Todd Hellinga Interview

Man, Myth, Legend

“I run errands with it, commute, cruise to the beach and of course it absolutely slays the pumptracks around town…”

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Silver Star Opening June 24th

Get Your Berm On!

Dakine Photo Challenge, Follow Me playing in the Saloon and one of the best bike parks on the planet…

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Knolly Bikes Team

Pics and Video

“Curtis Robinson, Alan Crisp, and Chayse Marshall met in Squamish to ride and get some team training in…”

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DH and 4X Replay

Watch It All

We’re still waiting on the DH replay but the 4X – on perhaps the gnarliest course ever – is ready to go…

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Arduum Video

A Tease

Arduum was as nasty and gnarly as billed. Here’s some footage by Eric Behn to get you in the mood for results…

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Race Day Vid and Results

Minnaar Takes Leogang

Minnaar’s consistency puts him solidly in first place in the standings, Rachel crashes, Sabrina wins…

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UCI DH and 4X Leogang

Qualis Added - 8 vids

Gossip and speculation from the pits, track walks and everything to get you ready for this weekend’s action

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Doubleshox are all gravy

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Coastal Crew Ep. 8

Months of Shooting

“We later decided that it was too good to leave un seen by the masses, but it was too short to be released…”

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Whistler Report #6

Buff Here, Nasty There

“The crew also undertook a pretty heavy rebuild of the last part of Schleyer where the two ladder bridges…”

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Wade’s Excellent Adventure

Words, Pics, Video

“Everything is different, but the same… things are more moderner than before… bigger, and yet smaller…”

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Arduum Clinic

Learn To Race

“The clinic will be open to Arduum entrants ages 15 and 16 who are new to the sport of downhill racing…”

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Rilor Wilderness

Spring Shred - Photos and Vid

“I think that is the future of trail building, trails that both all types of riders can enjoy…”

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Ft. Bill With Oakley

Video with Tim Warwood

“Which one do you like best out of Rach and Dan?” – “At the moment I must say Dan” – “Rach said Dan as well…”

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Arduum – The Goods


Finally all the information that you need to know to race the race of all BC CUPS!

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Answer Is Back

Bars, Pedals, Stems, Grips

An updated Pro Taper bar, some tidy flat pedals and stems for the dirt jumper and downhiller on your Xmas list…

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Shonk Bromp Womple Comp

It’s all about the big bikes right now

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Black Market Episode 1

what kinda of riding can you get done in one day in whistler not riding the mountain?

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New RockShox shocks for 2011

Vivid Air shock & more

RockShox unveils its World Cup-level air shock, as well as new technology to improve its coil shock

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Whistler Report #5

True North

Todd gets his priorities straight, gets some coaching from Wade and Richie and gets some rides in along the way…

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My Rocky Mountain Flatline World Cup

“… resulted in a more refined and lighter version of the previous Flatline.”

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BPBC Contest Heating Up

100 Riders Vying For Votes


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More From The Claw

Best Filming Day Ever!

Darren Berrecloth claims it: Some of the sickest mountain biking on the planet that has ever gone down…

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Killing it In New Zealand

From BMX to MTB - Easily

Paul Langlands is just getting started on 26 but he’s slaying it already – doing tricks rarely seen on mtb

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Skidding in Jamaica

Seb Kemp's Rebuttal

Seb’s been building trails in Jamaica and riding as well – and his buddy Winston gives his take on internet forums

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Another successful Smackdown

200-plus smiles

“The 15-year-old’s time at the finish line put her in 26th place overall, beating all the Elite Women by 15 seconds…”

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Claw, Hunter and Trond

Vid from Italy Story from China

Ladders of a different sort for the boys while Trond and Claw discuss the merits of ‘clickies’…

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Fort Williams Finals Videos

Highlights and Interviews

Gee becomes the second Brit to win at home after Steve Peat did it in 2005

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Nokia And AIRprentice 2010

Phones for All

Nokia is back to sponsor AIRprentice – and every rider will ride away with a wicked phone just for coming out…

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Wade’s Excellent Adventure

3 Days Left to Register

“We push each other to go farther, ride harder and of course, have plenty of laughs along the way.,,”

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