The Crosses – Part I

Self-film Action from Spain

“A local mountain with an 1100m summit offering a 10km descent. This is from the top section which is very rocky and technical…”

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“X Gon Give it To Ya”

VIdeo Teaser from X-Fusion

“This shredumentary follows a group of X-Fusion sponsored riders/employees as they pack up their gear and head south for a week of nonstop riding in Southern California…”

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2010 VCA Race Run

Insane Helmetcam Footage

It’s no surprise this run from the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race in Chili went viral in a matter of days…

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MTB Tourism Association Launches New Site for all your riding needs

There’s a new site with information and inspiration for all things mountain biking in British Columbia.

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Gear Shots 69 (dude!)

Race Face / Chromag / Maxxis

The Minion gets a new twist (EXO!) Race Face makes a new stem with an old name and Chromag pulls a full Moon…

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SCOTT Sports Signs the Coastal Crew

Curtis, Dylan and Kyle Join the Team

“Having a company stand behind and believe in your visions means a lot. We have exciting projects in the works so there is a lot to look forward to…”

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Zero Degrees

West Coast Winter Vid

Nicolas Teichrob has an amazing eye for detail and this vid must be seen – even if it’s light on mtb content…

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Bikes and Progress

Today’s fresher than fresh ultra modern bicycle feels like the pinnacle – but one day it may just hang on the wall…

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InfocusMTB Vid

More from the Euro Crew

To help you guys through the cold time of the year, we browsed our hard disks and mashed up all the old footage…

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Sampled Bike

Does your bike make music?

Click, squeek, snap, thump…watch Matt Dennison make music with his mountain bike.

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Winter Enduro Ride

Pierre Edouard Ferry

This time PEF was enjoying some time riding. Sometimes France looks like Canada…

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Wade Simmons Camps

Ride with Wade in Verbier

“Mountain bike legend Wade Simmons has teamed up with Big Mountain Adventures to launch a gravity…”

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World Affairs Part III

Seb's Waxes Poetic

“I have put acid in my thighs and needles in my lungs to reach the crown view in mountainous places…”

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Jarrett Moore

A Short Snow Day Edit

Snow Day! School got cancelled so Jarrett and I made the best of it…

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DH In Italy

Marco's Training Track

Marco M. and Marco T. team up for a video of DH riding on actual dirt – something that’s scarce here right now…

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Chris Akrigg Vid

Better than Danny Mac?

I found this more entertaining than watching MacAskil – probably because it’s more like mtb and less like trials..

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Peaty Helmet Cam

Steeltown DH

Peaty pre-runs the DH course for his hometown race behind Steve Peat Syndicate rider Mitch Ropelato…

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More From Urge Cabo Verde

Nico Shredding

Vouilloz goes faster than anyone down the side of a volcano, through windy single track – everywhere until he gets the win

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Just a Taste – Bike Check Vid

Bi-winning More than Charlie

Paul confesses what the winter does to his three personalities – and then introduces us to his new Demo 8

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Merritt in Winter

Snowless Side Video

“Although the wind was howling I managed to stay warm thanks to ye ol’ deerskins…”

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Bombing Through Peru


15 days of freeriding in Peru with Rob J and Rene Wildhaber, May 2010. Locations: Cusco, Ollantatambo…

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Finally 2 Part VI

Champery Crash Fest

Things start out buffed and fast but the weather catches up with the World Cup once again as Gee, Greg and Brendan battle

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GGGS Number 5 This Sat.

The Geoff Gulevich Garage Sale

Contributors will include: Geoff Gulevich Jordie Lunn
Kurt Sorge Graham Agassiz Wade Simmons – March 5th

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Taylor Hollstedt Interview

Behind the Loops Part III

“You can see him in films like Pedalfiles, Torque and Outer Extremities dating back to the nineties…”

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Darren Berrecloth

10 Questions about 2010

“I told him to get bent and I was pushing through the scar tissue at 3 weeks and riding at 5…”

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nsmbA 2011 Events

The Association - Not us

Our local trail maintenance and advocacy org. is putting on some cool events in 2011 – incl. Wade’s Adventure

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Urge Cabo Verde Video

Wrap Video

The Urge crew has put together a video that wraps things up nicely – with amazing footage of volcano riding

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Sterl and Matty In Utah

Green River Vid

Finding a banger location can be a long process – but the boys’ patience pays off with an unridden epic zone

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Finally 2 Part V

Fort William

Fort Bill’s wide open top section makes for great viewing and filming as Minnaar and Gee battle it out…

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A Cow’s Demise

Bovine Swiss Adventures

I look up the slope, and horrified, witness a cow tumbling down the mountainside, legs straight as arrows

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