Sam Brown’s Story on TV

The Fifth Estate

“Linden MacIntyre speaks with a former smuggler who recruited Sam into that world…”

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Here We Go Again

Trailer 3 - Chile

“The craziest mountain bike fans anywhere, as Chris Van Dine, Eric Porter, Steve Smith and…”

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Minnaar Hospitalized

Injured but Released

Greg Minnaar went down hard on his moto but word has it he has been released and is recovering at home…

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Side Flight Championships

X-Fusion Says Whip It

“This contest is unique as it brings together riders from both the racing and freeriding side of our industry…”

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CBC Closed for the Winter

Time For A Rest

Want to know why CBC is closed during the winter and after heavy rains?

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Atherton Project 12

The Final Episode

Gee and Dan head to Rio di Janeiro to race DH in the Favela – and they are amazed…

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GoPro HD – Quick review

Get Your HD On

“Compact, self contained, very configurable, excellent quality video, decent sound and the best…”

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New Trek Canada Prices

Exchange Adjusted

“The prices of the new Scratch and Remedy raised some eyebrows north of the border …”

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Semenuk Riding and Driving

One Trek and Two Subies

A couple of vids from the Coastal Crew with Brandon in both of his Subarus and on his hardtail…

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Helly Hansen Sale

"Friends and Family..."

If you are a friend and you have family you are invited to the Helly sale in Delta B.C. Fri. and Sat.

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Fox: Champions Wanted

Have What It Takes in 2010

If you have a team or are a rider that
has what it takes, FOX wants to help with your success…

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Reader’ Rides 15

An Epic Tale of Bikes and Magic

“My University scores went down because I spent so much time building stuff for the magician…”

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Knolly Grass Roots

How are your Roots?

“Knolly Bikes is now accepting applications from riders who are interested…”

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The Atherton Project

Three episodes

“Digging to me is part of the lifestyle we lead. We’re the ones who take our riding to the next level…”

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On Location with Anthill Films

“It was key to nail this in order to keep his momentum up for the next feature…”

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The new Trek/Fox DRCV Shock

An Interview with Jose Gonzales

“I wanted to make sure we got rid of the “hammock” effect that large volume shocks are notorious for…”

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The 2010 Remedy 9.9 Carbon

Trek's New Cure

Slickrock, exposure and challenges of all shapes and sizes on Amasa Back, Rock Stacker and Jackson’s…

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Danny MacAskill VW Commercial

It's Real Folks

Danny appears to have hit the big time already – and it’s no big surprise when you see this…

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Here We Go Again

Teaser 2 - with Justin Wyper

Justin lives up to his nickname in this clip from Don Hampton’s latest film…

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Tales from the Interbike Crypt

Just in time for Halloween

Tricks and treats from the big show including an exclusive!

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Trek’s Scratch in Moab

Full Report

Four new models of bike that defy the Germans’ need to classify everything…

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Race Face and MEC

Two Perspectives

Race Face wants you to know it’s all good but things will come to you in a different way according to Lambert…

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Hard and Soft Knocks

Is the hard and soft armour from the Swedish company truly a Piece Of Cake…?

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Here We Go Again – Teaser

DH Productions 25th

While secret stashes and untouchable locations are nice, Here We Go Again will draw upon DH Productions’ DIY style and blue collar work ethic

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Summer of Shred

Two Episodes

Check out SOS in New Zealand and California this past summer

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Scratch Preview

Photos By Sterling

Direct from Moab – Photos from the 2010 Trek Scratch and Remedy launch to whet your appetite…

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Chilcotin Downhills

3 POV Descents

“These are completely unrepresentative of the effort required to get there…”

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Barred For Life

Vancouver Premiere


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Foot Out Flat Out

Two Teasers

Action from a full season following the World Cup Circuit and other goodies…

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Muddbunnies Calendars SHIPPING

2010 Bunnies in our Store

A fresh crop of Bunnies will be available soon – Oct. 16th to be exact

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