831 from Fox

Jumpers Rejoice

Fox Racing Shox takes 4X, Dirt Jump and Dual Slalom suspension to the next level…

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FIRST LOOK: 2010 Giant Faith

What was old is new again

The second instalment of the Giant 2010 launch profiles the all-new 7″ Faith freeride bike

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Salida, Colorado.

11, 000 feet and Rising

“After about four and a half hours of Redbull, beef jerky, and Pepto-Bismol we reached Salida, the ‘Heart of the Rockies…'”

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Thunderstorms and Forest Fires

Canada/BC Cup at Sun Peaks

The B.C. Cup was a fight to the finish but the podium was lead by foreign faces at Sun Peaks…

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Name The Knolly

Short List is in

Is Podium Slaying Adrenaline Rogue too long? How about Vanquished Vendetta Pursuit?

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This Weekend...

This event is FREE to attend and is open to everyone in Whistler who has a bike! You don’t need to be…

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Gear Shots #57

A full Mace kit and a new full face lid from Kali

Mace Caliber Jersey & Gloves, Mace Task Shorts and Kali Durgana Helmet

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Episode 7

Footage from Châtel with DJ action, large mountain and some footage from Mountain Style…

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REVIEW: Kona Coilair Supreme

Lee Lau's long-term test

The Coilair Supreme’s strength is downhill performance. But what about the uphills? Lee tells all.

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New Product @ Crankworx

Bikes and gear unveiled

Bike, component and gear manufacturers rolled out a number of treats for riders at the Crankworx expo

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New Product @ Crankworx – Part 2

More goodies from CWX

Part two of a new product article from CWX ’09

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Specialized 2010

The lowdown on the new stuff

Specialized big-bikes get their own product launch this year, NSMB was there to check it out.

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Crankworx: the view

What it looks like from there

Aside from streakers pulling inside out moves, there really is always a lot to look out for…

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CWX Slopestyle Wrap

Goes Down Smooth

Was this the sickest Crankworx Slopestyle ever or did it fail to meet the previous standard? Read on…

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Kokanee CWX Day 9 Vid

Sam Hill Wraps it up

Burly shots of the Canadian Open DH course, comments by Sam and Brendan and more…

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Monster Slopestyle Vids

Slopestyle Highlights and Best Trick

Crankworx Vids showcase the biggest show in the mountain bike world…

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Lopes Wins Enduro

He Does It All

The first year of the Canadian Open Enduro brought out lots of talent and many pitched battles…

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CWX Day 7 and 8 Vids

Slopestyle, Giant Slalom and more

Tippie corners Shaun Palmer, Greg Watts and check Andreu’s flat spin superman – best trick winner…

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Greg Watts Takes CWX Slopestyle

Clean and Smooth

Semenuk and Soderstrom round out the podium and’s Mitch Chubey nails down a solid sixth place…

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CWX Day 6 Video

Tippie @ Night/Muni Jumps

The weather has finally come around but yesterday was a bit of a wash – at least in the day time that is…

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CWX Day 5 Video

AIR DH and Photo Challenge

Lefroy and Tippie spar over the mic and Lopes fends off all comers in the AIR DH.

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Claire Buchar Wins Womenzworx

Boneyard on Steroids

Nychka and Buchar split the $1,000 prize after riding the “Boneyard on Steroids” at The Gala

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Lopes Dominates AIR DH

Vid Inside

Brian Lopes makes it four for four at the AIR DH while Fionn takes it for the women

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Crankworx Day 4 Video

Grrls Go Off

Stephanie Nychka becomes the first rider to attempt the massive Kokanee wall ride and Claire Buchar takes the prize…

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Salida, Colorado. 11, 000 feet and Rising

“After about four and a half hours of Redbull, beef jerky, and Pepto-Bismol we reached Salida, the ‘Heart of the Rockies.'”

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Monster Garbo DH Video and Shots

Leov and Miller Take It

Check out how fast the top racers rail Whistler Mountain top to bottom – and how far they boost the GLC drop…

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Crankworx Day 3 Vid

A Rainy Day in Whistler

POV footage of some of the best trails, shooting in the AIRdome and an interview with Katrina Strand…

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Berrecloth Training

Watch the Claw Nail New Tricks

Darren takes his Specialized SX to the AIRdome to dial in 360 turndowns and look backs – vid inside…

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Specialized 2010 Teaser

From their big-bike launch in Whistler

This is just the phone call to invite you to the party next week..

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