Mega Train Thumb

Sending the Mega Train in Taxco

Freeride Express

For Sam Pilgrim, it’s not about how fast one can get down the course, it’s how one looks while you’re doing it…

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2017 Trek Slash  9.9 - 3/4 rear

2017 Trek Slash 9.9 First Impressions

Big-Wheeled Bruiser

“Sporting 160mm travel front & 150mm rear, and a 65° head angle, this is one of the most aggressive 29’ers on the market…”

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Sam Hill – Flat Pedal Thunder

Enduro Medals

Sam Hill’s new career is off to a great start with a win, two seconds and he’s never been out of the top ten – no surprise…

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Ozarks Thumb

Ozarks Fall Shredding with R-Dog

Like a Leaf on the Wind

It’s a little bit of everything for R-Dog as he gets zesty in the pre-winter light…

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50 Ways to Leave your Bicycle

50 Ways to Leave your Bicycle

How To Crash Your Bike

“I have this hope that identifying crash mechanisms and codifying them might keep me safe – but I have no idea if this is true…”

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Sterling Lorence At Work

Snapshot from Freehub Mag

Sterling Lorence talks about his work and then gets down to business shooting with Thomas Vanderham on Boogie Nights…

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Fix It Sticks Replaceable (Updated)

Trick Modular T-Handles

Simpler than a folding multi-tool, superior leverage, huge degree of individual customization, and constructed to last forever.

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Stuck in an Echo Chamber

Uncle Dave Tackles Trump & Hillary

“I waded through pictures of myself peppered with insane hashtags and dog whistles, and I actually started to feel a bit sad…”

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Reynolds Blacklabel Wheels: Teardown & Winterization (Updated)

Industry Nine Hubs Vs. Winter

“Here in North Vancouver I have the luxury of access to year round riding allowing me to maintain my sanity and ruin my bicycle…”

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Finn Iles – Downhill Taxco 2016

A Terrifying Descent

Finn Iles lays down a scorcher on this terrifying course that begins with two blind drops, plus the winning run and results…

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Rob Warner Foxhunt Thumb

Red Bull Foxhunt POV With Rob Warner

Colourful Commentary and Sketchy Lines

“I nearly killed a bloke at the top, but I apologised heavily…”

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hardtail action

Full-Tilt Hardtail Action from Gaetan Vigé

Commençal Makes a Pinner

Maximum fun without worrying about blown bearings, over-saggy shocks, or weird chain growth…

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Dainese Altitune Collection

Winter MTB Gear

“Riding my motorcycle from Nanaimo to Tofino in a monsoon proved that these pants can easily take on anything that a measly bicycle could throw at them…”

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Couple Thumb

Jill and Bryn – The Fastest Couple on 2 Wheels

A Match Made in Dirt Heaven

“It might sound a bit critical, but riding fast and riding perfect is what we love to do…”

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Josh Carlson Thumb

Josh Carlson Gets Frothy

The All-Out Aussie

The Giant Factory rider talks bikes, life, and everything else that tags along with it…

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Riding the Ribbon

Brake Pads in the Dumpster

This trail is overflowing with rad – amazing rock formations, some gentle exposure and spots where you hit 60 km/h…

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Brandon Semenuk – Lapse

The Progression Continues

A moody masterpiece of mind blowing riding and stunning imagery – superlatives apply here…

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Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt: Reviewed

Featuring Shimano XTR Di2

Don’t let its ‘mere’ 120mm of rear wheel travel or its ‘small’ 27.5″ wheels deceive you – this is a barn-burner of a trail bike.

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Remi Thirion – Whistler Peak To Creek

The Punisher

Remi gets a heli ride to the peak of Whistler and then he rallies the whole way down like a champ…

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Railing the 2017 27.5 Kona Operator

Aggy and Fearon get Retallacked

“If you’ve been following along, you know that we’ve been developing this bike for the past two seasons under Kona Gravity rider Connor Fearon…”

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For A Living: Trail Builders

Pat & Sean's Excellent Adventures

Who are the real pros? The riders who travel the world showing off their skills, or the ones who toil at home to build the trails we love…

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Fall Roost Thumb

Fall Roost Harvesting

A Bumper Crop Year

Vincent Tupin and Lee Huskinson bring home nature’s bounty of sideways action and deep, roosty loam…

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Daniel Shaw – Rock City

Training on the Shore

There were a few fast young riders in B.C. before Stevie Smith showed the way – but these days our province is crawling with talented rippers…

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How to Rip Like A Rider From B.C.?

Ask Uncle Dave

“At night, between mouthfuls of food, we’d discuss how… the skill set of BC riders is light years ahead of us…”

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Renthal 35mm Fatbar & Apex Stem Review

Bigger, Wider, Indistinguishable feel

Despite the plus sized appearance, the ride quality is still excellent.

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7mesh Revo GoreTex Waterproof Shorts – Reviewed

No More Teabag Chamois

“Having your junk marinating in muddy water for three hours is nobody’s idea of a party – and I didn’t even know how much I hated it…”

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Canadian Thrills Thumb

Canadian Thrills with Nick Pescetto

Ride. Party. Repeat.

“I’ve been to B.C many times, but I think that this one was one of the best trips ever…”

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Bas van Steenbergen Raw 100

Bas van Steenbergen Charges Trail in British Columbia

Smooth and Silent like a Big Cat in the Woods

Bas van Steenbergen ripping through the forest will leave you chomping at the bit to hit the trails.

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Finn Iles Thumb

Finn Iles’ Home Field Advantage

Built Strong in Whistler

There’s no place like home when you live in one of the best outdoor recreation capitals in the world…

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Steve Storey Thumb

Trail Riding, Star Wars Style with Steve Storey

B.Y.O Sound Effects

Storey makes it look easy as he rips along what could be the forest moon of Endor…

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