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Pietermaritzburg World Cup DH Replay

Gwin and Carpenter up Top

Catch the replay from PMB as well as qualifying results and practice video…

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Kyle Strait’s Custom GT Distortion Dual Slalom Bike

Looking for a Repeat at Sea Otter

Kyle Strait’s won the Sea Otter Dual Slalom on his GT before… can a new frame take him back to the top?

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Pietermaritzburg Course Preview with Claudio Caluori

A Highlight of World Cup Race Weekend

“If I was going any faster I would be traveling in time!”

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2015 Shimano XTR 11-Speed

Shimano XTR 2015 has arrived

“…the fighter in blue started counterpunching, landing key blows and beginning the long fight out of the corner.”

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Weekend Warmup

Big Huck Edition

Sometimes you just gotta send it and see where it lands…

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2015 Rocky Mountain Sherpa

Adventure Touring in Style

The 2015 concept nods to the Sherpa’s history and combines it with a more modern conception of adventure touring…

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RockShox Fat Bike Fork: Bluto RL – Official Update Added

The Fat Cat's Out of the Bag

RockShox is officially making a fatbike fork, and unfortunately it’s not called the Fat Pike…

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BPP_5970 Wade Simmons

2015 Rocky Mountain Blizzard

It's a Fatty

The first of April wasn’t a joke. Rocky Mountain’s Blizzard is now a fat bike with a RockShox suspension fork…

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How to Make a Sick Mountain Bike Edit

A Simple Yet Sick Formula

Matt Dennison presents his guide to making your next sick mountain bike edit.

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Your Cockpit is Garbage

Disposable Handlebars and Throwaway Rubber

“I came back from the test ride with an itchy trigger finger – but something isn’t right…”

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ENVE M-Series: Four New Carbon Rims

From 320g 29er to 487g DH

ENVE was already the desire of many and this move isn’t going to change that…

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Coast Gravity Park Announces Opening Date

Coastal Crew Photo and Video Inside

Coast Gravity Park is set to open in less than a month…

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Pick your axle size. The 36 will come ready to accommodate both 15 and 20mm axles with a secure four-bolt pinch.

FOX Shox 2015: New 36, Updated 32 and 34, Stealth Graphics

Fox Forks Get a Revamp

A completely new, lighter Float 36 RC2, updates to the 32 and 34 CTD, and classic and stealth graphics…

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RockShox RS-1 Inverted Fork Details and Photos

Riding Upside Down in Moab

RS-1 will be 29″ only, available in 80, 100, and 120mm travel, with a volume-adjustable air spring…

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Chris King XD Driver for SRAM 1×11

King Now Goes to Eleven

Chris King was a notable holdout on SRAM’s XD driver license for 11-speed drivetrains – until now…

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41mm and 28mm Carbon Wheels from Ibis

The New Normal and the New Wide

Hookless carbon wheelsets from Ibis at a massive 41mm wide in both 27.5″ and 29″…

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Return of the Claw

Back on the Bike After Surgery

After seven months of doing nothing, just riding a bike is awesome for Darren Berrecloth…

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Matt Hunter and Kyle Norbraten – Sizing Up Loam

650B Nowhere To Be Seen

Matt Hunter and Kyle Norbraten prove that bikes are fun in this video from Rupert Walker…

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Installing OneUp Components’ New 16 Tooth Cog

Bridging the Gap between 13 and 19

Photos, details, and availability of the 16T cog that OneUp will now be shipping with all 40T and 42T Sprockets…

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Weekend Warmup

Warmup, Into Shape, Shape It Up

When a weekend comes along, you must warmup…

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Reflecting on a Weekend with Ryan Leech

Yoga and Riding with Ryan

Just riding with Ryan Leech is worth the price of admission – from there it’s all gravy…

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Hollywood Curtis Keene

Big Money Production with Goldstein and Red Bull

8 months of development, weeks of permit hunting, countless hours of pre-production and a few grey hairs later…

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Nooks and Crannies at Whistler Bike Park

Doerfling, Feniak, and Hopkins for Joystick

With daylight savings behind us and the opening day of Whistler Bike Park coming near, this video from Joystick is well-timed…

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Brook MacDonald

Downtime: Brook Macdonald

The Bulldog is Back

There’s no such thing as the “off-season,” only more training…

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Wizards of Oz

Giro's Australian Adventure with Anthill Films

In addition to kangaroos and snakes they found Graves busy cultivating a cycling mecca in Toowoomba…

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Honest Questions About Things People Do in Bike Videos

Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?

Where do we draw the line between smooth style and gratuitous shralpage?

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E*thirteen 40 and 42 Tooth Cogs for 10-speed

More Teeth Than a Sharknado

Another entry in the 10-speed wide range cog market, and prices are coming down…

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UCI World Cup DH 2013 Recap

The Good, the Bad, and the Moustache

With Pietermaritzburg less than two weeks away, it’s time to get stoked on some top notch chunder shred…

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NSMBA Public Trail Day – April 5th on Forever After

Shovels to Dirt this Saturday

In preparation for BC Bike Race this summer, the NSMBA is getting prepped with a trail day on Forever After…

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2015 RockShox BoXXer with Charger Damper

With Video of Stevie Ripping It

For 2015 we see a new BoXXer with the Charger damper, black stanchions, and less overall weight…

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