Dream Capture: Big Kids

Matt Hunter and Thomas Vanderham: Big Kids

Shredding with the Pros

“Riding bikes is awesome. Getting to ride bikes with Thomas Vanderham and Matt Hunter when you’re 7 years old? That’s even more awesome…”

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Should One Bull Have All That Power?

A Sugar Daddy Conundrum

Someone’s gotta pay those biking bills, but should we have all our eggs in one basket?

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Giro Feature and Feather w/ MIPS

Show Us Your MIPS

Eurobike product releases are dropping, and it looks like Tuesday is all about Helmets and MIPS

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Bell Super 2R

Their Most Versatile AM Helmet to Date

No more need to pack two helmets for Enduro races, or for 95% of us, for your next bike trip.

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2015 Ghost Riot

A Longer Travel Ghost

We asked for a Riot with more travel up front – the Riot delivered that and more

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Bearclaw Invitational

Highlights from Redbull

Anthony Messere leads the FMB World Tour, while Brandon Semenuk is just a smidge behind

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Sam Hill and Loic Bruni Head to Head

Find the mistakes

Sam Hill won the race and Loic Bruni was fourth – only 1.075 seconds behind – but was Sam always in the lead?

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Robin and the Vampires

A Firsthand Account

Cory Leclerc worked as Robin Williams’ stunt double, riding bikes for the film RV…

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Highlights from Méribel 2014

Best Track Of The Year

Nasty, ridiculous riding that shows how talented and fearless these riders are…

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Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.01.46 AM

Méribel World Cup Results

Ain't Spoilin' it

All three spots atop the podium were filled by riders who placed in the top three on the day

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Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 10.30.52 AM

Replay: Méribel World Cup DH

Good to the Last Drop

Furious race action from France in the last World Cup DH of the year. Bryceland and Carpenter chase title bids, but who will grab the final chance at victory and carry the most momentum into World Championships?

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Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.10.02 PM

Méribel 2014 Quali Results

It's Going to Get Loud

Matt Simmonds and Rachel Atherton are fastest before the reins get dropped

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2015 Trek Session Park

Do you Only Ride Park?

McCaul, Rheeder and Semenuk, have enough of a voice within the company to influence the creation of a bike…

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Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 7.36.52 AM

Méribel DH Practice Highlights

Lots of Foot Out Flat Out Footy

The riders are loving this new track. Steep and technical – will flat pedals win again?

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Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.13.44 PM

Smashed! Cam Zink’s Successful 100 foot flip.

Inverted at 46 mph

Is this mountain biking? A circus stunt? The murky waters in between? Whatever – Zink pulled it off brilliantly, making it look so easy.

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Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 9.07.12 PM

Weekend Warmup

High Octane Edition

It’s a smooth and combustible blend of hard work, stoke, and sheer guts that’s been aged and refined for maximum viewing pleasure…

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Peaty Follows Ratboy at Meribel 2014

Can Bryceland Be Stopped in 2014?

Who knew Peaty is fluent in French? “Je m’appelle downhill track!”

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Trek Slash goes Carbon

What's Long, Dark, and 627g lighter?

There was one notable omission from the Slash line: Carbon. That all changed last week.

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A Day with the Canfield Brothers

From Dust to Glory

What bike do you ride when a chair lift can’t take you to all the heinous lines and you want to go for a mellow (or not so) rip?

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Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 2.53.26 PM

World Cup DH #6: Méribel preview

From the POV, Méribel Looks Amazing

“That was not an Orgasm up there, it was just Pure Fear”

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New: Yeti AS-Rc

Wheel size determined by frame size for Yeti's new XC weapon

If you visit their offices at noon, they won’t be there – they’ll be out riding.

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Round 3 - Tweed Valley, Scotland

Enduro World Series 2015 Calendar

Eight Venues, Three Continents

“It’s a real pleasure to announce our 2015 calendar and our third year of international enduro racing…we really will sample the world’s best trails with the world’s best riding communities.”

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Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.39.32 AM

ELIXIR: A Leo Zuckerman Film

Real Life with Nick Geddes

Anything from Leo Zuckerman is an immediate must watch – an inspiring story and great filmmaking within…

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Fresh Goods from 661

Protection In All Shapes and Sizes

Everything from magnets and boas to metallic paint jobs…

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All For One (By)

Single Ring For Everyone

Often the simplest solution is the best one, and that’s the case with Morgan’s most recent drivetrain project…

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Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.29.24 AM

SRAM Steps to the Top – Red Bull Joyride

Great wrap-up vid from SRAM Media

Semenuk, Rheeder, Messere, Peat: Joyride athletes running a Canadian flag took the top four spots at Joyride in 2014.

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Red Bull Rampage Refresh 2014

Sender Be Gone

Gone are the claimed lines, groomed run ins and massive built features. Instead the riders will find themselves…

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Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.01.37 PM

Marcelo Gutierrez’s Garbanzo DH Run

Fastest Man on the Mountain

Hold on extra-tight and ride along with the King of Crankworx…

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Semenuk’s Winning Run

Perfection in one run

Square landings and smooth, slow rotations made him the tallest guy on the podium. And 25G richer.

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Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 7.17.36 PM

Red Bull Joyride 2014 Results

No Spoilers Unless You Click This

Click through to find out who topped the podium at Red Bull Joyride 2014…

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