”

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Wish List Thumb

Dear Santa – Matt’s Wish List

Fresh Wheels, A Spot of Ti, and a Plane Ticket

Matt’s got a bad case of the travel bug, and needs a few tools for the journey ahead…

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Cedric Gracia And The Pickup

Megavalanche La Réunion

Nobody but Cédric Gracia could pack this much action into a half an hour race – watch it all with commentary or the 3 min. version…

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e*thirteen trsr 9-46t Cassette

511% Range

An 11-spd alternative to Eagle with even more range, less weight and a lower price? Sounds too good to be true…

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Pivot Firebird Pro – First Look

Preying on trails with 170mm travel

The Pivot Firebird promises a lot with as much travel as a dh bike and DW link suspension that promises to climb effortlessly – can it deliver on everything…

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wintertime thumb

Wintertime Turns on the Big Bike

No Skis Required

Turns out you don’t need planks to get pow face shots after all.

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Paul Stevens Rides The Burn


When wildfire takes out a forest, mountain bike trails that were there get destroyed as well – but time and gifted trail builders can bring them back…

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Ask Uncle Dave – How to Give Back

Don't Be A Dick

“If we all start riding like that, we’re not going to have any trails left due to all the damage we will cause and people we will piss off…”

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Night Skiing Singletrack

Leo Taillefer Destroying

The speed and control Leo has is ridiculous as he straight lines a narrow canyon and even ducks to ski through a low cave entrance…

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Big Mountain Monday: Fear Funnel

Funnel of Fear

This week’s Big Mountain Monday sees Doerfling take on a line that features a wickedly steep funnel.

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Single Spd Bikepacking Finnish Style

Not Far From Home

“ERKKI PUNTTILA approaches bikepacking excursions with a straightforward manner and plenty of dry humour…”

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Peaty – Pissed Up with a Chainsaw

Last Orders

“It’s nice that he’s in his race kit and sober rather than pissed up with a chainsaw…” The bittersweet tale of Peaty’s last season…

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Dear Santa – Jon’s List

Dream List

For Jon’s list to be filled he would have to have been exceptionally good – princely even – but dreaming is well within the rules…

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The Calling From Evil Bikes

26 Plus or 27.5

Luke Strobel and Billy Lewis head to Baldface to shred Evil’s new 27.5 trail wrecker – the 130mm Calling aka the Following’s delinquent brother…

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Ike Klaassen Thumb

12-Year-old Ike Klaassen Shreds Hard

He's Faster than You

The young guns just keep getting better and better.

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Two Elk Thumb

Two Elk East is Properly Tight

Nate Hills Thinks Thin

Cut yer bars and do your best Kate Moss impression, because there’s zero room for error on this tight and twisty Vail trail…

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