The Line Part 5

The Big 'Reveal'

Who is under that mask and where is this line? Marco’s action narrative reaches it’s climax in the last installment

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Invergarry Bike Park Open House

New Bike Park?

A new rider built facility is up for Public decision Thursday night at Surrey’s Open house for Invergarry Bike Park

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Downhill Bikes, Narrow Roads and Fresh Pesto

Italy's Ligurian Coast

“The prospect of exploring a new region on the Italian coast was just too hard to refuse…”

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Vids – More Sea Otter

The Santa Cruz Blur TR - and more

The Hive shows off a new hub, Santa Cruz shows off the Blur TR and Crankbros shows off new DH wheels, pedals…

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Matt Montandon Early Season Ride

Getting the Season Started

Helmet cam footage from NSMB AIRprentice Rider Matt Montandon

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Gwin and Moseley Win UCI DH 1

Sixth for Steve Smith

Aaron Gwin charges to victory over Minnaar on Greg’s home turf while Gee, Fabien and Peaty round out the Podium

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South Africa Quali Results Added

4 Videos Added - Saturday

Some familiar faces near the top of the heap. Practice vid added as well…

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Shredding Pemby

Two Vids

Connor is testing a Trek Scratch for us and he decided to give us a look at some of his protocols in vid form

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Late to the Party – Part III

Enter the Duallie

“I took the Wildcard home, my first full suspension bike, feeling good about the scrutiny I’d given the decision…”

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Troy Brosnan Vid

Jr. World Champ on his Demo

“Monster Energy Specialized rider Troy Brosnan is the 2010 Jr World champ – Troy is one hell of a rider…”

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E.13 and Crank Bros

Sea Otter Goods

Crank brothers shows off re-designed cranks, pedals and bars and E.13 has some new wheels for all the mountain…

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Vid – Team Maxxis Rocky

XC and DH Content

Ruaridh Cunningham and Sabrina Jonnier shoot for the podium in DH while Kabush and Premont continue to dominate XC

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3-Minute Gaps


Needles built jumps just for Clay’s film – which he says should be the filmer’s best yet…

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Rock Shox Lyric RC2 DH

Reviewed by Tim Coleman

“The Lyrik carved up one of my favourite bits of single track with such mind numbing efficiency…”

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Vids – More Sea Otter

DT, 5:10, Magura, Urge

New goodies for your bike, your feet and your noodle from the big party in Monterey California

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World Affairs Part VI

The Smell Of Disgust

“As I exit from airport arrival terminals it is like having a nose bag of local odors strapped to my snorter…”

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Trail Day Sunday

9:00 AM April 17

Upper Griffen gets and early season rebuff with lunch served by sponsors On Top, Bean and Green Coast

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Stevens Pass Bike Park

Lead the Way

“After 6 years, construction and ultimately operation will begin this summer. Help usher in…”

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Sea Otter Goodies

Norco Bikes/Easton Wheels

The Norco Truax and Sight and (alert) some ridiculously light XC and trail wheels from Easton for lots of money…

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First Trail Day of 2011

“We will be giving Upper Griffen on Mount Fromme some much need maintenance plus a new upper reroute.”

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Claw On Sombrio

Free Agent Signing

“Darren Berrecloth Set To Continue Innovating With The
Support Of Trend Setting Sombrio Clothing…”

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Gear Shot Update

Another Look at 8 Products

Some hard hours reveals more info on products from Rock Shox, Shimano, Black Spire, Urge, DT Swiss, Formula…

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2012 Shimano XT Unveiled

Black and Silver

“The debut of Dyna-Sys in 2010 on Deore XT was the first step towards the full group make-over for…”

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WBP Opens May 20th

Whistler Bike Park!

“Our team is hard at work getting ready for the 2011 Bike Park season and this summer is looking to be…”

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The Line Parts 1-4

Ride Euro Mountains

“Dennis Switch has a major problem during this episode, and he solves it his way.

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Mason’s Winter

Filming, Sledding, Surfing

nsmb team rider Mason Mashon has been getting more than his fair share of powder and salt water this winter…

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2011 Avid Code Brake Review

Enough Stop for your Steed?

“I thought the Code offered as much sheer power as the Saint, but the Code felt more predictable…”

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Dre Slaying

Vid - 2011 Slayer

Connor Macleod follows Andreas Hestler around the North Shore with his video camera to check the new Slayer

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Gear Shots #72 – Marin, Giro, Avid

Goods for body and bike

In this installment, we look at the Marin Attack Trail 6.9, Giro’s new mountain bike shoes and Avid pro bleed kits

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Doerfling AM Rip

Vid from Solos Prod.

James Doerfling hits the trails in Sooke to ride the Knolly Endorphin.

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