Claw ChinaThumb

The Claw Goes to China

Going Full Gobi with KC Deane

Who can say no to lines as big as the Great Wall?

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Sam Hill: Australian National Champs

Fast On Flats

1 more week until the first round of the UCI Downhill World Cup in Lourdes, and Sam Hill looks to be hungry for another podium…

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Kyle and Rémi Crushing California

Team Commençal On Point

It’s big bikes time as two of the rowdiest riders in the industry rip up SoCal…

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One for all...or so they say.

“Well-designed, extruded, black, aluminum rims are laced to solid DT hubs with black DT Swiss spokes…”

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Verbier: A Bottomless Alpine Bike Buffet

Endless Highline Singletrack

Ever dreamed of descending an Everest amount of vertical? Verbier might be the ticket.

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Focus Big Bird 36er

The Trail Taught Us

“Bike developers and pros stand united: this racing machine marks a milestone in mountain biking history…”

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Frozen Freeriding in Scotland

A Place for Plus Bikes

Break out the crampons and ice axes, because there’s one hell of a climb ahead.

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Best Pranks for Mountain Bikers

The MTB Guide To April Fools' Day

The Coastal Crew and IFHT demonstrate classic April Fools’ Day pranks to pull on your mountain bike friends.

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Aaron Gwin – Heart of a Champion

Fast on any bike

Aaron Gwin takes us for a ride at a BMX track, on his moto, then for an ‘XC’ ride and then he goes down hill…

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SRAM Guide Ultimate Tear Down

Dissecting Ultimates

Most brakes don’t allow you to take everything apart and replace the small parts – but SRAM’s Guides give you that power…

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Always Moving – The Coastal Crew

So Good

You could watch this for the filming and editing alone – but the riding by Curtis Robinson is Coastal Crew quality as well…

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Getting Rad on Cap’n Ahab in Moab

Pack Your Bags

Riding the lower section of Captain Ahab in Moab Utah with Botsy Phillips, James Weingarten and Kyle Mears…

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Backcountry Bushwhacking with the Godfather

Going Deep in the Chilcotins

Pack the map and compass, because Wade and crew get way out there…

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2016 GT Sanction Team: Full Review

A Neon Descent Machine

“If your focus is descending or you’re racing enduros, you will thoroughly enjoy your time on the 2016 GT Sanction Team…”

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EWS Corral RAW

Those Trails...

Richie Rude dominates ahead of Nico and Jerome while Jared Graves scoots along faster than most of us can pedal…

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I Broke My Face and My Balls Left Me

Ask Uncle Dave

“I debated how to answer this question. Earnestly? Sarcastically? Satirically? I finally decided on Scholarly…”

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RAW Backcountry with Finn Iles

King of the Whip

Finn Iles straps on his brand new Red Bull helmet to ride RAW – miles away from bike parks and World Cup tracks…

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Rude and Ravanel Win EWS #1 In Chile

Final Results

Richie Rude continues to put the boots to the field and Cecile Ravanel dominates – while fire almost cancels the whole show…

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Fire Jumping for Jesus?

Move Over Evel Knievel

When saying a prayer just isn’t enough to convince people…

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Going Feral in Barcalona

Stylish in Spain

Alessandro Izzo has more style than 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive combined.

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Jaw Dropping Lines in Zermatt

In the Shadow of the Materhorn

Ease of access and a gorgeous alpine setting make for some truly spectacular riding.

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2016 EWS Video Warm Up!

Thunderous racing action from the EWS series with Richie Rude, Jared Graves, Jerome Clementz and Jesse Melamed…

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Sunday Funday with Spencer Graf

Wet and Wild on the Coast

What better way to spend the weekend then ripping on two wheels?

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SRAM XX1 & X01 Eagle 12spd!

10-50t 12spd is here

SRAM continues to own the 1x arms race upping both cogs and teeth and making Japanese engineers angry…

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Aussie DH Champs RAW!

Brosnan and Tracey Hannah Winners

Watch Sam Hill, Connor Fearon, Troy Brosnan, Mick Hannah and more race to be Aussie champions for the year…

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My Parents’ Backyard

Vincent Pernin's New Bike

“It’s always good to have a new toy – this time I went on the trail right behind my parent’s garden to test it…”

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e*thirteen LG1R Wheelset and LG1+ Cassette

Words - Tim Coleman

“But don’t let the chubby looking hubs fool you into thinking this is a porky wheel set…”

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Gully’s Beast Mode in Bali

No-Fall Lines in the Jungle

Beating the winter blues never looked better, or more exposed.

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MEC Dirt Search

Spreading the stoke

MEC Dirt Search is a Canada-wide contest that awards $10,000 each towards trailbuilding to one group in the East and one in the West.

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Brandon Semenuk – Ten Years

10 Years with Trek Bicycle

“He’s easily the youngest 10-year veteran the bike industry has ever seen…”

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