How Do I Move to Canada?

Ask Uncle Dave

“I have decided to leave the UK and move to Canada, specifically the sea-to-sky corridor. I think that’s what it’s called?”

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Déjà Vu – Kona Honzo CR

Rhys Verner breaks the XC racer mould.

With aggressive trail geometry, 120mm of front end travel, and Stealth post routing, the new Honzo is built for riding infamous Pacific Northwest trails.

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Massive Vert in Bolivia

BIG Descent!

Nate Hills follows Joey Schusler on a huge down that is all gold ribbons of single track and some signature exposure…

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Mass Start DH Insanity

There Will be Blood

Mass start MTB races are crazy but The Mountain of Hell seems crazier than most with a 110 km/h start and crazy French lines…

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Pea Soup for the Trail

Words - Andrew Major

“The actual prep time is tiny so there is plenty of opportunity to get your bike dialed in for tomorrow ride prior to chowing down…”

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Mega Cavern Thumb

Mega Sized Shredding in the Mega Cavern

Reed Boggs and Adam Hauck are So Underground

Louisville, Kentucky has taken their bike park to a new level of super villainy by parking it in an old mineshaft and calling it the “Mega Cavern…”

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Fest Series – Aggy Fest Highlights

Dedicated to Stevie Smith

Aggy’s Reunion seems to have the biggest jumps and an incredible vibe – add a celebration of Stevie’s life and something unique emerges…

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Trans Provence in Photos – by Sven Martin

The Beautiful Race

Sven Martin does a stellar job of summing up Trans Provence with stunning photos, accompanied by the voices of the riders…

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Chromag Primer First Look Thumb

First Look: Chromag Primer

Switch hitting with wheels

“Is this some kind of masochistic manifestation of mid-life in crisis, or just the next phase in my infatuation with bikes?”

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How To Be a Canadian

Happy Canada Day Eh!

Matt Dennison and IFHT want to give you some tips eh – from bilingual graffiti to Don Cherry drinking games they’ve got it down…

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Green Zone Thumb

Carnage in the Green Zone

Or, How to Have Fun on Bikes

Strange lines, one footers, and a couple hairy crashes are the name of the game…

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Claudio Caluori’s Tour de Pump

Way More Fun Than the Tour de France

Ride along with the Velosolutions crew as they send it on some of their magnificent Swiss pumptrack creations…

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Trek Launch in Squamish, BC, Canada, June 2016

2017 Trek Remedy and Fuel EX Launch and First Ride

Proper ride testing in Squamish

“We rode twice a day, about 3 hours each time. It was like a training camp. It was awesome.”

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Bernard Kerr is an Animal

Buckle Up

If you like rowdy trail bike rallying of the highest order – and general balls out two-wheeled performance – watch this right away…

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Freesole Saves Me Money

Fix Your Expensive Gear

“I’m not saying that people of Scottish heritage* are miserly penny-pinching skinflints…”

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Matt Macduff’s Loop Of Doom

Take Two?

“Built in a month at the Garden Route Trail Park in South Africa, the gigantic structure rises up to 40 ft. in the sky…”

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Wade and Rémy Shred The Shore

Reach for your bike...

Wade and Rémy bring speed and style to the dank trails of the North Shore – and Remy gets acquainted with a tree…

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Bike Park BroMo

Ben Wallace Slays Whistler

Having grown up in the Whistler Bike Park and Inspired by Stevie Smith – 15-year old Ben Wallace is part of the next generation of B.C. DH Rippers…

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HTF Do I Teach Mountain Biking at University?

Ask Uncle Dave

“At first I thought this was a joke, but I confirmed with the sender that he’s not making this up and this is an actual honest-to-goodness problem…”

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NSMB 2016 High Above Cascadia Dave Smith_thumb

Reviewed: High Above Cascadia Hip Pack

Handmade in Bellingham

Handmade in Bellingham and ready to grace your backside (not your fanny – that’s a front bum).

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Care for your RockShox DebonAir

Maintenance and an Easy Fix

RockShox’ DebonAir air can changed how a lot of riders thought about air shocks – but many have had a frustrating but easy to remedy issue…

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Under the Radar Thumb

Flying Under the Radar

A Stealthy Jump Assassin

Daniel Fleury flies under the radar. He may not have a massive Instagram following or tons of groupies, but his riding speaks for itself.

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Tasmania Thumb

TMac and Hans Rey Tear Up Tasmania’s Twisted Trails

Purpose-Built Perfection

Endless ribbons of smooth singletrack await those willing to make the journey down under to the Blue Derby trail network…

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Nick Pescetto Thumb

Having a Blast in Bali with Nick Pescetto

Sun, Surf, and Shredding

Sun’s out gun’s out is the rule of the day when you’re in the tropics…

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Rampage Goes Raw For 2016

New Site, Fewer Built Features

Rampage is swinging back towards its gritty roots and away from pre-packaged lines and billboard stunts…

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Cliff Gap Thumb

Aaron Chase Sends a Mind-Destroying Cliff Gap

100' From Top to Bottom

There’s no room for error as Aaron Chase shows he’s still got what it takes to make it in this business…

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Vaea Verbeeck Joins Rocky Mountain’s Fast Family

A Speedy Addition to the Race Roster

I’ve always wanted to be the best at every sport, but they just weren’t for me. At 16 I borrowed a downhill bike at Bromont, and I’ve been hooked ever since…

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Vintage Fails

Don't Laugh

Imagine racing downhill without disc brakes, modern suspension or any common sense at all – that’s what we have here…

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#longlivechainsaw_chainstayDecal_thumb copy

#longlivechainsaw Stickers are Here

Run those chainsaws dry

Get your #longlivechainsaw stickers now in the NSMB store. All proceeds will go towards the Steve Smith Legacy Fund.

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Super Ultimate Recovery Salmon

Delish fish for post ride bliss

“It tastes great with your beer of choice, you can make it using mountain bike tools you and it tastes great with the beer of your choice…”

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