Unsponsored And Unchained

Brazilian Attitude

Caio Suzarte looks like he’d like to be the founding member of the Brazilian Coastal Crew…

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Dad Buys Kid Walmart Bike

Sales Acquisition Officer

Father and son duo Doug and Carter Russell showing you why you should never compromise with your equipment…

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Energy Level Ballistic

Balls Out Riding

Phil Atwill give her a good rippin’ down in the Surrey Hills as he obliterates corners, hucks everything in sight and shreds the early summer dust…

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Weekend Warmup

Summertime Shindig Edition

If the sun is out the guns come out, provided of course that you’ve got a permit for ‘em…

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Loam For Miles

Bryn Atkinson in Bellingham

Bryn Atkinson is clearly pinned but he’s so smooth it looks sickeningly easy…

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Shimano XT M8000

First Ride Impressions and Pricing

“…for many, front derailleurs are now as useful as tits on a bull, but Shimano’s new FDs are damn impressive.”

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RockShox: Chaos Can’t Be Beautiful

Short And Sweet

Some visual poetry from the folks over at Rockshox/SRAM

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Abandoned Mine Ride with Aaron Chase

Not Your Typical Spelunking Adventure

“There are rocks surrounding you and if you hit the wall, it’s lights out.”

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Dean Tennant: Growing Pains

Drops Hucks Turns Jumps

Max Berkowitz and Dean Tennant team up for another banger big bike video.

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Seb Kemp is not a Racist

Words - Seb Kemp

“The latent message is that racing is the pinnacle and the essence of mountain biking; nothing else is truly biking…”

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Saboteur to Plead Not Guilty

No Guilty Plea

Tineke Kraal’s lawyer informed the Court that his client now intends to plead not guilty to the charge related to trail sabotage..

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Big Bikes in Iceland

Kyle J and Infocus

The landscape makes this worth a watch but the riding gets raucous and spirited along with the weather…

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People Are The Worst

Ask Uncle Dave

“Short of hanging out at the trailhead each and every Friday evening, pleading with hoards of drunk people…”

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Riding With One Arm

The Art of Balance

Tom experienced a serious crash eight years ago and was left with a paralysed left arm – but a steering damper keeps him going downhill…

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Jérôme Clémentz Rips Finale

Smooth Power

Jérôme shows why he was crowned the first king of Enduro in 2013 on the rocky lines above Finale Ligure Italy…

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Highlights and Motos with Pivot

4 Podiums in 4 Days

The Pivot Factory DH Team is off to a cracking start in 2015 thanks to a number of wins in Rotorua, NZ…

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Via Ferrata

Fixed Rope Descent Lines

“I honestly don’t want to do this ride again. It’s stupidly dangerous, feels triple as exposed as it looks like and there is a lot more uphill-climbing involved than the video shows…”

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CruzFest POV Insanity

Tailed by Moto

Casing a massive double gets more serious when you are being tailed by a dude on a moto…

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Wade Simmons on the Shore

A New Suspension Sponsor?

Wade Simmons is as smooth as ever – but you’ll notice a different suspension sponsor for the first time since in decades…

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Life Beyond Walls: New Zealand Ep1

RV Destruction

The first in a series chronicling Team Smith’s tour de New Zealand begins with a freak petroleum accident (Zoolander?) and rain…

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Weekend Warmup

Silky Smooth Edition

Lines so fine you’ll think they were made with precision engineering…

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Win a Trip to the Chilcotins with Ryders

3-Day All Inclusive Tour

Pack your bag and pick your friend for the trip of a lifetime…

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Video of the Month

Joonas Vinnari has bottled something essential about riding in this short but sweet ride in the Jura Mountains…

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Shimano Brings E-Bikes to America

Words - Cam McRae

Shimano had a sign listing the companies planning to use the system in North America – but one name wasn’t visible…

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The Perfect MTB Drift Track

Steve Smith and Brook Macdonald

This is the track Stevie has always dreamed of – drifting at 70+ KMH…

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The Medium Is Dead, Long Live Independent Media

Words - Seb Kemp

“Over time Dirt ‘matured’ into something that was irreverent, always on point and professionally unprofessional…”

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Whistler Bike Park: The Next Evolution

May 2nd 2015

Get those big bikes ready for some lift access trails.

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Ask Uncle Dave – The Wheelie Gene

Words - Dave Tolnai

“Should I give up hope and focus on things I am good at , things that require no innate physical gifts… like beard growing or checkers…”

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OneUp 45 Tooth Sprocket

More Teeth = More Bettah?

OneUp will tell you their 45t cog for Shimano XTR isn’t about a lower granny – it’s about getting more range with only one ring…

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ProGRT: Head Slaps & Bike Squishing

Case Of The Mondays At Port Angeles

Almost the exact same as Sea Otter, this section of trail seemed to get trouble many…

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