Tyler McCaul is Suited to Shred

Mixing Business and Pleasure

Forget about the morning grind, and get yourself on the morning ride instead…

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Best Dirt In BC

NOBL Wheels Family Weekend

Raves have been coming about some of the new trails out in Vedder Mountain BC – if axle deep loam is your thing…

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Kali Protectives Julian Coffey

Julian Joins Kali Protectives

Locking down the Left Coast

“We’re stoked on our new Kali teammate from British Columbia, and we’re excited about what we have coming up!”

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50 Ways to Leave your Bicycle

50 Ways to Leave your Bicycle

How To Crash Your Bike

“I have this hope that identifying crash mechanisms and codifying them might keep me safe – but I have no idea if this is true…”

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2016 Cruz Fest Highlight Reel

All Killer...

Andreu slays on both moto and big rig and Aggy spews style all over the dirt – this is one of the best Fest Series edits yet…

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2017 Kona Hei Hei DL

Short Travel - Big Fun?

Kona is billing the 2017 Hei Hei DL as a short travel trail ripper – a bike that is XC fast without compromising fun on rowdy trails…

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SRAM EX1: Does ‘E’ stand for ‘Everyone’

8 Speeds for Human Power

Andrew Major isn’t a fan of e-bikes but he sees great potential or SRAM’s new E group to be used on ‘meat powered’ bikes…

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Treasure Trail Narrated

A Guided Tour

It’s got some woodwork and even some skinnies, but it’s also got nice flow – and Jeff Reimer tells us about the entire trail…

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Fun is the Best!

Gapping for Grins

Mark Matthews is one of our favourite riders to watch – and it’s clear that he’s on point right now and charging hard…

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Drifting with Stevie and Brook


“My first ever film segment was with this crew – with Anthill – and they invited me to do Seasons when I was pretty young so I’ve known these guys a long time…”

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Wolf Tooth GC45 thumb

Wolf Tooth GC45 Cassette Extenders

11-45 Conversions for Shimano

Optimized for Shimano 11-40 and also compatible with their 11-42 cassettes, Wolf Tooth GC45 cassette extenders present another drivetrain option.

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How Many Bikes Should I Own?

Ask Uncle Dave

Uncle Dave doesn’t believe in either N+1 or S-1 – he has his own unhappy formula to keep him dissatisfied with the bikes in his garage…

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Alaska to Homer Trails in Moab

Klondike Bluff

Nate Hills tucks in the draft of Alex Petitdemange to check out what was the second stage of the Enduro Cup…

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EWS #3 Course Helmet Cam

The Seven Deadly Stages

Hop on board with Fabien Cousinie and find your way down the 7 stages of the EWS Round 3 in Ireland…

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Emerald Enduro Thumb

Striking Gold at the Emerald Enduro

The Luck of the Irish

A full breakdown of the day’s events at Round 3 of the Enduro World Series in Wicklow, Ireleand.

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EWS #3 Results from Ireland

Racing the Emerald Isle

It was a day of spectacular upsets and unexpected victories in Ireland for Round 3 of the Enduro World Series

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Danny Hart Sending It at Fort William

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s never too soon to get a few sight-in laps down one of the most famous courses in DH history…

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EWS Ireland is Here!

Gnarly Trails in the Land of Guinness

The footage from last year’s EWS in County Wicklow showed us the beauty we know but the challenging trails were a surprise…

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Celebrate the life of Stevie Smith

A Photo Tribute From Sven Martin

“Stevie Smith was a legend in our sport and Sven Martin celebrates his life in photos with a touching tribute…”

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Champéry Thumb

Champéry: Fully Savage in the Dry

All Metal, All the Time

A scary-steep trail that’s even faster and gnarlier when it’s dry…

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Behind the Scenes of Loic Bruni’s Historic Win

Escapades, Shenanigans and a Little Bit of Bike Racing

After a disappointing first round at Lourdes, watch Bruni bounce back in Cairns for his biggest victory yet…

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A Tribute To Stevie Smith

Rob Parkin's Video Eulogy

” I’m just stoked to even be a part of it and have the opportunity – so worst case scenario I’m still happy and best case I’m damn pumped!”

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What’s Fair as a Bike Reviewer?

Words - Andrew Major

Should a bike reviewer do a World Cup Racer level build on a test bike or ride it the way 95% of riders would…

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Seasons – Stevie Smith’s segment

His Breakout Ride from 2007

“…we thought it would be fitting to begin our tribute with his most famous film segment, which was his coming of age party in the global riding community.”

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At UCI MTB World Cup, MT ST ANNE, Quebec canada

Canadian Downhill Legend Steve Smith Dies at 26

“World Cup sensation Steve Smith passed away this afternoon after suffering a massive brain injury resulting from an enduro motorcycle accident…”

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Ride Middle Earth…

With Sven And Anka Martin

“It makes me feel like a kid again and I think most people who come on these trips – they feel like a kid going camping again…”

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North Shore Vibes

Carlson and Barelli in Motion

Poke that full-screen button and enjoy some north shore vibes as Carlson and Barelli lap up the rain, sleet and snow on Mt Seymour.

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12 Speed: Progress Or Excess?

Ask Uncle Dave?

“And then I’d hit them right in the [email protected] face with a totally unexpected doozy of a change that required all sorts of really fancy, expensive sh!t…”

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Daniel Shaw: North Shore Shredding

New School Shore Shredding

The North Shore has been quietly reworking itself and incorporating more “flowy” trials lately…

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Finding Flow in the Utah Chunder

Figuring out where the hell the trail goes is half the battle…

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