Crankworx Day 2 Vid

Garbanzo DH!

Great footage and interviews with Anne Caro, Curtis Keene and Chris Kovarik – plus shots of the race

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Crankworx Day 1 Vid

Garbo DH/Dual results

An Atherton wins the dual – but not the one you’d expect. Garbo downhill coverage

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Val Di Sole Finals Vids

Amazing Footage

The guys from Tri Ride always seem to get the best footage – and this may be their best. Two vids from Val Di Sole

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Paul Stevens: Blog 4

The Final Blog

“What if I hit my head a bit too hard this time, and I have forgotten what to do when I get back on the bike?”

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Rocky’s Homecoming with Wade at SunPeaks

The Godfather of Freeride heads back to his old stomping grounds

The first 30 Rocky Mountain Bike owners will ride for free

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Whistler Report #13

Seb Kemp Takes Over

‘It’s not your own super sweet sixteen birthday party, so stop crying.’ and other Crankworx tips..

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Intense FRO


The latest in the M-series lineage redefines state of the art in no uncertain terms

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Vale Di Sole World Cup 2010

Finals Vids Added

12 Vids – Check out Brendan’s set up – six cogs, small ring. Minnaar goes down hard, and then the rain starts…

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Marc Beaumont Wins

Val Di Sole DH

Men’s Results here – the Gee Atherton – Greg Minnaar rivalry is very much alive. Great performance by Steve Smith!

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Gear Shots #63

Goodies from Gravity, Race Face, Schwable and DSP

“Even when I have missed badly and bashed one, they have just kept right on turning with no complaint.”

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Whistler Report #12

Berms, Pumps and Rallys

“After that the top 5 riders moved on to the final. Nick Geddes had put in the fastest with a 14.26s but…”

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Champery Highlights

Winning Runs, Crashes etc.

Watch Greg Minnaar, Brendan Fairclough, Gee Atherton, Sam Blenkinsop and Emmeline Ragot’s top runs from Champery

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Crankworx Colorado Practice

A little run through of the course.

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SPLIT PIVOT awarded patent

Dave Weagle’s System

“Split Pivot is the world’s first patented Concentric Drop Out Pivot Suspension system.”

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AIRprentice Slide Show Part II

Racing, Raining and Ripping

It was close to a rain out but it turned out to be a decisive day in the history of AIRprentice…

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AIRprentice Sweepstakes

Blog 3 from Paul Stevens

When not roasting from white English tourist to lobster red status in the sun – Paul shot a sick video…

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AIRprentice Slide Show Part I

Images Tell The Tale

Baggy jeans and shorts dominated the comp – but one skinny legged hardtailer lead the charge…

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Mt. Washington BC Cup

This Weekend

The Monster Mile – one of Canada’s toughest courses – is now clear of snow, which will make racers happy

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Crankworx Colorado Part 1

WOW long drives suck!

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Norco 2011 part 2 – DH, Shore & Shinobi

More travel and more wheel

Minor adjustments to the DH bikes, a teaser of things to come and a full sus 29er

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“I’m chuffed to leave Champery with a second place finish. It wasn’t a racetrack that suited me…”

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Champery – Gee Wins!

Results Here - incl. Overall

Gee Atherton and Emmeline Ragot take the top spots in a muddy affair. Results only – videos to come

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Champery World Cup

Finals Vids Added

I’ve missed the World Cup while it’s been on hiatus – and Champery is a great welcome back.

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Air Supply Requiem

After our first trip to Nelson in 1999, Brent Upson and I rode a trail called 719 that was all jumps.

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4 Queens Part 4


“Renowned as one of the most awesomely obnoxious creations of a diseased mind it plummets like a broken elevator…”

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4 Queens Part 3

Two Stages - One Long Day

“If I destroy my rear wheel then at least I have a legitimate excuse not to race the final day…”

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Whistler Report #11

Pump Track, Richie Racing and more

As Crankworx approaches things are heating up – and more events are rolling out to keep you busy…

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Atherton Project Ep. 6

“Episode 6 begins with the family fitting in some much-needed relaxation back home in Wales…”

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Norco 2011 – the Range, Vixa & Fluid

Big things for the new model year

Norco launched its new bikes on the North Shore, and unveiled a new all-mountain bike, an updated women’s-specific bike and a classic 5″ trail bike

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