Suntour’s Fork for Kids Who Rip

High performance in a smaller package

“Why? because we could, because it was fun and kids dig it…”

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Dear Uncle Dave – Tinder Reviews

Words - Dave Tolnai

We strive to answer your questions but that doesn’t mean we always fully understand them

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The Syndicate – Episode 1

The Road to Lourdes

Ride with the Santa Cruz Syndicate as they prepare for another season of racing…

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Niner Rip 9 Carbon – First Impressions

Words - Jon Harris

“The aggressive fork, tires and wide bar speak to my inner hooligan…”

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REPLAY: World Cup DH Round 1: Lourdes

If You Didn't Wake Up In Time

Action from round 1 of the World Cup DH in this replay.

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2015 World Cup DH Round 1: Results

UCI World Cup DH Round 1

Check out the results from round 1 of the 2015 World Cup DH inside…

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Watch Lourdes Dh 2015

Watch Live

Loic is ripping and the buzz has never been more intense, despite the absence of some of the biggest names in the sport…

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Lourdes World Cup DH Practice

New Teams, New Bikes, New Winner?

The top dogs were looking fast in practice, and the quali times look stacked. Who will take the top step tomorrow?

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World Cup Impacts from Lourdes

Shake it Off

Some of these crashes looked like season enders, but hopefully the riders bounced well…

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Raw From Lourdes

Awesomeness from Vital

These clips do the best job of showing how hard these guys push their bodies and bikes…

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Lourdes World Cup Quali Results

Surprises Abound in France

Elite results and a video summary of Day 1 in Lourdes…

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Ratboy Helmet Cam

Lourdes Is On

Is the Rat the man to beat? We have a feeling he’s going to be on point…

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Weekend Warmup

Century Edition

It’s like completing a century ride, only without the tight shorts, sweat, pain, or physical effort…

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Two-Wheeled Freedom

Cowichan Valley Trails

High speed slithering on trails so sweet the berms are carmelized…

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Deity Launches New Bladerunner Pedals

Thinner and Bigger

New headquarters, new riders and new pedals from the rider-owned company Deity.

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Lourdes Preview with Claudio

Claudio and Loic

His familiar squeals and goofy commentary have survived the off-season as CC follows Loic Bruni…

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One Line – Two Bikes

Fabio Widmer

Fabio GoPros some cool moves and even jumps from one bike to another before going big…

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The Rider & The Wolf

The Mike Rust Story

Mike Rust, the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame cyclist, went missing without a trace in the mountains of Colorado…

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2015 World Cup Preview

Game on This Weekend

A look back at last year’s action and a look forward to this year’s DH season – which begins this weekend in France…

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GX | Far and Wide

Big in Texas

“Different bikes, questionable line choices and individual airtime ability can separate and connect us all at once…”

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Luke Strobel – 29er Raw

Vital Raw

The best riding we’ve ever seen on a 29er from Luke Strobel in Washington State…

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Drop and Roll – A Year in the Making

Behind the Scenes with Danny MacAskill

Take a look behind the curtain at the Drop and Roll tour…

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Flats VS. Clipless: 20 Pros and Cons

Words - Cam McRae

“Swapping back to clipless after 15 years of full time flat pedalling has taught me a few things about sticking feet to bikes…”

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Routes of 99

Freeride Mountain Biking BC

Summer. Speed. Air. Dust.

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Ask Uncle Dave – Beards and Ball Sacks

Which Came First

“I’m pretty happy if I get home from a ride without bruising or numbness in my testicles…”

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Sam Pilgrim: Banger’s Tour Ep. 1

Bangers on Bangers

Sam Pilgrim gets his bus driver’s license and tours around Europe in the first of his Banger’s Tour series.

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Hey Neighbour – “Big Red Ted” Tempany

It's All About Production

“Everyone loves Tonka toys. Well, now I get to spend my time in Tonka trucks all day, everyday. What a life!”

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Polygon Shredding in Seattle

Loamy Turns on the Collosus N9

Plenty of dirt, granite, steeps and drops for your enjoyment…

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Cam and Kirt in Utah Dirt

Trail Bike Radness

Cam McCaul and Kirt Voreis show off their new clothes – not far from the Rampage site…

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Weekend Warmup

Great Ones Edition

Just like number 99, it’s all about the great ones both old and new…

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