World Affairs Part V

You can never truly go home

“He was like a laser guided missile of lust that was fueled by a sex drive greater than…”

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Lost Dog On Fromme

Hurley is Lost!

Hurley was last seen hiking on the Baden Powell between Prospect Road and the upper Braemar Lynn Valley area.

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RMB Must Change Slayer Name

April Fool's!

“It’s now official that Rocky Mountain has been forced by Sony Music Entertainment to cease and desist…”

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Revolutionary DH Bike From Specialized

April Fool's!

“So, Specialized thought, let’s make the fastest DH bike in the world – but engineer it to last only long enough…”

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FMB World Tour Teaser

Epic Highlights from 2010

“In 2010 the world’s best freeride mountain bikers traveled the world always focused on one goal…”

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The Quicky Stiffy

April Fool's!

“As soon as we got word of this new product, we knew that it would revolutionize the cycling world…”

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Vid – Jarrett Moore

Winter Fun on Van Isle

“We get the most amazing weather here while the rest of Canada suffers under snow…”

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Ex Race Face Staff Hired

Pentecost and Hadfield

Snapped up by Banshee and Yeti, the bike world is getting their talons into some of Race Face’s best talent

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nsmbA Town Hall Meeting Report

Trail Adoption Plan Underway

This fresh start for the nsmbA is starting to gain some momentum and the core of the group is strong!

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Shore Shred

Wade Simmons and Dre Hestler

A sweet ride down the new Ladies Only trail after some love from the legend – back when conditions were dry

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Brian Lopes

10 Questions about 2010

“There is better riding for sure in places like B.C., but Laguna is sweet as we have so much right here…”

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Steve Smith Vid

Winter Training

Steve Smith riding hard in the off season and talking about his approach to training and getting fast…

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Contour 2011 MTB Team

All Star Roster

Lined out with gravity’s most talented and fearless pinners, the team is led by Cameron Zink…

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Twonicorn 5002

Race DH In Kamloops

For a third season the Unicorn 5000 DH race at Harper Mountain is back!
One day only on May 8th 2011

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Fromme POV

Ladies/Skull/Natural High

“I had a fantastic day on Fromme Thursday. A little Ladies, BP, and Natural High. First time with…”

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New Bikes from Santa Cruz

Rebirth Of The Blur 4X?

“Anyway, it’s the kind of trail bike a hucker could love, and it’s the sort of bike that big burly freaks…”

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Dh Training on Sicily

Racing the Mafia

“Jérôme Clementz and Pauline Dieffenthaler invited by local guide and videomaker Viktor, went in Sicily for a winter riding session…”

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Andreu in Australia

Biggest Jumps on Earth?

Lacondeguy wasn’t content to just flow through the line, and threw all his biggest tricks over the massive booters…”

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VIMFF Best of the Fest Tour

NSMB Discount Codes Inside!

“The 2011 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival was a great success this year, and now the Best of the Fest is on tour across Canada…”

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Volunteers Needed!

2011 NSMBA Bike & Gear Swap

Our greatly appreciated volunteers will also have first dibs on gear swap items an hour before the swap opens to the public on Saturday…

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Finally 2 Part IX

2010 WC Finals Action

Gee, Peaty, Stevie and the rest of the best in part 9…

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McCaul X 2

Epic Session with Cam and Tmac

Could this be Kamloops? Cali? No idea where it is but this the riding is good enough to be a full movie seggy

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Cove Sale

This Weekend

Massive Mega Mountain Bike Madness Sale this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Cove Bike Shop

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Chuwbakasode #2

Hawaii 5-O

Mitch Chubey (aka Chuwbak) has escaped with the documents. Mr. Ed wants him dead – so he better be one fast Haole…

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Andrew Sherry on 29″

God Forbid!

Is nothing sacred? It seems like more and more riders north of the border are drinking the kool aid…

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Woodlot Edit

The Snow is Gone

“I hiked up Woodlot with Tingren, Matt & Michael – filmed some classics: Blood Donor, Giant Killer, Hoots…”

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Euro Sandbox

Danny Hart and Marc Beaumont

This piece of land is covered in jumps, berms, step downs and some very nice looking dirt – vid inside…

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Behind the Loops Part V

Catharine Pendrel

“She is a really popular lady at the local dirt jumps as well and can be seen dialing in her skills there…”

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Zerode Video

Is this the ONE?

“Gearbox – Offers flawless shifting whether pedaling or coasting, coupled with low maintenance…”

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Contour iPhone App

Viewfinder and Connect View

The ConnectView card is inserted into the ContourGPS camera and connects it with iPhone or iPod touch over…

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