Kayakers Thumb

Rémy Metailler Gapping Some Kayakers

Getting it Done with Sherpas Cinema

One wrong move and you’ll wish he was wearing a lifejacket…

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Vinny T Thumb

Vinny T Rips Apart Two Countries in One Day

No Passport Required

Bombing across borders on two wheels is always a good call…

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Ripping with Rude

Richie Raw

There is a quiet violence to Richie’s riding in this video – his body is quiet and his moves are subtle but the bike responds with aggression…

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Kovarik’s Kids

How To Go Fast

With coaching from Chris Kovarik and Claire Buchar along with support from Intense – it’s impossible not to shred harder…

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Thelander and Rogatkin Thumb

Thelander and Rogatkin Battle it Out in Åre

The Game is Afoot

It’s a whole new way to spend those bad weather days when you’d rather be riding…

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Dylan Stark Three Brutal Bails

No Danny MacAskill

Dylan Stark wanted to huck his DH bike off a narrow parking lot railing to the dirt slope below – before construction made the move impossible…

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TLD Sprint Jersey and Ruckus Short

Clothing that looks fast even when you're slow.

TLD Kit is immediately recognizable and great looking – but do they stack up in the function and fit departments as well?

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Done And Dusted

Into the BC Interior

“…lots of golden light aerial footage, and a lot of other classic BC backcountry scenes.”

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Running Roughshod

Ask Uncle Dave

“This is far from the most egregious example of filming being done with little to no regard for the environment or surroundings…”

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The Story Behind Gwin’s Crash

YT at Lenzerheide

This clip proves that Aaron Gwin isn’t like us at all (because he almost saved that nasty crash) and that he gets bitten by the same forces as all of us…

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Lenzerheide Finals Highlights 2016

Danny Hart!

A fantastic synopsis of the incredible action from Lenzerheide – including Danny’s flat corner to win and Connor Fearon’s huge triple…

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Warlord Battle Axe thumb

The Warlord Battle Axe Mk II

Baddest Trail Tool Ever Conceived

“What is it? Well it’s a pick, an axe, a trowel, a rake, a scraper and a stomper all in one.”

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Moto to the Trail…

And Then Shred

These guys build custom bike frames – but they also built custom racks for their classic motos to carry their bikes to the trails…

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Lenzerheide 2016 Complete Results

Not Spoiled

Great Racing from Lenzerheide with top riders laying down clean runs – but we aren’t going to tell you who won until you click…

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Lenzerheide Quali Action 2016

Photos and Commentary

A collection of photos from some of the best lensmen in MTB to go along with commentary from the best riders…

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Gwin’s Quali Crash

Forever Crash

Aaron Gwin almost reels this one in – but he has to do the nasty creeper drop sitting on his saddle with one foot in – and all hell breaks loose…

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The VANZAC Crew Blow up Pila


There’s nothing but exploded berms and a massive dustcloud in these guys’ wake…

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Quali Results – Lenzerheide 2016

Let's Try That Again

Danny Hart puts some time into the field and Rachel continues her strategy of leaving the winning to race day…

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Giants Thumb

Flying Among Giants in the PNW

Flat-Out in Bellingham

Mist, massive trees, and endless loam await you in the forest…

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Giro Head to Toe

From Dome to Digits

When the Truant jersey is in the laundry, it makes me do laundry more often. That’s a lie – I just wear it, even if it smells.

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Lenzerheide Thumb

RAW DH Action from Lenzerheide

Practice Gets Zesty

It’s open season on the track in Switzerland as the racers get their lines dialled in for Sunday…

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Ratboy Helmet Cam: Lenzerheide 2016

Go Ratboy Go!

Lenzerheide is long, rough, steep and unforgiving – which should make for some fantastic racing on Sunday morning…

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Niner Opts for 27.5er (Sort of)

Plus sized options for the new Niners.

Niner Bikes built staked their reputation on 29″ wheels – but the company has decided that there’s room in the line for some 27.5 Plus action…

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milKit – Sealant Replacement

Got milKit?! Want some?

milKit is a system that lets you evaluate and then add to or remove and replace the sealant in your tires without breaking out the tire levers…

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Peaty Smashes Claudio

2016 Lenzerheide Preview

Claudio Caluori follows Steve Peat over one too many nasty drops and has himself a ‘proper crash’ at Lenzerheide Switzerland…

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The Shore’s Second Coming

Next Level Shore

A sweet collaboration between Stephen Matthews and filmmaker Scott Secco provides a glimpse of the Shore as you’ve never seen it before.

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NOX Farlow Carbon Wheels: Reviewed

Words - Jon Harris

Modern rim design, feathery weight and a reasonable price – can Nox Composites deliver on all these promises?

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Mark Matthews Thumb

Mark Matthews Rips on His Shape-Shifting Rig

One Bike, Two Beastly Modes

The Knolly Delirium is the machine to beat for big-air styling and gnar-destroying confidence all in one package…

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Finn Iles’ Euro Vacay

Ripping The Alps

I guess this is work for Finn – but the young Canadian who is leading the Jr DH Overall seems to be enjoying his time in the old country…

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How Do I Move to Canada?

Ask Uncle Dave

“I have decided to leave the UK and move to Canada, specifically the sea-to-sky corridor. I think that’s what it’s called?”

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