2016 Transition Patrol Carbon

A Slimmer Transition

A new frame material didn’t mean going back to the drawing board completely for the Patrol – because they figured they nailed it the first time…

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R-Dog – 3 Bikes, 3 Minutes

Oh To Ride Like R-Dog...

In three minutes, R-Dog styles his signature whips on three Trek bikes—Session, Slash, and Ticket S….

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WTF is a Plus Bike?

And Why Would You Want One?

A google search may lead you to believe that a Plus bike is one suitable for obese riders, but we’re talking about something different…

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Lorraine Blancher Prescribes Bikes

Make it a Daily Dose

“No matter how much fun you’re having, Lorraine usually has an idea or a trick up her sleeve that will multiply it. Our sport is lucky to have her.”

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Is This England’s A-Line?

Destination Trail

Olly Wilkins solves the riddle of mountain biking’s popularity in the UK (hint – it’s not the mountains or weather…)

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Do Riders Deserve Booby Traps?

Ask Uncle Dave

“None of these fork shaped objects should make it to market and the Product Managers at fault should be shipped back to the Quiznos they came from…”

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Aggy In the Flipping Trees

Beyond The Bike

Aggy talks about starting out racing BMX and then realizing he had more fun getting steezy on the jumps…

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Surfing Dirt In Bali

Take Us There!

The Ion team heads to Bali to surf the dirt and shred volcanoes.

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MTB Slacklining – BTS

How Did This Happen?

Kenny Belaey tried this once and couldn’t pull it off – so he went back to training and tried it again. This video shows how it all happened…

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Brown Pow Falling From the Sky

Dirt Blizzard Seg From UnReal

Forecast calls for a Dirt Blizzard from UnReal Movie – and Vanderham, Ian Morrison and Finn Iles are getting the freshies…

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Way Out on a Wire

Weekend Warmup

Sometimes you just need to stand on the brink of everything…

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RAW Action from RoyalFEST

A Look Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what happens when the FEST series guys aren’t ripping on bikes?

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ION Transom 16 Backpack = No Sweaty Monkey

Words - Cam McRae

ION sought to push your backpack away from your spine to keep you from overheating…

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Nose Bonk Them

Watch The F*** Out!

Perhaps Leogang Bike Park should work on their trail routing…

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Industry 9 Matchsticks – Next Level Axles

Words - Cam McRae

Surprise your friend with cleverly hidden secret weapons – and some pretty anodized colours…

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650B Wheels Are Evil

2016 Evil Insurgent

The 27.5″ wheeled 2016 Evil Insurgent made it’s appearance at Interbike…

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The Evolution of Mountain Biking

A Brief History Lesson with the Claw

This might just explain how we got from boat anchors and rigid bikes to our modern-day wonder machines…

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Big Shreds on Little Bikes

Training the Next Generation

The young guns are looking fast and fearless already…

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2016 Commencal Supreme DH V4 – Ridden in Andorra

Words - Jon Harris

“One of my testes makes a run for my throat as it connects hard with the saddle…”

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Magura Vyron eLect Wireless Dropper Post

No Wires, All Bueno

The Magura Vyron leapfrogs the dropper post market with an innovative wireless system.

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MRP Stage Fork – Ramp On The Fly

Control Your Ramp

If the trail gets gnarlier than expected MRP’s Stage fork allows you to ramp up the end stroke on the fly…

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Brazed And Butted: Marin Pine Mountain 2

Exposing Brass And Dropping Jaws

A raw steel frame that exposes the brass-brazed details mated with 27.5 Plus wheels and spec aimed at performance make this a seductive package…

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Red Bull Hardline: Crushing Dreams & Bones

A taste of what to expect from the event

Only 8 of 16 Red Bull Hardline finalists made it to the start gate and the winner’s race run was the first time he’d linked the entire course together.

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Does Sponsoring Aaron Gwin Pay Off?

Ask Uncle Dave

“As far as I can tell, there is zero financial logic behind anything remotely related to bikes…”

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2016 Kona Process 134 Supreme – First Impressions

Words - Andrew Major

For 2016 the Kona Process 134 gets dressed up pretty with a sweet parts kit and noisy hubs…

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Kyle Strait’s History of Rampage

Ten Years of Rampage

Kyle Strait dons his tour guide uniform and walks through a brief history of Rampage, from 2001 to 2014.

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WTF is a Shredhard?

Dylan Sherrard Rules

Skills, style, personality, AND an enviable beard…Dylan ‘Shredhard’ Sherrard seems to have it all – but he’ll be the last one to pump his own tires. We’ll be glad to help.

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Ride into the Hollow of Hell

Deepest, Darkest France

Will the legends of this place turn out to be true?

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Hardline Casing and Crashing

The Learning Curve

We are so accustomed to seeing the best riders in the world make things look easy that it’s a bit of a shock to see them struggle…

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Big Action on Small Tracks

Condensed Crankworx Action

A compilation of some of the biggest riders at Crankworx going head to head on the pump track, speed and style and whip offs…

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