2017 Trek Slash 29

That explains the missing Remedy 29.

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July 19th, 2016
Look out Enduro race courses everywhere. The 2017 Trek Slash is here.
When Trek launched the 2017 Remedy and Fuel EX in Squamish, there were a few questions surrounding the decision to release the new Remedy in the 27.5″ wheelsize only. Gone was the 29″ version (that Cam really liked in Shremedy form). Which left a bit of a hole, since the wagon-wheeled Remedy was clearly a winner – both on shop floors and on EWS race courses worldwide.
Well, we got a really preliminary look at the reason why when we were in Squamish, but we weren’t allowed to talk about it – yet. Today is the official announcement of the 2017 Trek Slash 29. And it looks like a beast.
Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

The brand new 2017 Trek Slash 9.9. Carbon only. 29 only. The top trim level will cost $8,999. Available in October.

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

The Slash 29 features the same straight shot down tube as the recently announced Remedy and Fuel EX.

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

SRAM XO1 Eagle comes on the Slash 9.9.

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

The straight down tube also means Knock Block appears on the Slash 29.

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

Mino Link for High and Low positioning. Geo details are all shown below.

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

All of the newly announced Treks have very clean internal routing.

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

Now that’s a head tube profile.

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

DOWN TUBE straight ahead! Don’t worry, Knock Block has it covered.

Trek Slash 9.9 in Squamish, BC, June 2016

The Slash features many familiar Trek-nologies, with the exception of Full Floater. See the FAQ.

Full details in the release from Trek are below the break.

2017 Trek Slash 29 FAQ

What’s new with 2017 Slash?
With the new 2017 Remedy moving deeper into All-Mountain territory, new Slash sets its sights squarely on Enduro racing. With that in mind, we designed it around a carbon frame with the fastest-rolling wheel size. All 2017 Slash models use 29” wheels with Boost110 & Boost148 hub spacing. Rear travel moves to 150mm for the right balance of capability and efficiency. Both models get Enduro-minded
130mm/160mm forks which offer a better climbing position in the 130mm setting, and more confident descending in the 160mm setting. Like the Fuel EX & Remedy, Slash gets a Straight Shot downtube with Knock Block frame defense for DH-worthy frame stiffness with no added weight. It also gets our extra-versatile Control Freak cable routingsystem to tie it all together.
How many Slash bike models are there?
Two. Both the Slash 9.8 and Slash 9.9 RSL share the same race-ready, full-carbon, 1x-specific frame.
What does Race Shop Limited mean?
Race Shop Limited, or RSL models are built with a parts spec that meets the demands of our top-level Enduro racers, including extra suspension adjustments, a Rapid Drive rear hub, and the new SRAM X01 Eagle 1×12 drivetrain.
Is Slash available as a frameset?
Yes. Slash is available as a frameset, which includes a Fox Factory Float X2 shock, Knock Block headset, and Line Pro 35mm stem.
What are the available sizes for Slash?
All Slash models are available in 15.5, 17.5, 19.5, and 21.5. While most other long-travel 29ers suffer from design constraints that don’t allow for a Small frame size, Slash benefits from Trek’s decade of 29er experience, allowing us to offer a fast, great-handling 15.5” long-travel 29er.
Why doesn’t the new Slash use Full Floater?
We developed Full Floater years ago to address performance constraints associated with the air shocks that were available at that time. Since then, mountain bike shocks have evolved. More dynamic and responsive dampers, along with more refined air springs like EVOL and Debonair, offer the performance benefits our engineers sought to achieve with Full Floater. Using a fixed lower shock mount opens up the lower frame area, giving us more opportunity to design stronger, stiffer frames and chainstays. This also gives us more flexibility to accommodate larger, more capable shocks. All of these effects are experienced most dramatically on long travel bikes, like the

Trek Slash 29 Geometry

Slash 29 geo

Trek Slash 29 Spec

Slash 29 spec

The two complete models, as well as the frameset, will be available in October.

Slash 9.8 29: $5,499 USD
Slash 9.9 29: 8,999 USD
Slash 29 Frame: $3,699 USD


For more info, head to Trek’s website.

Now that’s a jacked-up race bike.

  • Jonathan Harris

    I’m in 29er heaven… so many to choose from now.

  • qduffy

    That thing looks nasty. The good nasty.

  • Dan

    Personally, I’d like to see a Shimano version.

  • B’ham the Mecca

    What the hell is a “knock block”?

    • Majx23

      its a limiter for your steering. kinda like dual crown minus the 200mm. it gives trek the ability to have a straight down tube. it stops the fork from hitting the frame.

    • Tehllama42

      In a lot of regards, it’s a sacrificial headset anti-rotation stop that in a big enough hit, will limit how hard the fork hits the downtube in a crash.

  • Tehllama42

    Am I the only one seriously concerned that there might be a bit of a performance gap between the float X2 shock, and the TALAS/LyrikDPA fork? This wasn’t an uncommon complaint on the previous 650b Slash, and it seems like a potentially relevant one on such an otherwise dialed looking bike.

    • Tehllama42

      Also, a 125mm dropper on the 21.5″, especially in RSL trim (when a 150mm Fox Transfer is a viable alternative) seems like another knock on the value category.

    • Poo Stance

      One reason that I’s strongly consider a frame up build over a complete and 36 RC2 swap. Oh bike industry :/

      • Tehllama42

        Makes it hard to ignore the elephant in the room at that price point: namely that for the price of the frame and fork, one is looking at complete SB5.5c GX, BMC TF02, bikes… and those aren’t exactly targeted at value buyers.

      • silent ninja

        So!!! You really ARE that stupid!!!!!! You either read it here and completely missed it, or you have sh** for brains.
        You said this SIX months ago “bruh”!! And it’s quoted right here!!! ON THE SAME WEBSITE!!!! BOTH MODELS ARE THE SAME FULLY CARBON 1X FRAME!!!!
        Go ride some bikes why dont you??? …… … and get the hell off the interwebs

        …noobs piss me the fu** off.

  • Poo Stance

    Actually the 9.9 RSL is $11,999 CDN.