Best of 2016 – Andrew’s Picks

Silver Linings for 2016

Andrew does some up-cycling and custom painting, gets some seriously big-ass rubber and taps an underdog…

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Freeridable | Cam Mcrae - Mount Seymour, BC

Best of 2016 – Cam’s List

Bikes, Tires, Drive and more

2016 was a banner year for bikes but some other mountain biking products and trends stood out from the rest as well…

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Santa Claus Thumb

Santa Claus Shreds to Town

No Rudolph Required

What does Old St. Nick do when he’s fresh out of reindeer?

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Dear Santa Pete's List Thumb

Dear Santa – Pete’s List

Covered from head (with a flask) to toe

A well-rounded Christmas haul that covers the bases, from a good book, to MTB skills, to dressing up your #flaskfriday. And a bike.

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Tobacco Root Thumb

Working Hard in the Tobacco Root Range

Embracing the Frontier Sprirt

“Riding in the Tobacco Root range requires embracing the frontier spirit of pursuing the unknown. Some days you’re rewarded, other days you’re left empty handed…”

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Beyond the Bike_Anne-Caroline Chausson_thumb

Beyond the Bike: Anne-Caroline Chausson

The Greatest Rider of All Time?

While there are many great riders, and other world champions, there are very few legends, and only one Anne-Caroline.

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4.5 random things Dave wants for Christmas

Cam and my mom have one thing in common – every year they ask me to draw up a Christmas list and I dread that email like tax season. I try saying things like “I’m good, I don’t need anything, people don’t want to know what I want for Christmas, How about some socks? (link… Read more »

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Wild Fire Thumb

Riding Like Wild Fire

Sending in SoCal

Trails and plants both rise from the ashes of the old, to bring in the new.

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50to01 THumb

50to01’s Stitch Up Road Trip

Portland to Santa Cruz

The Brits are let loose in America for a 700-mile jib tear down the left coast…

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4.5 random things Dave wants for Christmas

Dear Santa

“It was love at first sight at Sea Otter this spring and while I’m usually on the wrong side of the camera on bike tests, I was banking on getting some time…”

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Specialized & the E-Bike Dilemma (unabridged)

The darkness that dwells within many mountain bikers, exposed by the e-bike question, has parallels to the recent U.S. Presidential race. While I agree that there are some legitimate concerns about these bikes and that we should proceed with caution to avoid undoing all the hard work that has allowed mountain bikers to legally ride… Read more »

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Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton, Specialized Turbo Levo

Specialized & the E-Bike Dilemma

Hornets Nest Stirred

“We just sent the bikes to pretty much all of our guys. Curtis, Dylan, Loic, Troy, all the guys and said, you don’t have to make a video…”

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Cowboys, Gold & Grizzlies

Simmons And Shandro

“Wade Simmons made his first trek to the Chilcotins in 1994, and thanks to the addicting nature of the trails, he’s been back every summer since…”

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Best of 2016 thumb

Remy Metailler’s Best of 2016

100% Bangers By Volume

It’s the highlight reel to end all highlight reels for an early Christmas gift.

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Enduro Freeride at Bartlett Wash

"I trust you..."

“You can ride wherever you like as long as you do not disturb vegetation or sensitive soils – basically a giant skate park…”

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Dear Santa – Cam’s List

Tools and Bikes!

Even though I need to purge old and useless gear – there are some tools and bikes on my wish list…

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Ryan Leech’s FREE Flat Pedal Course

It's a good time to mix it up

Ryan Leech is giving his new flat pedal course away for free as long as you sign up before the new year.

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20 Foot Drop into Massive Chute!

Big Mtn Mondays w/ Doerfling

This looks like one of the most amazing things you can do on a DH bike – and James and Alex do it in the gnarliest way possible…

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Boost Spacing Shouldn’t Matter

Give us BOOST adapters!

Do you have some wheels or hubs that have become heirlooms because of Boost spacing? You should be able to boost them…

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Ronnie Renner Thumb

Gwin Crushing Lines with Ronnie Renner

Utah is One Big Playground

Two legends of their respective sports team up to smash some truly gnarly lines.

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Pipe Dream Thumb

Chasing a Pipe Dream

Nate Hills' Follow Cam Action

It’s a “local” loop in Utah for Hills and fellow rider Kyle Mears

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Off the Plank – BTS with Danny’s Huge Leap

"Bloody Hell!"

Danny MacAskill makes everything look easy but much angst and planning went into the filming and execution of the front flip to water…

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Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton, Specialized Turbo Levo

Has the Coastal Crew Sold Out?

Be E-Skeptical

“They are, after all, some of the most genuine and humble riders in the sport, untainted by sugar water sponsorhip…”

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Kohut THumb

Flat Out on Four Wheels

Stacy Kohut Shreds A-Line

“That’s why I’m there: To get my fun, but also entertain people with what I’m doing and to get them stoked on riding bikes, too.”

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Kirt Voreis Thumb

Kirt Voreis’ Highlight Reel

Crushing Those 'Grams

Voreis brings the comedy and jib mastery one social media post at a time…

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Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton, Specialized Turbo Levo

Coastal Crew on E-Bikes

E Skeptical?

“We have chosen our own title to ensure the message is unobscured by the rad riding of the Coastal Crew…”

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HT X2 Pedals : First Impressions

Combining the best of both worlds?

An everyman (or woman’s) review of the pedal of choice of Aaron Gwin and Jared Graves – with snow added…

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The Claw Rides King Kong by Moonlight

King Kong Moon!

Darren Berrecloth heads to Virgin Utah, near the Rampage site, to ride the gnarly trail the that changed the trajectory of his life…

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Rough AF – Jordie Lunn

Steep tech and smooth tricks

Jordie Lunn sending it on Vancouver Island through his own hand carved trails – and taking a beating…

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Troy Brosnan – Farewell Specialized Video

Moving On - Fast

“Thank you, Troy, for entertaining and inspiring us all with your passion, talent and unrivaled dedication, over the past seven years…”

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