2011 Avid Code Brake Review

Enough Stop for your Steed?

“I thought the Code offered as much sheer power as the Saint, but the Code felt more predictable…”

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Dre Slaying

Vid - 2011 Slayer

Connor Macleod follows Andreas Hestler around the North Shore with his video camera to check the new Slayer

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Gear Shots #72 – Marin, Giro, Avid

Goods for body and bike

In this installment, we look at the Marin Attack Trail 6.9, Giro’s new mountain bike shoes and Avid pro bleed kits

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Doerfling AM Rip

Vid from Solos Prod.

James Doerfling hits the trails in Sooke to ride the Knolly Endorphin.

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Port Angeles ProGRT Day 1

A Little Preview

World Cup riders such as Danny Hart, Duncan Riffle, Andrew Neethling, Bryn Atkinson, Lars Sternberg…

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Gravity Logic Report

Tom Pro in Moscow

“Anyway, if built, Gorky would be a world class bike park supported by world class infrastructure.”

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New Keronite® BoXXer

Concrete Colour - Uber Light

However, Keronite® is more than a color, it is a sealing process, shaving off over 30 grams,

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nsmbA Gear Swap 2011

Get your gear in Thurs/Fri

It’s that time of the year again – time for you to make some room in the garage for a new steed…

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Lopes in BC

BC Bike Race For Brian

“I’ve heard nothing but great things about the course this year and although I am not expecting…”

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Chasing Gravity-Episode 1

“They leave tracks across many of the trails in the heart of urban Phoenix, AZ, rustic Sedona, AZ, the unique…”

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Sam Hill Behind the Scenes

3 Minute Gaps

Sam’s been growing his hair and getting inked – looks like a new man. Will that make him faster?

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Race Face’s Demise

The Insiders' View

“I was contacted by a former Race Face employee who felt the story of the company’s demise should be told…”

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The Coastal Crew’s Backyard

Presented by Truvativ

“Their amazing surroundings and their upbringing in that environment make what they create as rad…”

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Vienna Air King Results

Sam Pilgrim did it again!

“French rookie Mehdi Gani surprised everyone this year when he rode from the pre-qualifiers…”

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It’s Still Winter – Vid

Muddy Freeride

“It was an interesting day, there was sun, cloud, mud and snow on the ground…”

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World Affairs Part V

You can never truly go home

“He was like a laser guided missile of lust that was fueled by a sex drive greater than…”

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Lost Dog On Fromme

Hurley is Lost!

Hurley was last seen hiking on the Baden Powell between Prospect Road and the upper Braemar Lynn Valley area.

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RMB Must Change Slayer Name

April Fool's!

“It’s now official that Rocky Mountain has been forced by Sony Music Entertainment to cease and desist…”

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Revolutionary DH Bike From Specialized

April Fool's!

“So, Specialized thought, let’s make the fastest DH bike in the world – but engineer it to last only long enough…”

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FMB World Tour Teaser

Epic Highlights from 2010

“In 2010 the world’s best freeride mountain bikers traveled the world always focused on one goal…”

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The Quicky Stiffy

April Fool's!

“As soon as we got word of this new product, we knew that it would revolutionize the cycling world…”

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Vid – Jarrett Moore

Winter Fun on Van Isle

“We get the most amazing weather here while the rest of Canada suffers under snow…”

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Ex Race Face Staff Hired

Pentecost and Hadfield

Snapped up by Banshee and Yeti, the bike world is getting their talons into some of Race Face’s best talent

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nsmbA Town Hall Meeting Report

Trail Adoption Plan Underway

This fresh start for the nsmbA is starting to gain some momentum and the core of the group is strong!

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Shore Shred

Wade Simmons and Dre Hestler

A sweet ride down the new Ladies Only trail after some love from the legend – back when conditions were dry

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Brian Lopes

10 Questions about 2010

“There is better riding for sure in places like B.C., but Laguna is sweet as we have so much right here…”

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Steve Smith Vid

Winter Training

Steve Smith riding hard in the off season and talking about his approach to training and getting fast…

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Contour 2011 MTB Team

All Star Roster

Lined out with gravity’s most talented and fearless pinners, the team is led by Cameron Zink…

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Twonicorn 5002

Race DH In Kamloops

For a third season the Unicorn 5000 DH race at Harper Mountain is back!
One day only on May 8th 2011

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Fromme POV

Ladies/Skull/Natural High

“I had a fantastic day on Fromme Thursday. A little Ladies, BP, and Natural High. First time with…”

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