SRAM Guide Brakes to Replace Current Trail Models

New Four Piston Trail Brakes

Guide improves lever feel and system reliability while retaining the power and modulation that the Trail series of brakes were popular for…

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Training Like Spartacus

Getting Strong the Gladiator Way

This workout is a perfect example of how to keep things simple but how simple things aren’t necessarily easy…

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Ian Morrison Shreds Retallack

All Steeps and Whips in the Kootenays

Artbarn and the whip master Ian Morrison making good times happen at Retallack Lodge…

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Coast Gravity Park: Preview

Coastal Crew Shows Off Their Work

“The boys were eager to show the trails that they had been working on, and thrilled to throw down for the cameras…”

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Chris Akrigg Wins Again

Chris Akrigg has proven that he can make anything look fun, including drop bars and skinny tires…

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Weekend Warmup

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

Into the wild blue yonder we go…

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Transition TR500 Unleashed

Getting Rowdy in the Woods

The perfect blend of science and shred…

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Enduro is Going Downhill

Bas Van Shows His Face

We usually see Bas van Steenbergen steezing the DH bike, but he’s definitely got style on the enduro bike too…

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2014 Giant Trance Advanced SX 27.5: Reviewed

Sweet, Sweet Evolution

The Trance SX performed really well in a wide variety of conditions with no weird traits or issues that would have otherwise prevented me from having anything but a great time on every ride…

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We Have Served Thee Well

Grant Robinson in Seb Kemp's Between The Eyes Series

Rather than freeze-framing a millisecond, wrangling and seizing it forcefully, he allows the motion of the moment, the many moments, to truly show themselves…

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Who Cares, It’s Only (Mountain Bike) Fashion

Considering the Do's and Dont's

Your gang colours – something that a fellow biker might note was a disguised piece of functional cycling clothing…

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Uina-Bernina: A Mountain Bike Trip

236 km and 7500 metres of Climbing in 4 Days

Traversing four passes on the Swiss-Italian border – put it on the list?

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Troy Lee Designs A1 Helmet: Reviewed

New Graphics Make the A1 Less Polarizing

If the proverbial shoe fits and it matches your favourite jacket, you’ve just struck all mountain gold…

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Cinder Cone Time Machine

Some Things Just Never Get Old

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about a vintage hardtail being ridden with vigor…

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2014 Intense Tracer T275 Carbon: Reviewed

Fresh Black Carbon on the Table

The Tracer T275C is not just a carbon version of the existing 27.5” Tracer, but an updated version of the 160mm platform…

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Weekend Migration with James Doerfling

Winter Trippin' with Knolly

BC’s coastal freeriders head south to ride in winter… BC’s interior freeriders head to the coast.

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N+1 Shirts in the NSMB Store

There's Always Room For One More

You probably already know about “the n+1 formula” – in fact there’s a good chance you live by it…

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Urban Legend

Marcelo Gutierrez on Urban DH

Clay Porter and John Reynolds bring us a very well-done look into the life of one of the juggernauts of urban DH…

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Mountain biking in Canada: But not as You Know It


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River Rats, Thirsty Beavers, and Riding Fools

NSMB Samples Vancouver Island

“Cumberland could very well be British Columbia’s new riding mecca…”

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Human Powered Helicopter

Feats of Engineering and Fitness

Taking a crack at the $250,000 Sikorsky Prize takes a lot of brain power and a strong yet light pilot…

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Life Behind Bars #13

Headed South Yet Again

Brandon Semenuk and Kenny Smith head down to Rampage for an early start but get diverted…

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Easton, Giro, E13 Goods

Furnace Bike

New flat pedal shoes, guidance from Steve Peat, carbon trail wheels and other goodness from Interbike 2012

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2013 Giant Trance X 29er

Giant Goes Big Wheel Big Travel

“A tight bike that likes to rip technical singletrack, thanks to short chainstays and a relatively slack head angle…”

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Leogang DH World Champs Course Cam

Rooty and Bumpy...

Roll the 2012 DH World Champs course with Brook MacDonald…

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2013 SCOTT Genius

First Date with the Long Travel Big Wheelers

“I rode a 650b /27” bike and then I ate a man size helping of humble pie…”

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Specialized 2013 Spec Sheets

All the Details on Your Faves

We’ve got exclusive access to the 2013 specs for the entire Enduro, Status and Demo lines…

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Sessions #3

At Home with Garett Buehler

Huge hucks on brightly coloured bikes… we approve.

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Mike Hopkins Talks Big Mountain

North Face Video by The Sherpas

Mike Hopkins talks about some of the parallels between dirt and snow, and shreds his bikes for the camera…

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AP Money Shot: Media Blitz #3

Toby Cowley and Mike Gamble

The last pair of Money Shot contestants vying to join us at Crankworx and Rampage this year…

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