vid – Steve Peat Teaches Manual

With Blake Samson

A really solid step by step guide to do something we all want to do – the elusive coasting wheelie…

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The Creeping Killer

A vid and Poem(?) for H'ween

The truck pulled right up, and I spoke with my breath “Let’s do a lap, man should not fear death.”

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Banshee Rampant Review

Can a 100mm Frame Do All?

“I purchased my frame a couple of years ago, and fell in love with it right away. Since then I lost my love…”

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Stund Ep. 6 Delayed

We are very sorry to inform you that Ep.6 (Kelowna & Chatel) will be shown next Monday (Nov 7th) due to factors…

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Garrett Buehler

Slaying It

Garrett charging on all sorts of terrain and even getting into trouble a few times – good to know he’s human

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Vid – Brandon Semenuk Edit

Ripping DH and Spinning Big

A nice edit of Brandon on Vancouver Island with some help from Wink Grant. Filming by Brian Park and David Lang

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NSMBA 2011 Election

And Other News

“You can’t predict the future, but you can help shape it on November 17th…”

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Vid – MS Racing

First Taste

The Evil MS Racing team appears to be up to no good. Check out this nicely shot taster from Mike Parenteau…

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Interview – Joe Graney

Santa Cruz Engineer

“If your bike doesn’t ride well, last a long time and look good doing it then you can blame me…”

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Vid – Ligurian Style Shred

InFocus in Calizzano

“We decided to drive down all the way to the Ligurian Alps and spend the end of the season on the best trails…”

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Vid/Story – Capturing Depleted Time

The Last Morsels

“These were our last few precious weeks to shred corners, smash laps, grab cheap Bike and Bean coffees…”

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Vid – Stund 3 Episode 5

Best Stund Ever?

“These bikes truly are mountain warriors. We are the gladiators laying stake to what is ours! Freeride.”

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Vid РTrans Proven̤e Highlights

Gravity Adventure

300 km, 10,000m up, 15,000m down, 26 singletrack stages over 7 days,gravity racing excitement meets wilderness adventure

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Andreu’s New Ride

YT Industries

In the words of his PR company, “Mr. Superman Flies for YT Industries.” He’s ‘flying’ for his 3rd sponsor in 3 yrs.

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First DH1 Venue Announced

Interview With Maribor Boss

DH1 has announced the first stop of their series on May 12th – 13th so we talk to the head organizer at Maribor

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Vid – All Mountain Trials

From Nicolai

A brand new sport! “All Mountain trial starts where dismounting gets too dangerous…”

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Late Summer Epic

Multi Day Chilcotins

“A few hours into our day we had scaled the drainage, traversed and made the descent into Little Paradise…’

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Vid – Andreu At Rampage

Into The Dust

A chronicle of Andreu’s first experience at the Rampage – but that’s not what really scared him…

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Vid – At The Portal

DH in NZ

On a wet blustery day in New Zealand’s capital city Wellington, rider Rowan Falconer…

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From The Inside Out

Full Teaser!

From the look of the teaser, this could be the coolest, most badass film we’ve seen in quite some time…

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The Next Moab?

A little tour through Nelson and a primer on the scene from a former local – who keeps coming back

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Leatt DBX Pro Gear Shot

Get Braced for 2012?

“Standing in line this year at Whistler it seemed like almost half the riders were wearing a neck brace,,,”

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Vid – Luke Fulton

Styling on his Cove Sanchez

Luke’s style keeps getting smoother and cleaner as he tosses truckdrivers and nasty dumped threes…

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Freecaster Behind the Scenes

Rob Builds His Bike and more

Rob talks about riding the Champery World Champ course and you can see him working behind the mic – and yelling…

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Little Foothills Heaven

Going Big In Calgary

I quickly find myself in and amongst my lifelong friends who are still out there digging, riding, and sharing laughs.

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Killer Vid – Matt Montandon

mmm - bikes

Matt Montandon shreds harder than most on a bike that is smaller than most in a place that is sweeter than most…

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Matt Brooks

Lone Wolf As Talent

The one and only Lone Wolf himself shreding in this section. Camera work done by Kaleb Trozzo…

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DH1 IS Coming in 2012

Freecaster Founder Interview

Raymond Dulieu, founder of Freecaster, took the time to tell us about DH1, his made for Video DH Series…

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Vid – Stund 3 Episode 4


Episode 4 takes us from the Sunshine Coast to the alpine ridges and slopes of the Purcell Mountains for some true Freeriding!

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The Best of Team

2011 Highlight Video

Our riders were a force to be reckoned with this year. See why in this best of 2011 compilation by Matt Dennison…

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