Top 3 Edits #4

Cam McRae

Fully clothed edits? Can there be cats? How about vampires? Will the plane take off?

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Mike Goldstein Interview

The Restless Pursuit For The Elements Of Perfection.

“First off, I have never been so excited about a summer before!”

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Top 3 Edits #3: Paul Stevens

Three Definite Standouts

“It would be enough of a struggle to pick my favourite three from this week…”

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TEN Things to Omit

Web Edit Commandments team rider Stephen Matthews has a few tips for the amateur Engas, Westerlunds, Scorseses…

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Story Time: Part Two

The 7D Revolution

Digital Democratization And The Boy With The Canon Tattoo.

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Quick Queries #2

'Camcorder' vs. DSLR

Videographers talk about what they are packing and why as the rest of us just try to keep up…

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Story Time: Part One

The Torture of Headcams

“If you do want to upload an entire top to bottom run then please tag the video as ‘Do Not Watch, Ever’….”

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Top 3 Edits #2: Stephen Matthews

Different Approaches to Keep You Interested

“Originality, humour, and a variety of filming techniques, without overdoing any of them…”

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Coastal Crew Interview

Fall Out and Future after Inside Out

“Next time we would make sure they have stuff dialed for when we turn up to shoot…”

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MTB Goes Hollywood?

Our Own Action-Adventure

“What would a Hollywood mountain bike movie look like if it happened?”

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Quick Queries #1

Vimeo vs. Youtube

“Videographers, including Derek Westerlund and Dylan from Coastal Crew, jam on web vid delivery…”

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Quick Queries #2

Camcorder vs. DSLR

Videographers jam on a few subjects we give them…

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Intro To NSMB’s Web Movie Week

“Easier building a scale model of Versailles using only tooth picks, lollipops and boogers…”

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Top 3 Edits #1: Mason Mashon

Inspiration From Other Walks of Life

“A mix of creative cinematography, clean editing, and appropriate music…”

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Contest: Hit Us With Your Best Shot!

Win a Norco One25

Click for details on how you can win a new Norco One25 courtesy of and Norco Bikes!

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Vids+Photos: Ultramontane No.03

The Makers: Chris Fisher

“There’s no such thing as bad weather. Just soft people…”

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VIMFF Mountain Bike Night

Centennial Theatre, North Van

Two featured presentations from and a whole host of other shiny mountain bike visuals…

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Jamaica Fat Tire Festival

February 18 to 25, 2012

On the brink of the 2012 festival, we have a look back at Seb Kemp’s story from last year.

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Vid: Charge 29er

Jumping on the Wagon

Kye Forte doesn’t usually ride 26ers, so a 29er is an especially big wheel…

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Vid: Fox DOSS Post

Fox's Entry to the Dropper Post Market

DOSS to have three positions, full up, 40mm drop, and 4″ or 5″ drop…

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Interview: Evan Turpen, Bell Super Enduro

Enduro Hits Santa Cruz, CA.

Opening up new races and new venues in the NorCal area…

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Vid+Story: Anthill Strength in Numbers

Unmistakable Green River

“It’s all here but it’s a war of attrition to pull a seggy out of an untamed landscape…”

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Todd Hellinga’s 2011 Flashback

Todd Shows us His Goods

“That shift back to wheels lit a fire for me to finally get a 2011 recap slideshow together…”

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Vid: Graham Agassiz Profile

Aggy Seeks Out the Alpine

“We set out to test Aggy’s mettle deep into the wilds of coastal British Columbia…”

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Nimby Fifty Reg Goes Live Today

The “Most Savage Race” Is Back

“An impressive amount of technical single-track that requires aggressive riding…”

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A Long Overdue Recon Mission

Stephen Matthews and the Holy Grail

“Have you ever lost something special? Or been at the end of pointing fingers to a devastating mistake?”

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Show Us Some Love – We Have a Winner!

Cupid's Arrow Has Struck

“Only one winner can be crowned, and that lucky rider is…”

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#1: Brock Anderson

“There are 3 elements I consciously try and capture: riding, craftsmanship or terrain, and surroundings…”

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Dan Barham’s Ten Step Program

Shoot Better Mountain Bike Photos

Dan Barham shows us the ways of the lens, his tricks of the trade…

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Vid: Danny Hart and Ken Roczen

MTB and Moto World Champions Trade Places

Danny and Ken school each other in their respective disciplines…

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