Ryan Leech Interviews Joe Schwartz

Yoga on the Shore

Ryan is teaching Yoga here on the Shore and Joe Schwartz is coming as his guest this Sunday…

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Stund 3 ep. 6 – Best of Season 3

Best of Stund

“We live and breathe mountain biking, and when you give that much of your life to a sport it becomes your life…”

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Cypress B4 Snow

Late Season Shred

Cypress has some of the best natural terrain on the Shore – and it’s a DH rider’s paradise as Faultline shows us…

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Vid – Silvia Films

Highlight Reel

A compilation of stunning shots, huge air, killer speed and all that is good about mountain biking in Kamloops

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Vid – Mark Matthews

Steel is Real

One of our favourite local riders killing it on a Chromag (another fave) on Van Isle shot by Aaron LaRocque

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Review – Specialized DH Tires

Butcher. Clutch. Hillbilly.

With Specialized’s return to DH racing new gravity tires were only a matter of time. Was it worth the wait?

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nsmbA AGM Thurs.

Come to the AGM Nov. 17th

This has been a huge year for the nsmbA and probably the most successful to date. Come hear what’s next…

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Photos – Fall Colours

Riding Season

Strahan Loken managed to get Aaron Larocque on the other side of the camera for a change – results inside

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Dale’s Trail Day Report 4

Photos and Video, with support from Rock Shox, has now put in four trail days on Dale’s trail and resurrected it…

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Ollie Jones' Trail

“Well, its fall, the park is closed and the gondola is shut. The autumn leaves have slowing been changing…”

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Vid – nsmb Does Vegas

Embarrassing Moments

It’s possible we went a little too far in LV this year, had a little too much fun – and Matt caught it all on Video

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Cam Zink’s Huge Flip

Largest Step down flip?

A few folks are calling this the largest step down flip ever – and it’s easy to see why…

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Interbike 2011 – Day 2 Indoors

The Home Stretch

“In which our dragon slaying heroes find themselves in a state of perpetual consumption…”

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Peas in a Pod

Ollie Jones POV

Some out-of-the-park Whistler action as Ollie goes for a rip down Peas in a Pod. Gnarly!

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Specialized 29ers Roll into Champery

Smoother is Faster

“Specialized athletes not only enter Champery with numerous elite victories under their belt, but have also racked up several “firsts” of another kind…”

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Deep Summer Behind the Scenes

Margus and the Froriders

A video-look into Margus Riga’s 2011 Deep Summer Photo Challenge slideshow…

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Bearclaw Invitational Report

Words, Photos, Video

“After a two year hiatus Darren Berrecloth and Mount Washington Bike Park brought the contest back but added even more flavor to it…”

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Mountain Biking in BC

2 Vids from Winning Trip

Dave Norona brought his bike, his video gear and a little bit of energy along on the MTB in BC 7 day give away…

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AIR DH highlights

Photos and results

Andrew Neethling takes the top of the podium. Photo highlights inside… and some on course thong action as well?

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Dale’s Trail Day Report 2

Rock Shox and nsmb

Dale’s used to be one of Seymour’s hidden gems – and our goal is to make it more fun than ever…

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AIRprentice riders chosen

The First 8 were Easy...

We’ve got 8 solid candidates and one spot left – so we’re asking four riders to duke it out for the final invite…

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Scion Whistler Report Ep. 6

Come On Summer!

Happenings in and out of the park and an update on trails like Schleyer, Dirt Merchant, Blue Velvet and B Line…

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Ride Retallack

Backcountry Experience

Retallack and Riley McIntosh – previous founder of Rilor Wilderness, renowned trail builder and rider have teamed up…

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Return of the Ripper

This Weekend

“It all begins on Friday afternoon at Inter River Park, with registration opening for the weekend’s events…”

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Buckle Up For Carnage

Slippery DH in S. Korea

Matt O. from South Korea sent us what might be the best crash video ever shot at a DH race. You be the judge…

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Hopkins Gets Ambitious


“cameras got involved which turned his trip into an incredibly serious, high profile, high budget project

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Team Riding Addiction

Best Pyjama Suits Ever!

Good riding from a French team riding Commençal on fine trails – in the pimpest pantsuits since Elvis…

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Mitch Delfs Project – Vid

Charging in the SW of Aus.

Shot Over Two Days around Mitchell Delfs’ home in the South West of Australia.

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Behind the Loops: Part VI

Captain Shredhard

“When their “balls drop” they literally do drop, descending between a layer of muscles to where they will stay…”

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Cedric Gracia Interview

10 Questions about 2010

“Whistler is always a fun place to go but hard for me physically and mentally :) ride, drink, ride, drink…”

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