Readers’ Rides #8

This reader’s ride is a steel hardtail from the UK. He traded in a full suspension bike for it.

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Pimp your ride, Sponsor a rider

Buy a crank, etch a msg

Race Face is supporting Dirt Series scholarships with a custom crank auction

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All-sponsors trail day

Come out and have fun

Come help buff up CBC with a special all-sponsors trail day

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Off to Ride in the Yukon

The Land of the Midnight Sun

“Sylvain met a mom and 3 cubs twice and then raced a moose – we now call him the animal whisperer…”

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new ride!

I am a mountian biker at heart, but once and a wile it is nice to dip into something a little difrent.

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Kranked ReJeKt Episode 1

The Costal Crew goes on a mission to get the shots.

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Specialized is Hiring

Make Sam's Bike Pretty

Come work with the most innovative cycling brand in the world! We are looking for a talented graphic designer…

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REVIEW – Santa Cruz Driver 8

An all-new bike from California

Santa Cruz drops a new 8″ bike on the world. Does it live up to the company’s reputation for sweet rides?

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My beautiful demo 8

I was able to build up a fresh beauty to to ride for the season!

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Curtis Robinson’s Demo 8

Just like Sam's

Curtis has a new ride – just like Sam Hill’s ride – and when he gets healthy he’ll be able to try it out…

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Crankworx CO

Reg. Opens Today (June 1st)

“Alex Pro, Andreu Lacondeguy, Lluis Lacondeguy, Graham Agassiz, and Paul Basagoitia confirmed to compete…”

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LP in the Basement

Kid from Onario moves into my basement.

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Mike Hopkins At Rampage

His Experience in Film

Tam Ford worked with Mike Hopkins to put together an epic video of his first experience at the Red Bull Rampage…

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Readers’ Rides #7

Mythic Rampant from the U.K.

“We would say it’s a short travel freeride bike or aslopestyle bike for a competitive rider…”

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Trail Day Sunday

CBC Needs Your Love

After a winter under a deep blanket of snow it’s time to revive CBC for a summer of ripping…

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First HD Helmet Cam

VholdR Countour HDTM

HIGH-DEF VIDEO FOR YOUR HEAD… from a Video Camera Small Enough to Fit on Your Goggles

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Transtion Covert

Re-defines All-Mountain

“Most of these customers love to pedal singletrack and also hit more aggressive freeride trails…”

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A Day In The Dome.

The trails where not dry, the mountain was not up and running yet

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The Kona Shonky Inc.

“I wanted to make a bike that was rare and cool, but was also not crazy high priced so no one could afford it…”

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Shooting on the Shore

Jerry Willows and the Digger

“Every move on this short steep trail was sniper so I was a pretty nervous as I’ve been mainly pinning…”

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Crankworx Invitees Announced

Who's On The List?

“Over the winter we have worked closely with athletes, judges, media and our broadcast team to improve…”

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North Shore Bike Fest 2009

Racing Returns to the Shore

Words, results and lots of photos from the events of the weekend…

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Name The Knolly…

To Claim The Knolly

Help Knolly pick a name for their new frame and you just might win the frame of the same name…

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Kranked Revolve

Behind The Scenes

“Aspiring pros wanting pointers in work ethic they need look no further than Dylan, Curtis and the Kyles…”

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Readers’ Rides #6

That there's a Pronghorn

“The big bike was heavy because of all the steel parts, which I took from my dirtbike…”

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Dirt Series North Shore Camp

This Weekend!

“mountain bikers tired of ‘just go for it’ advice and downhillers itching to give their skills a jump are invited…”

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On the Line Vernon Premiere

Okanagan showing

North Okanagan Cycling Society presents the Okanagan premiere of On the Line – Saturday, May 30

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