Matt Brooks in Kamloops

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Words by Matt Brooks. Photos by TNL Photography. Posted by
October 15th, 2012

This one was a real labour of love. It’s always a challenge for me to shoot my own sections due to the fact that I am a one man operation and have no one to run the camera. Luckily my friends at TNL Photography stepped up and helped me out with some of their first experiences shooting video. I think they did great, and their experience with shooting photos really came in handy. They knew how to frame the shots right away and their understanding of light made the whole process much easier. Special shout outs to Keenan Kovacs of Luckynugget Films and my Dad as well for getting behind the lens when needed!

Lone Wolf Productions Matt Brooks Kamloops Commencal
  Uphill road gap. Burly.

Lone Wolf Productions Matt Brooks Kamloops Commencal
  Classic Loops shot.

That got the blood pumping… who wants to go for a ride?