Vid: The Precepts of Enduro

Jérôme Clementz and the Standards of Discipline

“This concept that speaks of Enduro’s natural flexibility in adapting to the land and culture…”

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BC Contest Season 2011 Slideshow

Freeride Shot by Malcolm Mclaws

From Whistler to Vancouver Island and AT’s Showdown in Cali…

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Headcammin’ the Alps

Greatest Headcam Footage Ever

Seb and Stephen show you where they got the expertise in critiquing web edits…

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Hill and Brosnan Sweep Aussie Nats

Brosnan Lets One Slip

Last round of the Australian National Series, looking to South Africa…

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Ultramontane No. 04

The Godfather: Wade Simmons

“Everyone can rest easily, it finally snowed down in the city again – and it’s gone already…”

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Vid: Norwegian Fjords Shred

Fjora Sky to Sea Shredding

“Over the centuries, local farmers have cleared trails up and down the steep mountainsides…”

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The End of My 2012 Riding Season

Omar in Amuru

“Pushing the humble bicycle forwards in terms of the impact it can have on people’s lives…”

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God is in the Details

Paul Brodie's Whippet

A look at the details of reproducing a 125 year old suspension bike from the ground up…

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Top 3 Edits #6: Taylor Loughran

A Filmmaker's Quartet

“I’ve watched this edit at least a dozen times and every time I notice something I hadn’t noticed before…”

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Cypress Blues

Your Help Needed - Public Hearing March 6th

West Van makes progress towards sanctioned trails on Cypress, but will you want to ride them?

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BC Bike Race 2012 Route

Along With New Gravity Enduro Stages

“With the addition of two timed sections for the first six days, BCBR boasts twelve Enduro-style sections…”

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Vid: Luke Fulton – Island Grown

Going Big on Van Isle

Winter on Vancouver Island means lush greens and no time off the bike…

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Specialized 29er Day!

How We Roll

Specialized is giving away some swag to celebrate 29er Day 2012…

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Coastal Crew and SCOTT Part Ways

Farewell Video

“Watching them grow from a dream to a fully respected reality has been better than I could ever have imagined…”

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Northern Exposure #2 Photographer Feature

“I decide what I want to shoot, set up the camera on a tripod and remote trigger it from a button on my bars…”

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Vid: Danny Mac Taking It Back

Revisiting His Old Haunts

The Scottish wonder boy takes us back to some old spots, and shows us some new ones on his trail bike…

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First Time on TwoNine

Specialized Evo 29er

The earth moved, reality shifted, the past is forgotten and the future is all about wagon wheels…

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Lost in the Desert

Tripping in Sedona with Santa Cruz

“I’m like Homer Simpson tripping around in the desert, trying to find my soulmate…”

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Vid – Spring Trails

2:35 of Sylvia Films

Sometimes too much slow mo is just right and Sylvia films nails it by pushing right to the edge…

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Kyle Strait’s New Career

Celebrity Pitch Man

Funny vid and what looks to be a useful new feature from SRAM. “When you are ready to ride simply unlock the cage and go,,,”

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Quick Queries #3

Web Edit vs. DVD Release

Seb Kemp asks the filmers how they prefer to show their work to the world – alongside ‘100 Crazy Crashes’ or on DVD.

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Top 3 Edits #5: Morgan Taylor

On the Lighter Side...

Riders and filmers who break the rules, and a Top 3 with 5 videos.

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Top 3 Edits #4

Cam McRae

Fully clothed edits? Can there be cats? How about vampires? Will the plane take off?

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Mike Goldstein Interview

The Restless Pursuit For The Elements Of Perfection.

“First off, I have never been so excited about a summer before!”

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Top 3 Edits #3: Paul Stevens

Three Definite Standouts

“It would be enough of a struggle to pick my favourite three from this week…”

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TEN Things to Omit

Web Edit Commandments team rider Stephen Matthews has a few tips for the amateur Engas, Westerlunds, Scorseses…

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Story Time: Part Two

The 7D Revolution

Digital Democratization And The Boy With The Canon Tattoo.

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Quick Queries #2

'Camcorder' vs. DSLR

Videographers talk about what they are packing and why as the rest of us just try to keep up…

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Story Time: Part One

The Torture of Headcams

“If you do want to upload an entire top to bottom run then please tag the video as ‘Do Not Watch, Ever’….”

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Top 3 Edits #2: Stephen Matthews

Different Approaches to Keep You Interested

“Originality, humour, and a variety of filming techniques, without overdoing any of them…”

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