Remy Metailler and Forrest Riesco on Angry Pirate

Fast Flowy Fun

Plenty of speed and style from these two makes everything look buttery smooth…

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Ace Hayden – The Animal

Warning - Some Blood and Gore

We know Ace is from another species because we’ve seen him ride and crash first hand – here’s your chance…

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Giant Reign Advanced Review

Words - Cam McRae

After hundreds of racers had bolted down the trail it was beaten down, but – like a Honey Badger – the Reign didn’t mind…

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Weekend Warmup

Long Form Edition

Some times it’s better to take the long way round an adventure…

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Granny and the Booby Traps

Words Jordan Tesluk

“This kindly semi-senior citizen facade of North-Vancouver colonial dignity and decorum is revealed for what it is…”

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Soaked in Squamish

Drenched and Drifty

Better pack your umbrellas, because it’s going to be a wet one…

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Pinned With Neko Mulally and Brendan Fairclough


Neko joins Brendan on the Gstaad-Scott team for 2015 – but Neko only gets to ride caboose in the video…

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RCMP Arrest Trail Saboteur

64-Year Old Woman Arrested

Acting on information provided by two local riders, RCMP have made an arrest relating to trail sabotage on Mt. Fromme…

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The Candy Bar Awards

Words - Seb Kemp

“Some guys who discovered enduro last month think it’s really cool and want to tell everyone why they should try it…”

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Church Two

How Many Sleeps Until Spring?

We hope this video sparks some daydreaming of endless forest filled with technical and challenging single track, mountains, and tall trees. Accompanied by your best friends, shredding till dark, and up till midnight drinking brews Chattahoochee style.

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Multi-Sport Days

Words and Photos by Ollie Jones & co.

“Multisport days are very rewarding but far from easy. Every second counts from that first alarm clock until the last light falling behind the peaks.”

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Ian Morrison – Spartan Savvy

Scrub Master

“About half a lap into my first run on the bike I hit a 40 foot triple…”

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Up and Down in Squamish

That Line

“Earn your way to the top and then shred technical rock lines, flowy jumps and berms, drops…”

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Grand Belgrade Hotel

Some Helmets Worn!

Bouncing off houses, circular wall-rides, scuttled vessels -these guys ride everything…

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Dylan Sherrard Signs With Specialized Canada

Go Shredhard!

We couldn’t be happier for the guy with the biggest heart in mountain biking…

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Smith Celebrates 50 Years

Happy Birthday, Smith.

From breathable foam to helmets made from funky material that looks like cut off straws, Smith’s style and technology has brought a lot of improvements to our faces in motion over the last 50 years.

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Hutchinson UR: 2014 Highlights


The Hutchinson UR team show their best of from the 2014 season.

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Dylan Wolsky – Self Shredit

Wollongong Australia

Dylan Wolsky and his Santa Cruz 5010 have left Whistler behind to soak in Aussie trails in the sun…

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Cody Kelley – Brighton Slabs

Newly Exposed Lines

As water levels drop in a lake, a new playground reveals endless lines to ride…

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Sean Burns

Good Lord.

You should probably be locked up if you think these are the actions of a sane man…

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Best of 2014: Jon’s list

Words - Jon Harris

“I have fully succumbed to Enduro fever – don’t fight it, embrace it…”

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Weekend Warmup

2014 Round Up Edition

Taking a look back at some of 2014’s biggest hits, and other stuff we liked…

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Not Another Winter Edit?

Elliott Heap

“We’re guessing something along the lines of a 130mm trail bike, many hucks, gaps and loose corners…”

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Mtn Unicycling Ain’t Dead

One Wheeled Gnar

Kris Holm, Ryan Kremsater and a posse of one wheelers take on some of BC’s most challenging trails…

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Best of 2014: Matt Dennison’s List

Memorable Videos and Moments

7 Matt Dennison Videos You Have To Watch Before You Die. OMG. #3 is SOOO true!

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Junkyard Cyclocross with Aaron Chase

Salvage Piles and Sidecars

“As I get to the last feature I climb up like a wrestler, and I’m ready to ninja-drop the ramp…”

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best of thumb

Kaz Yamamura: Best of 2014

January to December in Photos

Kaz goes through his favourite photos from 2014 in slideshow format.

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Sea to Sky Bike Check: Dylan Sheffer

More Bikes More Action

Kaz Yamamura meets up with Dylan Sheffer for more biking action.

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Whatcha Packin’?

What's in that Bag, Mister?

No matter how you roll, we can all agree that proper preparation prevents piss poor packing performance.

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Best of 2014: Cam’s List

Words - Cam McRae

2014 was a great year for great bikes and products – but Cam narrowed it down to three favourites…

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