Klunkerz Teaser

The 3:37 Version

A film about mountain bike history and the pioneers of the sport we love…

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DH Results and Vids

Pietermaritzburg South Africa

DH Finals and 4X Vids and interviews with Sam Hill, Steve Peat, Mick Hannah and Greg Minnaar…

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Freedom Riders

MTB's Dogtown Film?

Freedom Riders provides a compelling story of a group of riders who never let their passion die…

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Test Shot -Santa Cruz Driver 8

A Swiss Army Bike?

“I’m not sure if it was the bike or the rider, but the Driver 8 felt consistently smooth and quiet…”

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Gear Shots #53

A bike, and some pairs

2009 Norco Fluid LT2, Geax Booze Light tires and size XXL Dakine gloves

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Devinci’s New Pro

Evan Schwartz Saddles Up

Joe Schwartz’s little bro gets a ride of his own…

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Sam Hill’s Demo 8

Interview with Designer Jason Chamberlain

“When the fastest man on earth became available, we wanted to talk to him…”

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Kovarik Wins

1st at S.A. Nat'l. #4

“Claire Buchar also started off with a great result on her first ride for the team today coming 2nd…”

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Graham Agassiz Interview

Aggy Unleashed

“How am I supposed to do this if I can’t even get into the contests?”

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Scott 11

International DH and 4X Team

“For the riders, many of whom are young talents looking to make that break on the WC Circuit…”

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NWD 10

Back To Utah

Filming with the new Red camera, the Claw and Zink get upside down in UT…

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Santa Cruz V10 Proto Testing

The Syndicate

“Last year they were all on production frames except for Steve Peat who wanted a longer one…”

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Black Box Labs

Half Naked Yard Maintenance

“ How do we make all of our friends jealous of the life decisions we made?”

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Taboo Cycles

Open and Grand Now

Right below the Ranch in Kamloops carrying Cannondale, Transition, Cervelo, …

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Preview 2009 Titus El Guapo Preview

Wringing out the biking bling

Can bike made in the desert thrive in the wet woods of the west?

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NS Bike Fest Update

April Fools

“Phase two will see the creation of a peak to peak concept linking the peak of Seymour to Mt. Fromme…”

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Chairlift on Fromme

April Fools!

“From there riders will be transported to the the 820 metre mark, above the 7th switchback…”

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Truth And Beauty

Ride in 3D

Get your 3D glasses out – and pick up this movie with depth…

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Intense CRC Bikes Ready

Intense Evo and Tazer 4X

“The new Intense EVO feels much lighter faster and with the new adjustability we can get the perfect set-up…”

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Alex Pro In Cali

Trucks, Jumps and Lopes

When there’s too much snow north of the border Canucks head south to California…

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Crankworx 2009 Line Up

Eleven Events Over Nine Days

Whistler’s 6th Annual Freeride Mountain Bike Festival Returns August 8-16, 2009 Including Perennial Favorites and New Event

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REVIEW – 2009 Norco Vixa

Is a new bike from Norco the answer to all of your female-specific riding needs?

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Rennie on Race Face Atlas Cranks

Atlas Under Nathan

“‘The French Air Force’ with the likes of Vouilloz, Chausson and the unknown junior Cedric Gracia…”

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Girls Got Skills

Women's Clinic

“Oh, and since it’s in the Okanagan, it gives you coastal types a chance to get dusty instead of muddy…”

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The Bicycle Café heads to Costa Rica

More Pura Vida

With an elevation of nearly 11,000 feet we were expecting 2.5 hours of continuous downhill…

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New SRAM Tech Vids

Youtube Your Maintenance

Change your cable, service your damper, bleed your brakes – it’s all here step by step…

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Trevor Hansen Bike Check

Carbon for Cap'n T Bone

“I would need a granny ring, lung implants and quadricep motors…”

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Adjust Your Rear Derailleur…

without a hammer

Don’t throw your bike into the bush – get to know that funky doohicky at the rear of your ride…

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Ironhorse Bankrupt?

No More Sundays?

Creditors are after 5 million dollars from Ironhorse and they are done playing nice…

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