Things I’m Stoked On

Good Times Biking

Riley McIntosh waxes about the good stuff: trail building, bikes, owls, and dreams of the future…

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Day of the Dog

The Four Legged Shredders

Have you ever wondered what your dog dreams about?

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Glitz at the Fitz

Kurt Sorge Interviews Kelly McGarry

What should Kelly McGarry be sponsored for other than mountain biking? Hair product, of course!

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Chris Akrigg: Through the Mill

Akrigg Back on Point

Chris Akrigg has recovered from his broken leg and he’s back to producing amazing videos!

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This is Heckle Fest!

Heckler's Rock at the Canadian Open

Mike Gamble on scene catching the vibe at the most raucous day party of Crankworx…

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Rocky Mountain Altitude 650B

150mm Travel Mid-Wheeler

For 2013 the Altitude gets more travel, 650B wheels, and adjustable geometry… and it rips!

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BC Bike Race Reflections

Mike and Wade's Excellent Adventure, Part 2

“Strategies for identifying and escaping both types of local cougars…

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Above The Noise

Escaping Crankworx for an Alpine Heli-Drop

“An open basin that lets you route-find for thousands of feet before you ever hit a singletrack trail…”

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Life Behind Bars #9

The Bearclaw Invitational

Footage surfaces from the Bearclaw and then Brandon goes out in the shifter kart…

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Thunderstruck Kid Gets in the Van

Seb's Indepth Joyride Commentary

Genon might be the next best thing, or perhaps he will disappear into a cloud of smoke and patchouli oil…

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My Sacred Ride

Photo and Video Contest

Enter to win a free mountain bike adventure for two with Sacred Rides…

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Crankworx Joyride: NSMB’s Highlights Video

Mike Gamble's View From On Course

Our Money Shot winner’s Joyride video recap from Crankworx 2012…

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Red Bull Joyride: Behind the Scenes

Setting the Stage

“The results were decided by who could actually make it to the bottom in one piece…”

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Strength in Numbers – Full Nepal Section

Out There with Shandro and Wildhaber

“A seemingly endless amount of paths, trails and routes connecting people and places throughout the landscape…

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Crankworx Joyride

Results and Photos

This year’s contest was perhaps a bit anti-climactic for the BC crowd…

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Steve Smith, King of Crankworx DH

Stevie Wraps up the Triple Crown

Smith blew the doors off the competition and sealed a triple crown win of all 3 DH races at Crankworx…

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NSMB’s Crankworx Highlights – Before Joyride

Mike Gamble Video

Clips from AIR DH, Best Trick, Pump Track, and Dual Slalom…

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Joyride Replay Here!

Red Bull Joyride at Whistler

Watch the replay from the big show out of Whistler…

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Crankworx Dual Slalom

Morgan Taylor's Photo Recap

Troy Brosnan and Melissa Buhl take their respective categories but some rad results from BC racers too…

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30 Days

GoPro Dirt Diaries Winner

Leo Zuckerman won first place in GoPro’s Dirt Diaries video contest with this epic entry…

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Deep Summer Results!

Reuben Takes It!

Check out Reuben’s Krabbe winning edit. There wasn’t much controversy in the crowd about first place but…

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Teva Best Trick

Jordie Lunn and Tom van Steenbergen

The slopestylers take to the Red Bull Joyride course to show us what they’ve got…

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Glitz at the Fitz

Coastal Crew Bro-Down

“Which part of you smells the best?” Norbraten and Robinson help us answer the hard-hitting questions.

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AIR DH Photos + Vid

A New Record

This is the second year in a row that Brian Lopes has come second after winning every air DH for about a century…

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Whip Off Worlds

Up Close and Personal at Crankworx 2012

“A thin streak of air separates the back wheel of some of the world’s best riders from the heads of the excited crowd…”

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Norco’s 2013 650B Range and Sight

Ride Impressions and Photos

Norco has maintained geometry that pushes these 650B bikes a bit further toward that aggressive side…

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Strength in Numbers – Full Utah Section

Aggy, Vanderham, and R-Dog

“At some point during the trip I’m probably going to scare myself a little bit…”

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Crankworx Dual Speed and Style

Photos from Toby Cowley and Malcolm Mclaws

Back from injury, Brendan Fairclough shows he can swing both ways…

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Darren Berrecloth Gets Spanked

Bearclaw Joins Spank Industries

The Claw and Spike join forces to create a very sharp combo…

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Garbanzo DH 2012 Photos and Video

Steve Smith by 5 Seconds!

Top to bottom in the Bike Park, 3400 vertical, 12+ minutes of hammering…

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