Fettlers: Episode 1

Exploring the World of Hand Made Bikes

“When Michael Thompson’s friends challenged him to build a wooden bike he threw himself into it, even if the bet was only for £1. One thousand hours later, the SplinterBike was born.”

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Aaron Chase – Through My Eyes in Squamish

Big Speed and Bigger Stunts

“The trees are huge, the trails are steep, and you’re doing whatever it takes to keep your tires on…”

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Joy(ride) to the World

Happy Holidays From The NSMB Crew

Three Matt Dennison Xmas videos to keep you from getting Grinchy about the weather…

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Matt Hunter In Japan – Re-Uploaded

Trail Hunter

If these trails don’t whet your appetite for pristine dirt and natural berms you may be dead…

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Road Bike Party 3 – San Diego

Starring Sam Pilgrim

Presented by Martyn Ashton and starring Sam Pilgrim, Road Bike Party hits the Californian dirt.

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Fat Free: Fat Bike Freeriding on a Blizzard

Fat Flipping

“Everyone thinks they’re so f*cking cool and serious, but It’s really just about having fun on your bike anyway…”

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Leatt Airflex Knee and Elbow pads

Words - Jon Harris

Can elbow and leg armour be comfortable for the entire ride and still protect when you want to get rad..?

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Bender’s Best Bails

Merry Xmas Bender!

This video proves that the only thing bigger than Bender’s cajones is his heart…

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Paul Basagoitia: 2014 Season Recap

All About That Bas

Paul Bas is still going strong, what will he have for us in 2015?

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Dakine Drafter 12L Pack

Words - Kaz Yamamura

“I am still able to fit a shock pump, my camera, 1 lens and my flash and still have some room leftover…”

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Kris Fox – Season Edit

Roofed It

You’ve never seen speed like this before. Brace yourself for this one!

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Behind The Scenes: Danny Macaskill’s “The Ridge”

Making Of "The Ridge"

Danny Macaskill takes you behind the scenes of “The Ridge” in these 4 videos.

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Dark Woods

BMX Lunacy

What could Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade create if given the opportunity to build their dream set-up…

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Yeti SB6c: Reviewed

Words - Pete Roggeman

“…you can’t tell how a bike rides by the numbers alone, and speculating about that fact is as useful as diagnosing a head cold by picking through the lint in your belly button.”

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Weekend Warmup

World Tour Edition

Please ensure your stokage is secured in the overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you…

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Dear Santa: Stuart’s List

Words - Stuart Kernaghan

“My personal ride is getting long in the tooth and I’m tired of all the clicking, creaking and complaining…”

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Amanda Cordell

Lunch Date

Amanda Cordell has a hard time keeping lunch dates, but thats ok because this girl can shred…

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Hungry For Rides

2014 Urge BP Rocky Enduro Team

Some rad riding action from the URGE BP Rocky Mountain Enduro team from Chile to Whistler to Finale…

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Lars Sternberg – Loam Ranger

Video - Scott Secco

Some of the best shredding of the year from Lars Sternberg in some very deep loam…

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Hey Neighbour – Sterling Lorence

Words - Seb Kemp

“It was Sterling’s ability to to capture the fundamental spirit of the North Shore that set him apart…”

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Giro Alpineduro Winter Shoes

Words - Pete Roggeman

“…most of the features that make them a solid winter riding shoe are concealed in a package that asks to be paired with flaid plannel.”

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Claire Buchar

Riding Whistler's Finest Trails

“But let’s be honest, when you are near a bike park as choice as Whistler’s it’s hard to resists taking a few runs…”

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Enduro World Series – Entries Opening Soon

Get Set for 2015

“Last year some races sold out in minutes so this year we’ve decided to change up the entry system a little…”

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Gore ALP-X 3.0 Shorts

Words - Matthew Lee

A stripped-down pair of shorts to keep you dry through the wettest rides imaginable…

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Make Like Magellan – 8 Reasons to Travel to Ride

Words - Cam McRae

“These are the reasons for you. You’ll need different reasons for your spouse…”

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James Doerfling continues with Knolly

Forget the PR text, check out these photos

“…unlike most PRs for an athlete ‘resigning’ (my eyes!), this one came with reams and reams of kickass photos. THAT, PR people, is how to get your news published.”

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Stevie Smith

How Far Does the Trail Go?

After winning King of Crankworx in 2013 things didn’t go as planned for Stevie in 2014…

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Lezyne Shock Digital Drive

Words - Cam McRae

“Are quality tools fetish objects for you? Is your day ruined when your pressure is off by half a PSI…”

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Le Terroir – A Trans Provence Photo Essay

Like a Bike Race - Only Better

“Some of the routes were made by the Romans, others pass Second World War bunkers…”

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Santa Cruz Palmdale Grips

Words - Matthew Lee

A grip designed to complement your carbon bars with a thinness that puts supermodels to shame…

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