A Couples’ Ride

Geoff Gulevich and Darcy Turenne Play a Little Role Reversal

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June 22nd, 2013

Darcy Turenne takes Geoff Gulevich out for a ride that is just a little bit beyond his capabilities… you know we’ve all done it.

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  • craw

    It gets funnier and more true each time I watch it.

  • Loopie

    Funny cuz it’s true. Haha!

  • PinkRobe

    That’s solid gold.

  • SubPlop

    Gully my new favorite actor. Guarantee you he is the furthest thing from that too, can’t ride a bike though from the looks of that bail

  • jbv

    more crying, there needs to be more crying but right on track. (the early days were frighteningly like this…) now she rocks.

  • Mic


  • jbv

    what’s scary is how well she understands (or can act like she does) the male perspective and behaviour. is she loosing cred with women everywhere for this?

  • boomforeal

    that was brutally sexist, both ways. maybe i’m losing my sense of humour or missing the point, but that made my cringe

  • onepunch

    I LMAO when he sits on the bike. Im sure if i rode with Darcy she could make me cry…

  • ceebee

    Brutally sexist, perhaps. But that doesn’t undermine its accuracy!

  • jbv

    uh, maybe i’m missing the point, but isn’t it the crux of the whole joke here? it’s funny because it strikes a chord of truth, a lotta truth for some of us?
    (more tears, needs more tears)

  • Buster Bluth

    Darcy…will you marry me? You make me feel all squishy like FSR suspension (or the Norco equivalent) on the inside.

  • dorse

    Good one. LoL