Enter Durango

Getting High in CO

“The trail lacked banked corners and had lots of climbing, pretty standard for a 19 year old DH trail…”

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Norco Bling for 2010

Norco launches their 2010 lineup

Guess which bike Jay Hoots considered doing the 65km BC Bike Race on…

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AIRprentice – Cash from Denny’s

Cash And Built Bikes

Denny’s Canada has stepped up to provide cash money for the winner and the fastest rider down Dag’s DH this weekend…

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Kokanee Crankworx All Mountain Enduro

Ultimate AM Challenge

The Canadian Open Enduro will let ‘er rip on a course where gravity will help and hinder the racers…”

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Claymore Video

Video from Claymore

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Lillooet – Della downhill

1100m ( 3500 ft) downhill in Lillooet

“Della is a shuttle-able 1100m+ downhill near Lillooet that’s in rare buff, fast shape…”

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“Dis is the Island Mon…”

Rocky Reggae On Mt. Washington

“We were all surprised at how good the trails were and the high level of trailbuilding the local crew displayed…”

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REVIEW – Transition Blindside

8" of big bike goodness

Stuart Kernaghan spends a long time beating on Transition’s big bike, and likes what he finds

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Epic in Breckenridge

Vancouver Boys at Altitude

“Hyperventilation, fatigue, and constant headaches were the norm for the both of us…”

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Semenuk Knighted

Top Three Videos

Three familiar faces on the podium and three of the smoothest final runs you’ll ever see…

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Epic in Breckenridge

“Hyperventilation, fatigue, and constant headaches were the norm for the both of us.”

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Readers’ Rides #10

10 Years Young

“The insatiable desire to spec and build bikes has helped maintain and drive my interest in the sport…”

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Semenuk and Stevie

Follow Me - Blog and Vid

“We’ve been looking forward to this segment because it puts two young riders together who represent…”

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Claymore Day Two

bikes ands road riding and fun.

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Get Serious About The Shore

Panel Discussion Saturday @ 4:00

We won’t get academic but Digger, Danger Dan and other North Shore heroes are going to give their 2 bits…

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Day One, Claymore Challenge.

We made it! it was a short 14 hour trip

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Trail Day Sunday

Butter Up Neds July 19th

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin is great for going fast, first timers on the Shore and getting some airtime…

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Specialized Big Hit 3 Review

Bargain DH Sled?

“All that’s missing is a rider in a blue-accented white jumpsuit to round out the look…”

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Shaun Palmer on Intense

Video Added

“Something that not many people know about Shaun is that he is really technically savvy…”

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Silver Star 2009 Trail Preview

AIRprentice Lines?

The trails at Silver Star’s bike park have been attracting riders for years, for good reason. Find out why – and why we’re going there for AIRprentice.

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Highland Mountain Gears Up

Claymore Challenge

“Not only does the course have a ton of flow for those of us competing – it also allows us…”

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AIRprentice Riders Chosen

Let there be 9 in 2009

“Choosing Riders using a computer is a bit like choosing a bride from a catalogue…”

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Ultimate Road Trip Winners!

Bike Parks BC Picks 'em

“A one week mountain biking odyssey through British Columbia led by Shaums March…”

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Bombing Bolivia

Two Vids Take you There

Flow with Joe Schwartz down some amazingly scenic and diverse landscapes – along ridges, through canyons…

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ANTI Days of Thunder

Norwegian Epicness

“The riders teamed up to compete at each event (downhill race relay, dirt jump session…”

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Jerry Willows’ Demo 8

Sam Hill Style

“Saturday afternoon rolled around and we hit up an old schoolish trail and this is where I noticed the low BB…”

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Trail Bicycles Demo Days

This weekend in Courtenay B.C.

Bikes from Trek, Gary Fisher and Banshee yours to try – Shuttles on Sunday too…

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Kona Shonky Inc.

Jumped, Spun, Reviewed

“Then, to make the bike affordable, they slap on cheap low-end parts and quality is sacrificed…”

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Rocky Day at Mt. Wash

Roots Rocky Reggae

Rocky riders roll free on July 11th and 12th at Mt. Washington with Wade Simmons and Brett Tippie…

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