Ride Retallack

Backcountry Experience

Retallack and Riley McIntosh – previous founder of Rilor Wilderness, renowned trail builder and rider have teamed up…

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Return of the Ripper

This Weekend

“It all begins on Friday afternoon at Inter River Park, with registration opening for the weekend’s events…”

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Buckle Up For Carnage

Slippery DH in S. Korea

Matt O. from South Korea sent us what might be the best crash video ever shot at a DH race. You be the judge…

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Hopkins Gets Ambitious


“cameras got involved which turned his trip into an incredibly serious, high profile, high budget project

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Team Riding Addiction

Best Pyjama Suits Ever!

Good riding from a French team riding Commençal on fine trails – in the pimpest pantsuits since Elvis…

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Mitch Delfs Project – Vid

Charging in the SW of Aus.

Shot Over Two Days around Mitchell Delfs’ home in the South West of Australia.

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Behind the Loops: Part VI

Captain Shredhard

“When their “balls drop” they literally do drop, descending between a layer of muscles to where they will stay…”

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Cedric Gracia Interview

10 Questions about 2010

“Whistler is always a fun place to go but hard for me physically and mentally :) ride, drink, ride, drink…”

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Peaty Signs with Five Ten

Flats for Steve Peat?

“Action Sports shoe maker Five Ten announced the addition of the undisputed king of Downhill…”

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Woodlot Snow

Winter's Return

A sweet vid of some dialled snow riding at the BCIT Woodlot out in Maple Ridge…

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RockShox Reverb service vids

Tune yer Reverb

Videos from SRAM on Reverb tuning. Learn how to shorten the hose, bleeding the system and replacing the hose

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Finally 2 Part III

Best Episode Yet

Lots of great riding shots in this episode to get your DH fires burning.

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Micayla Gatto

10 Questions about 2010

“A group of guys followed us back to our hotel and stood outside shouting at me to throw my sweaty kit to them…”

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Winter Leaves

More From Basque Country

It’s almost spring in Basque country but for now the trees are bare and the ground is covered…

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Intense Tracer II

All New for 2011

“Last year, we asked our testing, dealer, consumer, and racing teams how to make a great ride even better…”

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Must Ride In Rain

Cure For Cabin Fever

“It’s rarely steep enough to really motor but it’s too rough for a punter like me to get on the pedals…”

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Follow Me – Vid and Slideshow

Behind the Scenes

“We’re on a hunt. No bikes, just shovels and a truck because you don’t bring a fork and a knife to the hunt…”

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Stevie Smith Bio

Follow Me Profile

“The thing people don’t realize is that racers don’t just ride downhill tracks – I like to ride everything

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Gear Shots #65 – RockShox, Specialized, Avid

Fall gear goodness

The new RockShox Lyrik RC2 DH, Specialized’s S-Works shoe and Avid’s new Code DH disc brakes

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Kinrade’s POV

Summer of Shredding Vid

“It’s undeniable that the best thing about mountain biking is shredding with friends…”

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Cam Zink’s POV

Winning Rampage Run

Cam Zink talks you through his run from top to bottom and then join Strait Bourdon and Zink down Flying Monkey

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Interbike: McMassive has his lollipop stolen

What were they thinking?

“…when you are flying 50 feet through the air you have to make sure people are watching…”

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Whistler Report #19

Rampaging Down Whistler

“Make the downhill a mass start, mix in 15cms of fresh snow on top of the peak and suddenly we have an adventure…”

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Roskopp Takes The Oscar

In the words of Farmer Jack, “What can you do when your boots let water in?”

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Coastal Crew Episode X

Time For a Change

The crew goes big in Rossland, Fernie and at Silver Star in what may be their best episode. When do we get a movie?

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Rocky Riders Free @ Mt. Wash

Wade Simmons and Brett Tippie.

This coming weekend, July 24 & 25th, Mount Washington is hosting the Roots Rocky Reggae!

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Ride With Wade

At Blue Mountain Ontario

Don’t miss your chance to learn and ride with Wade Simmons – July 16th-18th

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X-Fusion 2011 Line

Entirely New

We have taken what we have learned over the last 10 years and spent countless hours with our Engineers, athletes…

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Atherton Project Ep. 5

Fort William!

It’s a huge event for the Athertons on a physically demanding and tiring course, with masses of family…

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Whistler Report #8

It's a long weekend

It’s been a busy week, with fast racers, prime conditions and a new pump track vid

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