Vid: Classic Shore Day

Wicked Self-Filmed Video

Brad Walton riding the 2012 Cove STD in gloomy winter conditions on the North Shore.

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Vid+Photos: MTBNZ DH Nationals #1 – Queenstown

Jon Television

Comprehensive coverage of a fast, loose and ridiculously dusty track in Queenstown.

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Vid: Contour 2011 Highlights

Along for the Ride Around the World

Shots of just about any sport you can imagine…

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Digger: North Shore History X – Part I

Digging up the Origins of the Shore

Driven by Dan’s riding and Digger’s building, mountain biking would go through its first catharsis…

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Popping my Big Wheel Cherry

Taking Transition's Bandit 29er Out On the Town

“We’ve seen that incredibly good riders are still incredibly good on a 29er…”

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Vid: A Quicky with Swinny

Sun Shining on a Cold Winter's Day

Swinny roostin’ it up on the little bike for This Is Sheffield…

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Bilt Bikes – Coming to Life

Australian Builder Going into Producction

Frames going into production after two years of development and testing…

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Vid: James Doerfling Gettin’ it Done

Get Stoked for Huge Lines...

Doerfling absolutely shredding the BC interior on his Knolly Podium.

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Rob Warner vs. Shaun Palmer

"World's Greatest Action Sports Athlete"

Warner fires 25 questions at living legend, and old friend, Shaun Palmer.

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2012 Norco Team Roll-Call

Finalized and ready to kick off the new year.

Through nearly every discipline there are riders representing Norco.

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First Rides: Specialized Status 2

Swinging a Leg Over the Big S' Budget DH Bike

This budget-conscious DH bike is a ready-to-rock race, bike park, and shuttle machine…

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Vid/Photos – Five Ten Winter Catch Ups

Sam Dale on His XC Bike

“A cold wintery morning, Macclesfield Forest provides Sam with his winter training ground…”

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Vid – Wayne Goss and Eric Hillen in Smithers

Stylish Riding in Northern BC

“Wayne & Eric killing the trails in Smithers. A segment from the movie ‘Routes’…”

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Vid – Berrecloth Search & Destroy

A Tale of Freeride Adventure

Searching out—and destroying—uncharted big mountain riding in central Utah…

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Vid/story – Matt Hunter

From The Inside Out

An all-time camping trip, exploration, house boating, great times with friends and riding bikes – sounds like Matty…

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Questioning the Athertons

Seb Goes Deep Once Again

Seb gets the dirt as two powerhouses of downhill mountain biking join forces.

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Athertons On GT

Gee, Dan and Rachel

“Over the past five years, Atherton Racing has seen over 50 professional victories and multiple World…”

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Brodie Khan 29er

Brodie's First Foray into the Big Wheel


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Vid – Dirt Norco Aurum Slammin’

Dan Stanbridge Daydreaming at Work

EyesDown Films will be bringing their take to Dirt Norco team videos through 2012.

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Mike Hopkins Signs With Norco Bicycles for 2012

Rossland BC Native on BC Brand

“Mike comes to the team with a strong list of accomplishments…”

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Exclusive Interview+Photos: Hopkins on Norco

Taking Peaks and Valleys to a Whole New Level

We did a lap of Bobsled with Mike to get the scoop on his new deal with Norco.

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X-Fusion Signs Brian Lopes

4-time World Champ and Hall of Famer

“We decided to work with Brian because he offers more than just a marketing face for the brand…”

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Vid – Team Oak Bay Bikes – Lavan

Mossy slo-mo rippin...

Jarrett Moore and Joe Esnouf shred some trails on southern Vancouver Island.

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Team CRC 2011 Edit

Stunning DH Shooting

Rowdy riding Featuring team riders Matti Lehikoinen, Joe Smith, Matt Simmonds…

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The 2011 Dreaded Update

Hoots Wraps Up Another Year

“With the perpetual spring rains of 2011 and long standing snow it was difficult to get my early season ride on…”

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Vid – Darren Berrecloth

MTB Chronicles

Darren using powersaw, excavator, moto (with Steve Smith), shovel, fishing rod and of course his bike…

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Loose again

48 Minutes of Charging

Saddle up with a coffee or a brew, because there’s 48 minutes of shred to watch.

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Kintner and Atkinson on Norco

Added Firepower

“Norco Bicycles has partnered with Jill Kintner and Bryn Atkinson, as title sponsor, to re-launch…”

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Paul Stevens Season Roundup

365 Days Around the Sun

Looking into Paulo’s summer through photo, video, and a slideshow…

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Matt Brooks Season Ender

Lone Wolf Production

The Lone Wolf himself shreds for the camera on the big bike one last time this season…

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