Red Bull Downstairs

No hill? No problem...

There’s more than one way to get high in Amsterdam

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Trailer: Local Knowledge 2

The Kiwis are brewing up something special

“Think of it as your Gravity Riding Guide to New Zealand…”

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Gallery: Jay Sinclair

The Best of last year

Some of Jay’s best images from 2008 in a tasty slide show for you to enjoy.

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North Shore Bike Fest

Festival Update

“Schedules are being rewritten, contracts are being broken, dreamers are dreaming…”

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Sprockids Fun Day

April 28 on the Sunshine Coast

“Celebrating the ‘two-wheeled approach to building self esteem’ for 20 years and counting…”

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Gear Shots #76

Giro, Arc'teryx, Fox Shox, and More...

A quick look at some of the new product that’s making its way through the NSMB offices and into service…

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The Coastal Crew: Brown Pow Outtakes

Happy April Fools from

Unfortunately Brown Pow Energy Water® is not the Coastal Crew’s new sponsor. Nor does it exist. But here’s some bloopers and outtakes!

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Vid: Nico Vouilloz Ride Sessions

Destination Coaching with the Enduro Master

A taste of what to expect at Nico’s Ride Sessions based out of Nice, France…

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Avid XO Trail 4 Piston Brakes

New Brakes for Your AM Machine

A four-piston dual diameter caliper with a bearing on the lever pivot…

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Sram Type Two Derailleur

The Clutch Has Been Released

“It might sound bonkers that a product could be celebrated for its acoustic merits…”

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Anthill in Nepal

Strength in Numbers Teaser

“From seventy meters above sea level, the lowest place in Nepal to 8850 meters the top of the world in Everest…”

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Freeride’s Godfather Deepens Family Ties

Wade Commits Long-Term with Race Face

Race Face expands contract with Mountain Bike Hall-of-Famer Wade Simmons

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North Shore Ripper Enduro

Three-Day Event Changes Pace

Marathon XC is out; Enduro is in. Hear why from the horses mouth…

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Ryan Leech Interviews Katrina Strand

Professional Downhiller - Turned Personal Trainer

Ryan and Katrina talk about balance, both on and off the bike.

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NSMB Contributor Profile: Seb Kemp

Getting to know the people behind NSMB.

Getting to know the people behind NSMB.

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Vid – Dylan Sherrard Season Finale

Kamloops Seen Through Silvia's Lens

Dylan finishes off a big year with a bang.

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Flying By The Seat part III


“We received a message from Graham Agassiz that he was at home in Kamloops, and was keen to ride…”

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Scary POV Vid

Don't Look Down

This one gave me sweaty palms – riding on a very narrow ledge above a steep drop and let’s add some ramps…

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Liam Mullany Demo Reel

Two Years Condensed

Brief moments of intensity and beauty and some berm smashing, explosions, time lapsing, smoke belching…

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Ryan Leech Interviews Joe Schwartz

Yoga on the Shore

Ryan is teaching Yoga here on the Shore and Joe Schwartz is coming as his guest this Sunday…

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Stund 3 ep. 6 – Best of Season 3

Best of Stund

“We live and breathe mountain biking, and when you give that much of your life to a sport it becomes your life…”

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Cypress B4 Snow

Late Season Shred

Cypress has some of the best natural terrain on the Shore – and it’s a DH rider’s paradise as Faultline shows us…

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Vid – Silvia Films

Highlight Reel

A compilation of stunning shots, huge air, killer speed and all that is good about mountain biking in Kamloops

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Vid – Mark Matthews

Steel is Real

One of our favourite local riders killing it on a Chromag (another fave) on Van Isle shot by Aaron LaRocque

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Review – Specialized DH Tires

Butcher. Clutch. Hillbilly.

With Specialized’s return to DH racing new gravity tires were only a matter of time. Was it worth the wait?

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nsmbA AGM Thurs.

Come to the AGM Nov. 17th

This has been a huge year for the nsmbA and probably the most successful to date. Come hear what’s next…

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Photos – Fall Colours

Riding Season

Strahan Loken managed to get Aaron Larocque on the other side of the camera for a change – results inside

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Dale’s Trail Day Report 4

Photos and Video, with support from Rock Shox, has now put in four trail days on Dale’s trail and resurrected it…

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Ollie Jones' Trail

“Well, its fall, the park is closed and the gondola is shut. The autumn leaves have slowing been changing…”

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Vid – nsmb Does Vegas

Embarrassing Moments

It’s possible we went a little too far in LV this year, had a little too much fun – and Matt caught it all on Video

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