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Graham Agassiz Ripping the OK

Words by . Photos by . Video by Silvia Films. Posted by
February 9th, 2013

By way of 2012 AIRprentice finalist and Kona shredder Ace Hayden is this bangin’ B-roll edit of Graham Agassiz from a video that went out in November. As usual, Aggy’s loose, fast, slashy, tucked, and just doing everything right.

Vibe, riding, partner in crime, raw but polished feel? Hidden gem right here – gonna watch it again now.

  • SubPlop

    Fu*kin awseome

  • kperras

    I’ve ridden that and those. It was quite a treat….some nice jumps in that hood.

  • onepunch

    No fail there at all. Riding, shooting, building, ALL good.

  • wa90

    Solid doggie scrub at 3:10.