Daniel Shaw – Rock City

Training on the Shore

There were a few fast young riders in B.C. before Stevie Smith showed the way – but these days our province is crawling with talented rippers…

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How to Rip Like A Rider From B.C.?

Ask Uncle Dave

“At night, between mouthfuls of food, we’d discuss how… the skill set of BC riders is light years ahead of us…”

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Renthal 35mm Fatbar & Apex Stem Review

Bigger, Wider, Indistinguishable feel

Despite the plus sized appearance, the ride quality is still excellent.

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7mesh Revo GoreTex Waterproof Shorts – Reviewed

No More Teabag Chamois

“Having your junk marinating in muddy water for three hours is nobody’s idea of a party – and I didn’t even know how much I hated it…”

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Canadian Thrills Thumb

Canadian Thrills with Nick Pescetto

Ride. Party. Repeat.

“I’ve been to B.C many times, but I think that this one was one of the best trips ever…”

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Bas van Steenbergen Raw 100

Bas van Steenbergen Charges Trail in British Columbia

Smooth and Silent like a Big Cat in the Woods

Bas van Steenbergen ripping through the forest will leave you chomping at the bit to hit the trails.

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Finn Iles Thumb

Finn Iles’ Home Field Advantage

Built Strong in Whistler

There’s no place like home when you live in one of the best outdoor recreation capitals in the world…

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Steve Storey Thumb

Trail Riding, Star Wars Style with Steve Storey

B.Y.O Sound Effects

Storey makes it look easy as he rips along what could be the forest moon of Endor…

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Dan Atherton Thumb

Dan Atherton Crushes His Latest Creation

Chaos in Dyfi

Not satisfied with his Hard Line, Dan has taken his trail building to a whole new level in the forests of Dyfi…

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It’s Crankworx (with Matt Dennison) Baby!

Is that Brett Rheeder?

“Holy Crap who is that guy? Who is that spinning man with the beautiful haircut? I wanna hear what this guy’s gotta say…?

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The Claw’s Burly Exposed Rampage POV

Sweaty Palm Alert

Four riders and their crews slaved for days to make this line rideable – when the organizers thought it was impassable – but Darren Berrecloth styled it out…

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SRSuntour Durolux R2C2 Review

Stands on its own two legs vs. any fork in its category

“The out of the box feel is significantly better than past Suntour forks…”

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The Age of Ladder Bridges

Danger's Trails - Ryan's Unicycle

Dangerous Dan built the trails on Bowen Island for two wheels but Ryan Kremsater rides his mountain unicycle (muni) off these narrow elevated structures…

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X-Fusion – Making Bikes Sane Again

Wisdom from Joel Smith

“It takes ten minutes to fully service our new dropper post. It has a two year warranty. A new cartridge is $25 out of warranty…”

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Season Ender Thumb

Season Ender Send’r

Just Don't Call "Last Run"

How to enjoy the last few moments of loamy goodness before hanging up the bike for the season…

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Crankworx Through Mitch Ropelato’s POV

Steps To The Top

Mitch Ropelato pedals with the same professional innocence as a preschooler who’s just unlocked the magic of two wheels…

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Talking to Women

Ask Uncle Dave

“No matter what you’re doing, a mountain biker is standing on the side of a trail somewhere, waiting to tell you that you’re doing it wrong…”

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The Unicorn Slayer

Santa Cruz donates incredible chainsaw

Santa Cruz got wind of Martin’s campaign to raise money for a new chainsaw, so they decided to just buy it for him. Presenting the Unicorn Slayer.

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Shimano AM7 Shoes Review

Shimano For Flats

“The AM7 shoes look like an early 2000’s Michael Jordan took up hiking. Which I think is kind of awesome, by the way…”

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Nine Knights THumb

Suzuki Nine Knights – The Documentary

A Full Pull From Reschenpass

Watch as one of the biggest freeride events in Europe unfolds over 6 action-packed days in Tyrol, Italy…

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Aggy Update Thumb

Aggy’s Rampage Injury Update

The Latest From Agassiz

“On any other day, I wouldn’t have dropped in…”

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CMHC Update – Access Granted to Seymour

Good News It Seems?

It appears the CMHC has met with stakeholders and is willing to allow continued access to the lands under their management on Seymour…

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Light Cycles Thumb

Light Cycles

Tron Comes to MTB

Part 80s sci-fi, part ground-breaking technology, all astoundingly gorgeous.

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Hard Tail Thum

Hard Tail Flavours

Definitely Spicy

How do you choose between two sweet Chromag hard tail bikes? It’s all about the flavour of the moment.

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4 Reasons to run OneUp Shark

A 500% chance of OneUp Sharknado

“In all honesty, I had to chew through my aversion to the marketing behind the new 500% gear range 1x setups…”

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Red Bull Rampage Highlights 2016

Only Bangers!

The competition at Red Bull Rampage this year notched up to the next level with a bundle of runs that would have won in years past…

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2017 UCI MTB World Cup calendar

7 DH stops Plus World Champs

Seven rounds of World Cup DH Racing begin in Lourdes in April and finish in Val Di Sole in August but World Champs return to Australia in September…

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How To Manual

Keep it up

Many people think that manualling is about pulling up on the bars – this little clip dispels that myth and shows you how to use a manual on the trail…

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Say Good-Bye to Press Fit Bottom Brackets?

No More Creaking?

Sane bottom bracket designs that thread into themselves for improved performance and longevity as replacements for press fit bottom brackets…

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Roca Verde Thumb

Raw Riding on Roca Verde

A Little Taste of the Trail

Several years of toil for one of the sweetest trails in BC…

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