Only 40 Produced

The muted components and paint make this stand out from recent Santa Cruz machines – and since there are only 40 that makes sense…

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Santa Cruz Syndicate Thumb

Sending it With the Santa Cruz Syndicate

Ratboy, Minnaar and Peaty are Back!

Follow the lads as they get prepped for the first World Cup race of 2016, and have a spot of fun along the way.

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Richie Rude / Cody Kelley / New Zealand

Spectacular Riding - Ridiculous Scenes

This is one of the most beautifully shot pieces – boosted by spectacular riding – we’ve seen in a very long time…

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Are Product Reviews Full of Sh!t?

Ask Uncle Dave

“How have we collapsed inward to a state where product reviews aren’t worth the damn megabyte they consume…”

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Lourdes Qualifying Crashes – RAW

RAW From The Wall

The DH World Cup round 1 may be over, but who doesn’t love a good crash compilation?

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Rocky Mountain Pipeline Thumb

Introducing the Rocky Mountain Pipeline

Plus Size, Shore Style

Take the ‘stupid lines’ and just flow straight through them…

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Wade Simmons – Dumbing Down The Shore

A Travesty!

Wade Simmons goes on a tirade – but then he rides some of the best preserved gnarly lines on the Shore on his new Pipeline…

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Dancing Crashes from Lourdes

Dance with Gee.

You may spray your coffee into your keyboard watching Gee and other riders crashing backwards and forwards to techno beats…

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Lourdes World Cup DH Results 2016

No Spoilers

The trails dried out but they didn’t get any easier at Lourdes – but you’ll have to click to find out more…

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#DirtBurkes – Lourdes Qualifying Sideline Action


Sam Reynolds and Ben Deakin get weird at Lourdes…

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Lourdes Practice Highlights 2016

Sloppy and Snowy

Lots of riders looking fast in practice but it is bound to be a crapshoot on Sunday on this nasty steep track…

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Lourdes 2016 DH World Cup Quali Results

Loic and Tahnee

Loic puts the hurt into the field with a stunning five-second advantage while many favourites find themselves off the pace…Lourdes 2016 DH World Cup Quali results.

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Lourdes Chaos RAW

Sighting in the Slick Lines

Riders were all over the map during practice. See who had things figured out, and who went OTB…

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Remy Mexican Vacation Thumb

Remy’s Mexican Vacation

Bikes, Sunshine, and Moto Laps

Soaking in the sun, and prepping for another year of all-out riding…

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Ratboy – Lourdes Helmet Cam

Josh Bryceland on Pace

This makes you realize that Claudio’s talking pace is a little different than Ratboy with the throttle twisted…

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Fresh Guides from OneUp Components

Chain Guides and Bash Guards for All

“Light, strong and does its job. The Bash Guide has saved me a few times now and I don’t think I will go back.”

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Rocking the Night Train with the Athertons

Introducing Trek Factory Racing DH

Gee, Dan and Rachel team up with Taylor Vernon for some midnight magic.

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Eliot Jackson Thumb

Eliot Jackson: RAW

Pure Speed in NZ

Looking fast, and just ahead of Lourdes…

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Aaron Gwin’s Winning Run – Lourdes 2015


Aaron Gwin won on the steep and nasty Lourdes course in 2015 – but he’s on a brand new ride this year…

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AE Forest – Perfect Lourdes Warm Up!

Best Slurpy Trail Sounds

You’ve never heard RAW trails sounds like this – along with head snaps and sniper landings this isn’t to be missed…

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Claudio at Lourdes!

Following Remi Thirion!

With plenty of rain over the last few days the track is even more of a challenge than last year, as Claudio found out…

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Cannondale Lefty SuperMax Teardown

Word - Andrew Major

Is it actually a fork when it has only one leg? There is much to recommend Cannondales oft derided single sider especially on the inside…

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Finn Iles + Coastal Crew

= sickness

Local Dh and whip phenom Finn Iles partners with the Coastal Crew at Coast Gravity Park for this ‘somewhat raw’ clip…

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Chris King in Japan

A Perfect Match

Chris King’s ideas about conservation, attention to detail and craftsmanship likely translate very well into Japanese…

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Inexpensive Electronic Shifting?

Not Quite for the Masses

This may be the answer for early adopters who can’t live without electronic shifting but would rather not re-mortgage their home…

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Rob and Claudio’s World Cup Bootcamp

Who Puts Out More Watts?

Claudio and Rob Warner get put in a boot camp to prepare for an arduous season of announcing World Cup DH races…

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Forest Fires, Trail Dogs and Fast Racing

Spoke Tales Episode 1

Join the GT Factory Racing team as they tackle round 1 of the EWS in Valdivia, Chile.

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Uncle Dave – Commencal Frame Winner!

Awesome Winning Question

“I can hold my breath underwater for four hours, chew a shark’s head off with my bare teeth, put a bullet through a gnat’s ass at two miles…”

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EWS #2 – Day 2 RAW!


Moondust explodes on contact making passing nearly impossible in Argentina…

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Devinci Global Racing Shreds BC

Enduro To DH, Prevost To Cypress

Devinci’s DH and Enduro teams ride some of the best trails BC has to offer…

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