Vid – Testing Chilcotin 2012

Mario Lenzen Shreds

“Knolly Pro Rider and MTB-Freeride.TV Team Member Mario Lenzen was able to throw his leg over the latest generation of the trail bike from Vancouver…”

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Anthony Messere Interview

Phenom at Fifteen

“All my friends are there! The amount of people that were yelling and cheering was overwhelming!

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Athertons Off Commencal

Five Years Of Greatness

“Together we have written some of the most beautiful story lines in the history of World DH, the story of one family, two brothers and a sister, as united in life as they are by their talent…”

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Vid – Evan Schwartz in K-Town

Ride The Fall

Evan doesn’t hold anything back riding the hills around Kelowna. It’s pretty clear he’s having fun – maybe too much

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Vid -Larocque’s Faves

Aaron's Best Clips '08 - '11

Buckle up for stunning time lapses and banger light. Shot in BC, Taiwan, Italy, Thailand and Hawaii.

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Vid – Autumn

Stevin Tuchiwsky

Late in the season Steve and his friend Rod Leland headed out into Kananaskis Country in the Rockies…

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sheGNARnigans! Ep. 3 Teaser

Lots of Riding in This Tease

Ollie Jones and the crew slaying B.C. – including the North Shore – and sharing a nice mellow summer vibe

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Vid – Andreu On A Mission

Off Season Tearing

If Andreu is riding this hard at the end of the season what are we going to see from him in 2012?

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Vid/Story Flying By The Seat part II

Endor forest and ultimate exposure

“Video, words and killer photos of long days of endless Kootenay downhills starting in pristine alpine terrain…”

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Vid – Cornering with Lars

S turns, berms, flat turns

Lars Sternberg takes you through a selection of scenarios and gives you his theories of cornering love…

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Trail X

Riding With Paulo Valle In Costa Rica

“His backyard is different than anything that we have in North America. Valle, you see, lives in San Jose, Costa Rica…”

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Vid – Breaking Rules in Whis

29ers+Old Guys=Great Vid

8 days of Whistler with Skippy Wixom and Stevie LaLa in October of 2011 in all kinds of weather – and going hard

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Nick Geddes

Road to Recovery

“I would need hemoglobin and platelets, plus numerous drugs and painkillers just to keep my body alive…”

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Gear Shots #71

Race Face? And Evoc

When this Gear Shots was originally posted it looked like Race Face was gone for good – but they are back!

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Vid – Matt Hunter

Kootenays on 2012 Enduro

Matt Hunter explores the mountainous terrain around Retallack and other stellar sites in one of BC’s best zones

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POV – Postill in Kelowna

Addiction on Carbon

This is the sort of trail that’s worthy of helmet camming – lots of moves, lots of speed – and all on a Carbon bike

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In Memory of Luc Fortin

Rider/Pilot Killed

A celebration of life will be held for Luc this Thurs. Nov. 3rd at Seymour Golf Club at 3:00 pm

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Vid – Ian Killick

Will He Make the Team?

Ian wants to join Kurt Sorge on team Giant so he can make packets of cash and impress the ladies. Think he can do it?

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Fairclough Moving On

Brendawg Off Specialized

“Brendan’s been riding in the shadows of the world’s fastest riders for his entire career, now it’s…

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Gear Shots #74

RaceFace, Camelbak, Scott Shoes, and more...

RaceFace Turbine cranks, 2012 Camelbak Agent hydration pack, Scott MTB Team Boa shoe, and more…

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Muddbunnies Party!

Calendar Release Friday

Join the Bunnies this Friday at the Cellar in Vancouver at 1006 Granville St. – and get $5 off your calendar

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vid – Steve Peat Teaches Manual

With Blake Samson

A really solid step by step guide to do something we all want to do – the elusive coasting wheelie…

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The Creeping Killer

A vid and Poem(?) for H'ween

The truck pulled right up, and I spoke with my breath “Let’s do a lap, man should not fear death.”

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Banshee Rampant Review

Can a 100mm Frame Do All?

“I purchased my frame a couple of years ago, and fell in love with it right away. Since then I lost my love…”

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Stund Ep. 6 Delayed

We are very sorry to inform you that Ep.6 (Kelowna & Chatel) will be shown next Monday (Nov 7th) due to factors…

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Garrett Buehler

Slaying It

Garrett charging on all sorts of terrain and even getting into trouble a few times – good to know he’s human

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Vid – Brandon Semenuk Edit

Ripping DH and Spinning Big

A nice edit of Brandon on Vancouver Island with some help from Wink Grant. Filming by Brian Park and David Lang

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NSMBA 2011 Election

And Other News

“You can’t predict the future, but you can help shape it on November 17th…”

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Vid – MS Racing

First Taste

The Evil MS Racing team appears to be up to no good. Check out this nicely shot taster from Mike Parenteau…

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Interview – Joe Graney

Santa Cruz Engineer

“If your bike doesn’t ride well, last a long time and look good doing it then you can blame me…”

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