Munich Night Snow

Prime Conditions

Some desserted urban environments that lead to some trails that look very enjoyable…

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Dean Tennant Pinned

Filmed by Larocque

Dean training and timing on trails he built himself – with Aaron at the business end of the camera…

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The Story of North Shore Racks

Not your standard bike rack

North Shore Racks is a husband-and-wife operation that’s building a unique rack and selling it to the world.

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Are Helmets Good For Us

Or For Cycling?

This is a bit of departure but I thought it was pretty interesting – does helmet advocacy discourage riders?

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Transition Bandit

Rip Up and Down

“We pushed the envelope of tube design and machining to create a bike that floats through singletrack…”

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New Tees For Xmas

Or Kwanzaa, Festivus

We’ve been asked for this shirt for some time – and now it’s here. An American Apparel shirt with our spiral logo

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Project Gold

Aaron Larock Vid

Shot in ‘the most amazing light possible on southern Vancouver Island’ – podium finish for MEC contest…

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“This past summer I was lucky enough to join MBUK in the South of Spain…”

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Gear Shots #66

X-Fusion, Kali, Race Face and FSA Gravity

Goods for you and your ride, just in time to add them to your holiday list

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Mt Tamaro DH

Swiss Big Bike Riding

Ticino is known for coffee, food (Italian food!), lakes, road riding – but not big DH rips…

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Bavarian Snow Trails

Gnar in the Pow

Something new from the Vert Riders over in Germany – exposed lines and lots of fun in light, fluffy snow

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Journey To Neldor

Vid of Aggy Ripping Hard

“I longed to ride my bike with a wizard. Then I wanted to meet a real wizard…”

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Life Cycles In Stock

Shipping Today

The most anticipated movie in years is on our shelves. Pick it up and see what all the fuss is about…

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In The Fall

Three Months Of Riding

“It’s snowing outside, and I’m really cold. So here’s a video I made over the course of…’

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Seasonaires Ep. 5


“If you cut Jinya Nishiwaki in half he would bleed chain lube. He rides up, down and around all trails…”

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Enjoy the White

Snow Ride Vid

Strahan Loken straps on his chest mount to ride some DH – and he makes it look fun

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Matt Montandon’s Season

Vids, Pics, Words, Awesomeness

Matt was our pick for AIRprentice – and he showed us we chose well with a big season

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Beast Gear Podium Legs

Reviewed from the ER

New for this year, Beast Gear offers up the Podium,for knee and shin protection – to keep you out of hospital

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Proto Norco Team DH

Spotted on the Web

This seems a little early – but the photos are out on the web so you may as well have a look…

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Danny MacAskil!

Dig Deep in London

More hopping, spinning and general lunacy from Danny MacAskil – this time in the busy, pulsing heart of London

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2011 Cycle Passion Calendar

3 Vids Inside

Taking a page out of Sports Illustrated’s book a making of vid accompanies the calendar for 2011 – here’s a tease

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nsmbA AGM 2010

Moving Forward

The nsmbA has a plan (don’t snicker) that could get the trails on the North Shore back up to speed after years of decline

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Bike vs. Moto

Gee against David Knight

“Reigning World Cup Champion Gee Atherton takes on multiple World Enduro Champion David Knight…”

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NSMBA AGM – Nov 25

Come out, support trails

Come out for the AGM of the nsmbA on Thursday November 25th at the Lynn Valley Rec Center.

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Gully on Home Soil


Watch Gully roll some creative lines on Bobsled, shred the big bike and then drop the infamous Twoonie…

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FroRiders Knighted

(and other Interbike Leftovers)

Wade, Tippie and Schley are finally in the MTB Hall of Fame – and much hilarity ensued…

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Seasonaires Ep. 4

Maxime Bruneau

“When I ride with Maxime Bruneau I struggle to figure out who is the worlds most stoked mountain biker…”

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Trek’s ABP Receives Patent

Protected By Law

“ABP has been praised for being the first suspension technology to separate braking and suspension…”

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Jeremy Tenisch Shreds

All Singletrack

No dirt jumping, no structures, no trials, no urban, no foam pit, no skinnies – only fast dirt singletrack

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Snow Days!

Ride of the Year

“Eamo was a bit sick, and whiney as a result, but we cajoled him into joining us…”

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