Cable cam

We are curentley working on the second edit and we are upping the ainti.

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My Spanish Experience

“We had a few days of shooting that were well into the 40’s, with locations that had zero shade.”

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MEC/nsmb Trail Project Video

Digger Digs and T Bone Rides

This vid will take you on the rebuilt Ladies Only and King of the Shore – and tell you how it all happened…

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2010 BoXXer Long Term Review

Beaten up in B.C.

“I secretly wished I could ride a light, high performance fork without the expense and hassle of frequent…”

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Froriders Inducted

Wade, Tippie and Schley

I’d say it’s about time – Wade Simmons, Brett Tippie and Richie Schley will be entered into the MTB Hall of Fame…

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Dreaded Update

Hoot in 2010

Sit back and have a look at a year in the sweet life of Hootie in words and pictures…

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Paul Stevens goes 5000 Down

Words, Pics, Video - Carnage!

I hit the final jump with significantly more speed than clarity of vision, and watched the landing…”

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Red Bull 5000 Down

Morland And Rosser Tops

“Riders uploaded to the Peak of Whistler where they began to take position in 14cm of snow…”

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REVIEW: 2011 Rocky Mountain Slayer 70

All-mountain goodness

Stuart Kernaghan tests Rocky’s newly redesigned Slayer in the wilds of B.C. Was it up to the challenge?

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The Whistler Report #18

In and Out of the Park

“Ian ‘Scrub’ Morrision put his skills to use and took his first victory of the year on his most…”

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Hootie Getting Gnarly

Jay Riding Moto and 26

His Hootieness takes on some gnarly terrain and talks about his love of the ride – on two kinds of two wheeler

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Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens

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Matt Montandon

The AIRprentice - vids/pics/words

Matt Montandon has been quietly making a name for himself – this time by winning a comp in Fernie with a 720…

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More from The Coastal Crew

Whip It

Just a few days ago they were saying ‘we’re done’ but thankfully they weren’t done.

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Wyper Out of the Park

Fast and Smooth

“What do I do when I just want to get out and ride? I put the tires into some loam!”

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Atherton Project Ep. 9

Val Di Sole

“It would have been cool to have Greg behind me, but that’s the way it goes when you ride like a &$#%ing girl”

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Sam Hill – Champ

Two Rainbows for Specialized

“Hill completed what had started to look like a season to forget about after suffering a knee injury…”

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World Champs – Sam and Stevie

Finals Added

The season is done – but here’s a video to take you through the finals at Mont Sainte Anne…

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Whistler Report #17

Cool Events and Park Buffing

“The Dirt Merchant reopening on Friday afternoon had more than a few of us giddy. Smiles were ear to ear…”

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Life Cycles Teaser!

The buzz is deafening

Could this be the movie we’ve been waiting for? Those who saw the preview were gobsmacked, stunned, amazed…

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John Henry Sale of Awesomeness

Insane Norco Deals

You could be getting the Norco Six 2 and taking six sweet inches down the mountain…

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Red Bull Rampage 2010

Riders and Course Design

“The course will be shaped by a new team of builders, lead by Paddy Kaye who has worked on multiple Freeride Films…”

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Greg Minnaar – 2nd overall

Syndicate Report

“The first day of practice I crashed out and injured my elbow, dislocating it. I spent most the night…”

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Scott Voltage FR10 Review

Injury Delay

“After I recovered from my concussion the rest of summer was spent hitting all the locations that my truck…”

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DH Finals Vids

From Dirt And MTBcut

Action, interviews and lots of riding from the best in the world…

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World Cup DH Champs Crowned

Gee takes it at the wire

After 6 rounds in six countries it comes down to a margin of 37 hundredths of a second for the overall

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Whistler Report #16

Kids, Khyber and DM

With the old upper section beat to a dirty eroded pulp, the past few years have seen lots of talk about…

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Windham World Cup Day 1

Quali Vid Added

The final UCI World Cup downhill of 2010 takes place this weekend in Windham New York and it will be all decided…

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AIRprentice Sweepstakes

Get to Know our New Rider

After a longer than planned run off
we are ready to crown our second AIRprentice rider for 2010…

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