Best of 2014: Jon’s list

Words - Jon Harris

“I have fully succumbed to Enduro fever – don’t fight it, embrace it…”

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Weekend Warmup

2014 Round Up Edition

Taking a look back at some of 2014’s biggest hits, and other stuff we liked…

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Not Another Winter Edit?

Elliott Heap

“We’re guessing something along the lines of a 130mm trail bike, many hucks, gaps and loose corners…”

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Mtn Unicycling Ain’t Dead

One Wheeled Gnar

Kris Holm, Ryan Kremsater and a posse of one wheelers take on some of BC’s most challenging trails…

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Best of 2014: Matt Dennison’s List

Memorable Videos and Moments

7 Matt Dennison Videos You Have To Watch Before You Die. OMG. #3 is SOOO true!

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Junkyard Cyclocross with Aaron Chase

Salvage Piles and Sidecars

“As I get to the last feature I climb up like a wrestler, and I’m ready to ninja-drop the ramp…”

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best of thumb

Kaz Yamamura: Best of 2014

January to December in Photos

Kaz goes through his favourite photos from 2014 in slideshow format.

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Sea to Sky Bike Check: Dylan Sheffer

More Bikes More Action

Kaz Yamamura meets up with Dylan Sheffer for more biking action.

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Whatcha Packin’?

What's in that Bag, Mister?

No matter how you roll, we can all agree that proper preparation prevents piss poor packing performance.

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Best of 2014: Cam’s List

Words - Cam McRae

2014 was a great year for great bikes and products – but Cam narrowed it down to three favourites…

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The Ten Laws Of Loam

How to Keep Secret Trails Secret

You ride secret trails? How dare you! It’s a renegade world with few apparent rules, but even renegades have a code of conduct…

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Polygon Bikes in Pemberton

Rock Slabs and Mighty Views

Andrew Baker and Beth Parsons head up to Pemberton for some all-time trail riding.

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Mark Scott – Rake & Ride

A Fresh Splash of Eau du Cologne

Having fun in the deep brown pow…

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RTW Thumb

Ride Two Wheels, and Call Me in the Morning

Riding to Battle Depression

“While mountain biking may not be listed as a clinical treatment, I can point to it and the massively positive impact it’s had on my life…”

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Danny MacAskill in Rotterdam

Danny The Champion

Danny MacAskill finds a slew of ridiculous things to ride in Rotterdam – and somehow stays dry.

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Weekend Warmup

Whiteout Edition

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing…”

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Best of 2014: Pete’s List

Words - Pete Roggeman

Picking favorites was hard this year, so I stuck to things that made almost every ride

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This Is Peaty – Grand Finale

Peaty Tunes A Fork?

Peaty takes you to Hafjell, Portugal and Santa Cruz before serving some highlights from TIP…

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Fettlers: Episode 1

Exploring the World of Hand Made Bikes

“When Michael Thompson’s friends challenged him to build a wooden bike he threw himself into it, even if the bet was only for £1. One thousand hours later, the SplinterBike was born.”

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Aaron Chase – Through My Eyes in Squamish

Big Speed and Bigger Stunts

“The trees are huge, the trails are steep, and you’re doing whatever it takes to keep your tires on…”

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Joy(ride) to the World

Happy Holidays From The NSMB Crew

Three Matt Dennison Xmas videos to keep you from getting Grinchy about the weather…

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Matt Hunter In Japan – Re-Uploaded

Trail Hunter

If these trails don’t whet your appetite for pristine dirt and natural berms you may be dead…

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Road Bike Party 3 – San Diego

Starring Sam Pilgrim

Presented by Martyn Ashton and starring Sam Pilgrim, Road Bike Party hits the Californian dirt.

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Fat Free: Fat Bike Freeriding on a Blizzard

Fat Flipping

“Everyone thinks they’re so f*cking cool and serious, but It’s really just about having fun on your bike anyway…”

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Leatt Airflex Knee and Elbow pads

Words - Jon Harris

Can elbow and leg armour be comfortable for the entire ride and still protect when you want to get rad..?

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Bender’s Best Bails

Merry Xmas Bender!

This video proves that the only thing bigger than Bender’s cajones is his heart…

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Paul Basagoitia: 2014 Season Recap

All About That Bas

Paul Bas is still going strong, what will he have for us in 2015?

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Dakine Drafter 12L Pack

Words - Kaz Yamamura

“I am still able to fit a shock pump, my camera, 1 lens and my flash and still have some room leftover…”

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Kris Fox – Season Edit

Roofed It

You’ve never seen speed like this before. Brace yourself for this one!

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Behind The Scenes: Danny Macaskill’s “The Ridge”

Making Of "The Ridge"

Danny Macaskill takes you behind the scenes of “The Ridge” in these 4 videos.

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