The Scion Whistler Report #21

The Grand Finale

Todd takes us on a motion picture journey through the bike park and a photo trip in Pemberton…

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Vid – Jinya

Hardtail Soul

Jinya rips his hardtail harder than most riders shred an 8″ travel dh bike – and this time he does it in Pemby…

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Vid – Paul Stevens

Season Ender

It’s the last Scion Whistler Report vid and a chance to watch Paulo ride hard and even spin his DH bike…

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Vid – Strength In Numbers

Billinghurst Teaser

“Just because you’ve found a dream to follow doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. If you love it…”

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Vid – Coastal Crew Go…

All Mountain

“It’s unstoppable from climbing to ripping downhill making it the most versatile bike in our stable…”

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REVIEW: Loeka women’s winter jacket and pants

Warm and dry IS possible

Loeka’s women’s-specific Schuzen tech jacket and Kulla pants are put to the test on the Shore

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Vid – Garett Buehler

Fall 2011 Edit

GB shreds the North Shore for a couple days in front of Connor Macleod’s lens…

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SheGNARnigans! On The Shore

Toonie Drop?

“The Shore is such an awesome place to ride and has the history to go with it. Its not very often we all get…”

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Dale’s Trail Day Report 3

Getting There

It’s hard to know when any work was done on Dale’s – but it seems to have been a very long time…

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Vid – Jamie Biluk

Fetish Piece = shredding

Watch Jamie going frighteningly fast on his dh bike, AM bike and even his road machine as he trains for…

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Vid – Stund 3 – 2

Williams Lake

“The hometown of James Doerfling. Notorious for big mountain ski style lines, this was the perfect place…”

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Vid – Dylan Wolsky

Trail Riding Whistler

Dylan in a self edit doing what we used to call mountain biking – but that I guess is now AM or Trail…

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Flying By The Seat…

Paulo and Mason Venture

“It was a long story, involving the police, a pretentious bank manager and the making of a film…”

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Trans Provençe Days 5 and 6


Steve Jones from Dirt Mag takes over on day 6 and tell his tale of Trans Provençe…

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Vid – Big Italy

Shredding the Riviera

The Crew from Big Mountain found some of the best riding in all of Italy – and the vid is guaranteed to stoke

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Vid – 10 Things I learned…

about Mountain Biking

1. videos can be cheesy 2. slow mo can be overused 3. Cheesy can be fun 4. Euros love cheese (and make the best!)

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Gear Shots #73

Ragley, Nuke Proof (x 4)

“The steel Bagger 228 frame – named after an awesomely huge earth shredding excavator – is the most…”

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Scion Whistler Report #20


“Getting blown off the trail happened more than once -and that isn’t something I’ve experienced before…”

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Vid – Camelbak 2012 Highlight

Charge LR Pack

Seth takes us through a new pack that is ideal for gravity riders who want to manage the water weight…

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Different Bikes Clearance Sale

Big Deals

Pretty simple, it is a real clearance sale – everything in all stores is discounted heavily to clear out…

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Join nsmb’s TAP Trail Day

This Sunday on Dale's

Lunch provided of course and we are meeting at Different Bikes at the base of Seymour at 8:30. Plus – meet Digger!

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Vid – Dakine for Girls

Drafter Pack

Jennifer from Dakine shows Seb, Matt and Fergs their newest pack in super cute colours…

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Vid/Pics/Story Alpenrock DH


Our AIRprentice winner takes you on a tour of Italy and Switzerland and puts you on his helmet for a killer ride…

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Trans Provençe Day 2

Results and Video

Maybe the most beautiful race in the world? The photos and video keep getting better from Provençe…

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2012 Sram X0 10-speed

Long Term Review

Morgan takes the Sram 10-speed group and carbon crowned fork to the Shore and to the races.

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Vid/Ride Yeti SB66/95

Seb and Fergs Ride Yetis

The frame felt very stiff and agile, and positively begged to be thrown around and treated with a firm hand…”

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Vid – Stund 3 – 1

Get Stund

“It’s a way of life in Nelson, have fun, ride bikes with friends, and do it again the next day…”

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Vid – Trans Provence Day 1

DH Stage Race

Fabien Barel, Nico Vouilloz, Mark Weir and more battle it out crossing the South of France on mountain bikes…

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Vid – Trek Slash

Plus Ride Report

Seb Kemp rides Trek’s new Slash at Interbike and has this to say about the bike – and deja vu all over again…

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Greg Watts

Epic POV Footage and more

Greg Watts is up there with the best of the best and to get his view on the dirt is pretty special…

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