Andreu Lacondeguy – 841

A Different Kind of Sickness

If you are looking for Semenuk’s turbine-smooth precision don’t look here. Andreu’s riding is hectic, ragged and massively entertaining…

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Why Do Pro Riders Get Off Easy?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Yahoos band together to create an echo chamber to support their entitled views, build on the insanity, and then take it all a step further…”

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Hailey Elise

Hailey Elise – Trail Bike Crushing

Tearing it up in Squamish

NSMB rider Hailey Elise goes in search of loam and good times on the trails of Squamish. Ollie Jones’ camera was there to capture her flowy lines.

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White Line to Little Horse

Only The Best Trails

This helmet cam – lead instead of follow – is a great perspective, with some sick drone footage added for spice…

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Athertons and Trek at The Leogang World Cup

Rachel Does It Again

Rachel rides into history, Gee comes 15th with a questionable arm, and Taylor crashes in finals again…

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Semenuk’s Mind Blowing 100 Seconds

Stop What You're Doing

This may leave you gobsmacked for a day or two – when you stop watching it over and over again that is…

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Martyn Ashton – Down But Not Out

MTB Party

Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party videos are amazing – but his accomplishment at Fort William is even more impressive…

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Leogang Final thumb

Leogang Final Results 2016


Find out who tamed the beast and stood atop the podium at Leogang on race day.

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RAW Leogang_thumb

RAW Leogang Rowdiness

Vital RAW is

A little sun didn’t make the wet track any easier to handle as racers pinballed from rut to rut. It was true RAW Leogang Rowdiness.

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Leogang Qualifying Results Thumb

Leogang Qualifying Results 2016

All Chains Intact

The stage is set for tomorrow, with a few unusual faces poking their way into the top 10…

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World Cup Practice

Raw Leogang World Cup Practice

Carnage All Over

It might not be the swamp we all know, but the track is still a barely tameable beast.

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20hrs in the Whistler Bike Park

Extended Play!

How to squeeze the most juice out of an extended play 10hr day – the Bike Park team shows the way…

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Easton Havoc Cockpit Reviewed

Carbon For The Gravity Crowd

Kaz has spent some time with his hands wrapped around the shaft of his new Easton Havoc DH cockpit…

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Going Big Will Never Die

Pure Darkness 3

Matt MacDuff and crew have fallen off the cliff and into the abyss of insanity…

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Big Bike Thumb

Breaking Loose on the Big Bike

NWD Throwback Time

David McMillan serves it up raw everywhere he goes…

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Claudio and Gwin – Chainless at Leogang

Helmet Cam in the Mud!

Claudio and Aaron Gwin both ditch their chains and then they both go down – and Claudio almost takes out some spectators…

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High Class Shred

A Valley of Trails

These hidden gems offer some of the best riding in British Columbia – Vedder, Bear Mtn. and Sumas – offer some of the best riding in British Columbia…

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Stevie’s Golden Season: 2013

Stevie Vs Gee

Blow off work and burn your homework: you’re going to want to watch all of this in one sitting…

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Peaty’s Last Fort William

Minnaar's 19th Win!

An emotional race with the Stevie Smith train of riders and ghost run and Steve Peat’s last race as a pro at Fort William…

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Renthal Goes 35mm

Because Bigger

“Renthal goes 35mm. I know what you’re probably thinking gentle reader: “big woopty ding dong.” But please, just hear me out…”

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Squamish Shark Attack

Squamish Shark Attack

Slotegraaf & Federau gettin' Sharky

Sid Slotegraaf shows Ricky Federau, Canadian XC world cup veteran, around some of Squamish’s finest trails.

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Serenely Swallowing Standards

Soon You'll be Numb

I know a dude who has had three warranty frames in five years, from the same company, all using completely different headset standards. He’s not even mad anymore.

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Super Flow - Czech Republic

Super Flow – Endless DH Pump Track

Like Butter on Velvet

Supplement Steve Storey’s silky smooth, sidewall-smokin’ session and you have the perfect showcase for the best short trail I’ve never ridden.

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Fort William World Cup DH Highlights 2016

Bails and Glory

Fort William is more dangerous in the dry as it turns out – as many of the top qualifiers, including Gee Atherton, hit the deck hard…

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Crappy Wheels and Cherry Cranks

Ask Uncle Dave

“Seasoned cyclists generally revere anyone who can twiddle knobs on a suspension fork or bleed a brake without poisoning an animal…”

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Farmer Patrol

Corner Slashing Goodness

Who doesn’t love watching some insane corner slashing for 3 whole minutes?

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Trail Radness Overload

Take Me There

Spectacular mind-blowing views, heart stopping exposure – and incredible slinky singletrack worthy of a long flight…

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DVO Diamond Teardown

Uncle Dave's Test Fork

The big questions are of course – is it green on the inside? Is the oil green? And does it get drunk on Saint Paddy’s Day…

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Fort William Final Results 2016

Dedicated to Stevie

A rider came from deep in the field to win by a large margin – in a crash filled but sunny afternoon in Fort William…

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Steve Peat Thumb

Steve Peat Sends it at Fort William

Not Shabby for an Old Guy

Peaty gets prepped for his last-ever race at Fort William: It’s the end of an era folks.

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