FMB with Specialized

Partners in Freeride

“Naturally, we are very excited to count Specialized among our official partners…”

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Riders In The Storm

Snaking and Sliding

“When the familiar act of riding becomes extraordinary, stopping could break the spell….”

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Dean Tennant Slaying

By Aaron Laroque

Dean and Laroque tag team once again with a killer video of some great riding on a very cool trail…

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Søderstrøm on Specialized

On the Team for 2011

“Specialized will sponsor Martin with frames and saddles for at least the next two years and will be joining…”

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Finally 2 Part I

Peaty, Athertons and More

See Peaty training near home, Rachel and Gee in Italy and the Trek World team bearing down in Phoenix…

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Thomas Vanderham Interview 2011

Part II

Thomas talks sponsorship, bike building, signing babies, golf, hockey and his froriding teammates…

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Chuwbakasode #1

Mitch Chubey Vid

Mitch Chubey out for a ride out in the middle of Winter and braving the elements as it starts snowing…

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Lorraine Blancher interview

The Real Deal

Lorraine rides like a girl – a girl who goes big and charges hard – as the wicked photos by Sven Martin attest –

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Video Feat. Jarrett Moore

Jarrett Moore and Brian Park make and unbeatable combo. Lots of trail noise and ripping on bikes large and small

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Or Not?

A couple of French dudes going very fast on leafy trails – at some location where French is spoken

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Thomas Vanderham Interview 2011

Part I

Thomas talks about his born again sponsor, off season antics, Rampage, canyons, making movies and more…

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Adam Brayton?

Riding Banshee. Vid

I have no idea who Adam is but he wears the ugliest pyjama suit I’ve ever seen and he goes fast…

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GT Bikes for 2011

Born Again?

While the past few years GT’s have tended to blend in and go unnoticed, it’s safe to say that…

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Andreu Lacondeguy Interview

10 Questions about 2010

“It is a lot of partying in there but you don’t learn how to double flip a 50 ft gap in the bar…”

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Post your Trail Dog

Bicycle Café Contest

The Bicycle Cafe Kamloops and the awesome folks at Cycle Dog are looking for the best photo of your biking dog.

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Jinya on Trespasser

Hardtail Fever!

“You go up and down once, I do it twice for shooting.” Watch Jinya charge one of Whistler’s gnarliest lines

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Vanderham Returns

Back on Rocky

The 26 year old “North Vancouver native, who built his iconic status with Rocky Mountain returns to the Vancouver B.C…”

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Ego Kits

Motor your DH Up

Want an electric motor to add some uphill capability to your dh rig? This is it…

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Gone For A Ride


“A year that saw a whole lot more dirt, rock and trail passed under knobbly tyre, a year of every…”

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Ray’s Milwaukee

Grand Opening!

Ray’s would like to hook you up with some free food, a raffle and the best indoor riding experience anywhere…

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Windows Of Opportunity

Ride Before Snow

“The weathermen and weatherwomen have been nailing it for a change – and they are calling for snow…”

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Geoff Gulevich Interview

10 Questions about 2010

“I wanted to no hand the Oakley sender but I think my skirt got caught on my saddle…”

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Steve Peat Syndicate

Comes to North America

Ride for Steve and get race support, a Carbon SRAM and Rock Shox equipped V10 and race support – for a good price

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Ray’s Milwaukee Vids

Open for Business

Ray’s new park is rolling and it looks like a lot of fun – riding XC, jumping, pump tracks – it’s got it all

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Finally 2 Teaser

Plus In a State of Trance

Some amazing footage from the 2010 season – mostly DH but some other riding represented as well

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Camelbak – 2011 The Don Review

Riding With The Walker

The Camelbak The Don is back for 2011 with some notable additions – and a severed Camel’s head

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Flip Winter the Bird contest

Win a dream trip

Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures is giving away an epic winter mountain biking escape in Central or South America worth $5K

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Following Marco

VID - DH in Italy

Marco Toniolo takes us on a sweet DH rip that has a bit of everything – on frozen Italian soil…

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At Home with the Athertons

Gee, Rach and Dan

Post injury and Christmas talk about presents, New Years, traveling for three months and more…

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