Corner Demolition in Delamere

What's a "Slow-Mo?"

Just over a minute of pure, unadulterated sideways corner annihilation…

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Maglock Pedals Reviewed

Andrew Major tackles a novel pedal concept

“Here is a rare example of someone who had a crazy idea and actually had the perseverance to make it a physical reality…”

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Pearl Izumi X-Alp Launch II Reviewed

Words - Jon Harris

“This review could be very quick…I’m struggling to recall a pair of shoes that I have liked more.”

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Bryn Atkinson: RAW Down Under

RAW From Cairns, Australia

Bryn Atkinson and Jasper Wesselman bring us another RAW video showcasing Bryn’s amazing bike handling skills from Cairns, Australia.

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Working That Mojo

New Bike Days are the Best

Jeff Kendall-Weed breaks in his brand-new whip on some prime springtime dirt…

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Semenuk: Street Sweeper

" Shakespeare wrote poetry..."

Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker combine talents in a fleeting urban masterpiece.

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Click to Buy… Your New Bike

Direct To Consumer in North America

“You can’t tell how good a bike is from the computer screen, you can’t see the smallest details and how they impact the overall experience on the bike…”

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Gripping and Ripping on the Shore

Raw and Wet

Get fast and loose in the deep, dark woods.

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2016 Diamond Back Catch and Release

Words - Jon Harris

Diamondback has a new design that may be familiar to you – with some conventional and of course some Plus wheels…

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Mike Hopkins – Constant Dreamer

Welcome to Dream Ride

“Welcome to our dream, where everything we’ve ever wanted in a ride is right in front of us…”

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What The Hell Happened to 26?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Because it is perfectly acceptable to be an overly selective gear nerd and I have no problem if you want to be a living-in-the-past 26” luddite…”

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Shimano Goes To 11 – 46

Shimano unloads a 46 tooth

“Shimano has opted for a dinner plate granny gear. With a 46 in the rear you can run a larger chainring and still end up with an adequately low granny.”

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Rémy Absalon: Winter Shred

Plus Bike Madness

Rémy Absalon shreds some snowy slopes on his Plus bike…

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2016 Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 2

First Impressions

True to form, the Jeykyll Carbon 2 is not your cookie cutter enduro or all mountain machine – it’s a cannondale to the core…

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Troy Brosnan Takes on Tasmania

Getting Wild Down Under

The end of the world has an epic trail network ripe for riding at warp speed…

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Ratboy On Fire

Loose As

Is there anyone who rides with the frantic calm of Josh Bryceland?

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Small Town Speedriding

Skis + Parachutes = Ultimate Combo

How else are you going to ride the completely inaccessible and frankly insane lines?

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Mick Hannah Crashes Hard in Valparaiso

Over-zesting it a Tad

Those handrails can really jump out of nowhere and grab a guy.

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Sunshine and Sick Berms in Squamish

The Future Has Arrived

New gear testing never looked so good…

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More Technologies Than NASA

Versatile, light and wide wheels for trail and enduro for under $2000 US…

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Carving Hectic Lines In Alaska

Martin Soderstrom and Vincent Tupin

Some big exposure on huge steep scree descents – and one that goes very wrong…

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Dirty In One Minute Thirty

Phil Atwill Getting Sideways

Deep ruts, rear wheel wizardry and jumping into corners sideways – must be Phil Atwill…

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Madness in Manizales

Marcelo Gutierrez Gets Sketchy

One wrong move and you’re flying into an absolutely packed crowd…

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Thought Words With Team GT

Wyn, Rachel, Martin, Brooke, Anneke, Sam

“When I say crashing what’s the first word that pops into your head…”

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A Perplexing Piece Of Plastic

If it ain't broke...

Shimano hasn’t been guilty of change for the sake of change often, but this is a puzzling exception…

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Candide Thovex – One Of Those Days 3

Just Watch.

Candide gaps the Tour, a turning helicopter, a paraglider and even shreds some singletrack…

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SRAM Level Brakes

Five new brakes roll out today

SRAM Level Brakes share the lineage and technology of the Guide lineup, in a lighter design aimed at XC and Trail riding.

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Why Would Anyone Ride a Mountain Bike?

Ask Uncle Dave

“It’s expensive, there are lots of other sports that are just as fun, and hikers are pricks. Sell it to me…”

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Coastal Crew aboard the Specialized Demo Alloy

Dylan and Curtis going high and sideways

“Starting at $2,600 US, you can get an Öhlins-equipped alloy frame. For $4,000 US you can get into a complete bike…”

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Sam Hill Pre Season Training

With Mike Jones

Sam Hill and Mike Jones training in Australia and taking the piss out of each other – if you can catch what they are saying…

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