2012 Shimano XT 1st, 2nd & 3rd Impressions

Shimano rolls out the latest version of its venerable mountain bike group

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Squamish Trail Closures due to ‘Aggressive’ Cougar

Alice Lake Area Off Limits

“The closed trails included the popular Jack’s Trail, Mike’s Loop, Credit Line, Entrails, Mark My Word…”

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Nicks Geddes Battle Against Leukemia

Ripping Harder Than Ever

“Before he left for his transplant I had the opportunity to film with Nick. It didn’t surprise me that he was riding his bike regardless of his treatments…”

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La Bresse World Cup Finals

Finals + 3 Videos

Check out the winning runs and the carnage from round six of the World Cup…

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Three Days Of Insanity

Ollie Jones Blog

“We ended up taking a wrong turn and we found ourselves on a misleading mossy single track. This turned out to be the start of the three days of insanity…”

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4th Element of Perfection

“You grip the ground with gnarled fingers and lay wooden foundation for tall trees and the trails…”

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DH Nationals Vids

Two Vids Tell the Story

Connor Macleod headed out to Panorama to document a steep and gnarly looking DH course…

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Scion Whistler Report Ep. 12

Summer Is Finally Here

“No Crankworx, no Phat Wednesdays, no big events, just time to unwind a bit, get in some social rides, and catch up on work and sleep…”

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Jamie Goldman’s Whis Adventure

Going South, Going Sideways

As I dragged a small V10 off to the side of the road, a slight whimpering from the driver’s door of…

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Shooting With a Pro

Behind the Scenes with Scott Markewitz

A bonus lap on a wicked trail to shoot photos? Hell yes!

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Matt Hunter

Into The Wild

Matt Hunter takes you on a solo two day ride in the South Chilcotin with just a few supplies and his fishing rod…

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Two Wheel Festival

Goat Style Replaced

“August 13-14 we’ll be hosting the Two Wheel Festival – aka Turn that frown upside down weekend!”

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Inside Out Teaser

PG Train Gap

“Just before it was time to head home we went for the big banger… the train gap….”

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MTB B.C. Vid – Hornby

Day 7

Hornby Island is entirely surrounded by water – and dissected by mountain bike trails…

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Loamy Content – Vid

Kelowna, North Shore

“This video came at a personal expense to me of about $800. As it turns out, the weather-sealed camera…”

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Matt Montandon Milks Garbanzo

Blog Photos

Fog and snow don’t stop last years AIRprentice from ripping the alpine. Photo blog inside…

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MTB B.C. Vids

Days 5 and 6

More from Norona and the crew on the Vancouver Island bastions of Mt. Tzouhalem and Cumberland…

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Whistler Report Video Ep.11

New Trails!

A couple new trails in the bike park…one is a rebuild of Smoke and Mirrors?

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NSMB’s Redbull Joyride Finals Video

NSMBtv at Crankworx

The world’s premier slopestyle event seen through the lens of

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MTB In BC Vids

Days 3 and 4

Dave Norona is your guide flying from Whistler to Victoria ‘city riding’ and at the Hartland Dump – which is no dump…

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Scion Whistler Report Ep. 11

Gravitrout! Whip It!

Some great footage of Troy Brosnan ripping Pemby on his birthday, wicked shots from Whip Worlds and more…

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Summer Shred Showdown

Voting Is On!

You have until noon on Friday to vote for your fave videos submitted to Contour’s Summer Shred Showdown

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Jason Chamberlain’s Custom Demo 8 & Prototype Pedals

Engineer Experiments

A Specialized engineer gives us a look at his personalized rig and his experimental pedals…

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2012 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo & Enduro Evo

Video Preview

Specialized engineer Jason Chamberlain gives us a sneak peek us two 2012 evo bikes…

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Crankworx Joyride

Reported by Seb Kemp

“I feel like yesterday was almost too much excitement and now I’m left with a serotonin deficiency…”

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Joyride Top Three Runs Highlight Vid

A Closer Look

Left Coast Visuals slowed a few things down and put together a nice collection of views of Joyride…

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Paulo Blog Day 10

That's a wrap.

Paul finishes his Crankworx marathon with his best result yet in the CDN Open Enduro against a very strong field

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CDN Open Enduro

Lopes And Chausson

A highlight video or the full replay – an hour and a half worth – plus details and results

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Paulo’s Blog Day 9

Slopestyle Etc.

Paul keeps busy by seeding for the Enduro, watching the Slopestyle – and of course blogging about it all

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