Vid – Graham Agassiz

Rowdy Fast

Great ripping on natural terrain and some trickery at the ranch in Kamloops in a quick, tidy package…

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Gee Atherton Interview

Summer Time Questions

Not the freshest interview we’ve posted but it’s topical – since we should hear any day who Gee’s riding for

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Inside Out Teaser – The Yard

Brandon Semenuk

“Clouded in secrecy for almost a year, The Yard was a key factor in Semenuk’s ‘perfect season’…”

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Vid – The Season 2.4

Building in the Burn

“No one is quite sure how the fire above Britania Beach started, but it revealed a mountain biking playground

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2011 BoXXer World Cup

Long Term Update

How did the 2011 BoXXer World Cup hold up to a summer in the WBP as well as days on the Shore on either end?

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Vid – Freecaster 2011 Teaser


Downhill race season coverage doesn’t get anymore exciting or comprehensive than this from Alex Rankin…

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First Descents

Alpine Descending

Another rear wheel hopping vid from Europe – this one from Germany’s tallest mountain – Zugspitze (2962m)

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Vid – Kranked Kids

Coastal Crew 2021

A coming of age mountain bike parody, starring Landseer Enga, Braedon Service, Noah Wooden…

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Vid – The Season 2.2

Kevin Landry and Jeremy Norris

“Curiosity powers mountain biking’s evolution, so Kevin and Jeremy went looking – to create their own vision…”

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52 Winter Trails

Best Shore Trails for Winter

Winter routes suggested by Wade Simmons and Sharon Bader – seasoned North Shore veterans…

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Man’s Best Friend

Dog Can Shred

Lil doing what she loves, chasing bikes. Filmed in park city, ut at our new trailside bike park…

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Ryan Leech Interviews…

Cam McRae?

The Second yoga focussed discussion this time with nsmb founder Cam McRae. Join Ryan for yoga on the Shore Sunday

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Vid – Off The Radar

Featuring Brendan Howey

Mike Zingers brings us a stunning eight minutes of Cali DJ and DH action featuring local talent Brendan Howey…

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Wade’s Wisdom – A Winter’s Ramblings

Tell A Story, Win Prizes!

“Vanderham was scheduled that day – needless to say, he was fired over the phone right there. It was a great ride…”

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Vid – Steed Buffs Boogie

TAP in Moving Pics

Steed Cycles took on the daunting challenge of rejuvenating The Boogie Man on Mt. Seymour

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Vid/Story – From The Inside Out

Fernie Teaser

“The impact was so hard he could not hang on and he was sent tomahawking off his bike like a ski crash yard sale…”

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Vid – Gulevich

GG on Van Isle

Brian Park shot and edited this ‘welcome to the team’ edit of Gully doing all the things he does best…

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Fairclough on Scott 11

New Ride For Brendan

“Brendan is widely recognized as one of the most well rounded riders on the DH circuit with a unique style…”

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Stund – The Lost Files

Romo Huge and Fast

This footage disappeared amidst some controversy – but it appears to have been worth the struggle…

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Worst Day Best Day

Ridng and Building the Shore

“When the weather makes you feel like a little boy, putting on your man pants is always rewarded…”

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DH1 French Locations Revealed

6 Races In 4 Countries

“Selecting DH1 venues is a challenging task and many aspects need to be taken into consideration…”

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Vid/Interview – Arthur says II

Set up Secrets

“A stock bicycle, will only perform to a very small percentage of its capabilities out of the box…”

Comment now! TAP Trail Day #5

Sunday Nov. 27th

Come join us for some digging, some lunch and a little celebration of how far we have come since the spring…

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2011 FVMBA AGM Report

News from the land of dirt and manure.

A look back at recent success stories while forming a vision for what the new year has to offer…

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Kranked TEDx

Classic Footage

Bjørn Enga has given new life to some footage of the Coastal Crew, Steve Peat, Ryan Leech and more in a great edit…

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How Not To Do It

Video Dissection

“Not all how-to videos are this nerve-racking, but every so often you get a real blood fest shocker…”

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Logan Bingelli in 2D

3D is coming

Logan does some HD shredding for an upcoming 3D Blu Ray film – and if it looks this good in 2d….

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Dario Jasper Jauch – edit

Who is this Kid?

DJJ does many things very well and this is also very well shot – with just the right amount of slow mo and good action…

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Seb Moves to the Shore…

The Shore meets IMBA

“The Shore brought a new attitude to mountain biking, which was running away in a blur of neon Lycra …”

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Vid – Danny Hart at home

Truvativ - Every Ride Has A Story

World Champion Danny gives us a look at him home life and his home trails and moto crashing and sheep chasing…

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