Olympic City

“With the…”

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Readers’ Rides #17

Transition Trail-Or-Park

“She was a present from an ex, the only good thing about that misguided relationship…”

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Orecrusher XC

Squamish May 15th

“Dust off those winter thighs and get ready for another round of bike races and epic summer riding…”

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Tires On The Clock

Wet Times With Freelap

“Although I was entering corners with the same speed as the King of Traction I was drifting…”

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Here We Go Again

Trailer 19

“When the phone rings at the DH Productions office, you never know who’s going to be on the other end…”

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Suspension Set Up

The Basics for a DH Bike

“Think about low speed compression being rider inputs – with more your bike’s not going to dive…”

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Coastal Crew Webisode 3

Dunes and Loam

“We felt that it was the perfect time to showcase Curtis’s talent for smashing corners, romping at excessive speeds…”

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Tyler McCaul on Fox

It's Official

“They’ve been helping me out under the table the whole time and it’s an honor to be locked…”

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Olympic Hangover

Please don't go

“We talk about what a great place this is and how we love it here, but Vancouver isn’t all roses…”

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Olympic Hangover

That'll do


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Okanagan Summer Sampler

Episode 4 - Sun Peaks Lager

“I will have to admit to being a little bit of a fan boy who has probably watched the Collective…”

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Jutsin Wyper Bike Check

2010 Black Market Mob, built with a full parts kit!

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Ben Boyko – Follow Me

Anthill Films Profile

Boyko talks about his slimy jacket while shooting for his part in Follow Me with Cam McCaul

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Here We Go Again

Episode 18

Get inside GT Team rider Kevin Aiello’s head and learn what it takes to go fast

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Riding Yukon Style

Riding The Klondike

“Whitehorse in my memory was surrounded by uninspiring hills and while I liked the place…”

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Threads of the Week

Not the Boobs thread

Some riding, some photos, some videos, some randomness and some education about suspension. Something for everyone?

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Fox Goes Long

Finally a 7" Single Crown

Spy shots were posted in our forum – but it looks like this is a legit product…

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Bro Vs. Mountain


Short film made in Nov/Dec of 2009, and featured in the 2010 Vancouver International Mtn Film Festival.

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An Olympic Weekend

Games On

“The fresh faced, conservatively dressed white people made it seem like we’d been transported to Utah…”

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The Season

Dr. Scott

“But strip away the lab coat and he flies through the air like super man…”

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Brighter Trailer

Buckle Up

The trailer to end all trailers. Tam Forde’s films have something others seem to miss – and it’s all here…

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20 Questions With Charlie Kelly

Repack Original

“Very few people get to change the world, and few of those who do, actually improve it. I didn’t set out to do that…”

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Mark Matthews

Aaron Laroque Vid

Aaron shot one of our favourite local riders on his new Banshee and both rider and filmer killed it…

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Paul Bas and Race Face

Locked In

“Bas always provides constructive product feedback, and is the consummate pro when it comes time to throw down…”

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Momentum 5

Enjoying It

Andreu’s finale. His friends talk about him, he rides more and talks about getting old…

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Roll The Foam

Hurts So Good

Another tip from team Yeti/Fox’s strength and conditioning coach – James Wilson. Video inside…

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Here We Go Again

Teaser 17

“With all the snow that’s been falling on the East Coast of the USA this winter…”

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Digger is Back

Todd Fiander Digs Again

“No trailbuilder on earth can match Todd’s attention to detail, ingenuity, creativity – just ask him…”

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Coastal Crew Episode II

Getting the Shot

Semenuk and Norby racing the light to get the shot on the ‘Sunset’ Coast after many failed missions…

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