Points West

“After a spell of bad weather Colt and Jessee soak up some spring sunshine in Santa Barbara, CA…”

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SRAM XO DH for 2012

Looking Bitchin'

“SRAM’s first carbon downhill race crank and DH-specific derailleur. The rear derailleur is designed…”

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Sumas Mtn.

Under Attack?

Access to Devils Throat, World Cup and Noah Fear will likely be blocked as well…”

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sheGNARnigans! episode 1


“Our aim is to bring you a healthy dose of mountain bike treats one episode a month for the summer of 2011!”

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Summer Shred Showdown

Epic Prizing

“Riders have until July 22nd, to post their videos on Following this period…”

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Silver Star Opening Day Report

Unexpected Weather

“Mother Nature seems to be the center of attention these days and she kept her unruly reputation alive…”

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World Affairs Part XI

My Favourite Drive

“The mouth of the Howe is wide as it swallows sail boats, ferries and isles with tidal yawn…”

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Inside Out

First Shoot With Stevie Smith

“Working with Stevie is a dream; he is on point, prepared, efficient and works hard for the camera…”

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Whistler Report Video

Biker X Course!

Matt Montandon follows Paul Stevens and Mason Mashon down what people are calling the best Biker X in years…

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Walking the Talk of Alpenrock

Photos, Words and 3 Vids

“The trails were buttery smooth in the corners, with nice cutty pockets to link up in just as you started…”

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Mt. 7 Crash

POV Worst Nightmare

What’s worse than crashing into a tree off a large drop? Having your buddy run you over while you are down…

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26 Trix Highlight Reel

Semenuk Takes It

Smooth floaters and lots of progression were the themes of two six trix this year – and Semenuk was the start…

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Silver Star Bike Park Open Friday

June 24th and the lift is turning

Cam Sorensen gives us an update on the trail conditions and gives some insight into what the trail crew is up against…

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Vid – Gulevich at Home

Familiar Trails

Gully takes a look at Squamish and some trails you may recognize around the North Shore…

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Join nsmb’s TAP Trail Day 2

Help us Buff Dale's Trail

Join us this Sat. June 25th at Different Bikes in North Van 8:30 am and do some digging. Lunch provided

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Are We All Riotous?

A Counterpoint

“If I had been there when everything began to melt down would I have found myself carried into the melee…”

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The Atherton Project Ep. 2

Hilarity Ensues

Dan’s first race back, some hi jinx with fireworks and the Contour cam, first World Cup in South Africa…

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Alex Pro Resigns

Steps Down from Young Guns

“In light of the current negative publicity around Alex, he is concerned that this should not reflect…”

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World Affairs Part X

Seb In Fort William

“The beauty of mountain bikes is that the whole world is a giant skatepark or ski field…”

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Matt Montandon Gets Busy

Vid - 2010 AIRprentice Winner

“We took his camera and just started setting it up in view of all these little shralps along the valley…”

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Scion Whistler Report Ep. 5 Video

Contour POV Footage

Matt Montandon rips Ninja Cougar, Fade to Black and Schleyer for your viewing pleasure…

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Vid – Elements of Perfection

Paul Stevens Ripping WBP

Paul Stevens – one of our AIRprentice winners from 2010 – shreds the bike park and makes it all look effortless…

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Wade’s Excellent Adventure

Video and Story

Another year – another great adventure with a new format and lots of fast riders to balance the rest of us…

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Vid – Team Maxxis Rocky at Leogang

Video, Photos, Words

Pete Vallance reports on the progress of Sabrina Jonnier, Ruaridh Cunningham and Mark Scott in Austria

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Brad’s Jumps By Silvia Films

And Some Trails

“A day shooting at his house turned out to be the wildest session of our lives. Watch Matt, Dylan and Brad…”

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Scion Whistler Report Ep. 5

Trails Opening, Events Rolling

“The trail crew did a pretty significant rebuild on Upper B-Line and I’d like to send them kudos the excellent work…”

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Lynn Valley Bikes

Updated -Summer Squishee Sale

At Lynn Valley Bikes this weekend, free drinks, great deals on full suspension bikes and downhill…”

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POV DH Austrian Style

Banshee Riders Ripping

Adam Brayton and Mattej Charvat and guest Scott Mears do some riding in Austria around the Leogang and Schladming…

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Magura 2012

Goodbye Louise and Judy, hello MT8

“We are going to make the world’s best disc brake for bikes…”

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Leogang Finals Vid

From Dirt TV

Was the racing this good last year? It seems like the competition has hit the next level – wtih help from Gwinner…

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