Air P randoms

Game On

Trevor Hansen can wield a mean camera phone – this time a Nokia N8 to produce his artwork…

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The 2012 Evil Undead…

And Other Tales

Mason’s been covering some ground with his bike and his camera and the results are worth a look…

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Ride With Wade in TO

At Blue Mountain

Single Day clinics with the man, the myth, the legend (don’t call him godfather) Wade Simmons…

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AIRprentice Demo

Not Exactly as Pictured

A 2012 Demo 8 With nsmb team sponsor parts – but not exactly the same parts as the AIRprentice Build

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Whistler Report Ep. 8 Video

Afternoon Delight

Paulo takes us down some lower mountain DH in this Contour POV footage…

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Scion Whistler Report Ep. 8

Crankworx Around The Corner

“Crabapple hits has apparently received the attention of Marty’s mini-ex and the whole trail crew team… it’s been mega-sized!”

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9th AIRprentice Rider Chosen

The Crew is Set

We are looking for a rider who can produce on and off the bike and this rider stepped it up…

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Vid – Second Element of Perfection


“You are more than a mere part of the earth. You are the earth. You erupt from deep volcanic faults…”

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Vid – Silver Star

Early Season Schralp

“Noah Brousseau, Harrison Mendel, Garrett Robertson, Spencer Graf, and Wes Booth get their shralp on…”

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Mont Ste. Anne Finals Vid

From Dirt TV

“The biggest story though is the rise of Aaron Gwinn – who can win with a decent gap even when he makes…”

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Paulo Blog

Game On Whistler

“Last week I got my hands on the 2012 Stumpjumper EVO which has taken over valley roaming…”

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Prepping for BC Bike Race

7 Days of Singletrack

“Training was going pretty well until about five weeks ago, when my I suffered a bit of a setback…”

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2012 Shimano XT First Look

New group with a long history

Shimano rolls out a new version of this venerable component group on its 30th birthday

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UCI DH 4 Results

Gwinn again at Mont. Ste. Anne

The young riders continue to upset the apple cart and for the first time in a long time Minnaar is off…

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Mont Ste. Anne Vids

5 Vids - Qualis Added

A chit chat in a rainy pits, a track walk showing the course and a POV run top to bottom…

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Mont Ste. Anne Qualifying

Results here...

“The parade of anglos continues on the men’s side of the 2011 DH World Cup…”

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Scion Whistler Report Ep. 7

Garbanzo Open!

“Brian Finestone promises cool, wet and muddy conditions, and some really big snowbanks…”

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Scion Whistler Report Video

Ep. 7: DIRT

Matt Montandon shows us a few recent changes on Dirt Merchant in the Whistler Bike Park.

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Points West

“After a spell of bad weather Colt and Jessee soak up some spring sunshine in Santa Barbara, CA…”

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SRAM XO DH for 2012

Looking Bitchin'

“SRAM’s first carbon downhill race crank and DH-specific derailleur. The rear derailleur is designed…”

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Sumas Mtn.

Under Attack?

Access to Devils Throat, World Cup and Noah Fear will likely be blocked as well…”

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sheGNARnigans! episode 1


“Our aim is to bring you a healthy dose of mountain bike treats one episode a month for the summer of 2011!”

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Summer Shred Showdown

Epic Prizing

“Riders have until July 22nd, to post their videos on Following this period…”

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Silver Star Opening Day Report

Unexpected Weather

“Mother Nature seems to be the center of attention these days and she kept her unruly reputation alive…”

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World Affairs Part XI

My Favourite Drive

“The mouth of the Howe is wide as it swallows sail boats, ferries and isles with tidal yawn…”

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Inside Out

First Shoot With Stevie Smith

“Working with Stevie is a dream; he is on point, prepared, efficient and works hard for the camera…”

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Whistler Report Video

Biker X Course!

Matt Montandon follows Paul Stevens and Mason Mashon down what people are calling the best Biker X in years…

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Walking the Talk of Alpenrock

Photos, Words and 3 Vids

“The trails were buttery smooth in the corners, with nice cutty pockets to link up in just as you started…”

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Mt. 7 Crash

POV Worst Nightmare

What’s worse than crashing into a tree off a large drop? Having your buddy run you over while you are down…

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