Flying By The Seat…

Paulo and Mason Venture

“It was a long story, involving the police, a pretentious bank manager and the making of a film…”

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Trans Provençe Days 5 and 6


Steve Jones from Dirt Mag takes over on day 6 and tell his tale of Trans Provençe…

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Vid – Big Italy

Shredding the Riviera

The Crew from Big Mountain found some of the best riding in all of Italy – and the vid is guaranteed to stoke

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Vid – 10 Things I learned…

about Mountain Biking

1. videos can be cheesy 2. slow mo can be overused 3. Cheesy can be fun 4. Euros love cheese (and make the best!)

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Gear Shots #73

Ragley, Nuke Proof (x 4)

“The steel Bagger 228 frame – named after an awesomely huge earth shredding excavator – is the most…”

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Scion Whistler Report #20


“Getting blown off the trail happened more than once -and that isn’t something I’ve experienced before…”

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Vid – Camelbak 2012 Highlight

Charge LR Pack

Seth takes us through a new pack that is ideal for gravity riders who want to manage the water weight…

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Different Bikes Clearance Sale

Big Deals

Pretty simple, it is a real clearance sale – everything in all stores is discounted heavily to clear out…

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Join nsmb’s TAP Trail Day

This Sunday on Dale's

Lunch provided of course and we are meeting at Different Bikes at the base of Seymour at 8:30. Plus – meet Digger!

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Vid – Dakine for Girls

Drafter Pack

Jennifer from Dakine shows Seb, Matt and Fergs their newest pack in super cute colours…

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Vid/Pics/Story Alpenrock DH


Our AIRprentice winner takes you on a tour of Italy and Switzerland and puts you on his helmet for a killer ride…

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Trans Provençe Day 2

Results and Video

Maybe the most beautiful race in the world? The photos and video keep getting better from Provençe…

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2012 Sram X0 10-speed

Long Term Review

Morgan takes the Sram 10-speed group and carbon crowned fork to the Shore and to the races.

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Vid/Ride Yeti SB66/95

Seb and Fergs Ride Yetis

The frame felt very stiff and agile, and positively begged to be thrown around and treated with a firm hand…”

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Vid – Stund 3 – 1

Get Stund

“It’s a way of life in Nelson, have fun, ride bikes with friends, and do it again the next day…”

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Vid – Trans Provence Day 1

DH Stage Race

Fabien Barel, Nico Vouilloz, Mark Weir and more battle it out crossing the South of France on mountain bikes…

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Vid – Trek Slash

Plus Ride Report

Seb Kemp rides Trek’s new Slash at Interbike and has this to say about the bike – and deja vu all over again…

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Greg Watts

Epic POV Footage and more

Greg Watts is up there with the best of the best and to get his view on the dirt is pretty special…

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Atherton Project Ep. 9 (season 3)

Different Strokes

Gee and Rachel race Val di Sole while Dan switches gears and prepares for his first Enduro race – Megavalanche

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Scion Whistler Report #19

The Westside Wheel Up, The end of Extended Play, park (and weather) conditions,

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Knolly Nuggets from Interbike

Interesting news from Knolly

It was to be released to the public in March of this year, but the date came and went…

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Vid – 2012 Santa Cruz Blur TRc

Interbike 2011!

Ferrentino Rules. The anti marketing marketer talks to us about the bike that will make you a better lover…

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Shootin’ The Gap

Matt Montandon Waxes Poetic

“You can start thinking about where you can get in an extra pump or think about what you want to do on the next lip…”

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Brendan Howey

Vid - Blood, Sweat and Beers...

Brendan, Aaron Laroque and some co-conspirators spend a week building, shooting and filming…

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Question of the Day #5

Will The Plane Take Off?

We ask a bunch of booth babes (and a couple of real live pilots) the best question ever asked on the webz…

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Interbike’s Final Day

Bikes, Bits, Bobs and Boobs

“A quota of self-reflection is reached in the postmodern succession of the simulacra.”

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Vid – Question of the Day #4

Ten Thousand Dollars?

You just $10,000 on the slots, but have to spend it by 6am…what would the pros do?

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Vid – 4 Ways To Ride

The Claw, Sam Hill and lycra

“At season’s end, Darren Berrecloth and Sam Hill join Burry Stander and Christoph Sauser in Zermatt…”

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Vid – Chris Kovarik Shreds

Fast and Loose

This is some of the rowdiest riding you will ever see by one of the most powerful dudes on the World Cup circuit…

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Backcountry North Shore Styles

Eamonn And T Bone

“Just sub Bone for Rocky, the North Van backcountry for Philly, and we basically recreated true cinematic gold.”

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