Seb Plays Santa

Bike Loans

“I have been on the road constantly for four and a half years now, but oddly enough I hate traveling…”

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Review: 2011 Fox 36 Float 180 FIT RC2

Everything you want and nothing you don't?

“…the thought occurred to me that this is probably the single nicest cycling component I have ever had.”

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Lars N Bars

Skills Vid from Transition

Some great tips for riding in slippery, rooty conditions from pro DH rider Lars Sternberg

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Thomas Vanderham

Follow Me Profile - Interview

Vanderham (briefly) explains why he liked to wander off the beaten path for his segments in Follow Me.

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Na Ketonalu

(On Painkillers)

“In 2007 Piotr Szedowski, a rider from Poland had a bad accident. He went trough clinical death…”

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Riding Yukon Style – REDUX

Riding The Klondike

“Whitehorse in my memory was surrounded by uninspiring hills and while I liked the place…”

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Scotland – REDUX

Peaty, Hans and MacAskil

“After bacon rolls and some discussion about the trail and the filming we headed up for the second run…”

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2011 Carbon V10 – REDUX

Ridden in Whistler

If I must – I guess I’m available to ride the 34 lb DH bike that nobody’s ridden except the Syndicate…

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Hound Doggin’ REDUX

Ride Order Philosophy

“Proper etiquette dictates you must say ‘see you at the bottom sucker’ on the way by…”

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Joe Schwartz Interview – REDUX

Living The Life

Joe Schwartz is making the most of his second act now that he’s not living the life of a sponsored pro…

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Mexico Part II – REDUX

The Wheels Come Off

“Alejandro made a last-minute route change on our ride from San Sebastian – without telling anyone…”

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Obsession: Bikes

Boxing Day Sale!

Big discounts on bikes from Specialized, Trek and Scott, armour and full face carbon helmets 50% off

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Mexico Part I – REDUX

"Some invitations are impossible to turn down while others make you scratch your head..."

“Some invitations are impossible to turn down while others make you scratch your head…”

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Merry Christmas!

Farewell 2010

What is Christmas without a porcine nativity scene – courtesy of Nat Bailey of course.

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Sterling Lorence Interview

Follow Me Finishes the Year

Sterling presents his unique perspective on making a mountain bike movie and shooting photos

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Avid Elixir 3 Review

Bargain Stoppers

“I no longer fear accidental lock up, a great benefit, especially on wet wood. But locking up was easy too…”

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Sale At Cove

Up to 50% off

Flippin’ Huge it is – bikes, clothing lots of stock on sale at Cove until Dec. 31st

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Season Retrospective

“…it was another great year of riding with my buds, improving my skills, and generally having fun on two wheels.”

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Basque Riding

Some Summer Scenes

This video from the Basque region of Spain serves up some of the most beautiful riding landscapes…

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Blu Rays In Stock

Follow Me and Life Cycles

The wait is over for a hi def. look at the year’s best films – snd we’re shipping today..

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nsmb’s Christmas Wishlist

Last-minute shopping?

nsmb regulars share what they want to see under the Christmas tree. Check it out for ideas…

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Readers’ Rides #19

Resurectd Samurai

“Two months later, I picked up what is still to my mind the most beautiful frame I’ve ever seen – in grainy, textured…”

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Yannick Granieri

French Flyer

Yannick sessioning some dialled secret doubles in France – and showing off some mad style…

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Jerry ‘JDub’ Willows

2010 In The Rear View

Jerry gets the bikes most of us can only lust after – and he gets them before they hit the local bike store…

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Andi Wittman

A bit of everything in this nicely shot short film from across the pond – featuring Andi Wittman

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Rock The Cariboo


“Due to our busy summer schedules it is hard to have all four of us in one spot at a time. I love riding with…”

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Epic Alpine Ride

Swiss Alps in Fall

Short clip filmed end of october 2010. The spot is really high alpine and there is no margin for mistakes.

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Schleyer on Lezyne

Hall of Fro

“We are stoked to be working with such a prolific pioneer as The Schleyer! He is an MTB legend…”

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Cable Car Up - North Shore Down

Alban Aubert sent us this vid of year round lift accessed riding in Switzerland – road gaps, transfers, skinnies

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Hot In Spain

Eamonn's Summer Fun

“We had a few days of shooting that were well into the 40’s, with locations that had zero shade.”

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