NSMB Contributor Profile: Matt Dennison

Getting to know the people behind NSMB.

Getting to know the people behind NSMB.

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Wine Me Dine Me 29 Me! – REDUX

29ers VS. The Shore

As the 29er craze continues to seemingly sweep the nation, the North Shore may be the last hold out…

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Vid/Story Dangerous Dan – REDUX

Return to The Flying Circus

Danger stopped building in ’04 – we asked him to come walk The Circus. He surprised us by bringing his bike…

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Down To Business – REDUX

Spring has almost Sprung

“There was a time, in the darker, used-tire-scrounging, kraft-dinner-eating age of my bike bum years…”

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2011 Turner DHR Review – REDUX

Believe the Hype?

“When ridden properly the new DHR was a pleasure in the turns and was easy to push to the limit of traction…”

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2011 Through NSMB’s Lens – Part II

13+ Random Snippets from a Great Year

Part II of our look back at the videos produced this year.

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FASTFOKUS Demo Reel 2011

Canada, New Zealand, Andorra, France, Canary Islands

International riding from international faces such as McGarry, Gracia, Romaniuk, Gulevich, Granieri, Audoin, Braastad, and Delgado.

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2011 Through NSMB’s Lens – Part I

11 Videos from the Team

A look back at the Team’s 2011 season through video…

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Vid – Bas van Steenbergen

Big Whippage in Kelowna

“Bas van Steenbergen rides Postil on a cold snowy day…”

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‘Tis the Season to Shred

Garrett Gets Deity

“A thick fog started to roll across the trail, was chased away by the sunshine, and then came back as quick as it had left…”

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Vid – The World’s Longest Manual

According to Guinness...

“I’d like to thank Specialized for bringing in their nice trailer to block the wind…”

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Cove Boxing Week Sale

EnTyson Boxing Day Sale

No deets but Cove claims they will ” beat all the other Joey’s pricing” and that they are “your one stop shop…”

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Different Bikes Boxing Day

2 Hours of Madness in North Van

Rocky, Giant, Norco, Niner, Intense, Fox, Raceface…

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Obsession Boxing Day Sale

Massive Savings

Looking for a place to spend that Christmas cash? Obsession’s got deals on almost everything…

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Boxing Day at Steed Cycles

Did You Hear?

Deals on complete bikes, parts, and riding gear.

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Embracing Off-Season Riding.

Connor Macleod and Derek Dix to produce six bi-weekly releases starting January 20th…

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Sending it for the Holidays

A few photos for the season.

Happy Holidays from the crew at

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Danger Dan Interview Pt I (plus vid)

Back In The Day (2001)

“Talking to Dan is like trying to catch goldfish with mittens on, always trying to catch up and never able…”

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Mason in New Zealand Part I

First time's a charm.

“Three years running, I’ve defeated the shoulder season with a disembarkation from the motherland…”

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Vid – Maxime Bruneau in NZ

DH in Queenstown

Rooty woods, sweet as jumps, tech & loamy and pretty darn scenic – with the french bad ass Maxime Bruneau

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sheGNARnigans Episode 3


Some riding cheer to get you through the holiday season with Ollie and the crew riding Shore, Whistler, interior…

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Transition Bikes PROgram

Lars Gives us the Scoop

2012 news from our friends just south of the border at Transition Bikes.

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Vid – Yeti Cycles in NZ

Summer in the Other Down Under

Amazing singletrack from Queenstown to the Craigieburn Forest

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Obsession 12 Days of Bike-mas

Giro and Gore Tex 30%

On the Eleventh Day of Bike-Mas Obsession will keep you dry and protected – get down there!

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Bicycle Cafe Calendars

On your wall in 2012

Great photography and BC riders to enjoy all year.

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The Cleanse

Everyone Accepts Risk

“Roots the size of anacondas hold preciously to cracked chunks of granite, all strewn randomly…”

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Vids – DH in 1993 and 1995

Gnarly Riding in France

You probably think of posh yachts and topless models in the south of France – but in ’93 and ’95 gnarly dh was going down…

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Vid – 5 Days in Pemby With…

Alex Pro

5 days in Pemberton with Alex Pro – great riding on some trails that could have been made by Santa

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Official DH1 Update

A Positive Look to 2012 DH Racing

“The DH1 / Freecaster team will not finish the year on a down and will further push for a positive outcome to DH1 in the new year…”

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Vid – Jamie Houssian Interview II

The Collection Agency

Jamie tells us why Derek Westerlund gave The Collective a nickname and how they took a new approach to mtb films…

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