5th Annual Gulevich Garage Sale TODAY

Sunday, April 15th...

It’s that time of the year again. Where the big boys come together to sell their goods!

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Saturday, April 14th

Lots of deals to be had at the annual Gear Swap, starting at 10:30 am…

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Tight-Lipped and Stoked

Digging up Some Dirt on the Coast

A behind-the-scenes photo set from Seb and Matt’s trip to the Coast to get down with the Coastal Crew…

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360º Panoramas from Joyride

Full 360º Spherical Sequences

Get an idea of what it was like to be there, or relive the experience if you were…

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Vid: Velocity.ZERO

TriRide's Excellent Recap of the Pietermaritzburg World Cup

“All about speed from all the different aspects at every event of the World Cup…

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The North Fork Will Rise Again!

Whatcom County Council Support

A bittersweet finish after the trails have been decommissioned, but a step in the right direction…

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Vid: DeerTrail

Jumping the Front

A fun little rip through a jump trail on the front lines of WWI in Slovenia…

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Norco and Jay Hoots Poster Contest

Win a Set of Shimano XT Brakes

Norco wants you to design a poster for Jay Hoots. Come up with a concept and submit an image of the design…

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Long Term Review: 2012 Norco Aurum 1

A Winter on the Big Yellow Norco

“Ideal for privateer racers or downhill enthusiasts looking to upgrade to a current design…”

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North Shore Trail Builder Academy

Learn to Build Sustainable Trail

A 2-hour theory session addressing the key fundamentals of building, followed by an in-field building session…

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Pumptrack D’Afrique

Omar Builds Experience in Uganda

“I hooked a hose up to the tap in our kitchen – surely the well could spare a bit of water for such a worthy cause?”

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NSMB’s Best Shot: The Final Round

Who's Going to Win the new Norco?

A week-long final round for the top vote getters in our contest, with new submissions – cast your vote!

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Coastal Crew is on Specialized

The Cat is Finally Out of the Bag

“We are very excited and proud to announce that The Coastal Crew have partnered up with Specialized…”

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Bent Out of Shape

A Shore Rider's World Gets Turned Upside Down

David Parke’s inspirational story as he fights to get back on his feet after a spinal cord injury…

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Vid: Winter Trails with Matt Hunter

Kamloops in the Snow

Winter riding in Kamloops doesn’t usually see the spotlight, but Silvia Films found Hunter’s ice spikes…

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Vid: San Francisco Dreamin’

Hopping All Over San Fran

“I produced this piece for Kenny Belaey last month in San Francisco. His riding is from another world…”

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Strength in Numbers Official Trailer

Two Weeks Until Anthill's Newest

“The bike is a tool of connections. Tire to ground. Foot to pedal. Hand to handlebar…”

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Vid: Steve Peat Syndicate Racers

A Day in the Life

A glimpse into the training program and daily life of Peaty’s gang…

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Interview: PeteSS Part II

Trade Titans

“We are 1/10th the size of some of the big players, but consumers expect us to play with the big boys…”

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2012 Cane Creek Double Barrel Air

Arthur Gaillot Gets Nerdy on the DB

“The goal was not to replace the coil but to offer an air-sprung variation that provides alternative ride characteristics…”

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Messere on Red Bull

BC's Youngest FMB Shredder Goes Bigtime

“Anthony’s 16th Birthday will mark a milestone in his journey as he joins the Red Bull ranks…”

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Vid: Summer in Queenstown

Good Times in the Southern Hemisphere

Jon Bokrantz’s winning entry to the Through the Lens film contest…

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Trade Titans: Pete Stace-Smith

Norco's Ambassador

“Our marketing plan would be complete if we could bottle Pete and ship it to all corners of the world…”

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Vid: Stop Motion Bike Build

Binary Transition TR250

A playful little vid showing the process of building a bike – look ma, no hands!

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First Date: Santa Cruz Tallboy LT

Launching the Long Travel 29ers

The 2012 Santa Cruz Tallboy LT could very well be the ideal Shore XC bike…

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Vid: Ladder Bridges

History of the Shore

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Tallboy LT on the Shore

Beaten Down by Locals

“I felt as useful as a chocolate teapot but I was enjoying giving the Tallboy LT some grief…”

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Exclusive: Coastal Crew’s New Deal

The Long-Awaited Announcement

Curtis, Dylan and Kyle are over the moon to have such a company behind them…

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Mountain Biking's First Podcast?!

The boys at Steed Cycles get together for a solid hour of audio hilarity and informative banter…

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