Worst Day Best Day

Ridng and Building the Shore

“When the weather makes you feel like a little boy, putting on your man pants is always rewarded…”

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DH1 French Locations Revealed

6 Races In 4 Countries

“Selecting DH1 venues is a challenging task and many aspects need to be taken into consideration…”

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Vid/Interview – Arthur says II

Set up Secrets

“A stock bicycle, will only perform to a very small percentage of its capabilities out of the box…”

Comment now! TAP Trail Day #5

Sunday Nov. 27th

Come join us for some digging, some lunch and a little celebration of how far we have come since the spring…

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2011 FVMBA AGM Report

News from the land of dirt and manure.

A look back at recent success stories while forming a vision for what the new year has to offer…

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Kranked TEDx

Classic Footage

Bjørn Enga has given new life to some footage of the Coastal Crew, Steve Peat, Ryan Leech and more in a great edit…

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How Not To Do It

Video Dissection

“Not all how-to videos are this nerve-racking, but every so often you get a real blood fest shocker…”

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Logan Bingelli in 2D

3D is coming

Logan does some HD shredding for an upcoming 3D Blu Ray film – and if it looks this good in 2d….

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Dario Jasper Jauch – edit

Who is this Kid?

DJJ does many things very well and this is also very well shot – with just the right amount of slow mo and good action…

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Seb Moves to the Shore…

The Shore meets IMBA

“The Shore brought a new attitude to mountain biking, which was running away in a blur of neon Lycra …”

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Vid – Danny Hart at home

Truvativ - Every Ride Has A Story

World Champion Danny gives us a look at him home life and his home trails and moto crashing and sheep chasing…

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Ride Retallack II

Story, Pics and Vid

“When the time came early in the summer, Cal Jelley and I loaded up my truck, and set forth on our very first Nelson mountain biking adventure…”

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Vid – How to Corner

Peaty and Pilgrim

“If you get this right it underpins a lot of other mountain bike skills for wen you get faster…”

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Vid – Process with Wink

Behind the Scenes

“Wink Grant wanted something he’d never tried before, but he got stuck in a bit of a mental loop while getting it…”

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Interview – Arthur Says

Shore Renaissance Man

“The best rides involve ups, downs, challenges both ways, not much stopping, and a few other folks…”

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Opinion is valued, but action is priceless.

The NSMBA is moving forward as a cohesive unit in 2012, with clear goals and a plan to execute them.

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AT’s Showdown Photo Essay

Pictures and Captions

It was an all American final as Greg “Double or Nothing” Watts did just that by winning again for the 2nd year in a row…

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Kamloops Bike Ranch Virtual Tour

KBR In 360 Degrees

Never been to the Kamloops Bike Ranch? Take a virtual tour in this 360 degree interactive photo…

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2011 North Shore Candidates

MTB Friendly Voting

Which candidates have supported mountain biking and trails since the last election? Look here…

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The Changing of the Guard

A North Shore photo set to keep you amped on winter riding.

Yes, the winds of change are upon us and the reality of another winter is sinking in.

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Vid – 2012 BC Bike Race

In Its 6th Running

“For some of the participants it was quoted as the ‘best week of my life’, that’s some high acclaim, but this is what the BC Bike Race is all about, 7 days of sweet trail…”

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Craig Cameron For WV Council


Craig rides mtb and road and he loves the outdoors. Should West Van voters support him? Decide for yourself…

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2012 Muddbunnies Calendar

In Stock and Shipping!

12 months of ripping Grrlz of in both riding and glamour shots to keep you happy for a full year

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Riders Must Vote

If you ride a bike B.C.’s city elections will affect you directly – get out and mark some boxes with Xs

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Vid – Aussie Rules DH

Marcus Fairbanks

“This was edit was originally designed to be a part of a webseries showcasing some of Victoria’s…”

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Cove G-Spot Review

Long Term Review

“The Cove G-Spot is everything I would want in an all mountain bike. All mountain isn’t about heart rates and racing to the top, it should be about fun…”

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Inside Out Premiere

UBC Cycling Club

The Coastal Crew’s vision is clear as day in their first feature length action film – Tues. Nov. 15th at UBC

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Vid – Taylor Loughran Demo Reel

A Mix Of Everything

A mix of snow, water, dirt and everything in between in this Art Barn 2009-2011 reel…

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Vid – How to Drop

Roll or 'Fly' off a Drop

Martyn Ashton gives some tips about how to manage a drop – but I think we need some more input from our readers…

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Long Term Scratch/Slash Preview

Plus Killer Photos and Vid

Connor ripped B.C. apart with a Trek Scratch Air 9 – Bike Parks and all. And now he’s got a 2012 Slash under him…

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