Escaping Whistler

Winter Sends Paulo South

“it wasn’t long before the bikes were out again, and we were on the road to ride the Shore…”

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A Line Bike And Ski

Dual POV

nsmb Team Riders Mason Mashon and Stephen Matthews show you A-Line on rubber and on Ptex…

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Obsession 12 Days of bike-mas

Warm Limbs + Polar Heart

Today slash 30% from Polar Heart Rate Monitors and leg and arm warmers from Specialized and Sugoi

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Ryan Leech Interview Dre Hestler

Yoga for Olympians

Ryan’s latest victim is Andreas Hestler, a mountain biking Olympian who likes to freeride and get gnarly as well…

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Shore XTC – New Old School?

Big Trails, Little Bikes

“Big Shore loops threaten to snap light-weight XC frames, taco 400g rims, and chew through carbon…”

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Obsession 12 Days of Xmas

DAY 3 Chromag ODI

Santa James wants to freshen your sled with a saddle from Chromag and grips from ODI at 30% off!

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Wyn Masters Pinned

Wyn TV is Back

Wyn teaches just about everyone how to ride fast – on a trail that looks far too sweet to be legal…

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From The Inside Out DVDs HERE!


We have FTIO in stock and Muddbunnies Calendars. FREE Canada/US shipping and half price everywhere else

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2012 Norco Aurum

First Rides

“When I got into riding the Shore back in 1999 there were a few bikes I would have given my left member for…”

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Vid – Coastal Crew Winter Fun

Pump, Moto and... Road?

The Crew live well over on the Sunshine Coast and this vid is more proof the boys can shred anything w/ 2 wheels…

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Vid – Sunpeaks Young Guns

New Silvia Films

“Early this year we thought it would be cool to have some young locals killing it in a Sun Peaks video along with Justin showing how well he coaches his riders…”

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Vid – Zink and Strait in Utah

The Descent Part II

More from the old Rampage course and more footage of Zink’s ridonkulous 70′ backflip – plus redneck action!

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Vid – Montenegro Trail

Enduro Shredfest

Dirt! This looks like a fine piece of trail, but is it in Montenegro or is that the name of the trail?

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Vid/Story – Matt Goes Down

Whistler Footage!

Matt Montandon was following AIRprentice winner Stephen Matthews with his Contour Cam when he went down hard…

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Troy Brosnan Takes Aussie Nats Win

2012 Australian National Series

“Troy was ecstatic with his win. With it being his first year stepping up into the senior ranks he made a statement on a big track with the big boys…”

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First Ride: 2012 Scott Voltage FR 20

Scott's adaptable freeride machine.

Checking out the production version of the Coastal Crew’s ride – a capable bike for a tidy price…

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Steed Xmas Vid

Rappin' With D.O.D.

“Head ’em off at the pass with a list for the tree, ain’t no better place to make a list than shoppin’ at Steed…”

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Vid Interview – Jamie Houssian

The Collective Recalled

Jamie’s been out of the mtb game since Seasons was finished – but this seemed like a great time to sit down with him…

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Sombrio Sample Sale

Dec. 9th and 10th in NV

The Luxury of Dirt Cheap sale is happening live and online this coming weekend. Crazy deals from Sombrio

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Ryan Leech Interviews Seb Kemp

Gold Seb... Gold!

“The first time I walked into Yoga it was like walking through a cell block as the new inmate…”

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Vid – Jamison with Matt and Ian

Another Silvia Masterpiece

“Doing runs down a trail with a buddy is one of my favorite things to do. We tried to recreate that feeling through film for you guys…”

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2012 Santa Cruz Blur TRc

Not A Bike Review

“I wouldn’t rush to bring it down Goat’s Gully at Whistler – but it seems game for most of the trails on the Shore…”

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Vid – Graham Agassiz

Rowdy Fast

Great ripping on natural terrain and some trickery at the ranch in Kamloops in a quick, tidy package…

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Gee Atherton Interview

Summer Time Questions

Not the freshest interview we’ve posted but it’s topical – since we should hear any day who Gee’s riding for

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Inside Out Teaser – The Yard

Brandon Semenuk

“Clouded in secrecy for almost a year, The Yard was a key factor in Semenuk’s ‘perfect season’…”

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Vid – The Season 2.4

Building in the Burn

“No one is quite sure how the fire above Britania Beach started, but it revealed a mountain biking playground

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2011 BoXXer World Cup

Long Term Update

How did the 2011 BoXXer World Cup hold up to a summer in the WBP as well as days on the Shore on either end?

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Vid – Freecaster 2011 Teaser


Downhill race season coverage doesn’t get anymore exciting or comprehensive than this from Alex Rankin…

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First Descents

Alpine Descending

Another rear wheel hopping vid from Europe – this one from Germany’s tallest mountain – Zugspitze (2962m)

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