Freecaster Behind the Scenes

Rob Builds His Bike and more

Rob talks about riding the Champery World Champ course and you can see him working behind the mic – and yelling…

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Little Foothills Heaven

Going Big In Calgary

I quickly find myself in and amongst my lifelong friends who are still out there digging, riding, and sharing laughs.

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Killer Vid – Matt Montandon

mmm - bikes

Matt Montandon shreds harder than most on a bike that is smaller than most in a place that is sweeter than most…

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Matt Brooks

Lone Wolf As Talent

The one and only Lone Wolf himself shreding in this section. Camera work done by Kaleb Trozzo…

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DH1 IS Coming in 2012

Freecaster Founder Interview

Raymond Dulieu, founder of Freecaster, took the time to tell us about DH1, his made for Video DH Series…

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Vid – Stund 3 Episode 4


Episode 4 takes us from the Sunshine Coast to the alpine ridges and slopes of the Purcell Mountains for some true Freeriding!

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The Best of Team

2011 Highlight Video

Our riders were a force to be reckoned with this year. See why in this best of 2011 compilation by Matt Dennison…

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Hell in Della


“Lets advance past all the tom-foolery of camping, wizard staffs, fires and tree-felling…”

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Scott Voltage Team Vid

A Different Team Video

Timo Pritzel shows his younger teammates how to stay fit and strong despite riding hard and crashing…

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Trail Day Oct. 16th


Now that Executioner hits Dreamweaver it’s become one of the best lines on Fromme – but below Baden needs help

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Final Interbike Vids

Easton Wheels/Devinci Bikes

Dain gives us the lowdown on Easton’s ramped wheel program and Gabe walks us through a couple of interesting Devincis

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Vid РTrans Proven̤e Day 7

Plus Results

On the final day it’s a race to the beach in Monte Carlo and some post event hilarity…

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Vid – Raging Buck takes out Rider

Be Careful in Africa

Always keep your eyes open for a Red Hartebees – he might think you are after his mate…

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Stund Season 3 Ep. 3

Sunshine Coast

“Doerfling, Buehler and Romaniuk trade in the dry, sandy slopes of their Interior BC home for some tacky…”

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Ryan Leech

Diversifies Through Coaching

“As a public personality and role model, Leech knows that challenges arise and inspiration…”

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Vid – North Shore World Champs

Pirating Ned's

Connor Macleod and a crew of unsavoury characters battle it out to see who is the fastest human on the Shore…

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Atherton Project 3/10

Season 3 Finale

Dan gets hold of a digger and a dump truck and starts to build a backyard track – just for fun…

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Vid – Connor on Scratch

Della Creek Ripping

Connor takes his Scratch tester to Della Creek B.C. to see how she does in wide open terrain…

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The Scion Whistler Report #21

The Grand Finale

Todd takes us on a motion picture journey through the bike park and a photo trip in Pemberton…

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Vid – Jinya

Hardtail Soul

Jinya rips his hardtail harder than most riders shred an 8″ travel dh bike – and this time he does it in Pemby…

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Vid – Paul Stevens

Season Ender

It’s the last Scion Whistler Report vid and a chance to watch Paulo ride hard and even spin his DH bike…

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Vid – Strength In Numbers

Billinghurst Teaser

“Just because you’ve found a dream to follow doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. If you love it…”

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Vid – Coastal Crew Go…

All Mountain

“It’s unstoppable from climbing to ripping downhill making it the most versatile bike in our stable…”

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REVIEW: Loeka women’s winter jacket and pants

Warm and dry IS possible

Loeka’s women’s-specific Schuzen tech jacket and Kulla pants are put to the test on the Shore

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Vid – Garett Buehler

Fall 2011 Edit

GB shreds the North Shore for a couple days in front of Connor Macleod’s lens…

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SheGNARnigans! On The Shore

Toonie Drop?

“The Shore is such an awesome place to ride and has the history to go with it. Its not very often we all get…”

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Dale’s Trail Day Report 3

Getting There

It’s hard to know when any work was done on Dale’s – but it seems to have been a very long time…

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Vid – Jamie Biluk

Fetish Piece = shredding

Watch Jamie going frighteningly fast on his dh bike, AM bike and even his road machine as he trains for…

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Vid – Stund 3 – 2

Williams Lake

“The hometown of James Doerfling. Notorious for big mountain ski style lines, this was the perfect place…”

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Vid – Dylan Wolsky

Trail Riding Whistler

Dylan in a self edit doing what we used to call mountain biking – but that I guess is now AM or Trail…

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