Scott Dickson

NWD's Illustrator

Scott Dickson, action sport artist and enthusiast, has rounded up a few of his favourite images to share…

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2011 Rocky Mountain Slayer

Do It All?

The Slayer gets lighter, stiffer, stronger with more travel and tops it off with a Granny Sandwich…

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Transition Covert Review

One ring to rule them all?

“You are just as likely to find them sessioning their company dirt jumps out back or going big…”

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Calgary Premiere and Slideshow

This Thurs - April 29th

Catch Brighter as well as an epic slideshow with photos by Sterling Lorence, John Gibson and Jordan Manley…

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Camp Of Champions

I could not have been more excited

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Team Cove for 2010

Getting Rowdy

Once again Cove has fielded some of “Canada’s best established and emerging talents set on making their mark on the world stage…”

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The Season Ep. 3

Bound for Whistler

“After a season of dialing it, it’s time for the race up in Whistler. The backyard trails lead straight to…”

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Sea Otter Vids

Mick Hannah's POV and Yeti

Racing through the lens of Clay Porter and through the POV cam of Mick Hannah…

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Cedric’s Brigade

Report from Sea Otter

I was beat by Greg, he was just stronger than me and more comfortable in the corners…”

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BroCards at Bicycle Café

In Stock in Kamloops

Roll down to Bicycle Café to score your 2010 BroCard and save cash at Sun Peaks and Silver Star this summer…

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Sam Brown

A Tribute

“You got the feeling that he had done things you hadn’t dreamt of. He was seventeen years old and his eyes…”

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Avid Code and Code R

Sea Otter Gear

For 2011 the Code Series of brakes get a much needed facelift and a little Jenny Craig treatment…

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Katie Holden Interview

nsmb sits down with DH racer Katie Holden to discuss her recent victory in Guatemala.

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Sea Otter Cassic 2010 Trip.

Here we go again! (no relation to the film) It’s April 13th 2010 and Justin Wyper, John Rempel and myself (Dustin) are accompanied by Wylie Easton and Sam Dueck for a road trip from Langley, B.C.

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was riding in kelowna and got a few shots of Reece flowing

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Time of year so get the new paint dirty

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Vienna Air King 2010 highlight vid

Sick tricks

Top pros throw down for the kick-off event of the FMB World Tour 2010

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NSRides season opener – Apr. 17

Seymour, Saturday

The club kicks off its season with group rides at Mt Seymour this Saturday, April 17

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Whistler Bike Park Opens May 15

Less than a month away!

The coolest place in the world will be open for business very soon

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The Pre Build

The pre before the build

“Yes sir, it’s that time of year again. My 2010 gear is in, and it is looking fine. So fine.”

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Racing On The Ferry

Freelapping Below Deck

“Since boys will be boys riding around soon became ridiculous skids and drifts on the ferry deck…”

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Pro Photo Showdown

Mason competes with the heavy's

Mason Mashon has been selected to present among the worlds elite lens-men.

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Squamish Trail Riding

Smooth Vid from TL

Squamish has it all and Taylor Loughran’s camera catches every last drop – and Jeremy Norris…

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Wade’s Excellent Adventure!

It's Back - June 12th

Teams will ride 4-5 different trails on Fromme and collect letters to unscramble the secret message…

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Vienna Air King Done

Sam Pilgrim Takes It

“Some top guns like the Canadians Darren Berrecloth and Graham Agassiz didn’t make it through the line…”

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Nickel and Butcher

New Platform from Santa Cruz

‘In the words of the lead engineer on this project, APP is “a kind of bogus acronym.”‘

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Red Bull Rampage

Dates Announced - Oct. 1-3

“Launched in 2001 and held annually through 2004, Red Bull Rampage brought the creative…”

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Team Launch

“Despite qualifying fastest at Andorra, Slovenia and Fort William last season, Gee found himself down the podium…”

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Lift Access at Mt. Hood!

2011 The Lifts Roll

Designed by Gravity Logic, Timberline is going all in with a high speed quad and trails for all ability levels…

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2010 Double from Transition

Better Every Year

“For the 2010 Double it was all about refinement and taking an already dialed frame to the next level…”

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