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Rad Santa

What Santa Really Wants

We all know what Santa really wants for Christmas – Matt Dennison just puts that hunch into reality…

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James Doerfling: Season Ender

Going Huge in BC

Doerfling sends a boatload of BC big mountain lines wearing only a tank top as usual…

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Big Bike Spins and Flips

Another banger edit from Mind Spark Cinema, this time with Paul Genovese’s smooth style and big tricks…

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Mavic Stratos H2O Jacket

Jacket with Lots of Unique Features

“I’ve been thinking about relative worth while testing a rather expensive jacket designed for mountain biking…”

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Dylan Sherrard: Longevity

Shredhard with Liam Mullany

Dylan Sherrard has carved a life for himself in mountain biking and you’ll see why…

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Superman Double Backflip

Mountain Biking or Circus Trick?

Circus performers on not-really-mountain-bikes are accomplishing the impossible…

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Weekend Warmup

Gettin' Way Rad for the Weekend

You’ve either got it or you don’t. Some of these people have it, and others don’t…

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I Wanna Ride With You

Kona Does It Again

Thought it couldn’t get any better than Kona’s last video by the Sherpas? This new Process ad might just be that…

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Remy Metailler – Whistler Bike Park

Huge Gaps and Tons of Style

Remy Metailler sends so many of Whistler’s bonus gaps in this video, you’ll be wondering what’s left to hit…

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Looking Back and Moving Forward

Mark Matthews Reflects and Projects

“Breaking my femur in multiple places is hardest thing I’ve had to go through in my life so far…”

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Landylike Around the World

Building a MTB Home

As her undergrad thesis in interior design, Julia Hofmann outfitted her Land Rover as a mini-motorhome…

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2013 Ghost Cagua 6550: Reviewed

Dave Tolnai Pulls No Punches

For under $4000 this bike has quite the spec list, but still needed some changes to become truly confident…

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Rene Wildhaber: BC Trail Riding

Sick Riding in Pemby and Whistler

Mind Spark Cinema followed Wildhaber to some amazing rock face gaps and trail riding in the Sea to Sky…

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MTB Reaction GIFs Vol. 2

The Winter Riding Edition

It’s getting cold and wet in Vol. 2 of NSMB’s MTB Reaction GIFs…

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Road Bike Party 2

Next Level Sequel Action

Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this right now. Martyn Ashton, Chris Akrigg, and Danny MacAskill hit the road…

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A Truly Explosive MTB Video

Carbon Bars Up In Flames

From wide angle aerial shots to trail charging to… explosives?

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Between the Trees

Savage Films in Squamish

Squamish has a wide variety of terrain to offer, especially if you also like to build…

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Dear Santa

NSMB's Xmas Wish Lists

Most of us would probably be happy with stockings full of brown pow and other shiny bits, but here are some individual picks from our editors and staff…

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Cold Rolled: Ch. 1

Snow Biking in Michigan

Snow biking presented in a way that makes it look like a lot of fun…

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Matt Hunter: Loose in Chile

Matty Shreds Single Crown Again

Hunter’s adventures are always a good time on two wheels – here’s his take on Chile…

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North Shore Trail Tees

Shirts, Socks and Stickers in Store

New North Shore tees! We’re happy to announce two new designs, a ladies cut, and stickers and socks in store…

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Weekend Warmup

Watch Out For That Cow!

Some pretty rad stuff hit the webs on wheels this week…

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Forest… Skiing?

How Did They Even Do That?

We already saw the naked segment from Valhalla, but this, well it hits even closer to home…

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Beyond the Bike: Micayla Gatto


Micayla really opens up about more than just racing, making this worth the watch…

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Season Finale…?

Four Day Alpine Adventure

Making the most of a sunny weekend with a steep and technical alpine bike adventure before snow takes over for winter…

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Ladies Who Launch

Sending it in the UK

Aimee Dix puts the Orange Alpine 160 Diva through its paces…

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After the Crash… Damage Control

Dealing With the Consequences

You never want to crash on an exposed ridgeline like this, but the result isn’t what you might expect…

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Bontrager SE4 Team Issue Tires

Burly Yet Fast Tires in 26 and 29

“A tubeless ready tire that isn’t especially light, but does stand up to a good thrashing…”

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Brandon Semenuk at Retallack

Trail Riding and Huge Jumps

Semenuk is joined by Kenny Smith and Robbie Bourdon at Retallack for a great finale to the Life Behind Bars season…

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26 Ain’t Dead

Absolute Hardtail Shredding

Regardless of your wheel size disposition, this one from Steel City Media and Cotic Bikes is a must watch…

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