Jeans Thumb

60 Seconds of Jeans and Shred

All Metal All the Time

Andres Biersteker has his hesh game on point…

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Anthony Messere Thumb

Anthony Messere Gets Raw in the Back Yard

World's Shortest Commute

Nothing like big jumps and a world-class training facility just steps from the house…

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Kovarik Slices up B.C.

King of Drift

Is there a mountain biker whose style is more aggressively moto-inspired than Chris Kovarik’s? Not judging by this…

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Park Tool For 2017

Get Torqued

Park makes tool for both the home mechanic and the shop wrench – but Andrew Major prefers to use shop-quality tools at home…

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Rémy Rips Whistler (again)

The Best Lines

The way Rémy Metailler finds lines in the Whistler Bike Park you’d think he was born on top of a Dirt Merchant berm…

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Reynolds Wheels : Q&A at Interbike 2016

Three Dreaded Questions

Reynolds wheels designs rims, manufacturers molds, makes prototypes, and builds early production runs in the U.S.A…”

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Smoking Thumb

Ludo May is Smoking in Verbier

Rainbow Roost

Nothing like a little splash of smoke grenade colour to brighten up the ride…

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PUSH Industries: Interbike 2016

Metric, Updates and Tools

Backwards compatible shock updates and fresh tools are two of the tricks Darren from PUSH Industries is up to for 2017…

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Can I run 20mm More Travel Up Front?

Ask Uncle Dave

“A great fork can cover up a lot of mistakes and a bit of extra fork travel will usually add some capability to your bike…”

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What Development Has Benefitted Riders Most?

The Industry Squeaks (2)

Industry insiders answer this question: What MTB development over the past five years has provided the most benefit to riders?

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True Precision Hubs

Instant, Silent, Olympic Gold

True Precision got started in BMX and despite not paying any riders, 5 of the 8 riders in the men’s final in Rio were on their axles…

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Short Change Hero

Can You Spare a Dime?

Marius Justino is a bloodhound on a bike when it comes to finding all the flow…

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Darren Berrecloth

Darren Berrecloth’s Perfect Moment

Bikes, Boats and Adventure

A spot of speargun fishing along with some singletrack shreds make the Claw’s day oh so fine…

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4-legged thumb

Wild Women of the Wasatch + Their 4-Legged Friends

Furry Adventure Buddies

A unique connection between two spirits, foraged in the hills…

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Bernard Kerr POV Thumv

Bernard Kerr’s Winning POV Run

Red Bull Hardline Champ

Kerr engages his ludicrous speed drive on a pell-mell trip down the Welsh mountainside…

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The Future is Soon: Argon 18’s Concept Bike

Argon 18 offers a glimpse into the future of racing.

Does Argon 18’s concept bike offer glimpses into the future of DH and XC race technology?

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The Pace of Change in MTB

The Industry Speaks

We asked 8 industry insiders one question: Will the pace of change in MTB parts and standards remain constant, increase or slow down?

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ib2016d3 silca floor pump 1 thumb 1

SILCA Tools Make Me Swoon

SILCA and other nice things I touched at Interbike 2016

SILCA tools are a virgin pacific island in a sea of crap.

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Pinion Gearbox Drivetrains

Six hamsters arm-wrestling in your BB

Their catalog is so precise that the pages can be used to cut limes. My margarita tastes great, by the way.

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Devincis in the Desert for 2017

3 Bikes

The Hendrix has become the Marshall, the Kobain is new, and the Django comes in two wheel sizes but neither is plus…

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Slow-Mo Thumb

Sid Slotegraaf’s Gratuitous Slow-mo

1500 FPS of Radness

Your daily recommended dose of slow-mo in just 105 short (or reaaaaaaly long) seconds…

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ib2016d1 marin hawk hill full edit thumb

A Worthy Duallie for $1800 (US$1500)?

2017 Marin Hawk Hill

It’s usually not a good sign when you hear a bike called budget or price point – but this Marin Hawk Hill model for 2017 looks to be legit…

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Bicycles That Give You Wood

Don't Light a Match

Why would anyone make a bike out of wood over aluminum, titanium steel or carbon fibre? Because you can is not the answer…

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Hardline Thumb

Bernard Kerr Crushes Red Bull Hardline

The Fastest Man in Wales

A dominating performance and a new course record from the last rider down the hill…

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3 Things I Hate About You (Bike Industry)

Industry Insiders Dish

“Please! I get it, we want to make stuff better, but does it have to be literally every 9-months…”

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NSMB at Interbike 2016

What do you want to see?

We have our own ideas, but yours are usually better. Talk to us!

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EWS Valberg Thumb

EWS Valberg Final Results 2016

A Blast From the Past

Two legends battled it out on Day 1 for top prize. Who wound up taking the gold once all was said and done?

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29+ Thumb

Cam McCaul’s 29+ Challenge

How Far Can You Go?

It’ll take an experienced scientist to discover the outer limits of the 29+ wheel size…

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EWS Valberg Day 1 Results 2016

Sam HIll!

Sam Hill leading Nico Vouilloz – and Jesse Melamed is in touch in third – while Cecile continues to dominate, Richie Rude had a rough day…

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Leogang Thumb

Getting Rowdy in Leogang

Fabio Wibmer Rips it Up

It’s another zesty riding session for Fabio in the Austrian Alps…

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