An Evil Uprising

Luke Strobel, Evil Bikes, 6" Bike Smash!

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March 23rd, 2013

On one unusually sunny and warm winter day in the Pacific Northwest, we set out with only the best of intentions to film a marketing video that would hopefully be used for the launch of our new 150mm carbon Uprising trail bike. You know the kind of video, scenic vistas, perfect weather and a bag of reasons why people should buy this bike.

Well… like a hyperactive 13 yr old who missed a dose of ritalin, we too lost focus and completely failed in our mission. So what we are left with is an edit of us chasing around Evil World Cup rider Luke Strobel and wasting our only sunny weekend of winter… hope it was worth it…

Holy hell, get out there and ride in the Pacific Northwest!

  • stephenmatthews

    Callum nailed it on this edit! Great work Mr. Jelley!

    The riding is insane, that goes without saying.