Danny Hart’s Winning Run!

2016 DH World Champion!

In 2011 Danny Hart came from nowhere to annihilate the field but in 2016 – after three wins in a row – all the pressure was on him…

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Retire The Bike or the Girlfriend?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Now my girlfriend wants me to sell my bikes, skis, and “extreme toys” and take better care of myself…”

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Trail Dog Named Flow thumb 2

A Trail Dog named Flow

Four legs and a giant tongue

Who doesn’t love trail dogs? This vid is full of awesome close ups of a dog named Flow.

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James Doerfling – Warden’s Orders


James Doerfling is a shredder for the ages – on fast singletrack or ridiculously steep chutes – this is one you are going to want to watch…

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Miranda Miller – Steps To The Top

Leading at the split...

Miranda Miller has had a breakout year with several top ten finishes at the World Cup level – but Crankworx didn’t go her way…

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Magura MT Trail Brakes & HC Levers

Premium Blend

The MT Trail is an artful amalgam of Magura’s best brakes to produce something for use all over the mountain…

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2016 World Champs – Results and Commentary

Glory And Carnage

We’re not spilling anything on the front page – but trust us and watch the replay – or if you’d rather just know step inside…

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RatCam Thumb

The Val di Sole RatCam

The Last One Ever?

With rumours of retirement swirling, enjoy what might be a last rip with Ratboy down one gnarly track…

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Raw (2) from Val Di Sole is Bonkers!

Intense Practice in Italy

Crashing, huge hucks into nasty steeps and lots of rough and tumble action leading up to Sunday’s race…

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RAW Val di Sole World Champs Action

Chewing 'Em Up and Spewing 'Em Out

It’s a rough and tumble course for the Rainbow Stripes race…

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Impossible Berm Thumb

Riding the Impossible Berm

A Right Nasty Left Hander

The 50/01 lads have constructed a corker of a corner that no-one can seem to crack…

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Claudio, Peaty and Warner POV Val Di Sole

The Old Guard

Claudio has Steve Peat and Rob Warner join him for his Val Di Sole preview to celebrate the end of an era.

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Danny Hart’s World Champs Run from 2011

Maybe Best Ever?

A look back at Danny Hart’s mind-blower of a run as the World Championships returns to the scene of his massacre…

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Tools Missing from your Pack

Almost Everything...

The balance between having everything you need to keep you riding and keeping your pack a reasonable weight is a fine one…

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How To Bail – 5 Ways To Avoid Injury

Practice Punishment

We practice jumping, cornering, climbing – virtually everything – but do you ever practice crashing, unclipping, rolling?

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The Indestructible Renthal 1XR Chainring

Narrow and Wide

“The Renthal name carries a reputation for durable high-quality sprockets from their long tradition manufacturing motorcycle products…”

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Ashes Thumb

Back To The Ashes

Dust to Dust

It’s only after you’ve lost everything, that you’re free to do anything…

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Backwoods Jam Highlights

Backyard Vibes - if your backyard was the CGP

Logan Peat invited riders to come and chill out after Crankworx at Coast Gravity Park. Looks like it went according to plan.

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Vallnord DH Highlights 2016

Danny Hart!

Some of the best riding action of the season on this fast, steep rough and tumble course that challenged every rider…

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Farewell to Peaty

Last Orders

It’s Steve Peat’s last race at the highest level but Greg Minnaar and Josh Bryceland have some work to do as well…

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Semi Pro Status Thumb

Semi Pro Status

A Kaz Yamamura Film

Set out to find the next Whistler-based mountain bike superstar…

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Vallnord World Cup Final Results 2016

No Spoilers

It did come down to the wire at Vallnord on the men’s side and other things happened as well so that results were produced…

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Vallnord Quali Thumb

Vallnord DH Qualifying Action

Putting Their Best Foot Forward

The hunt for points is alive and well as the riders jockey for position on race day…

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Peaty Follows Ratboy Helmet Cam – Vallnord 2016

A Last Bow for a Champ

Peaty has qualified for the final World Cup of his career – if he’s to be believed – and here’s the last time we’ll see him follow Ratboy at this level…

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Quali Results – Vallnord 2016

Brosnan takes it by a knobby

The excitement appears to be over for the title race – but this course will serve up lots of steep and loose action tomorrow…

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Party Exit Thumb

How To Make A Smooth Party Exit

Trials: French Style

Léo Nobile shows how to bust out of the party with style…

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Unicycle Thumb

Jaw-Dropping Unicycle Chimney Line

Don't Try This At Home

Turns out just climbing to the top of an 840-foot chimney isn’t enough of an adrenaline shot for some people…

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Shimano PRO Koryak Dropper Post

Dawning Domination or Diddly Dropper?

“I imagined Di2, servo motors, exotic materials, XTR grey, and a post that would go up and down on its own to programmable preset positions…”

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Now THIS is a Train Gap!

She's A Comin'

What do you do when you go a little early gapping the train? You phone your buddy up the tracks to get the schedule and hit it again…

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RAW from Andorra Practice 2016

Berm Blasting

Dusty berm destruction and incredible pace over marbles, roller bearings and baby heads…

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