Andorra World Cup DH Results and Replay

A Man Track

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July 29th, 2013

World Cup action from Andorra with a track that favours the burliest riders.


Men’s Results.


Women’s Results

Who predicted that result?

  • nick

    that was a hell of a race, crazy track. We’ll miss the crazy french man, happy retirement!

  • wa90

    That was the best race run since Hart’s World Champs win. Incredible stuff from Thirion making it flow so easily. Gee looked faster out of the gate and at the top, but no-one could touch Remi on that bottom section – he made Hill’s lines look pedestrian. I guess we’ll see in the NSMB split-time stats geek out post shortly. 😀

    What a track too, even the finish line was tech. 😀

    Manon Carpenter was charging too – to stay that close to Rachel on the steeps is no mean feat. Those girls were both miles ahead.

  • Mordax

    Thirion certainly supported the saying of “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line” on that last steep section…

    Might have to add the clause “*if you have the massive balls to try it” though…