The Whistler Report

Todd's Inside Line

“If you didn’t get a chance to hit it up in the last couple of weekends of ’09, the whole upper section was rebuilt…”

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Atherton Project Ep. 1

Training for the Season

The Athertons train, jump, DH, BMX and bitch to Darren their trainer in sunny California – best ep. yet

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Carbon V10/Lisbon Downtown

Syndicate News

“Rob Roskopp surprised the boys with a challenge -slowest man down would have to wear a dress to dinner…”

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Fabien Barel Injured

Out for 2-3 months

“Fabien also injured his wrist and suffered a concussion in the crash which left him feeling like he was…”

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CBC Trail Open!

Let 'Er Rip!

After a long winter you can finally get a nice long shuttle or climb up Seymour and enjoy all the vert…

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Transition Double Has Arrived

Double it Up

“We added some features in our quest to create the cleanest most solid short travel full suspension bike…”

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The Season Ep. 4

The Finale

“It’s time to see how Scott Petett is going to do against some serious talent…”

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Manitou Sends It Back To Freeride.

Romo, Kinrade, Buehler

“The Dorado is absolutely the best feeling fork I’ve ever used, and I couldn’t be happier…”

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Whistler Opens Sat.

16 Trails to Ride

“I can’t remember an opening weekend when trails were in better shape to kick off the season…”

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Atherton Project 2010

It's Back

The adventures of Gee, Dan and Rachel (and their entourage) return to the web – trailer inside…

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DownBeat Slideshow

Trips for Kids Vancouver!

This thurs. in Vanc – a wicked slide show from Dave Heath and Jordan Manley with vids from Anthill.

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nsmb Team Sponsors for 2010

Sweet Changes

Now that our team gear is almost all here we can tell you what we’re running and who’s supporting the boys for ’10

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Win a Stay At Bear Back Lodge

High Brow Digs for Riders

Give us the best Caption to this photo and you could enjoy opening weekend in Bear Back Biking’s Chalet…

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Carbon V10

Cat's Out Of The Bag

“The Syndicate is in Lousa, Portugal right now testing the bike, and will be throwing it into the crucible…”

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Coastal Crew Ep. V

Sea Otter Coastal Style

“It’s about the journey, the crowd, the mechanics, the athletes, the race results and the true feeling…”

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Team Norco 2010

Some Fresh Blood

Veterans dominate the line up but Sam Dueck has joined the fray to add some slopestyle prowess…

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Banshee Rampant Review

The Bad Friend

The friend who introduced you to Nicky Nicky Nine Door with ‘homemade’ lemonade and fermented eggs…”

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North Shore Bike Fest 2010 – Volunteers Needed

Vollie Up!

An event this big requires many hands, especially for the racing, the festival and the gear swap…

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Seb Kemp Rips 29″

Big Wheels, Small Bleep

Wagon wheels are spreading slowly – even up here to the Shore. Seb Kemp shows what you can do with 29″

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World Cup 4X #1

Vids From Houffalize

Jared Graves killing it softly and Martin Søderstrøm coming close in jeans on a single speed dirt jumper…

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Cam McCaul…

Is A Funny Guy

This is basically Darren Berrecloth’s backyard so he came out and built some custom dirt jumps and the crew…

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Seb Kemp Rips 29″

Big Wheels, Small Bleep

Wagon wheels are spreading slowly – even up here to the Shore. Seb Kemp shows what you can do with 29″

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Crud to Mud Returns

An Institution

Rip down Whistler on your board or skis then hop on your DH sled and shred trails all the way to the GLC…

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Gear Shots #62

Race Face DT Swiss Urge

We check out an Urge helmet from France, Race Face Ambush knees from BC, DT Swiss wheels and something from NYC

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Søderstrøm Goes 4X

Training and Competing

Here’s what Martin looks like training for the World Cup – right after he’s raced his first UCI event in Belgium

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Bike Parks BC Contest!

Ultimate Summer Contest

Win season passes to 5 parks, accommodation, guding, bike rentals, passes for a friend and $1000

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Dirt Norco Race Team

Starting the Season Vid

This is worth a look for the pajama suits alone – and for some sweet riding in Italy with Ben Reid and Dan…

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Wade’s Wisdom

And New Simmons?

Who won a sweet set of XT Cranks in response to Wade’s question about trail access in other parts of the world?

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BroCards At John Henry Days

Pick up your Card at JH

Go for the deals, the dirt jumping action and pick up your BroCard while you are there…

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