Boxing Day at Steed Cycles

Did You Hear?

Deals on complete bikes, parts, and riding gear.

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Embracing Off-Season Riding.

Connor Macleod and Derek Dix to produce six bi-weekly releases starting January 20th…

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Sending it for the Holidays

A few photos for the season.

Happy Holidays from the crew at

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Danger Dan Interview Pt I (plus vid)

Back In The Day (2001)

“Talking to Dan is like trying to catch goldfish with mittens on, always trying to catch up and never able…”

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Mason in New Zealand Part I

First time's a charm.

“Three years running, I’ve defeated the shoulder season with a disembarkation from the motherland…”

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Vid – Maxime Bruneau in NZ

DH in Queenstown

Rooty woods, sweet as jumps, tech & loamy and pretty darn scenic – with the french bad ass Maxime Bruneau

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sheGNARnigans Episode 3


Some riding cheer to get you through the holiday season with Ollie and the crew riding Shore, Whistler, interior…

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Transition Bikes PROgram

Lars Gives us the Scoop

2012 news from our friends just south of the border at Transition Bikes.

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Vid – Yeti Cycles in NZ

Summer in the Other Down Under

Amazing singletrack from Queenstown to the Craigieburn Forest

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Obsession 12 Days of Bike-mas

Giro and Gore Tex 30%

On the Eleventh Day of Bike-Mas Obsession will keep you dry and protected – get down there!

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Bicycle Cafe Calendars

On your wall in 2012

Great photography and BC riders to enjoy all year.

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The Cleanse

Everyone Accepts Risk

“Roots the size of anacondas hold preciously to cracked chunks of granite, all strewn randomly…”

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Vids – DH in 1993 and 1995

Gnarly Riding in France

You probably think of posh yachts and topless models in the south of France – but in ’93 and ’95 gnarly dh was going down…

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Vid – 5 Days in Pemby With…

Alex Pro

5 days in Pemberton with Alex Pro – great riding on some trails that could have been made by Santa

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Official DH1 Update

A Positive Look to 2012 DH Racing

“The DH1 / Freecaster team will not finish the year on a down and will further push for a positive outcome to DH1 in the new year…”

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Vid – Jamie Houssian Interview II

The Collection Agency

Jamie tells us why Derek Westerlund gave The Collective a nickname and how they took a new approach to mtb films…

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Vid – Matty Miles

Air, Speed, Style

1:43 of dense Kamloops action with local Matt Miles getting sideways, hanging a leg off and givin’ ‘er!

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Ian Killick Crashing

Again, Again and Again

Ian “The Guy Who Can Frontflip His DH Bike” Killick takes more than a few diggers in this Silvia crash reel…

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Escaping Whistler

Winter Sends Paulo South

“it wasn’t long before the bikes were out again, and we were on the road to ride the Shore…”

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A Line Bike And Ski

Dual POV

nsmb Team Riders Mason Mashon and Stephen Matthews show you A-Line on rubber and on Ptex…

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Obsession 12 Days of bike-mas

Warm Limbs + Polar Heart

Today slash 30% from Polar Heart Rate Monitors and leg and arm warmers from Specialized and Sugoi

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Ryan Leech Interview Dre Hestler

Yoga for Olympians

Ryan’s latest victim is Andreas Hestler, a mountain biking Olympian who likes to freeride and get gnarly as well…

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Shore XTC – New Old School?

Big Trails, Little Bikes

“Big Shore loops threaten to snap light-weight XC frames, taco 400g rims, and chew through carbon…”

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Obsession 12 Days of Xmas

DAY 3 Chromag ODI

Santa James wants to freshen your sled with a saddle from Chromag and grips from ODI at 30% off!

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Wyn Masters Pinned

Wyn TV is Back

Wyn teaches just about everyone how to ride fast – on a trail that looks far too sweet to be legal…

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From The Inside Out DVDs HERE!


We have FTIO in stock and Muddbunnies Calendars. FREE Canada/US shipping and half price everywhere else

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2012 Norco Aurum

First Rides

“When I got into riding the Shore back in 1999 there were a few bikes I would have given my left member for…”

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Vid – Coastal Crew Winter Fun

Pump, Moto and... Road?

The Crew live well over on the Sunshine Coast and this vid is more proof the boys can shred anything w/ 2 wheels…

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Vid – Sunpeaks Young Guns

New Silvia Films

“Early this year we thought it would be cool to have some young locals killing it in a Sun Peaks video along with Justin showing how well he coaches his riders…”

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