Gear Shots #56

Bike, POV Cam, Shorts

VHoldr Contour HD POV vid camera, Kona CoilAir Supreme, and the Mace NOS Short

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BIG in Bavaria

One Of A Kind Dirt Event

MTB and BMX stars to compete for €40,000 in Munich – including Berrecloth, Andreu, McDermott and more…

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The Latest from Magura

Rain in the desert is no match for German engineering

…doing a great job in dispelling the myth that carbon bars are no good for DHers.

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Mike Hopkins in the BC interior

Sampling the Rilor Wilderness

“…a view of pristine old world British Columbia, transporting one to a time when vast wilderness dominated the landscape…”

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Teva Mountain Games report

The Norco rider rips in CO

Dual stunting in Vail with Dylan Korba

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Bobsled Trail Day

Buff The Sled

Bobsled is fast and easily accessible – but it needs some lovin’ – come out on June 28

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Nokia On Board for AIRprentice

Phones For Riders

More good news is that Matt Hunter will be joining us as a guest rider and judge for AIRprentice 2009 at Silver Star…

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Maribor Finals + Results

World Cup racing in Slovenia

The rains came and it forced some scheduling changes. But the racing was still top notch.

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Maribor World Cup – Practice Added

DH And 4X Live

Some day one footage from Dirt including a course walk and some short interviews – and live later on…

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Whistler Report

Jerry Does Whistler

nsmb team rider Jerry Willows gives you the LD on the condition of the park and a look at the Boneyard…

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Life Cycles on Location

“Bender showed up out of the blue and hucked himself 90ft off a porta-booter with a few buddies…”

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The People of Knolly Part II

Ripping in Kamloops

A look at the folks on the inside – and those out on the bikes – who make Knolly go fast…

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ReJeKt – Episode 3

Sam Pilgrim - Kranked Revolve

“If I wasn’t riding my bike then I probably wouldn’t be very cool…”

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Garbanzo Open This Weekend

This Sat. - A Week Early!

“At the end of last year, the Bike Park opened up several new sections of Blue Velvet, a major extension of…”

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Gear Shots #55

Everything you need for fun

Rocky Mountain Flatline Unlimited, Dakine Apex hydration pack and Whistler Mountain Biking guide book

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Blissed Out in Switzerland II

More Bliss and Video

sitting on a beach just isn’t as appealing to me as the possibility of sitting on my bike at the top of a far off mountain…

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Ashland Super D Wrap

Chainless Challenge

Crazy weather, glorious crashes and bikes without chains made the event a success – especially for Myles Rockwell

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Race The Ranch

King of the Dust Bowl

“The dust was eating riders alive. It was so thick and so deep that when a rider crashed…”

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Smackdown DH Photo Essay

North Shore Bike Fest Shots

Dave Mackie had his lenses trained on the DH crew all weekend – and he was paying attention to the action as well…

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Semenuk Joins Chromag

To Ride and Develop Product

“I have been looking for the perfect seat and wanted to work with someone who could help me develop it.

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Readers’ Rides #9

Jeff Bryson's 'Sam Hill' Demo 8

“This is the part I love about Specialized. The engineering team manufactured multiples…”

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Shimano and Anthill

A Vid Fix from Shimano

“Served up like a six-course meal with wine pairings for each dish of single-track, the videos spotlight different components and themes…”

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Mike Hopkins In Utah

Life Cycles gets Dusty

“I luckily went through my leggy suspension without breaking both of my ankles, but my knees impacted…”

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my last five days.

These past five days have been the best five days of my life!

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On the way home a quick stop in Moab

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Kranked ReJeKt Episode 2

Ripping Farwell Canyon

Dylan, Kyle and James Doerfling in front of the lens with Curtis Robinson doing the real work…

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Chainsaw Massacre

The Take Down 10 yrs. Later

“Digger came into On Top rambling on frantically about chainsaws and ripping things down …”

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